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Modernizing Etsy’s codebase with React (JS Party #105)
Dec 6 • 52 min
KBall connects with Katie Sylor-Miller to talk about migrating OhShitGit to the JAMStack, migrating legacy codebases to modern front-end technologies, and design systems.
Making GANs practical (Practical AI #67)
Dec 2 • 59 min
GANs are at the center of AI hype. However, they are also starting to be extremely practical and be used to develop solutions to real problems. Jakub Langr and Vladimir Bok join us for a deep dive into GANs and their application. We discuss the basics of…
The making of GitHub Sponsors (The Changelog #370)
Nov 30 • 86 min
Devon Zuegel is an Open Source Product Manager at GitHub. She’s also one of the key people responsible for making GitHub Sponsors a thing. We talk with Devon about how she came to GitHub to develop GitHub Sponsors, the months of research she did to learn…
Mentor-ship 🛳️ (JS Party #104)
Nov 29 • 54 min
This week we chatted with Kahlil Lechelt about mentorship. What types of mentorships are there, what makes a successful mentorship, and where can you find a mentor?
Respect, empathy, and compassion (Brain Science #6)
Nov 28 • 50 min
Mireille and Adam discuss empathy, respect, and compassion and the role each of these interpersonal constructs play in strengthening our relationships, both personally and professionally. What exactly is empathy, respect, and compassion? What are key…
Graph databases (Go Time #108)
Nov 27 • 66 min
Mat, Johnny, and Jaana are joined by Francesc Campoy to talk about Graph databases. We ask all the important questions — What are graph databases (and why do we need them)? What advantages do they have over relational databases? Are graph databases better…
Build custom ML tools with Streamlit (Practical AI #66)
Nov 25 • 44 min
Streamlit recently burst onto the scene with their intuitive, open source solution for building custom ML/AI tools. It allows data scientists and ML engineers to rapidly build internal or external UIs without spending time on frontend development. In this…
Compilers and interpreters (Go Time #107)
Nov 22 • 69 min
Thorsten Ball and Tim Raymond join Mat Ryer and Mark Bates to talk about compilers and interpreters. What are the roles of compilers and interpreters? What do they do? The how and why of writing a compiler in Go. We also talk about Thorsten’s books…
You’re probably using streams (JS Party #103)
Nov 22 • 51 min
This week we chat with Matteo Collina, Technical Director at NearForm and member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee, about his upcoming Node+JS Interactive talk on Node Streams. We talk about their creation before any standards and how they are…
Ten years of Changelog 🎉 (Backstage #9)
Nov 21 • 147 min
On this special re-broadcast of the freeCodeCamp podcast, Quincy Larson (freeCodeCamp’s founder) interviewed Adam and Jerod in the ultimate Backstage episode to celebrate a decade of conversations, news, and community here at Changelog. Yes, this month we…
Managing our mental health (Brain Science #5)
Nov 21 • 50 min
Mireille and Adam discuss key aspects of mental health and what it looks like to manage our own mental well-being. What are the key ingredients to managing it? How do our relationships and boundaries impact it? Are sleep, food, and activity really that…
Intelligent systems and knowledge graphs (Practical AI #65)
Nov 18 • 57 min
There’s a lot of hype about knowledge graphs and AI-methods for building or using them, but what exactly is a knowledge graph? How is it different from a database or other data store? How can I build my own knowledge graph? James Fletcher from Grakn Labs…
Five years of freeCodeCamp (The Changelog #369)
Nov 15 • 91 min
Today we have a very special show for you – we’re talking with Quincy Larson the founder of freeCodeCamp as part of a two-part companion podcast series where we each celebrate our 5 and 10 year anniversaries. This year marks 5 years for freeCodeCamp and…
Component libraries, style guides, design systems… OH MY (JS Party #102)
Nov 15 • 55 min
Design systems are taking the tech industry by storm, but what exactly are they? Do you even need one? This week we’re talking all things design systems. We’ll chat about component libraries and style guides, companies who are building design systems, and…
To GraphQL or not to GraphQL? (Backstage #8)
Nov 12 • 62 min
