Two Hundred A Day

Two Hundred A Day
Celebrating and analyzing the 70s detective show The Rockford Files
9: Gearjammers (Part 2)
Apr 16
Nathan and Eppy discuss S2E4 Gearjammers, Part 2. Jim's car has exploded, Rocky is still being targeted for death and just why were those trucks hijacked anyway? It's a race against time for Jim and Dennis to figure out the mystery that started last…
8: Gearjammers (Part 1)
Apr 9
Nathan and Eppy discuss S2E3 Gearjammers, Part 1. Jim's dad Rocky sees something he shouldn't and makes himself a target of assassination - can Rockford track him down before the killers do? In addition to the mystery, the joy of this episode is the…
7: Our First Discussion Special
Mar 17
We hit our first goal on Patreon! Thank you backers! To celebrate, Nathan and Eppy discuss their experience doing the podcast so far, and how training our critical Rockford eye just keeps revealing more to enjoy. Plus, Eppy shares the benefits of what…
6: Just Another Polish Wedding
Mar 12
Nathan and Eppy discuss S3E17, Just Another Polish Wedding. Gandalf Finch (Isaac Hayes) and Marcus Hayes (Louis Gossett Jr.) team up to race against Jim in an effort to be the first to find the heir to a buried fortune - but of course nothing is quite as…
5: Charlie Harris at Large
Feb 12
Nathan and Eppy discuss S1E19, Charlie Harris at Large. Rockford's old prison buddy "Charming" Charlie Harris is in some deep trouble, and comes to Jim to help him find the mystery woman that can save his bacon. This episode features some great character…
4: The Farnsworth Strategem
Jan 15
Nathan and Eppy discuss S2E2, The Farnsworth Strategem. This episode features Rockford running a confidence game on behalf of his friend Becker, and contains a number of recurring characters as well as an in-depth look at how he uses his okie oilman…
3: Sleight Of Hand
Dec 23, 2016
Nathan and Eppy discuss S1E15, Sleight of Hand. This episode stands out for being more personal to Jim Rockford and less of an "investigation of the week," and we talk about how this kind of departure-from-formula makes for a memorable episode. Thanks to:…
2: The Countess
Dec 23, 2016
Nathan and Eppy discuss S1E3: The Countess. Recommended for a first-time Rockford watcher! Thanks to: for helping us record for hosting us for the answering machine audio clips for the adding…
1: Tall Woman In Red Wagon
Dec 23, 2016
Nathan and Epidiah introduce the podcast, talk about why they love The Rockford Files so much, and discuss S1E5 "Tall Woman In Red Wagon." Thanks to: for helping us record for hosting us for the answering machine…