The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids
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Being a Human Being (EeBopBay AlesTay InaleFay)
Sep 14 • 20 min
BeeBop, Jonathan and the listeners have together defeated the imposter, and returned BeeBop Tales to its rightful owner. And, starting Monday, September 17, visit to get your own copy of an original story! Also, contain your…
The End of BeeBop Tales Forever!
Sep 12 • 3 min
That’s right. No one guessed the flag. It’s over. I own this podcast now and am shutting it down. Goodbye!
Introducing a Podcast that is Definitely Not BeeBop Tales
Sep 12 • 3 min
Today, Jonathan introduces listeners to a new podcast that is definitely not BeeBop Tales and should not be of any interest to anyone who would want to interrupt the podcast.
BeeBop Tales: Meteor Shower of Fun
Sep 5 • 8 min
I love that I get to type these little paragraphs into this little space. Hi! I have completely taken over the show now, BeeBop and Jonathan are officially out of commission. But I will allow the season finale to take place if you can draw the four…
BeeBop Tales: Don’t Stop the Music
Aug 29 • 10 min
BeeBop is no longer at the helm! The Real Tiny robot now rules the roost! Hello, I am the Real Tiny Robot, and up until now I have simply been intercepting the podcast and saying what I want to say, answering your questions, charming millions. But then I…
BeeBop Tales: Ghost in the Machine
Aug 22 • 16 min
In today’s episode, Jonathan intervenes to try to figure out what happened with the last episode, and promises to protect this episode from the imposter’s intervention. Meanwhile, BeeBop continues his story of being trapped in Messingham’s basement! Also,…
BeeBop Tales: Ghost Town
Aug 15 • 7 min
In this week’s episode, BeeBop answers some listener questions and then continues the story where there are exactly zero surprises! Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a monthly newsletter! It’ll contain book recommendations, podcast…
BeeBop Tales: Who is Who?
Aug 8 • 13 min
In the kickoff to our latest mini-series, BeeBop must confront the bot in the mirror! BeeBop tries to out-BeeBop all of the other BeeBops, with mixed results. Thanks to Zachary for the new theme song! Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a…
Welcome the Earth Rangers!
Aug 4 • 16 min
Today we’re providing a sneak peek at the first episode of a new partner show here at Gen-Z, The Earth Rangers Podcast! Earth Rangers are an awesome organization, and this is a really great show that I think Finn fans will dig. You can find more at the…
BeeBop Tales 4: 2 Bee 2 Bop Trailer
Aug 1 • 3 min
Hey hey! BeeBop is back! And he’s ready to introduce the new season of BeeBop Tales, plus introduce a new theme song for his show. But, what is this about being a ghost? Who knows?! But we’ll see you next week! Also, contain your excitement, but we’re…
S4E20: See You Laser, Alligator
Jul 18 • 25 min
In the season four finale, Finn has given up and Bunce is ruler of the Marlowe. But thanks to a little ingenuity and an old friend, they’re able to make one last stand. But will it be enough? To solve our season-ending puzzle, email us with subject line:…
S4E19: Laser Tag
Jul 13 • 9 min
The people have spoken! Again! Again again again again again! In today’s episode, we follow the storyline the kids voted on, and find the explorers cornered. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Choose Your Own Adventure–style experiment! Also,…
S4E18: The Last Resort
Jul 11 • 9 min
The people have spoken! Again! Again again again again! In today’s episode, we follow the storyline the kids voted on, and find the explorers in a tough pickle. Vote for what should happen next here:, Also, contain your…
S4E17: Guardians of the Galaxy
Jul 9 • 7 min
The people have spoken! Again! Again againAgain! In today’s episode, we follow the storyline the kids voted on, and encounter a major roadblock. Vote for what should happen next here:, Also, contain your excitement, but…
S4E16: The Spiderbot Chronicles
Jul 6 • 14 min
The people have spoken! Again! Again again! In today’s episode, we follow the storyline the kids voted on, and discover a brand new problem. Vote for what should happen next here:, Also, contain your excitement, but…
S4E15: Fighting Fur with Fur
Jul 4 • 6 min
The people have spoken! Again! In today’s episode, we follow the storyline the kids voted on, and discover an interesting way to stop a Wild Thing. Vote for what should happen next here:, Also, contain your excitement,…
S4E14: Boomtown
Jul 2 • 9 min
