The Remarkable Leadership Podcast

The Remarkable Leadership Podcast
The Remarkable Leadership Podcast with Kevin Eikenberry is dedicated to all things leadership. Each week Kevin shares his thoughts about leadership development and ideas to help you see the world differently, lead more confidently and make a bigger difference for those you lead. He also has weekly conversations with leadership experts discussing a wide range of topics including teamwork, organizational culture, facilitating change, personal and organizational development, human potential and more.

Leadership and Mirrors - Thoughts from Kevin
Dec 13 • 5 min
My series on leadership from unlikely sources continues today and it includes something we likely see every day – a mirror! Here are four reasons why I love this metaphor of mirrors as it relates to leaders. Leadership & Mirrors – Remarkable…
Becoming a Successful Manager with Lisa Haneberg
Dec 11 • 36 min
Managers have the opportunity and the responsibility to lead. Lisa Haneberg joins Kevin to discuss the 2nd edition of 10 Steps to Be A Successful Manager. Lisa recognizes people in the middle get it done and “manager” is not a negative word it is…
What’s the Difference Between a Remote Team Member and a Great Teammate? - Best of Facebook Live
Dec 9 • 8 min
You either work remotely, lead people who work remotely, or know someone who does one or the other. If that is you, join me. If not, share with the remote workers and leaders you know. I’m sharing important keys to greater success - and answering…
How Being a Leader is Like a Pair of Shoes - Thoughts from Kevin
Dec 6 • 5 min
Believe it or not, two viewers issued me the same challenge this week – asking me to compare leadership to SHOES! Tweet it out: Strive to be a leader people love as much as their favorite pair of shoes. @KevinEikenberry From This Episode: …
The Laws of Trust with Joel Peterson
Dec 4 • 31 min
We currently live in a low trust culture. And we know trust is important for leaders, in good times and in times of stress, disruption, and turn-around. Kevin is joined by Joel Peterson, Chairman of JetBlue Airways, Founding Partner of Peterson…
Who Really Wants to Be Vulnerable? - Best of Facebook Live
Dec 2 • 9 min
I’m talking about vulnerability - it is an important leadership topic that no one likes to talk about. That seems like a good reason to talk about it!
How Leadership and Napkins are Related - Thoughts from Kevin
Nov 29 • 6 min
In this episode, I am taking on the challenge brought to me by a viewer answering the question: How are leaders like napkins? Seem impossible? Think again! 😉 Tweet it out: Hey leader – how can you protect your team from harm and stress today?…
Being the Leader You Want to Be with Amy Jen Su
Nov 27 • 34 min
You know those good days. You wake up energized and confident. You cross stuff off your list, have productive meetings, make good decisions. In short, you are your best self. The question becomes how do you bring your best self every day? Amy Jen Su…
Can 1 hour per month change my leadership future? - Encore Series
Nov 25 • 7 min
I’m excited to announce The Encore Video Series – a special series that I will be releasing here that addresses these unanswered questions. These questions are some of the most common obstacles we face when it comes to successfully developing…
How do I gain confidence in my leadership role? - Encore Series
Nov 22 • 6 min
I’m excited to announce The Encore Video Series – a special series that I will be releasing here that addresses these unanswered questions. These questions are some of the most common obstacles we face when it comes to successfully developing…
Finding and Leading the Talent You Need with Micah Rowland
Nov 20 • 33 min
According to Micah Rowland, success starts with your people. As COO of Fountain, a software company that sources, screens, and onboards workers, Micah is a builder of teams, processes, and people. He joins Kevin to discuss hiring and retaining talent….
How Do I Get Executive Buy-In for My Leadership Initiatives? - Encore Series
Nov 18 • 8 min
I’m excited to announce The Encore Video Series – a special series that I will be releasing here that addresses these unanswered questions. These questions are some of the most common obstacles we face when it comes to successfully developing…
How Do You Measure the Impact of Leadership Development Initiatives? - Encore Series
Nov 15 • 6 min
I’m excited to announce The Encore Video Series – a special series that I will be releasing here on the podcast and that addresses these unanswered questions. These questions are some of the most common obstacles we face when it comes to…
Being More Intentionally Contagious with Anese Cavanaugh
Nov 13 • 30 min
How do you show up for work? For home? Anese Cavanaugh believes we have the choice of how we show up, so we have the power. She is the creator of the IEP Method® (Intentional Energetic Presence®), and author of CONTAGIOUS CULTURE: Show Up, Set the…
How Do I Teach/Learn Mindset? - Encore Series
Nov 11 • 7 min
I’m excited to announce The Encore Video Series – a special series that I will be releasing here on the podcast and that addresses these unanswered questions. These questions are some of the most common obstacles we face when it comes to…
What Do I Do if There Are Conflicting Mindsets on My Team? - Encore Series
Nov 8 • 5 min
Last week, over 500 leaders in organizations all around the world joined me for my webinar titled, Why It Takes More Than Skills to Be a Remarkable Leader. And at the end of the webinar, we had a lot of great questions that we were unable to get…
Learning to Lead with Ron Williams
Nov 6 • 30 min
Sometimes, it’s all about reframing your perspective. Kevin is joined by Ron Williams, former Chairman and CEO of Aetna Inc. and author of Learning to Lead: The Journey to Leading Yourself, Leading Others, and Leading an Organization. Not only do…
What Scares Leaders?
