The CypherCast

The CypherCast
The CypherCast is a podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest news and discussions around the Cypher System RPGs from Monte Cook Games!

Jan 31, 2019
It’s our 25th episode! Hosts Andrew and Jim are joined by Cypher Unlimited’s AlphaDean to talk about fantasy games in the Cypher System! The CypherCast – Episode 25 Want to see the video? It’s available on Twitch.
MCG Panel at Dragon Con 2018
Jan 3, 2019
Here is audio from the Monte Cook Games panel at DragonCon 2018! Monte Cook and Shanna Germain talk about Numenera: Discovery & Destiny, Invisible Sun and No Thank You Evil! and take questions from the audience. MCG Panel – DragonCon 2018
Dec 20, 2018
In our 24th episode, Dani, Andrew and Jim announce contest winners and discuss convention game scenarios they’ve played and enjoyed or run as well as con games they’d like to run in the future. The CypherCast – Episode 24 Want to see the video? It’s…
Nov 14, 2018
Here on the 23rd episode of the CypherCast, hosts Jim and Andrew welcome returning guest Scott Robinson to revisit Invisible Sun. We talk about the reprint Kickstarter and the effects the game has had on other MCG projects. CONTEST! Want to win a gift…
Oct 31, 2018
We have returned from hiatus! We’ve begun streaming our episode recordings LIVE via Twitch, so it’s now both a podcast AND a streaming show. In the 22nd episode of the CypherCast, hosts Andrew, Dani and Jim talk about the community rules in Numenera:…
Aug 1, 2018
It’s the 21st episode of the CypherCast! Hosts Jim, Andrew and Dani talk to our fellow cyphermancer Brandon Ording about things that are happening at this year’s GenCon. The CypherCast – Episode 21
Jun 30, 2018
For our 20th episode, the CypherCast is celebrating Women in Tabletop Gaming Month! Host Dani discusses creating setting material for your Cypher System games. Our guests are Marsie Vellan, GM of The Owl of Lysia, and Megan Tolentino, creator of Fantasy…
May 27, 2018
On the nineteenth episode of the CypherCast, Andrew, Dani and Jim talk to MCG developer Sean Reynolds. We talk about what’s coming up for Invisible Sun and Numenera Discovery and Destiny. We also get to hear about the nature of Sean’s work at Monte Cook…
Apr 30, 2018
It’s the eighteenth episode of the CypherCast! Today Jim and Dani have the honor of speaking to Darcy Ross, Community Relations Coordinator for Monte Cook Games. We discuss livestreaming RPGs and the impact this relatively new medium is having on tabletop…