The people have spoken! In this week’s episode, we follow the storyline the kids voted on, and we meet a new robot who may be of help to the explorers. It’s the kick-off of our kid-led, choose-your-own-adventure-style ending! Vote for what should happen…
S4E13: The Heist
Jun 27 • 20 min
The kids of Explorers Troop 301 are back and ready to take control of the Marlowe! But first, they’ll have to use everything they know about their home to sneak through and overthrow Bunce! It’s the kick-off of our kid-led, choose-your-own-adventure-style…
Introducing Young Ben Franklin
Jun 20 • 17 min
We’re on vacation this week, but check out our new show coming out July 4th! Young Ben Franklin is historical fiction about 14-year-old Ben Franklin, and it’s for kids 8 and up. Subscribe in your favorite podcast or check it out on
S4E12: Hook, Bot and Sinker
Jun 13 • 23 min
The nefarious Captain Hookbot reveals a bit about himself, and potentially a clue for how to defeat him. Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a monthly newsletter! It’ll contain book recommendations, podcast recommendations, puzzles,…
S4E11: Role Reversal
Jun 8 • 18 min
The kids have amassed a robot battalion to take back their space station, but there’s a trick up Bunce’s sleeve! Thanks to everyone who sent in their book suggestions! Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a monthly newsletter! It’ll…
Bonus! BeeBop’s Book Talk
Jun 6 • 10 min
BeeBop got a hold of the list of book suggestions sent in by listeners, and has a few things to say about the books on there. But, it’s slightly possible that he hasn’t actually read the books. You be the judge! Find the book list here. Also, contain your…
S4E10: Robot Revolt!
May 30 • 19 min
On this week’s episode, Alivea is all alone on the Marlowe, trying to marshal support among discarded robots. Who will be the unlikely savior to mobilize a mutiny against Bunce? Email us your book ideas! Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting…
Gen-Z Summer Road Trip!
May 25 • 1 min
This summer, Gen-Z podcasts is providing the perfect antidote to that moment on family road trips when you can’t play another round of 20 Questions: Hours of podcasts for kids that parens will love, too. Visit to sample all of…
S4E9: Cough It Up
May 23 • 24 min
On this week’s episode, Elias completes his transformation into a hungry monster. Now the question is, who is served best as dessert? Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a monthly newsletter! It’ll contain book recommendations, podcast…
S4E8: Candyland
May 16 • 20 min
The explorers encounter the cutest aliens they’ve ever seen, but how do they taste? Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a monthly newsletter! It’ll contain book recommendations, podcast recommendations, puzzles, jokes, news and more! Sign…
S4E7: Color Commentary
May 11 • 16 min
The evil Bunce provides a play-by-play while our explorers try to get away from his monster! He’s no Harry Caray, that’s for sure! Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a monthly newsletter! It’ll contain book recommendations, podcast…
Bonus: Character Club!
May 9 • 15 min
It’s bonus time! Our very first episode of character club, where kids have sent in ideas for new characters for our show. We have a mermaid-loving robot, a giant monster and a villain whose name cannot be spoken! Thank you to all of our listeners for…
S4E6: Search Party
May 2 • 21 min
We’re back on the Marlowe this week, with Genevieve and Alivea plotting to take back their space station. But will all of their machinations come to naught? Was that a weird way of saying things won’t work out? Possibly! Also, contain your excitement, but…
S4E5: Hot Air Balloon
Apr 25 • 20 min
In this week’s episode, Vale has turned into something of a gas giant himself, and it turns out that when these aliens make someone a hero, they really take him on as one of their own! Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a monthly…
S4E4: Biting Off More than You Can Chew
Apr 18 • 21 min
Vale has been told that he is the legendary hero on this new gas giant planet, but he doubts he’s up to the task! But after the dragonship gets dragged into the battle, Vale heads into the eye of the storm! Also, contain your excitement, but we’re…
S4E3: A Hero is Born
Apr 11 • 21 min
Finn and his friends find a way to deal with the dragonship, at least at first. The ship proves difficult to handle, but not as hard to handle as a gas giant! Here’s Avery’s podcast! Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a monthly…
S4E2: You Call That a Spaceship?!
