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Don Talk
A southern secular take on politics, pop culture, technology and more
90: The Taboo of the Holiday
Nov 20 • 67 min
Donovan gripes about Black Friday, Thanksgiving, the GOP Tax Plan, Net Neutrality and a few other items, but does end the show on a more positive note. EPISODE LINKS *…
89: The Roy Way
Nov 13 • 53 min
Donovan discusses the accusations against former Judge Roy Moore, who is running to fill the vacated Senate seat left by Jeff Sessions. Roy has recently come under fire for supposedly having an inappropriate relationship with a 14 year-old girl when he…
88: Lower Your Expectations
Nov 3 • 28 min
What’s the secret to a happy marriage, work life and life in general? Apparently, it’s simple. Just lower your expectations. Video Musical Credits: [Whatdafunk, Rock Intro 4, Rock Steady, Bounce] by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons…
87: Ghosts and The Paranormal
Oct 27 • 37 min
Since Halloween is just around the corner, Donovan discusses the rise in paranormal and ghost hunting reality shows on TV, especially since 2004 when SyFy’s Ghost Hunters debuted. In this era of online content, there are a bountiful amount of paranormal…
86: Can’t Shake the Feeling
Oct 20 • 52 min
Starting off, Donovan rambles on a bit about how it’s sometimes hard to get motivated to actually create the show. He then moves into a short bit about groceries (specifically school lunch room pizzas) and then he shares information about his wife’s…
85: Make a Decision on the Worst Outcome
Oct 13 • 67 min
Donovan tried to save some money by switching his car insur….wait, no, wrong thing — he tried to save some money by switching his cell phone service over to Ting. It didn’t go as planned. Also, he gives his thoughts on the Harvey Weinstein sexual…
84: Can We Have That Conversation Now?
Oct 6 • 98 min
After the mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas on Sunday (October 1, 2017), politicians constantly refuse to even have the discussion about gun violence and gun control legislation. When is the right time to have that conversation? Why isn’t it now?…
83: Take a Knee
Sep 29 • 54 min
Americans are outraged on both sides of the isle about Donald Trump’s remarks about how NFL owners should fire their players that won’t stand for the national anthem. Apparently, Trump doesn’t understand anything about the country he’s president of.
82: The Teenager In Charge
Sep 22 • 46 min
Trump, the United Nations, hurricanes, praying — these are just some of the things that Donovan discusses in this episode of Don Talk. Musical Credits: [Whatdafunk, Rock Intro 4, Rock Steady, Bounce] by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons…
Special: The No Show Show
Sep 16 • 16 min
Hurricane and eventually Tropical Storm Irma decided that we really didn’t need to record a show this week. Donovan talks about the week, the storm, etc. Bottom line: everyone is safe and there’s minimal property damage at his home.