Go Time panelist Mat Ryer joins Jerod to talk through the pros and cons of GraphQL vs REST for a future Changelog API. There’s also a fair bit of language chat around Go and JavaScript, a section on Machine Learning, and some inside baseball on where Go…
Code editors and language servers (Go Time #106)
Nov 11 • 61 min
In this episode we talk with Ramya Rao about code editors and language servers. We share our thoughts on which editor we use, why we use it, and why we’d switch. We also discuss what a language server is and why it matters in connecting editors and the…
Robot hands solving Rubik’s cubes (Practical AI #64)
Nov 11 • 44 min
Everyone is talking about it. OpenAI trained a pair of neural nets that enable a robot hand to solve a Rubik’s cube. That is super dope! The results have also generated a lot of commentary and controversy, mainly related to the way in which the results…
Finding collaborators for open source (The Changelog #368)
Nov 9 • 69 min
Jeff Meyerson, host of Software Engineering Daily, and the founder of FindCollabs (a place to find collaborators for open source software) joined the show to talk about living in San Francisco, his thoughts on podcasting and where the medium is heading,…
We should rebrand JavaScript. Yep? Nope? (JS Party #101)
Nov 8 • 47 min
We’re back with another #YepNope episode, this time debating whether or not JavaScript needs to be rebranded. This premise was inspired by Kieran Potts’ article of the same name. Divya/Jerod represent Team Yep and Chris/KBall represent Team Nope. Nick, as…
Open source data labeling tools (Practical AI #63)
Nov 5 • 44 min
What’s the most practical of practical AI things? Data labeling of course! It’s also one of the most time consuming and error prone processes that we deal with in AI development. Michael Malyuk of Heartex and Label Studio joins us to discuss various data…
11 awesome lightning chats ⚡️ (JS Party #100)
Nov 1 • 78 min
What you’re about to hear is a series of lightning chats recorded live from All Things Open 2019. How’s this for topic diversity? 👇 A/B testing, finding your tribe, dancing, TikTok, what is happening with front-ends becoming full-stacks, Code the Dream,…
Kubernetes and Cloud Native (Go Time #105)
Nov 1 • 59 min
Johnny and Mat are joined by Kris Nova and Joe Beda to talk about Kubernetes and Cloud Native. They discuss the rise of “Cloud Native” applications as facilitated by Kubernetes, good places to use Kubernetes, the challenges faced running such a big open…
Back to Agile’s basics (The Changelog #367)
Oct 31 • 80 min
Robert C. Martin, aka Uncle Bob, joined the show to talk about the practices of Agile. Bob has written a series of books in order to pass down the wisdom he’s gained over his 50 year software career — books like Clean Architecture, Clean Code, The Clean…
It’s time to talk time series (Practical AI #62)
Oct 28 • 42 min
Times series data is everywhere! I mean, seriously, try to think of some data that isn’t a time series. You have stock prices and weather data, which are the classics, but you also have a time series of images on your phone, time series log data coming…
There’s no server more secure than one that doesn’t exist (JS Party #99)
Oct 25 • 45 min
KBall catches up with Phil Hawksworth of Netlify at JAMStackConfSF to dive deep into JAMStack, what it’s about, where the ecosystem is going, and what is still hard.
Building search tools in Go (Go Time #104)
Oct 24 • 61 min
Johnny is joined by Marty Schoch, creator of the full-text search and indexing engine Bleve, to talk about the art and science of building capable search tools in Go. You get a mix of deep technical considerations as well as some of the challenges around…
Coping skills and strategies (Brain Science #4)
Oct 21 • 48 min
Mireille and Adam discuss coping skills and strategies to use when managing the emotions and struggles of everyday life. We talk through some common ways people manage their emotions, strategies for emotional coping, as well as problem solving coping.
AI in the browser (Practical AI #61)
Oct 21 • 49 min
We’ve mentioned ML/AI in the browser and in JS a bunch on this show, but we haven’t done a deep dive on the subject… until now! Victor Dibia helps us understand why people are interested in porting models to the browser and how people are using the…
And… the website is down 😱 (JS Party #98)
Oct 18 • 54 min
Jerod, Divya, & Suz get together to discuss top-level await, the JS13kGames winner, Liran Tal’s is-website-vulnerable, Vue 3’s source code, and Facebook’s take on AR/VR/XR. Plus 3 awesome pro tips you don’t want to miss!
