A show for, and about, public servants

The Jagged Path
Oct 13
Mackenzie Kitchen shares a truth that we should all take to heart. There is no straight path to success.
Listener Questions
Sep 8
On this, the 50th episode of Toddcast, Todd answers questions about himself, the podcast, and the podcasting medium.
Aug 11
Ten years into her public service career, now moving to Ottawa, Jen Ferris is ready to see whether her next ten years have more of the same difficulties in accommodation. The public service failed her in 2001. Would the next decade demonstrate the…
Born Blind
Jul 14
Abandoned on the street. Apprehended by police. Admitted to an orphanage. The story of Jen Ferris in her own words.
Indigenous Reconciliation
Jun 9
Roles and approaches for Public Servants interested in making meaningful strides along the pathway towards Indigenous Reconciliation.
Transgender Too
May 12
Last season we spoke with Kathryn Foss. She’s a Major in the Canadian Armed Forces who has served for nearly 30 years and a transgender woman who was just beginning her journey into transition. On this episode, a conversation with someone well on her way…
Men Behaving Badly
Apr 14
Greg White and Pierre-Luc Poisson on male privilege, feminism, and masculinity.
Dominion Sculptor
Mar 10
Phil White, sculptor and carver, on the preservation of Canada’s architectural heritage and the creation of new, original works of art documenting the evolution of our country.
Coming to Canada
Feb 10
We’re a country of immigrants, but many of us don’t give much thought to what that means. On this episode, a discussion with someone deeply aware of a life they escaped, and the gift they try to repay in their daily work.
Jan 13
A personal journey through opioids.
Meet Chantal Lewis
Dec 9, 2018
Chantal had firm plans to be something before a setback… and another path opened unexpectedly.
Meet Lily Spek
Nov 11, 2018
A completely spontaneous conversation with my colleague Lily Spek on singing, and life as a Free Agent.
Disability Management, with Elizabeth Ellis
Oct 14, 2018
On any given day, about 1 in 10 members of Canada’s workforce is absent due to illness or injury. Part of this comes from our aging society, but all of us are susceptible when stress, anxiety, depression, and personal and family crises make it difficult…
Left Behind, with Nancy Kehoe
Sep 9, 2018
When the people closest to us decide that taking their life entails less pain than living it, we—and others—are left behind in that wake… left to ponder the question, “Why?”
Tim Bouma and Tom Thomson
Aug 12, 2018
Identity Management expert, unicyclist and history buff Tim Bouma gives new life to Canadian painter Tom Thomson in his imaginative book adapted from the popular Twitter account.
Meet Robert VanderBerg
Jul 8, 2018
Robert VanderBerg, Archivist and Curator of the National Arts Centre, found his dream job.
Stories from Career Marketplace
Jun 10, 2018
A round-table discussion with its users and administrators of Career Marketplace on how the platform can improve the lives of employees who want to grow and develop in their career and managers in search of the perfect fit.
It’s a Sunny Day, with Julia Beresford
May 13, 2018
Daughter and mother YouTubers NanHa and Momma J explore Nova Scotia to have fun and make you smile.
30 Years with Mark Templin
Apr 8, 2018
Career public servant Mark Templin shares 30 years of lessons learned.
Free Agents
Mar 11, 2018
All about Canada’s Free Agents, in their own words, featuring Amanda Bloom, Stephanie Davidson, Daphne Guerrero, Steph Percival, Aaron Percival, Alena Fraser, Karol Gajewski, Hope Harris, Etienne Laliberté, Bruce Lonergan, Nancy Pawelek, Ryan Sigouin,…
Meet Gayla Tibbits
Feb 11, 2018
At a conference, Gayla Tibbits learned something unexpected about herself and her past. Not from a presenter, but from a fellow attendee.
Transgender, with Kathryn Foss
Jan 14, 2018
Major Kathryn Foss, a transgender woman and 30-year veteran of the Canadian Forces, is my guest for this episode.
Confidants, with Tariq Piracha
Dec 10, 2017
Tariq Piracha on empathetic listening and the history of the Confidants peer support program.
The Interchange Experience, with Katherine Parker
Nov 12, 2017
Senior Executive Katherine Parker discusses the “hidden gem” Interchange Canada, the mechanism for temporary assignments of individuals in and out of the core public administration.
Living with Bipolar Disorder, with Jessica Ward-King
Oct 8, 2017
Public servant Jessica Ward-King has both a PhD in Psychology and the unique insight that only comes with experiencing Bipolar Disorder in her own life.
Surviving Suicide and Addiction, with SanDee Vandal
Sep 10, 2017
A conversation with SanDee Vandal — whose life wound a dark and potentially fatal path before she found her way to the public service.
Meet Thom Kearney
Aug 13, 2017
Teacher, learner and public servant Thom Kearney helped bring GCconnex and GCpedia into being and is now leading public consultations on Canada’s Plan on Open Government.