Apr 4 • 20 min
The explorers of Troop 301 are stuck on the Puzzlemaster’s planet, and have to find a way off. While the adults waste time in meetings, the kids find a back channel that could help them escape. But when they’re presented with their only option, they…
S4E1: The Room Behind the Room (Behind the Room)
Mar 28 • 22 min
The Admirable Admiral Bunce, the nemesis of the Famous Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station has taken over the ship! And now all of the kid astronauts are held captive by him on the captain’s bridge. But a revolution is afoot, and a couple…
BeeBop Tales Finale: Too Much of a Good Thing
Mar 14 • 15 min
It’s the season finale of BeeBop Tales 3: The Desolation of Messingham! All we can say is, if you thought BeeBop was a lot to handle, wait until you hear this episode! Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a monthly newsletter! It’ll…
BeeBop Tales: Ready Player BeeBop
Mar 7 • 19 min
On this week’s episode of BeeBop Tales, our hero gets stuck in multiple video games as he tries to make it to the Messingham Stronghold. But he never would have gotten that far without your help! Thanks to all of the kids who sent in their solutions to…
BeeBop Tales: Trollmaster General
Mar 2 • 19 min
In this week’s episode, BeeBop and the Alchemist escape from the aquariham, and then it’s back to interdimensional travel. This time, they end up in a very strange, but funky place. Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a monthly…
BeeBop Introduces Two More Shows
Feb 28 • 8 min
On today’s episode, BeeBop worries that his puzzle was too easy, and tries to get Jonathan to do just one favor for him. We’re giving our listeners a couple extra days to solve last week’s puzzle, while we listen to two more shows coming out on Thursday…
BeeBop Tales: The Alchemist
Feb 23 • 17 min
In this week’s edition of BeeBop Tales, our hero wrestles with a many-tentacled monster, and meets an old friend of Dr. Perkolator’s. Can BeeBop enlist this man in the battle against Messingham? Can you solve the puzzle to break BeeBop free?! Email…
BeeBop’s Spoiler Club: Pants on Fire
Feb 21 • 20 min
This week BeeBop sends Jonathan on a wild goose chase while he kicks off another edition of BeeBop’s Spoiler Club. We’re introducing a brand-new show, Pants on Fire! It’s a game show for kids, and BeeBop’s robot pal L.I..S.A. is a co-host. We think you’ll…
BeeBop Tales: An Old Friend
Feb 14 • 18 min
BeeBop and the Doctor set out to rescue their family of robots, but first they have to seek help from an old enemy. And BeeBop takes an unconventional flight into enemy territory. Also, contain your excitement, but we’re starting up a monthly newsletter!…
BeeBop Tales: Tornado Town
Feb 7 • 17 min
It’s the return of BeeBop Tales! Not has the Earth awaited a return like this since Full House was inexplicably revived. In this week’s episode, BeeBop basks in the admiration of his fellow robots, but his adventures aren’t over. He’s going to have to…
Robot Roll Call (Redux!)
Jan 26 • 8 min
Meet some of the robots aboard the Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station! Thanks to listeners Ethan and Julian for requesting another Robot Roll Call! We brought back this feature from the early days of the show while we get warmed up for…
Q&A with BeeBop and Jonathan
Jan 10 • 14 min
Jonathan and BeeBop sit down to ask each other questions posed by listeners. How old is BeeBop? What is in Jonathan’s past? And what is BeeBop allergic to? Also, we have a brief update on the show, and a look ahead at BeeBop Tales. Thanks!
S3E13: Later, Haters
Dec 28, 2017 • 27 min
It’s the finale of our third season! And the trouble only begins when Finn and Paige figure out the Puzzlemaster’s final riddle. And then it turns out that trouble is only the beginning trouble that is followed by some much more serious tertiary trouble!…
S3E12: The Puzzlemaster
Dec 22, 2017 • 24 min
If Finn and Paige want to save their friends and family from the mysterious, mind-controlling alien, they’re going to have to solve a complicated riddle. Meanwhile, a sentient darkness seems to be moving in over Vale and Elias. There’s very little time…
Bonus: BeeBop Tales 3 Trailer
Dec 20, 2017 • 5 min
With Jonathan down for the count, BeeBop takes the reins and debuts the new trailer for BeeBop Tales 3: The Desolation of Messingham. This time, it’s personal.
