Three Brothers & a Microphone

Three Brothers & a Microphone
With no topic off limit—from race, religion to politics—each week bloggers-turned-podcasters Jay, RiPPa and The Uppity Negro discuss crucial issues of Black life in America with sarcasm, humor and barbershop banter.

Adventures in the Absurd
Jul 2, 2017 • 117 min
In this last episode before a one month hiatus, Jay from Average Bro, RiPpa and The Uppity Negro have a big WTF moment as president Donald Trump seems to go next level bonkers with his Twitter. This journey into the absurd continues as the Brothers hav…
Dear White People, in Memory of Terence Crutcher
May 21, 2017 • 128 min
In this monster episode, the Three Brothers open up with the story of Terence Crutcher, the unarmed black motorist shot and killed by Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby—who was recently acquitted. The Three Bros. turn to politics—of course—and discus…
To Wear or Not to Wear Shea Moisture in #Trumpland2017
May 8, 2017 • 104 min
This episode starts off with Jay, aka Average Bro talking cash trash about the Uppity Negro’s hometown Chicago for no apparent reason. RiPpa brings the conversation back to Trump’s first 100 days, the sexual harassment problems at Fox News, the problem…
But Wait—Let Met Finish Though!
Apr 9, 2017 • 120 min
All three of the Brothers were tripping over each other to get a word in edgewise in this episode! “But wait, lemme finish tho” was the refrain of the evening as we discussed the finer points of the Trump administration’s foreign policy; this episode w…
RIP to TrumpCare
Mar 25, 2017 • 108 min
The Three Brothers are back! RiPPa joins Jay aka Average Bro and The Uppity Negro after a hiatus. We delve head first into politics and the massive failure of Trump and GOP party when it came to “repeal and replace.” The movie “Burning Sands” and Dave …
Home of the Hashtags: #HurtBae and #OscarsSoWhite
Feb 24, 2017 • 70 min
Jay, aka Average Bro and the Uppity Negro chop it up this week about President Trump visiting the Smithsonian’s African American History museum, some #OscarSoWhite speculations and the lackluster NBA All Star game. Somehow the two find themselves drill…
What do Beyonce, Nick Cannon and Donald Trump have in common?
Feb 16, 2017 • 53 min
Literally less than two hours after Donald Trump’s first press conference as president, Average Bro and the Uppity Negro delve into the the spectacle that it turned into, not to mention Beyonce and the Grammys and comedian Nick Cannon walking away from…
Adjusting to Trumpland
Feb 9, 2017 • 63 min
As we settle into the new normal, the Three Brothers, minus Rippa, discuss black athletes in the Age of Trump and post-Super Bowl, we find ourselves discussing the cabal that Trump is amassing, better known as the Cabinet as well as the hot water Georg…
Other Things in Blackness (and Trump of Course)
Jan 27, 2017 • 76 min
Trump continues to dominate the leading discussion—should the feds go to Chicago, but Jay and the Uppity Negro bounce around conversation about the New Edition miniseries biopic, the death of the WorldStar Hip Hop creator, the celebrity of the Migos a…
Last Day of My President Being Black
Jan 19, 2017 • 42 min
Average Bro and the Uppity Negro discuss all things leading up the inauguration: black performers at the inauguration; “mediocre Negroes” who are meeting the Don; black cultural representations in Hollywood and everything inbetween
Election Countdown
Nov 4, 2016 • 86 min
In our first-and-a-half episode, five days before the election, we talk about Clinton and Trump and black voter suppression, Lil Wayne and Black Lives Matters, and the superb genius of FX’s “Atlanta” —and a host of others things in between.