Pioneering open source drones and robocars (The Changelog #366)
Oct 18 • 52 min
Chris Anderson, former Editor-in-Chief of WIRED and a true pioneer in the world of drones, joined the show to talk about his hobby gone wrong, how he started 3D Robotics, DIY Drones, and Dronecode. We also talked about his newest passion, DIY Robocars.
All about caching (Go Time #103)
Oct 17 • 63 min
Manish Jain and Karl McGuire of Dgraph join Johnny and Jon to discuss caching in Go. What are caches, hit rates, admission policies, and why do they matter? How can you get started using a cache in your applications?
Blacklisted facial recognition and surveillance companies (Practical AI #60)
Oct 15 • 49 min
The United States has blacklisted several Chinese AI companies working in facial recognition and surveillance. Why? What are these companies doing exactly, and how does this fit into the international politics of AI? We dig into these questions and…
The John Wick trilogy (Backstage #7)
Oct 15 • 107 min
In a world where an ex-hit-man named John Wick comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that killed his dog and stole his car — three die-hard fans (Adam, Jerod, and Brett) spend nearly 2 hours discussing the John Wick trilogy and then some.
The wonderful thing about Tiggers (JS Party #97)
Oct 11 • 69 min
KBall, Jerod, and Divya dig deep into how we learn. We look into how to choose what to learn, techniques for learning, and a set of respective resources.
Let’s talk Elixir! (The Changelog #365)
Oct 9 • 40 min
Jerod is joined by Chris and Desmond (co-hosts of the ElixirTalk podcast) to catch up on what’s moving and shaking in the Elixir and Phoenix communities. We discuss what’s attractive about Elixir, what it means to have the language finalized, why folks…
On application design (Go Time #102)
Oct 9 • 66 min
Mat is joined by Peter Bourgon, Kat Zień, and Ben Johnson to talk about application design in Go — principles, trade-offs, common mistakes, patterns, and the things you should consider when it comes to application design.
Flying high with AI drone racing at AlphaPilot (Practical AI #59)
Oct 7 • 47 min
Chris and Daniel talk with Keith Lynn, AlphaPilot Program Manager at Lockheed Martin. AlphaPilot is an open innovation challenge, developing artificial intelligence for high-speed racing drones, created through a partnership between Lockheed Martin and…
Performant Node desktop apps with NodeGui (JS Party #96)
Oct 4 • 38 min
What if you could have an Electron-like app framework without the Chromium dependency and resulting performance woes? Well, now you can. NodeGui is a Qt5-powered, cross-platform, native app GUI framework for JavaScript with CSS-like styling. In this…
Security for Gophers (Go Time #101)
Oct 3 • 57 min
Mat, Filippo, Johan, and Roberto discuss security in Go. Does Go make it easy to secure your code? What common mistakes are Gophers making? What is fuzzing? How can attackers abuse your code if you use the default http mux?
Maintainer spotlight! Valeri Karpov (The Changelog #364)
Oct 2 • 43 min
In this episode we’re shining our maintainer spotlight on Valeri Karpov. Val has been the solo maintainer of Mongoose since 2014. This episode with Val continues our maintainer spotlight series where we dig deep into the life of an open source software…
Win a FREE 🎟️ to All Things Open 2019! (JS Party)
Sep 30 • 1 min
A brief announcement about the upcoming All Things Open conference in Raleigh, NC. What we’ll be doing there, why you should join us, and how to win a FREE 🎟️ to the event.
