You Should Write A Song About That with the Doubleclicks

You Should Write A Song About That with the Doubleclicks
The Doubleclicks talk to each other (or someone else) about a topic that fascinates them…
11: Great Success
Dec 5 • 21 min
This week, we went to pizza, we finished a big project, we socialized, and Aubrey finishes her trio of cello songs with a victory ditty! Full and regular “Doubleclicks” songs return next week!
10: Have you heard of a library?
Nov 28 • 20 min
This week Laser discovered a library and Aubrey made everybody wear slippers. Then we have some cello music to listen to in the library!
9: Some Meditative Cello Music
Nov 21 • 19 min
This week, Aubrey is taking over the podcast and the songwriting duties. We talk about Stardew Valley, acting classes, thanksgiving plans, and we need to get some work done.
8: Orchestrions, Calliopes, and Wizard Rescues
Nov 14 • 16 min
We went to Wisconsin and visited the House on the Rock and Wizard Quest. It was wonderful. Today we discuss weird weird weird collections, immersive mazes, and why they make us feel so good. Then we write a song about it!
7: Do A Thing
Nov 7 • 22 min
This week — it’s all about productivity. You can make all the plans you want, but eventually you have to do something. So we write a pump-up song to yell at yourself. Also, we talk about how Aubrey will give as much candy to children as she possibly can.
6: A Broken Arm At Rainbow Night
Oct 31 • 20 min
This week - Laser broke their arm. It’s broken. Ow! Here’s the whole story, plus some discussion of trying new things, and a song about it!
5: Happy Birthday, No One Hates You
Oct 24 • 20 min
This week, we talk about how stressful it is to plan a birthday party. We just want everyone to be happy. WHY IS THAT SO HARD. And then… a song about it!
4: F*ck Twitter
Oct 17 • 21 min
Avoiding social media - how do you do it? Aubrey does it by thinking about pouring large quantities of paint on a canvas. Laser does it by having terrible audio in this episode (sorry, it gets better). Plus: we enjoyed our first party! And then… a song…
3. A Halloween Costume No One Understands (Introducing Yourself At Parties)
Oct 10 • 27 min
How do you introduce yourself a parties? Also this week: a very cute dog, Laser got a cat, painting D&D miniatures, welding, and Halloween costumes. And then: a song about it!
2. I’m Winning! (Talking about gender identity!)
Oct 3 • 28 min
This week, we discuss: Our baby cousin’s very good knock-knock joke. Wynonna Earp, a television show Laser cares about deeply. Our fascination with twitch streaming and baby videos on Instagram. Also, Laser has a cat. Cats think bananas are snakes. Some…
1: Boundaries! (Laser Got A Cat)
Sep 25 • 34 min
On this episode: the fourth one is the hardest, Aubrey’s affirmations, a new house decoration, Fall Boyfriend, Laser got a cat, socialization, Laser got a cat, and then we write a song about our conversation!
Interview 3: Frozen Pizza with Joseph Scrimshaw
Feb 27 • 15 min
Today we interview Joseph Scrimshaw, comedian, writer and friend, about frozen pizza. Frozen pizza! It’s the best, yes?
Interview 2: Piper Perish & Perserverence with Kayla Cagan
Feb 27, 2017 • 30 min
Today Angela interviews Kayla Cagan, author of the great YA novel PIPER PERISH, releasing March 7 on Chronicle Books! Topics covered include: inspirational quotes, Houston, Texas, deleting dogs, and how creation is the best defense against despair. The…
Interview 1: About Anandibai Joshi (Sam Maggs interview)
Oct 17, 2016 • 15 min
Anandibai Joshi was the first Indian woman to get a degree in Western Medicine, and this is a song about her, her mission, and her refusal to let things get in her way. Read more about Anandibai and 24 other amazing women in “WONDER WOMEN” – the new book…