S3E11: Inside Out
Dec 15, 2017 • 21 min
In this week’s episode, Explorers Troop 301 land on the planet where they think their missing parents are being held, but things are not as they seem. Finn and Paige head into The Sadness Factory, while something creeps up on the others. But it’s more fun…
S3E10.5: Attention Marlowe Shoppers
Dec 13, 2017 • 9 min
We’re headed back to the Marlowe on today’s bonus interlude, to see what the cosmonauts left behind have been up to. Voltronix thinks he’s in charge, and it turns out, he’s not very good at it. We’ll be back on Friday with episode 11! See you then!
S3E10: Fish Story
Dec 6, 2017 • 27 min
When last we left Elias, he was staring down certain doom at the hands of the questioning witch! Spoiler alert: our podcast does not come to a screeching halt. He’s able to escape. But that creates an even bigger problem for the entire troop. And in the…
S3E9: Which Witch?
Nov 29, 2017 • 24 min
In this week’s episode, we find Elias, alone in a strange cottage, being coached by an old woman to defeat the witches who have taken over her planet. Can Elias do it? Can he trick the final witch into oblivion? We’re going to need your help!
S3E8: Get Out of Dodge
Nov 22, 2017 • 23 min
When last we saw our trusty explorers, they were stuck playing an alien game show that was rigged against them! Can Abigail solve the riddle posed in the game? Did the listeners solve it for her? Is the damage done to Jonathan’s fragile ego too much to…
S3E7: Show Time!
Nov 15, 2017 • 27 min
It’s game show time! The explorers find themselves on the most bizarre planet yet, where they are contestants on a game show. If they do well, they’re allowed to stay as guests, but if they miss their marks, it’s into the Fail Jail they go! Once again, we…
S3E6: Mass Confusion
Nov 8, 2017 • 21 min
In this week’s episode, Vale must summon what courage he has to try to stop the Mite King from gobbling up his friends. Abigail and Foggy have their own plans to help, and the explorers learn a little about what Mr. Sparkles may be. And I don’t want to…
S3E5: The Mighty King
Nov 1, 2017 • 23 min
This week, the puzzle is solved, but the problems are just beginning! Finn figures out how to break the aliens’ spell over his friends, but in doing so, releases an even greater, but tiny, danger.
Bonus: The Legend of Sleepy Marlowe
Oct 27, 2017 • 16 min
In our Halloween bonus episode, the explorers of the Marlowe face off against the Headless Robot. It takes some creative thinking on their part to figure out how to appease the ghost, and it doesn’t go too smoothly at first. But! Thanks to some literary…
S3E4: Repeat Business
Oct 25, 2017 • 26 min
The kids are back in space! They follow the coordinates etched into the stone, um, given to them by Mr. Sparkles. Things seem just fine at first, when they encounter a town, with what looks like people walking around the square. But it doesn’t take long…
S3E3: The Day the Grown-Ups Quit
Oct 18, 2017 • 22 min
In today’s episode, the kids experience the scene foreshadowed in episode 1, and they have to decide what to do once the adults disappear. And questions still surround Megbot, and the little blue baby alien that showed up last episode isn’t helping. And…
S3E2: A Wrinkle of Mine
Oct 11, 2017 • 23 min
In today’s episode, we dive a little deeper into what makes Meg, Abigail’s new robot, so mysterious. And we find out what that thing is floating in the library! Also, there’s a note for parents at the end of this episode, if you have a minute to indulge…
S3E1: Birthday Surprise
Oct 4, 2017 • 26 min
We’re back for another season! In this week’s episode, we introduce the central mystery of the season, and wonder what’s up with Abigail’s new robot!
Spoiler Club!