AI in the majority world and model distillation (Practical AI #58)
Sep 30 • 45 min
Chris and Daniel take some time to cover recent trends in AI and some noteworthy publications. In particular, they discuss the increasing AI momentum in the majority world (Africa, Asia, South and Central America and the Caribbean), and they dig into…
Nushell for the GitHub era (The Changelog #363)
Sep 27 • 92 min
Jonathan Turner, Andrés Robalino, and Yehuda Katz joined the show to talk about Nushell, or just Nu for short. It’s a modern shell for the GitHub era. It’s written in Rust, and it has the backing of some of the greatest minds in open source. We talk…
Visual programming with hardware and Node-RED (JS Party #95)
Sep 27 • 52 min
Special guest Nick O’Leary joins us this episode to chat about the Node-RED project, how it started, and the fascinating uses cases for it out in the wild. We go into some of the technical challenges behind designing easy to use interfaces for hardware,…
Humans and habits (Brain Science #3)
Sep 27 • 49 min
Mireille and Adam explore the habit loop, the role of environment as a cue, behavior change, the role of dopamine, willpower as a finite resource, and the impact of social influences on habits. As with any change, we need to collect data. Instead of…
The influence of open source on AI development (Practical AI #57)
Sep 25 • 45 min
The All Things Open conference is happening soon, and we snagged one of their speakers to discuss open source and AI. Samuel Taylor talks about the essential role that open source is playing in AI development and research, and he gives us some tips on…
Creating the Go programming language (Go Time #100)
Sep 25 • 66 min
Carmen and Jon talk with Rob Pike and Robert Griesemer (the creators of Go) about its origins, growth, influence, and future. This an epic episode that dives deep into the history and details of the how’s and why’s of Go, and the choices they’ve made…
Hiring and nurturing junior developers (Go Time #99)
Sep 20 • 74 min
Johnny, Carmen, Jon, and returning guest Stevenson Jean-Pierre talk about hiring engineers with a focus on junior roles. Why do we keep running into these ridiculous job listings that nobody could ever live up to? What benefits do junior developers bring…
Ohhh! Caching!! (JS Party #94)
Sep 20 • 57 min
The gang gets together to catch you up on what’s new & noteworthy in the community. Then we share a few things we’ve learned recently in our first-ever “Today I Learned” segment. Finally, we wrap it up with things we’re excited about.
Machine powered refactoring with AST’s (The Changelog #362)
Sep 19 • 64 min
Amal Hussein (Engineering Manager at npm) joined the show to talk about AST’s — aka, abstract syntax trees. Amal is giving a talk at All Things Open on the subject so we asked her to give us an early preview. She’s on a mission to democratize the…
Worlds are colliding - AI and HPC (Practical AI #56)
Sep 17 • 48 min
In this very special fully-connected episode of Practical AI, Daniel interviews Chris. They discuss High Performance Computing (HPC) and how it is colliding with the world of AI. Chris explains how HPC differs from cloud/on-prem infrastructure, and he…
Generative engineering cultures (The Changelog #361)
Sep 17 • 77 min
Dave Kaplan (Head of Software Engineering at Policygenius) joined the show to talk about Generative Engineering Cultures and how they have become the goal of industry-aware tech teams. We talk through the topology of organizational cultures ranging from…
Remember, people are human (JS Party #93)
Sep 13 • 64 min
KBall, Divya, Feross, and Jerod get together to discuss tips and tricks for communicating with other coders, project stakeholders, and users.
Generics in Go (Go Time #98)
Sep 11 • 54 min
Mat, Johnny, Jon, and special guest Ian Lance Taylor discuss generics in Go. What are generics and why are they useful? Why aren’t interfaces enough? How will the standard library change if generics are added to Go? How has the community contributed to…
AutoML and AI at Google (Practical AI #55)
Sep 9 • 58 min
We’re talking with Sherol Chen, a machine learning developer, about AI at Google and AutoML methods. Sherol explains how the various AI groups within Google work together and how AutoML fits into that puzzle. She also explains how to get started with…
The conference scene ✨ (JS Party #92)
Sep 6 • 66 min
This episode is all about conferences and there is a lot to talk about! Why even go? What makes a conference worth it? How can you get the most of the experience? Is speaking worth all the effort? How can you make your talk amazing? How can you get your…
Modern software is built on APIs (The Changelog #360)
Sep 6 • 68 min
Abhinav Asthana (founder of Postman) joined the show to talk about Postman, an ADE — API Development Environment — that began as open source and is now a full-fledged company that just announced a $50 million dollar Series B. We talk about why Postman has…
LIVE from Gophercon UK (Go Time #97)
Sep 4 • 79 min
LIVE from LondonGophers as part of GopherCon UK! Mat Ryer, and Mark Bates were joined by Liz Rice, Kat Zień, Gautam Rege to talk about the magic in Go’s standard library. Huge thanks to the organizers of LondonGophers and GopherCon UK for making this…
Serverless and Go (Go Time #96)
Sep 3 • 65 min
Johnny, Mat, Jaana, and special guest Stevenson Jean-Pierre discuss serverless in a Go world. What is serverless, what use cases is serverless good for, what are the trade offs, and how do you program with Go differently in the context of serverless?
