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Jul 3 • 4 min
Now is the time, join me on the new feed! GO GO GO!!
14: High Expectations
Apr 20 • 31 min
Why is marijuana illegal, on the same list as heroin, LSD and ecstasy? Are there medical benefits? What are the side effects? Find out in Ep14.
13: Deciphering The Code of Life
Apr 10 • 42 min
What do Zika, Designer Babies, Saliva Collection Tubes and Bloody Diarrhea have in common? Find out in Episode 13.
12: The Attack of The Vitamins
Mar 30 • 30 min
Why do we all take vitamins even though there is absolutely no scientific evidence for their need? What happens when you OVERDOSE on vitamins? How is a, $40 billion industry left unregulated? Find out in Ep12.
11: The Future of Food
Mar 27 • 31 min
Foods with GMO ingredients: technology that will save the world or one that will destroy us all?
10: The Side-Effects of Nothing
Mar 27 • 26 min
You’ve heard of placebo… but what about its evil twin the nocebo effect? It’s even more mysterious and aims to harm, rather than to please.
09: The Effects of Nothing
Mar 27 • 29 min
What exactly causes the placebo effect? How does it work? Is it all just… fake?
08: Ask your doctor if this [ breakfast cereal ] is right for you
Mar 27 • 29 min
How have YOU been subconsciously manipulated into buying the foods you love today early on in your childhood? Is advertisement to kids ethical? What does the research say?
07: In Search of a Cure
Mar 27 • 30 min
What does mold, the bible and 2 billion dollars have in common? Clinical trials, of course! Join me as we unravel the secrets of the search for the ultimate cure.
06: Innocent Until Proven Carcinogenic
Jan 29 • 21 min
Why do you keep seeing that coffee both causes and prevents cancer? Can you overdose on caffeine? How much coffee is safe? Find out in Ep06.