Biographies of entrepreneurs.
#50 Marc Andreessen (Netscape)
Dec 10 • 97 min
The ideas of Marc Andreessen as told through the book The Pmarca Blog Archive.
#49 Richard Branson (Virgin Group) Part 3
Dec 3 • 40 min
The life of Richard Branson as told through the book Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons in Life by Richard Branson. This is part three of a three-part series on the life of Richard Branson.
#48 Richard Branson (Virgin Group) Part 2
Nov 25 • 76 min
The life of Richard Branson as told through the book Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography by Richard Branson
#47 Richard Branson (Virgin Group)
Nov 18 • 72 min
The life of Richard Branson as told through the book Losing My Virginity: How I Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way by Richard Branson
#46 Ken Langone (The Home Depot)
Nov 12 • 71 min
The life of Ken Langone as told through the book I Love Capitalism by Ken Langone
#45 Bernie Marcus (The Home Depot)
Nov 5 • 80 min
The life of Bernie Marcus as told through the book Built From Scratch: How A Couple of Regular Guys Grew The Home Depot from Nothing to $30 Billion
#44 Paul Allen (Microsoft)
Oct 29 • 82 min
The life of Paul Allen as told through the book, Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft
#43 Ray Dalio (Bridgewater)
Oct 22 • 62 min
Today we are learning about the life of Ray Dalio through his book: Principles: Life and Work
#42 Dee Hock (Visa)
Oct 15 • 87 min
Learning about the life of Dee Hock through his book One From Many: VISA and the Rise of Chaordic Organization
#41 Ben Horowitz (Opsware & Andreessen Horowitz)
Oct 8 • 59 min
I share my experiences in the hope of providing clues and inspiration for others who find themselves in the struggle to build something out of nothing. —Ben Horowitz
#40 Edwin Land (Polaroid)
Oct 1 • 84 min
Steve Jobs on meeting Edwin Land: “Like visiting a shrine.”
#39 Walt Disney Part 2 (The Walt Disney Company)
Sep 24 • 95 min
“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse.” - Walt Disney
#38 Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk
Sep 17 • 102 min
Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk use different strategies to build rocket companies.
#37 Sam Zemurray (Cuyamel Fruit Company/The Banana King)
Sep 10 • 81 min
Sam Z, Sam the Banana Man, El Amigo, the Big Russian, the Gringo –he was not an easy person, nor is his biography without controversy. To some, it’s the story of a great man, a pioneer in business, a hero. To others, its the story of a pirate, a…
#36 Nolan Bushnell (Atari & Chuck E. Cheese)
Sep 3 • 44 min
Nolan Bushnell is the founder of Atari & Chuck E. Cheese.
#35 George Lucas (Lucasfilm, Pixar, THX & Industrial Light and Magic)
Aug 27 • 89 min
George Lucas was a benevolent dictator who changed the way movies were filmed, edited, financed, and merchandised. Lucas made billions of dollars investing in what he believed in most: himself.