Semver would be great if nobody ever shipped bugs (JS Party #91)
Aug 30 • 65 min
With the jumping off point of KBall’s question: “What are best practices for organizing a Node project?” Mikeal and Feross drop an incredible amount of wisdom about Node, organizing using modules, release management, deployment approaches, how to adopt…
Maintainer spotlight! Feross Aboukhadijeh (The Changelog #359)
Aug 29 • 64 min
In this episode we’re shining our maintainer spotlight on Feross Aboukhadijeh. Feross is the creator and maintainer of 100’s of open source projects which have been downloaded 100’s of million of times each month — projects like StandardJS, BitMidi, and…
The infrastructure effect: COBOL and Go (Go Time)
Aug 27 • 27 min
We partnered with Red Hat to promote Season 3 of Command Line Heroes — an original podcast from Red Hat, hosted by Saron Yitbarek of CodeNewbie, about the people who transform technology from the command line up. It’s an awesome show and we’re huge fans…
On being humAIn (Practical AI #54)
Aug 26 • 55 min
David Yakobovitch joins the show to talk about the evolution of data science tools and techniques, the work he’s doing to teach these things at Galvanize, what his HumAIn Podcast is all about, and more.
You fought in the framework wars? (JS Party #90)
Aug 23 • 65 min
KBall, Divya, and Chris talk about what’s going on in all the big frontend frameworks, share some pro tips, and shout out awesome people and things in the community.
OSCON 2019 anthology (The Changelog #358)
Aug 23 • 79 min
We’re on the expo hall floor of OSCON 2019 talking with Eric Holscher, Ali Spittel, and Hong Phuc Dang. First up, we talk to Eric about his work at Write the Docs, ethical advertising, and the Pac-Man rule at conferences. Second, we talk with Ali about…
We’re designed for relationship (Brain Science #2)
Aug 21 • 29 min
Mireille and Adam explore the importance of relationships and the concept of attachment. We often think of ourselves as individuals, but our lives are spent embedded within the context of social relationships. These relationships influence and shape our…
The importance of representation (Go Time #95)
Aug 20 • 60 min
Hot off the heels of GopherCon 2019 — Johnny Boursiquot, Jon Calhoun, and special guests Jamal Yusuf, and Yingrong Zhao recap the conference and the importance of representation in the Go community.
Modern JS tooling is too complicated. Yep? Nope? (JS Party #89)
Aug 16 • 56 min
Adam adds a twist to our YepNope format this week. Instead of 2v2, it’s 1v1v1 with Mikeal reppin’ team Yep, Divya on team Nope, and Feross sitting in the middle on team It Depends. You don’t want to miss this excellent debate/discussion all about JS…
Shaping, betting, and building (The Changelog #357)
Aug 16 • 88 min
Ryan Singer, head of Product Strategy at Basecamp, joined the show to talk about their newest book — Shape Up: Stop running in circles and ship work that matters. It’s written by Ryan himself and you can read it right now for free online at…
Serving deep learning models with RedisAI (Practical AI #53)
Aug 12 • 46 min
Redis is a an open source, in-memory data structure store, widely used as a database, cache and message broker. It now also support tensor data types and deep learning models via the RedisAI module. Why did they build this module? Who is or should be…
Droppin’ insider logic bombs (JS Party #88)
Aug 9 • 49 min
Jerod, Feross, and Nick discuss the latest npm security fiasco, opine on the strengths and weaknesses of spreadsheets, explain CORS like they’re 5 (sorta), and give shout outs to deserving purveyors of fine software.
