Mother's Quest: The Podcast

Mother's Quest: The Podcast
Mother’s Quest is a podcast for moms who are ready to live a truly E.P.I.C. life. A few months before a big milestone birthday, host Julie Neale, a life and leadership coach, community builder and mom to two high-energy boys, decided to stop sidelining her dreams and become the hero of her own journey. She created the podcast to help light her way by gathering words of wisdom and lessons learned from other mothers further ahead on their quest. Join in for intimate conversations with a diverse group of inspiring mothers as they share how they are living an E.P.I.C. life, engaging mindfully with their children (E), passionately and purposefully making a difference beyond their family (P), investing in themselves (I), and connecting to a strong support network (C). Come along with Julie and you are sure to find some treasures of your own.
25: Change the Conversation: Podcasting as a Tool for Transformation with Elsie Escobar
Aug 10 • 57 min
I’m excited to bring this Episode #25 of the Mother’s Quest podcast to you with a podcasting leader, mentor and community builder extraordinaire- the insightful and passionate, Elsie Escobar. A podcaster herself since 2006, at the time of this recording,…
#24: Intersectionality and the Age of the New Heroine with Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin
Jul 27 • 59 min
Hello and welcome to this Episode #24 of the Mother’s Quest Podcast. I’m so honored to bring you this important and powerful conversation today with Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, who through her daily Resistance Lives on Facebook, guides thousands of us…
23: Miracle Mornings, Owning our Voice, and the Homeschooling Mom in all of Us with Lindsay McCarthy
Jul 13 • 53 min
I’m excited to bring you this Episode #23 of the Mother’s Quest Podcast. I’m just back from an amazing week at one of my most favorite places, UCLA’s Bruin Woods Family Camp in Lake Arrowhead, where I felt like I had an amazing reset…a…
22: Core Values, Ohana and Keystone Habits With Kalika Yap
Jun 29 • 48 min
I’m excited to share this episode #22 with Kalika Yap, a serial entrepreneur, inventor, intentional mother, and business leader. She’s received tremendous recognition for her accomplishments, including being honored by the Anti-Defamation League,…
21: Doing More Together, A Father’s Day Special with Tony Brown
Jun 18 • 63 min
Welcome to this very special Father’s Day edition of the Mother’s Quest Podcast! In honor of Father’s Day, I’m so excited to bring you this conversation with a friend, former colleague, mindful father to two children, and a champion for…
Episode #20: On Being Mom and Being Boss with Kathleen Shannon
Jun 1 • 61 min
Hello and welcome to this episode #20 and the first in Season Two of the Mother’s Quest Podcast! This week’s guest, Kathleen Shannon, embodies the qualities of an independent, hard-working feminist. She also has this incredible generosity…
Mother’s Quest The Podcast: E.P.I.C. Guideposts - A Season One Reflection for Mother’s Day
May 14 • 42 min
I’m excited to share this special Mother’s Day episode of the Mother’s Quest Podcast! I originally envisioned this episode as a season one finale, with highlights from every episode of season one, but it ended up taking shape differently (even…
18: YOLO (You Only Live Once) and other Milestone Reflections with Ryan Neale
Mar 30 • 64 min
I’m so honored and excited to bring you this Episode #18 of the Mother’s Quest Podcast with a very special guest, my own son Ryan Neale. One of the great lessons I’ve learned is the importance of marking milestones and honoring endings so that…
17: A Mindful Writer’s Practice with Danielle Dutton
Mar 23 • 59 min
I’m excited to bring you this conversation with Danielle Dutton, acclaimed Margaret the First author, whose own mother instilled an appreciation for reading and education early in her life. Danielle and I spent many family holidays together growing…
16: Rising Up with Paola Mendoza
Mar 16 • 56 min
The value of putting yourself in someone else’s perspective, with compassion, is something that this week’s guest, filmmaker and activist Paola Mendoza, consciously creates through her storytelling. And, boldly moving forward through…
15: Superpowers and Service with Karen Baker
Mar 8 • 57 min
I’m excited to share this Episode #15 with you— a conversation with Karen Baker, a mentor of mine who played a pivotal role in connecting me to a career of service. It’s not surprising because connecting people to service is Karen’s super…
14: Breaking the Mold and Finding your Worth with Amanda Steinberg
Mar 2 • 51 min
Hello and welcome to Episode #14, the first interview in the extended season of the Mother’s Quest Podcast. Starting with today’s interview of Amanda Steinberg, I’m excited to bring you six more episodes to light our way to an E.P.I.C. life….