#34 Ed Catmull (Pixar)
Aug 20 • 87 min
Ed Catmull is the founder of Pixar and the current president of both Pixar and Walt Disney Animation. Trained as a computer scientist he pursued the goal of creating the first feature length computer animated film. After 20 years he achieved his goal.…
#33 Levi Strauss (Levi Strauss & Co)
Aug 13 • 79 min
0:01 Levi was one of the men who set that firm foundation 2:12 Leave a review on Apple Podcasts, take a screenshot, and email it to and I will reply with podcasts that I created exclusively for reviewers 17:35 I do not have at…
#32 Jack Ma (Alibaba)
Aug 9 • 108 min
0:01 Crazy Jack 6:59 The internet is filling the void created by state planning 20:35 Jack has made a career out of being underestimated: “I am a very simple guy. I am not smart. I might have a smart face but I’ve got very stupid brains.” 24:43 Jack’s…
#31 Peter Thiel (PayPal, Palantir, & Founders Fund)
Aug 2 • 158 min
1:45 Culture Eats Strategy 3:56 Conspiracy as a metaphor for a company. 6:02 It is a story of poetic justice on a grand scale plotted silently for nearly a decade. 15:25 Something in these pages planted itself deep into Thiel’s mind when he first read it…
#30 Elon Musk Part 2 (SpaceX, Tesla, and PayPal)
Jul 9 • 33 min
0:47 I don’t want to be the person who ever has to compete with Elon 2:45 Musk expects you to keep up 4:41 Short of building an actual money-crushing machine, Musk could not have picked a faster way to destroy his fortune. He became a one-man,…
#29 David Packard (Hewlett-Packard)
Jul 2 • 39 min
0:01 How Steve Jobs was inspired by David Packard 1:00 Books are the original hyperlinks 4:30 Profit is the measure of how well we work together 9:00 HP’s first product 11:00 Podcasts before podcasts 14:00 Many of the things I learned in this process were…
#28 The Wright Brothers
Jun 25 • 38 min
2:30 Unyielding determination 4:00 Jocko’s concept of GOOD 6:30 The ability to focus on an idea for a long time is the antidote to short bursts of dopamine we get from checking social feeds all day. 13:00 The beginning of their side business 16:00 The…
#27 Paul English (Kayak)
Jun 15 • 84 min
7:00 Kayak sells for $1.8 billion 12:00 I’m paying attention. I want meetings of three people, not ten. 15:00 Someday this boy’s going to get hit by a truck full of money, and I’m going to be standing beside him. 22:30 A description of Paul’s bi polar…
#26 Henry Ford Part 2 (The Ford Motor Company)
May 2 • 52 min
:01 A theory of business 7:30 If an old idea works then the weight of the evidence is all in its favor. (the Lindy effect) 11:00 All people are not equal 15:00 “That is why I never employ an expert in full bloom” 19:30 “I quit my job on August 15th, 1899…
#25 James Dyson (The Dyson Company)
Apr 22 • 101 min
:01 I am a creator of products, a builder of things 13:30 The best kind of business is one where you can sell a product at a high price with a good margin, and in enormous volumes. 16:00 One sentence summary of this book: Difference, and retention of…
#24 Danny Lewin (Akamai Technologies)
Apr 15 • 75 min
3:00 When Danny was excited about something, you couldn’t help but get excited too 6:00 Steve Jobs had one speed: GO! 10:00 Danny joins Israel’s special forces 19:00 “Life is too short to be bored. Only boring people are bored.” 22:00 The idea for Akamai…
#23 Jim Clark (Netscape, Silicon Graphics, & WebMD)
Apr 7 • 62 min
0:01 He grew up poor, dropped out of high school, and made himself 3 or 4 billion dollars 8:00 New Growth Theory 11:15 “Growth is just another word for change.” 15:00 “The notion of what constituted useful work had broadened.” 18:00 “If everyone was…
#22 Evan Spiegel (Snapchat)
Mar 20 • 63 min
0:01 I’m not going to work for someone else 7:45 Early design decisions of Snapchat 10:00 Steve Jobs and Edwin Land 13:00 How Snapchat convinced people to download the app 16:00 How Facebook created the environment for Snapchat to grow 21:00 The problem…
#21 John Carmack & John Romero (ID Software/DOOM)
Mar 1 • 121 min
:01 The business model of podcasts 19:00 Intro to Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture 30:00 “We’d like to be painters, we’d like to be poets. We’d like to be writers, but as everybody knows—we can’t earn any money…