Structuring your Go apps (Go Time #94)
Aug 9 • 70 min
Jon, Mat, Johnny, and special guest Cory LaNou discuss the ins and outs of structuring Go programs. Why is app structure so important? Why is it hard to structure Go apps? What happens if we get it wrong? Why do we confuse folder structures with…
Observability is for your unknown unknowns (The Changelog #356)
Aug 7 • 65 min
Christine Yen (co-founder and CEO of Honeycomb) joined the show to talk about her upcoming talk at Strange Loop titled “Observability: Superpowers for Developers.” We talk practically about observability and how it delivers on these superpowers. We also…
The fundamentals of being human (Brain Science #1)
Aug 6 • 46 min
In this inaugural episode, Mireille and Adam explore what it means to be human at the most basic level. Our goal is to explore the inner-workings of the human brain to better understand our humanity. What are we capable of? What are the common experiences…
If you’ve never been to GopherCon… (Go Time #93)
Aug 5 • 64 min
Jon, Mark, Johnny, and special guest Jamal Yusuf discuss what to expect when attending a conference like GopherCon. What should you be doing before you attend GopherCon? What should you bring to the conference? What shouldn’t you bring? What are the…
Websites should work without JS. Yep? Nope? (JS Party #87)
Aug 2 • 53 min
We’re trying a brand new segment called YepNope, wherein your intrepid panelists engage in a lively debate around a premise. In this debate, Feross and KBall argue that websites should work without requiring JS and Divya and Chris say, “Nah!” Please let…
Federating JavaScript’s language commons with Entropic (The Changelog #355)
Aug 2 • 65 min
We’re joined by C J Silverio, aka ceejbot on Twitter, aka 2nd hire and former CTO at npm Inc. We talk with Ceej about her recent JS Conf EU talk titled “The Economies of Open Source” where she laid our her concerns with the JavaScript language commons…
AI-driven studies of the ancient world and good GANs (Practical AI #52)
Jul 30 • 54 min
Chris and Daniel take the opportunity to catch up on some recent AI news. Among other things, they discuss the increasing impact of AI on studies of the ancient world and “good” uses of GANs. They also provide some more learning resources to help you…
How to get into OSS (JS Party #86)
Jul 30 • 66 min
KBall and Nick sync up with Node.js core contributor Ujjwal Sharma to dive deep into how to get into the world of open source software.
Creating JavaScript (JS Party)
Jul 30 • 27 min
We partnered with Red Hat to promote Season 3 of Command Line Heroes — an original podcast from Red Hat, hosted by Saron Yitbarek of CodeNewbie, about the people who transform technology from the command line up. It’s an awesome show and we’re huge fans…
Building PizzaQL at the age of 16 (JS Party #85)
Jul 26 • 62 min
Jerod, Mikeal, and Feross welcome Antoni Kepinski to the show to discuss his open source pizza ordering management web app. We talk about learning programming at a young age, how overwhelming web development can be these days, how Antoni decided which…
Dwayne Johnson’s movies are actually really educational (Backstage #6)
Jul 25 • 27 min
Come hang with Adam and Jerod at OSCON’s expo hall. Normally here is where we list off the topics of the conversation, but we’ll shoot it straight with you. We didn’t have any topics. We talk about blockchain and serverless, but not insightfully. This is…
Go is eating the world of software (The Changelog #354)
Jul 25 • 54 min
We’re joined by Ron Evans at OSCON on the expo hall floor talking about Go and how it’s eating the world of software. Specifically we’re talking about TinyGo and what they’re doing to bring the Go programming language to micro-controllers and modern web…
Go is eating the world of software (Go Time)
Jul 23 • 54 min
It’s The Changelog in the Go Time feed! Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo met up with Ron Evans at OSCON on the expo hall floor to talk about Go and how it’s eating the world of software. Specifically they talked about TinyGo and what they’re doing to bring…
AI code that facilitates good science (Practical AI #51)
Jul 19 • 53 min
We’re talking with Joel Grus, author of Data Science from Scratch, 2nd Edition, senior research engineer at the Allen Institute for AI (AI2), and maintainer of AllenNLP. We discussed Joel’s book, which has become a personal favorite of the hosts, and why…
Learning the BASICs (The Changelog)
Jul 16 • 26 min
We partnered with Red Hat to promote Season 3 of Command Line Heroes — an original podcast from Red Hat, hosted by Saron Yitbarek, about the people who transform technology from the command line up. It’s an awesome show and we’re huge fans of Saron and…
The war for the soul of open source (The Changelog #353)
Jul 16 • 90 min
Adam Jacob (co-founder and board member of Chef) joins the show to talk about the keynote he’s giving at OSCON this week. The keynote is titled “The war for the soul of open source.” We talked about what made open source great in the first place, what…
Web development in Go (Go Time #92)
Jul 16 • 66 min
Mat Ryer, Mark Bates, Johnny Boursiquot, and Aaron Schlesinger discuss web development in Go. Go is great at writing server technology, but how good is it for web development? We’ll talk about HTTP, templating, the front-end, Wasm, and we even discuss…
React + WebAssembly = ❤️ (JS Party #84)
Jul 15 • 45 min
KBall catches up with Florian Rival about bring a C++ based game engine to the web by compiling to WebAssembly and creating a React-based frontend.