Sep 27, 2017 • 6 min
In this week’s preview of Season 3, our editor Griffin sits down with our introbot BeeBop, to make some educated (and some questionable) guesses at what is going to happen in the next season. What does BeeBop think will happen to Finn? What books has…
BeeBop Q&A
Sep 20, 2017 • 12 min
In today’s special bonus episode, BeeBop takes over and answers questions from BeeBop Tales listeners. BeeBop opens up about his origins, his struggles with the English language, and how he feels about refrigerators. (Hint: It’s not good.)
Sep 1, 2017 • 16 min
Our listeners are hilarious, and they send us amazing jokes every day. In today’s bonus episode, BeeBop, Griffin and Jonathan read a bunch of kids’ jokes, and play even more jokes recorded and sent in by kid comedians. These jokes may result in blurred…
Elias and the Double Eclipse
Aug 17, 2017 • 21 min
Today we have a bonus episode, inspired by Monday’s big solar eclipse! Elias sneaks off to a planet to witness a double eclipse, but gets a little more than he bargained for. Thanks to our friends at kid podcasts Ear Snacks and Brains On! for letting us…
BeeBop Tales: The Opposite of Survival
Jul 26, 2017 • 18 min
It’s the BeeBop Tales Season 2 Finale! Can you believe it? Why, it seems like only yesterday, BeeBop was eating all of my valuable and sentimentally meaningful art, but it’s turned out that’s nothing compared to what he’s lived through. In today’s…
BeeBop Tales: The Twin Towers
Jul 19, 2017 • 15 min
In this week’s episode, BeeBop traverses five of the Seven Dimensions of Messingham, facing off with two snakes, 332 babies, and even worse, 332 adults. Will he ever reach the final showdown with Messingham? Will the Bubble Ninja finally be able to show…
BeeBop Tales: The First Level
Jul 12, 2017 • 15 min
In this week’s episode, BeeBop begins a journey to defeat Barron von Messingham once and for all. But first, he must enter the Messingham Tower, and make it to the top, one level at a time. And waiting for him at the end of the first level is a very…
BeeBop Tales: No Bones About It
Jul 7, 2017 • 15 min
In this week’s episode, BeeBop has to solve a riddle with the help of listeners, but that’s only where the trouble begins! Will the toys enlist in BeeBop’s battle? Will the evil Messingham foil him once and for all? How much topspin does BeeBop’s forehand…
Play Robot Road Trip!
Jul 4, 2017 • 6 min
In honor of the summer family vacation, members of Kids Listen—the nonprofit org full of the best kids’ podcasters in all the land—are publishing episodes related to road trips! As big fans of the games you play in the car on those long rides, we thought…
BeeBop Tales: Bops in Toyland
Jun 28, 2017 • 19 min
In this week’s episode, BeeBop finds himself racing through another dimension, only to run straight into a puzzling problem. And, is there no end to the reach of Messingham?! We may never know.
BeeBop Tales: Don’t Step on My Blue Laser Shoes
Jun 21, 2017 • 19 min
BeeBop is back for another mini-series, and this one is one of his more ridiculous (and that’s saying a lot!) In this week’s episode, BeeBop and a new friend hop through portal after portal, running from the time police! Will they escape, or will the Van…
Thanks, Jokes & Apologies
Jun 14, 2017 • 7 min
BeeBop decided to take some liberties with the recordings of BeeBop Tales 2, so we need to wait one more week for Electric Beepaloo to roll out. In the meantime, BeeBop and Jonathan discuss recording procedures and listen to some jokes sent in from kids!…
BeeBop Tales 2: Electric Beepaloo
Jun 7, 2017 • 2 min
An Important Announcement
S2E15b: A New Friend
May 31, 2017 • 27 min
It’s the final finale of season 2! When we find Finn, he’s up in the air, and falling from a dangerous height. Will Finn be able to save himself, and the strange planet of King Huxley? Will he be able to find his friends? Will the trumpet aliens ever…
S2E15a: The Squeeze
May 24, 2017 • 20 min
In this week’s episode, Finn is on his own, facing down the giant alien. Will he be able to save the planet? Will he be able to find his friends? Will the trumpet alien finally play a jazzy tune? In part 1 of our season 2 finale, Finn will find himself…
S2E14: Blown Away
May 17, 2017 • 24 min