13: Focus on our Goodness
Feb 22 • 49 min
I am filled with excitement and gratitude as I bring you this Episode #13, a solocast. It is an opportunity for me to reflect on the milestone of completing the first twelve episodes I set out to record when I launched the podcast, the common themes…
12: Breaking Bread and Building Bridges with Saadia Ahmed
Feb 16 • 57 min
In Episode #12, I am honored to share this enlightening conversation with Saadia Ahmed, who I reached out to after the recent executive order on immigration to find out how I could become an ally to the Muslim community. Saadia and her husband live in…
11: “Flawed” with Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic
Feb 8 • 59 min
I am excited to share this vulnerable conversation with the Truth Bomb Mom, Kristina Kuzmic. Energetic, funny, and honest, Kristina has an in-your-face perspective on issues of parenting and life in general. She has become a Youtube sensation with her…
10: Choosing Gratitude and Glitter with Nancy Netherland
Feb 1 • 63 min
I am thrilled to share this heartwarming conversation with Nancy Netherland, a healthcare advocate and a self-proclaimed mom-ologist with on-the-mom training in infectious disease, hepatology, rheumatology, gastrointestinology,…
09: The Soul-Fueled Truth with Amber Lilyestrom
Jan 25 • 58 min
In this interview, I am excited to share a deeply personal and reflective conversation with Amber Lilyestrom, a transformational branding and business strategist, writer, speaker and host of The Soul Fueled CEO Podcast. Amber has…
08: Empathy, Acts of Kindness and Climbing Mountains with Erika Greff
Jan 18 • 46 min
In this interview, I am excited to share a thoughtful and honest conversation with wife, mother, freelance television anchor/reporter, volunteer for philanthropic causes and entrepreneur, Erika Greff. Erika lives in the heart of New York City with her…
07: Living Out Loud with Jenjii Hysten
Jan 11 • 59 min
In Episode #7 of the Mother’s Quest Podcast, I am honored to bring you this intimate, inspired conversation with Jenjii Hysten, a mother, coach, and community leader who I deeply admire. I have known Jenjii for almost a decade now, through my…
06: Healthy and Happy with Dr. Elisa Song
Jan 4 • 52 min
In this episode, I was honored to have a conversation with my children’s holistic pediatrician Dr. Elisa Song, founder of Whole Family Wellness, creator of the online resource Healthy Kids Happy Kids and an amazing mother to her daughter and son. If…
05: Live your E.P.I.C. Life to Help Your Children Thrive
Dec 28, 2016 • 56 min
A replay from the Thriving Child Summit
04: Taking Center Stage as a Go Girl! with Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny
Dec 21, 2016 • 50 min
In this episode, I’m honored to have a conversation with two amazing mothers to their 8 year old daughter, Oakland-based life and business partners Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny. They are the co-founders of Spotlight: Girls, which celebrates…
03: Cultivating a Healthy Family with Michelle Ratcliffe
Dec 14, 2016 • 52 min
In this episode, I’m excited to be reunited with an old friend and former colleague, Rootopia founder Michelle Ratcliffe. Michelle is a farm to family specialist, who aims to help mothers raise happy, healthy kids and help our nation’s…
02: Unmasking Motherhood with Katherine Wintsch
Nov 25, 2016 • 47 min
On this episode of Mother’s Quest, I had an opportunity to talk with an amazing mother, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and blogger, named Katherine Wintsch about bringing authenticity into our lives as women and mothers. Katherine is a…
01: The Spiritual Mindset of Abundance with Navjit Kandola
Nov 25, 2016 • 51 min
Welcome to the very first episode of the Mother’s Quest podcast! I am so honored to bring you this conversation with Navjit Kandola. Navjit is a spiritual adviser, educator, speaker, filmmaker, full-time mom, and the director of the Nizhoni…
00: Planting Seeds for Mother’s Quest - An Introduction
Nov 25, 2016 • 30 min
Welcome to this introductory episode of the Mother’s Quest podcast. This solocast will give you a preview of what to expect in this twelve week season and reveal the stories behind Mother’s Quest E.P.I.C. framework, the podcast logo and the mantra…