Canada 150 and Beyond
Jul 9, 2017
Sarine, Christian, Bob, Nelly, Lina, and one Anonymous listener share stories about their journey to the public service, the work that they do, and their hopes for the future.
Telework, part 2
Jun 11, 2017
Nelly Leonidis, Rod Gallant and Kerry Colpitts share more reflections about telework in the public service.
Telework, part 1
May 14, 2017
Nelly Leonidis on the benefits, drawbacks, and barriers to Telework, in part one of a two-part series.
Performance Management Agreements
Apr 9, 2017
The Performance Management experience, told from both an employee and a manager perspective.
Gavin Thompson and Boom Savings
Mar 12, 2017
Meet Gavin Thompson: public servant, statistician, and the man behind the Boom! Savings! Charity Shopping Club (on Facebook, Twitter, and the web).
Death in the Workplace
Feb 12, 2017
Letters from public servants who have experienced the death of a colleague, a conversation with Jeremy Ames, and Todd’s advice for managers and employees.
Bill & Craig’s Excellent Adventure
Jan 8, 2017
Bill Blight, a public servant with visual impairment, on his life and career with his service dog Craig.
Gender violence, part 2, with Jennifer Barrigar
Dec 11, 2016
Dr. Jennifer Barrigar talks about the anniversary and lasting after-effects of the Montreal Massacre. Related: Gender Violence, part 1.
“The Regions”
Nov 13, 2016
George Wenzel and Chris MacQuarrie take us on a journey where we get a glimpse into what it’s like to be a public servant working in “The Regions”. Stream or download in MP3 format.
Mental Health Talks, part 3, with Darlene Marion and Lisa Janes
Oct 9, 2016
The third of our continuing series on mental health and mental illness features two special guests from Canada Border Services Agency: Lisa Janes, acting Director General for Border Operations Directorate, and Darlene Marion, Senior Program Officer, who…
Mental Health Talks, part 2, with Melissa Scullion
Sep 11, 2016
Melissa Scullion talks about her personal and professional journey in coping with depression. Related: Mental Health Talks, part 1 and part 3.
Meet Vicki Fleury
Aug 14, 2016
Vicki Fleury, on making the leap from student to employee, on her Young Professionals Network involvement, and in… her amazing socks. Yes, socks. Plus, we reach into the Toddcast mailbag and share some well-wishes received for this, our first anniversary.…
Aaron Ydenberg and Sierra Duffey
Jul 10, 2016
Aaron Ydenberg shares his personal story about his Performance Management Agreement review this year, and Sierra Duffey relates her experiences as a student employee and millennial in the public service. Stream or download in MP3 format.
Meet Mary Beth Baker
Jun 12, 2016
MMary Beth Baker talks about GCPEDIA vs. GCconnex, Free Agents, and taking a year off from the public service.
When Todd Met Joyce
May 8, 2016
No-one is as successful or brave or confident as you think. Joyce Silver talks about past experiences and new beginnings… plus, failures, fear and doubt. Listen in for some personal confessions.
Meet Terry Kelly
Apr 10, 2016
Terry shares his career and life experiences: a tale of self-discovery, adversity, creativity, grief, reflection, rejuvenation… and toast.
Conflict Resolution
Mar 13, 2016
Lianna Ferran discusses how to plan for a difficult conversation, how to navigate through, and why — if you’ve done all you can — forgiveness might be the only solution.
Meet Jennifer Hollington
Feb 14, 2016
Jennifer talks about blogging, the Changing our Organization through Respect (COR) initiative, and her long career in the Canadian Public Service.
Revenge Of The Students
Jan 10, 2016
Nine current and former student employees of the Government of Canada discuss their placement experiences.
Suits his Style
Dec 13, 2015
Scott McNaughton and Emily Brown talk about men’s clothing initiative Suits his Style.
Gender Violence and Workplace Discrimination
Nov 8, 2015
Yara El Helou, Sage Cram and a third guest address the topic of workplace bullying, harassment and violence, with statistics and personal accounts. Yara El Helou’s segment begins at the 5:30 mark. Sage Cram’s personal story begins at 20:55. Third story…
Meet Maria Belen
Oct 11, 2015
Maria Belen shares her impressions and experiences as a young public servant.
Mental Health and Mental Illness, with Darlene Mulcahey
Sep 13, 2015
Darlene Mulcahey talks about her personal and professional journey in coping with mental illness. Stream or download in MP3 format. Available on Google Play Music, Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and Stitcher. Or subscribe with your favourite podcast app.…
Chillin’ with Ilia
Aug 9, 2015
I’ve launched a new podcast for and about public servants. It will focus on the human side of the Government of Canada, sharing good news and personal stories: some humour, some tears. Episode 1 is decidedly light and upbeat for the most part, but with a…