The Pragmatic Programmers (The Changelog #352)
Jul 11 • 78 min
Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt, best known as the authors of The Pragmatic Programmer and founders of The Pragmatic Bookshelf, joined the show today to talk about the 20th anniversary edition of The Pragmatic Programmer. This is a beloved book to software…
if err != nil (Go Time #91)
Jul 11 • 73 min
Mat and Carmen along with guest panelists Dave Cheney, Peter Bourgon, and Marcel van Lohuizen discuss errors in Go, including the new try proposal. Many questions get answered…What do we think about how errors work in Go? How is it different from other…
An honest conversation about burnout (JS Party #83)
Jul 9 • 62 min
Suz, Feross, and Emma have an honest conversation about burnout. They ask questions like — How do developers deal with burnout? What is burnout? What are examples of burnout in open source? Plus they close the show by sharing tips for avoiding burnout and…
Mastering the art of quitting (Founders Talk #67)
Jul 5 • 98 min
Lynne Tye is the founder of Key Values, a platform where developers find engineering teams that share their values. To be more precise, Lynne is a solo-founder. She’s also a team of one. Lynne’s path to becoming a founder was anything but typical. She had…
Go tooling (Go Time #90)
Jul 3 • 66 min
We’re talking about the tools we use every day help us to be productive! This show will be a great introduction for those new to Go tooling, with some discussion around what we think of them after using some of them for many years.
Celebrating episode 50 and the neural net! (Practical AI #50)
Jul 3 • 50 min
Woo hoo! As we celebrate reaching episode 50, we come full circle to discuss the basics of neural networks. If you are just jumping into AI, then this is a great primer discussion with which to take that leap. Our commitment to making artificial…
Python’s Tale (The Changelog)
Jul 2 • 28 min
We partnered with Red Hat to promote Season 3 of Command Line Heroes — an original podcast from Red Hat, hosted by Saron Yitbarek, about the people who transform technology from the command line up. It’s an awesome show and we’re huge fans of Saron and…
LIVE from NodeConf Colombia (JS Party #82)
Jul 1 • 35 min
KBall MC’d a live show at NodeConf Colombia with a panel of 4 experts from the Node community — Kat Marchán, Anna Henningsen, Ruben Bridgewater, and James Snell. It was a great discussion about the future of Node.js and the Node.js ecosystem.
Maintainer spotlight! Ned Batchelder (The Changelog #351)
Jun 28 • 50 min
In this episode we’re shinning our maintainer spotlight on Ned Batchelder. Ned is one of the lucky ones out there that gets to double-dip — his day job is working on open source at edX, working on the Open edX community team. Ned is also a “single…
Exposing the deception of DeepFakes (Practical AI #49)
Jun 25 • 55 min
This week we bend reality to expose the deceptions of deepfake videos. We talk about what they are, why they are so dangerous, and what you can do to detect and resist their insidious influence. In a political environment rife with distrust,…
The story of Konami-JS (JS Party #81)
Jun 21 • 54 min
Jerod and Divya are joined by George Mandis to learn all about his “frivolous” JavaScript library that’s helped countless websites implement the beloved cheat code. Ten years later and still actively maintained, Konami-JS has stood the test of time and…