In this week’s episode, the explorers return to King Huxley’s planet, unsure of what will happen when they return the amulet to the king. And it turns out the unexpected happens, but not the unexpected the troop expected! And this time, the troop may not…
S2E13: The Dead Zone
May 10, 2017 • 32 min
In this week’s episode, the explorers need to return the amulet to King Huxley, but on the way there they hear from an old friend, run into an old friend, and make a new friend. Unfortunately, that new friend is a ghost who conscripts them to fight a…
S2E12: Wild at Heart
May 3, 2017 • 27 min
In this week’s episode, things are really heating up as the explorers have to find a way to get the final piece of the amulet, while a wild horde of space animals hunts them, and King Huxley’s explorers try to take it for themselves. Will Finn be able to…
S2E11b: TooKoo’s Zoo Crew
Apr 26, 2017 • 24 min
In this week’s episode, we’re back with Finn and the rest of the Explorers in Troop 301, as they seek the final missing piece of the amulet. But they land on a planet in crisis (for a change!), have to run for their lives from some very…interesting…
BeeBop’s Family Tree
Apr 22, 2017 • 14 min
In today’s episode, BeeBop pranks Jonathan out of the picture, and then takes over to tell a story from his past. This episode is part of the Kids Listen Sweeps! Kids Listen is a collective of some of the best kids’ podcast makers in the world, and as a…
S2E11a: Miss Zu Much
Apr 19, 2017 • 10 min
In this week’s episode we answer our editor’s repeated requests for an episode explaining Voltronix Zu’s whereabouts. And Voltronix discovers what some thought was only a myth! This episode is the first of two this week, and we’ll be back at the end of…
S2E10: A Sticky Situation
Apr 12, 2017 • 24 min
In this week’s episode of our little sci-fi adventure, our heroine Paige and her new friend, the furball Nutkin, must get off King Huxley’s planet. But the king and his guards have organized search parties that have them surrounded! Will they be able to…
S2E9: The Human Arrow
Apr 5, 2017 • 27 min
In this week’s episode of our little sci-fi adventure for kids, Vale, finding himself the only explorer who can still move his limbs, decides to side with the very alien who has frozen all of his friends! Has Vale gone rogue? Or has he found the way to…
A BeeBop Bonus Episode
Apr 1, 2017 • 6 min
Hi! BeeBop here. I received so many great ideas from listeners for pranks to pull on Jonathan, that I decided to put together one big, BeeBop Bonanza prank episode for April Fool’s Day. Hope you like it! Make sure you go to the Finn Caspian blog to see…
S2E8: The Iceboy Cometh
Mar 29, 2017 • 24 min
In this week’s episode, we return to Finn and rest of the explorers, to find them on a frozen planet, searching for a lost piece of King Huxley’s amulet. But things don’t go the way they expect, and it’s up to Vale to save them all. Yep, that’s right,…
S2E7: What’s for lunch?
Mar 22, 2017 • 23 min
In this week’s episode, Paige has to crack a code, navigate the back channels of the castle, and keep her new pal Nutkin in check. And when the two friends find themselves in an impossible situation, Paige plays the ultimate trick on the king. But will it…
S2E6: Nobody Puts Paigey in the Corner
Mar 15, 2017 • 25 min
In this week’s episode, the Explorers Troop 301 take a backseat as Paige takes centerstage. We find out what’s been happening to Paige as she’s been held prisoner by King Huxley, and it will likely surprise no one that she’s taking matters into her own…
S2E5: The Great Wall
Mar 8, 2017 • 27 min
In this week’s episode, the Explorers Troop 301 have to face down a valley literally crawling with evil aliens, and find an even more intimidating monster at the bottom. Also, we extended the dog name voting by a week, to let some folks catch up. To vote,…
S2E4: All Hands On
Mar 1, 2017 • 24 min
In what is surely one of the silliest episodes yet of our show, Finn and the Explorers land on a planet full of deep valleys, cave dwellings, and super-friendly aliens who are perhaps a bit…too friendly. And! We’ve got some dog names to vote on!
S2E3: A Short Leash
Feb 21, 2017 • 28 min
In today’s episode, Finn has to compete in the final game of the Intergalactic Space Olympics, only to discover that he needs the help of a new, unexpected friend. And, the Explorers learn that winning isn’t exactly what they bargained for.
