The eLearning Guys

The eLearning Guys
Articulate Storyline development, e-learning and everything in between
17: Unusual sliders, masking trick and javascript magic
Jun 20
Nejc and Dave talk a lot about sliders and explain how they used them in their projects. Also a great masking trick to hide objects and javascript to insert commas into big numbers.Links:Adding commas to long numbersStoryline 360 Slider ProblemsAnother…
16: Using videos in your course
May 26
Nejc and Dave talk about using videos in courses, editing, compression and more.Links:iMovieFinal Cut Pro XAdobe Premiere Pro CCHandBrakeSUPERVLC
15: 10 ways you can shorten your …
Apr 18
There are many ways you can make your course shorter and offer the users a quicker learning experience. Nejc and Dave talk about 10 of them.Links:Master Slide Navigation
14: Our productivity workflows
Apr 1
Nejc and Dave talk about their personal productivity, tips regarding Storyline, projects, calendar and e-mail.
13: Course localization and translation
Mar 5
What do you need to be careful about when localizing a course? Also many tips about creating a course in many languages in Articulate Storyline.
12: Building your portfolio
Feb 25
Nejc and Dave are joined by Kristin Anthony to discuss all about building your portfolio. Why have a portfolio, what are the benefits and how do you create a great portfolio experience?Special Guest: Kristin Anthony.Links:@GoLXDesignOppiaYou're My…
11: The Look Back
Feb 16
Nejc and Dave take a look back at the computers, technologies and LMSs they used and the projects they worked on in the past.Links:How to vertically scroll images in Storyline 360
10: X days in review
Feb 5
Nejc and Dave talk about the stuff they have been working on. Some sliders, some javascript magic and some variables.Links:Nejc's slider tab trickDave's javascript magic sliders and graphs
9: Course navigation
Jan 25
Nejc and Dave discuss many different ways navigation can be used in a course and what role it plays.Links:Dave's Nextless Navigation VideoDave's Custom Search in Storyline Video
8: 25 Storyline tips and tricks
Jan 15
Nejc and Dave talk about 25 Storyline tips and tricks to make your development ride more smooth. And there are some bonus ones too.
7: Relating to the learner
Jan 6
Nejc and Dave explore many different ways you can relate to your learner in your online course.Links:Cardiac Arrest EducationDrowning Simulator
6: Freeform hacking in Storyline
Dec 25, 2016
Nejc and Dave talk about how you can hack interactions you converted into Freeform for your specific needs. They also talk more about slider tricks you can do and how Nejc lost even more hair working on a Storyline problem.Links:Storyline 360…
5: Our Toolbox
Dec 15, 2016
Nejc and Dave take a deep dive into all the tools and services they use when creating courses.Links:Storyline 360HandBrakeAdobe After EffectsAdobe Premiere ProVideoScribeFinal Cut Pro XGIF Brewery 3HypeAffinity…
4: HeroLand with Richard Hill
Dec 5, 2016
Nejc and Dave talk to Richard Hill about his work, ideas and development of the fantastic Storyline game HeroLand.Links:HeroLandRichard Hill - Profiles - E-Learning Heroes[rlh] Design Lab – Instructional Tinkering and Development
3: More about Storyline 360
Nov 25, 2016
Nejc and Dave share more experiences with playing around in Storyline 360. Storyline comparison Nejc's bouncy ball concept Pixelmator for Mac Font Awesome
2: Articulate 360
Nov 15, 2016
Nejc and Dave take a look what is new in the Articulate 360 and what sweet updates are available in the new Storyline 360.
1: Introduction
Nov 5, 2016
Nejc and David share two short stories behind their eLearning career and explain what The eLearning Guys podcast is all about.