#20 Danny Meyer (Shake Shack & Union Square Hospitality Group)
Feb 6 • 43 min
:30 This is not a typical business book 4:00 Why don’t you just do what you’ve been thinking about doing your whole life? 8:00 How Danny learned from other founders on what to do and what to avoid 18:00 The smartest business decision I ever made 20:00…
#19 Steve Jobs Part 2 (Apple, Pixar & NeXT)
Jan 19 • 73 min
0:30 Learning from great company-builders 5:00 Steve Jobs verbal mastery 10:00 The failed negotiations between NeXT and IBM 18:00 “But how can he be a turnaround expert when he eats his lunch alone in his office, with food served to him on china that…
#18 Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia)
Jan 8 • 58 min
1:00 If you want to understand the entrepreneur study the juvenile delinquent 4:00 Being an 80 percenter 12:30 Why are you in business? 24:00 How you do one thing is how you do all things 27:30 Innovation vs Invention 32:00 Ideas should come from as close…
#17 Jeff Bezos (Amazon & Blue Origin)
Jan 1 • 89 min
:02 The Philosopher CEO 9:00 Jeff Bezos in his 20s and the idea for Amazon 21:00 Jeff Bezos’ regret minimization framework 32:10 Customers not competitors 40:00 Bezos on work life harmony 43:00 There will be no John Sculley at Amazon 46:30 Focus on the…
#16 John D. Rockefeller (Standard Oil)
Dec 8, 2017 • 64 min
0:51 He preferred outspoken colleagues to weak-kneed sycophants. 4:21 Able to ship by water or land Rockefeller gained the critical leverage he needed to secure preferential rates on transportation. 8:11 Often times the most difficult competition comes…
#15 Leonardo da Vinci
Nov 17, 2017 • 67 min
#14 Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
Sep 26, 2017 • 38 min
1:25 Microsoft had offered Mark between $1 million and $2 million to go work for them. Amazingly, Mark had turned them down 8:01 Maybe he knew he was about to cross a line. But he had never been very good at staying in the lines. From Mark’s history it…
#13 Elon Musk and Why SpaceX Will Colonize Mars
Aug 27, 2017 • 55 min
4:38 In the most recent 1% of our species short existence we have become the first life on earth to know about the situation 8:41 The total market for satellite manufacturing, the launches that carry them to space, and related equipment and services has…
#12 Elon Musk & How Tesla Will Change The World
Aug 20, 2017 • 41 min
7:02 At the time he was already running SpaceX and trying to colonize Mars, so launching a startup car company wasn’t something he could really fit into his calendar. 10:43 The overarching mission wasn’t to build the biggest car company in the world.…
#11 The Cook & The Chef: Elon Musk’s Secret Sauce
Aug 13, 2017 • 51 min
(3:55) Which leaves only two options: create or copy. (6:04) Conventional wisdom: If something is both a good idea and possible, it’s already been done. (14:10) I’m fascinated by those rare people in history who manage to dramatically change the world…
#10 Phil Knight (Nike)
Jul 27, 2017 • 72 min
#9 Henry Ford (The Ford Motor Company)
Jul 10, 2017 • 70 min
#8 Robert Noyce (Intel & Fairchild Semiconductor)
Jun 20, 2017 • 60 min
#7 Ray Kroc (McDonald’s)
May 28, 2017 • 63 min
#6 Sam Walton (Walmart)
May 14, 2017 • 64 min
#5 Steve Jobs (Apple & Pixar)
Apr 30, 2017 • 96 min
#4 Joseph P. Kennedy (The Kennedy Family Dynasty)
Apr 19, 2017 • 57 min
#3 Thomas Edison
Mar 24, 2017 • 86 min
(11:00) Edison starts his first business at 12 years old (20:00) Edison’s discipline (38:00) Edison’s rivalry with Alexander Graham Bell (1:00:00) Edison’s friendship with Henry Ford (1:15:00) Edison’s stoic nature (1:21:00) The death of Thomas Edison
#2 Walt Disney (The Walt Disney Company)
Oct 10, 2016 • 77 min
The life and times of Walt Disney based on the book Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination. Betrayal, triumph, family, tragedy, Disneyland, and death.
#1 Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal, & Zip2)
Sep 19, 2016 • 70 min
(0:01) The case for reading more biographies (8:00) How to spend $180 million (23:00) Mice in space (45:00) Pain, suffering, and survival (1:10:00) Conclusion