S2E2 Part 2: Back in the Saddle
Feb 17, 2017 • 26 min
In today’s episode, the Marlowe kids enter into two more intergalactic space olympic events, and find the Shakespeare kids aren’t playing fair again. There’s an adventure on a mountain, a mystery in a maze, and some poor, misguided gum aliens.
S2E2: Let the Games Begin
Feb 14, 2017 • 14 min
The Intergalactic Space Olympics are upon us! And while there seems to be something funny going on with the kids’ rivals in Explorers Troop 103 from the Shakespeare 820, Vale still gamely takes the driver’s seat for a race around the planet. This is just…
Bonus Episode: Griffin’s Sound Club!
Feb 10, 2017 • 13 min
In this special episode of The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian, Griffin and BeeBop give Jonathan the boot, and take over the show. They go through a few of the sounds that kids have sent in, and talk about how they make them sound alien or space-related.…
S2E1: The Rivalry
Feb 7, 2017 • 26 min
In this episode, the explorers start off on a different kind of adventure, which may seem like fun at first, but some unexpected visitors might change all of that.
Season 2 is almost here!
Jan 31, 2017 • 6 min
This is a short message from Jonathan and BeeBop to let you know that The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian will be back on Tuesday, February 7, with Season 2! Jonathan talks a little bit about the season, and then he and BeeBop discuss why our introbot…
BeeBop Tales: Episode 5
Dec 21, 2016 • 18 min
It’s the BeeBop Tales Season Finale! Yay BeeBop! In this episode, he faces off with his arch-nemesis, Barron, discovers a secret about the warlock that will change everything, and has a visit from an old, old friend. And there’s lots of art, a great joke,…
BeeBop Tales: Episode 4
Dec 14, 2016 • 19 min
On today’s episode of BeeBop Tales, our hero is joined by a new friend, a wizard with some unusual spells up his sleeve. And they discover that getting up the volcano to confront Barron is not as simple as it may seem. If you’re interested in Basal’s…
BeeBop Tales: Episode 3
Dec 7, 2016 • 16 min
On today’s episode of BeeBop Tales, Mr. Juanatron and Whip fly with Dr. Perkolator to a remote island, where they plan to team up with some old friends to make a last stand against the Warlock Barron. And BeeBop discovers a puzzle that he has to solve to…
BeeBop Tales: Episode 2
Nov 30, 2016 • 13 min
In the second episode of our mini-series featuring our introbot BeeBop, he answers a question from listeners, and tells the story of the time he clashed with some menacing marine mammals. HEY NEW LISTENERS: This is a one-off tale you can enjoy, but you’re…
BeeBop Tales: Episode 1
Nov 23, 2016 • 10 min
In this episode, BeeBop takes the controls to tell us his origin story, and about life on the world where he lived on before traveling to Earth. Listeners who have sent their art in to our robot will want to hear this one.
Episode 15b: The Battle for the Marlowe
Nov 19, 2016 • 28 min
In the final face-off with Bunce, Boggis and Bean, Explorers Troop 301 and their friends split up to find the villains, the dreamstone and the captured adults. That means dodging more traps, hunting down the precious stone, and stopping the Marlowe’s…
Episode 15a: Mothers Know Best
Nov 15, 2016 • 20 min
In the sort-of season sort-of finale the Explorers Troop 301 must enter the giant moth nests of the red planet to root out Bunce, Boggis and Bean. But before that can happen, they get help from some old friends, and have to dodge the booby-trap laden…
Episode 14: The Fallen City
Nov 10, 2016 • 28 min
The Explorers Troop 301 face their most dangerous and difficult mission yet, tracking down Marlowe archenemy Bunce, all without Foggy. On the mysterious red planet, they’ll have to pass through numerous trials before the final face-off. And when one of…
Episode 13: The Six Steps
Nov 2, 2016 • 27 min
In today’s episode, many of the questions surrounding the Marlowe, the Wild Things, and the Bad Guy Bunce are answered, but the explorers aren’t sure they like those answers. And with the adults ready to chase down Bunce, the kids make a discovery that…
Halloween Special Bonus Episode
Oct 31, 2016 • 10 min
Today’s episode takes a break from the regular Finn Caspian storyline to tell a short, spooky story for Halloween. Every year the Marlowe throws the best Halloween party in the universe. But this year, an uninvited guest causes some trouble for the…
Episode 12: Not You Again!
Oct 25, 2016 • 24 min
Who is the Mystery Man the Explorers found in Saphrite’s crystal prison? And what’s with that other ship that’s getting a little too close for comfort? In today’s episode, the Explorers Troop 301 face their most dangerous threat yet, and it’s human!
Episode 11: Who am I?
Oct 18, 2016 • 23 min
While BeeBop launches his presidential campaign, the kids in Explorers’ Troop 301 have to face off with the angry spider and some new interplanetary creatures. Can the explorers get out of Saphrite’s belly in one piece? And once they get out there, what…
Episode 10: In the Belly of the Beast
Oct 11, 2016 • 23 min
In today’s episode, the kids in Explorers’ Troop 301 once again find themselves in trouble on the surface of an alien planet, as the giant Saphrite sends out an army to stop the invaders. And once again, the explorers have to head beneath the surface of a…
Episode 9: You Call This a Planet?
Oct 4, 2016 • 25 min
On today’s episode, the Explorers Troop head to another planet, but this time with a number of guests in tow. Finn and Foggy make up, but Voltronix Zu isn’t exactly ingratiating himself to the Explorers Troop on the trip.
Episode 8: Voltronix Who?
Sep 27, 2016 • 23 min
In today’s episode, the kids in Troop 301 find themselves exploring their own home the way they would an alien planet. There are reportedly aliens aboard the Famous Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station, and the troop is finding evidence…
Episode 7: Dream a Little Dreamstone
Sep 21, 2016 • 20 min
Oh man! Finn and his friends are on the run when this episode begins, and it isn’t until they’re in a secret underground lair with a very important stone that they’re able to see a way out of the mess. Luckily, Abigail has a trick up her sleeve.
Bonus Episode: Robot Roll Call
Sep 20, 2016 • 5 min
Before we get to episode seven, we’re celebrating our editor’s birthday with a special bonus episode, featuring more robots of the Famous Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station.
Episode 6: Two Heads Are Better than One
Sep 13, 2016 • 20 min
Finn and the rest of the Explorers Troop 301 return to the Marlowe to find that not everyone is as excited to put all the puzzle pieces together as they are. In fact, they feel shipped off on their new mission to a beautiful, verdant planet. But not…
Episode 5: In the Dwellers’ Cellar
Sep 6, 2016 • 21 min
On today’s episode, we find out why Explorers Troop 301 has been sucked underground by the mysterious alien race called the Dwellers…and it’s not good! Turns out the Dwellers give a whole new meaning to the term “Baby Boomers.” Will Finn and friends find…
Episode 4: Running Out of Patiens
Aug 30, 2016 • 20 min
With the Marlowe still recovering from the monster attack, Finn and his friends get into a little mischief aboard the station. But that all comes to an end when they’re sent on their first exploring mission, to a planet they’ve been told will be peaceful,…
Episode 3: Foggy
Aug 24, 2016 • 24 min
After narrowly avoiding a very serious conflict with our introduction robot, we return to the action aboard the Marlowe. Finn and Abigail have to face off against three monster invaders. Will they be able to do it?
Episode 2: Everybody Run!!!
Aug 16, 2016 • 25 min
When last we saw Finn and the members of Explorers Troop 301, they were off limits in the Robot Factory, and someone was coming in the door to catch them. On today’s show, we reveal who caught them redhanded, hear a dire warning for Finn, and then head to…
Episode 1: The Room Behind the Room (Behind the Room)
Aug 9, 2016 • 20 min
The Alien Adventures begin! On today’s show, we meet Finn and his friends—Abigail, Elias and Vale—better known as Explorers Troop 301. The Troop is getting ready for Finn’s birthday party by sneaking in somewhere they don’t belong. And there’s a sign of…
Episode 0 | An Introduction
Aug 1, 2016 • 2 min
The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian tells the story of a boy aboard the Famous Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Space Station who explores far-flung galaxies, interacts with curious aliens and solves a mystery that will (fingers crossed) keep his home from…