Nov 1 • 5 min
As leaders, we are faced with many scary situations – having difficult conversations, firing someone, making a tough decision…the list goes on and on. And in today’s episode, I am going to share one simple technique to help you overcome any…
Connect First with Melanie Katzman
Oct 30 • 29 min
Despite some opinions, you can find joy at work. After all, your team is working together to accomplish a common goal and when you succeed you should feel happy. Melanie Katzman joins Kevin to take away the excuses that we can feel good and do our…
Are Leaders Made or Born? - Best of FB Live
Oct 28 • 11 min
It is an age-old question that I have been asked hundreds of times. Are leaders made or born? I’ll give you my answer, my rationale, and why it matters to you! Additional Resources Watch this and other Facebook Lives on my Facebook Page Sign up for a…
What Leaders Can Learn from Airplanes - Thoughts from Kevin
Oct 25 • 5 min
Today’s episode is the result of a challenge that I issued earlier this year – asking viewers to give me a word, any word, that I would then tie back to leadership. And today, I am comparing leadership and airplanes. Tweet it out: Leaders,…
The Gift of Struggle with Bobby Herrera
Oct 23 • 33 min
Whether you care to admit it, you have struggled. Whether it be school, in a relationship, or professionally. It is these challenges we face and how we overcome them that define who we are and offer perspective. Kevin sits down with Bobby Herrera,…
Power and Leadership - Best of Facebook Live
Oct 21 • 12 min
In this episode I’m talking about the relationship between power and leadership - and no politics! Additional Resources Watch this and other Facebook Lives on my Facebook Page Sign up for a webinar with Wayne Turmel on November 4th titled The 3 Ps of…
Lessons from Family Reunions - Thoughts from Kevin
Oct 18 • 6 min
We held our family reunion this year at my farm in Michigan, and like many of the events in my life this summer (and always), there are many leadership lessons that I took away. Learn more in this episode. Tweet it out: We all need family – whether…
The Millennial Whisperer with Chris Tuff
Oct 16 • 36 min
Data shows that by 2030, 75% of the workforce will be made up of individuals born between 1981-1996. We often refer to this generation as Millennials and they are often described as lazy and entitled. Chris Tuff is the author of The Millennial…
What is Leadership Anyway? - Best of FB Live
Oct 14 • 10 min
I’ve been writing about leadership, coaching leaders, and leading for a long time. Maybe it makes sense to step back to the fundamentals. What is leadership anyway? I’ll answer that and any other questions you have. And you can sign up for my…
The Ice Cream Question - Thoughts from Kevin
Oct 11 • 6 min
In a daily email that I send, I asked everyone to send me their favorite ice cream flavors. And I learned A LOT about ice cream – particularly that there are lots of flavors, people LOVE ice cream and they are very particular about what and why they…
Helping People Change with Melvin Smith
Oct 9 • 35 min
If you lead a department, a team, or a person (or family), you have probably had a coaching moment. Kevin is joined by Melvin Smith, co-author of Helping People Change: Coaching with Compassion for Lifelong Learning and Growth. Often, we coach to fix…
What Can Leaders Learn from Mowing the Lawn? - Best of FB Live
Oct 7 • 9 min
Join me as we explore leadership lessons from my John Deere lawn tractor. I’ll answer questions too. You can learn more about The Remarkable Way in my upcoming webinar which you can sign up for at:
How Do You Feel About Fine? - Thoughts from Kevin
Oct 4 • 6 min
Something I’ve noticed over the years is that the word “fine” has an interesting connotation in our lives. It’s often used as a “conversation stopper” – a way to indicate that it’s good enough. But the question really needs to be:…
Getting - and Keeping - the Right People with Caroline Stokes
Oct 2 • 36 min
If you are looking to recruit the best talent for your organization, you need to address the big issues in your organization. Caroline Stokes is the founder of FORWARD, an executive headhunting and executive coaching company and the author of…
What Leaders Can Learn from a Can of Coke - Best of FB Live
Sep 30 • 12 min
A viewer from Brazil challenged me to connect leadership and a can of Coke - so that is what I am doing. Join me, learn something, be inspired, ask questions, and maybe even add to the Leadership/Coke connections!
What is a Bad Habit? - Thoughts from Kevin
Sep 27 • 6 min
We all have habits in our lives. And while many habits are great and have valuable purposes, some habits are…not so great. But first, before we define what is and what isn’t a bad habit in our lives, we need to start at the beginning and define…
The Connector Manager with Jaime Roca
Sep 25 • 32 min
Less than 20% of employees believe their managers understand what they do day-to-day. Given this, how do managers become more impactful with their team? Jaime Roca is Senior Vice President at Gartner, managing the global Research & Advisory team,…
Is ‘Manager’ a Dirty Word? - Best of FB Live
Sep 23 • 8 min
I’m talking about the word manager - and all the baggage associated with it - and why that all matters to manager - and leaders. 13 Days to Remarkable Leadership Video Series:
What We Can Learn From a Garden Weed - Thoughts from Kevin
Sep 20 • 7 min
As a “farm kid”, I’ve had a lot of experience with weeds – working hard to eliminate them so that we can grow the crops we needed on our farm. And I’ve spent my fair share of pulling them as an adult both at my house and still at the farm….
The Disruption Mindset with Charlene Li
Sep 18 • 34 min
Disruption, do you need it in your business? According to Charlene Li, what you do need is to acknowledge your customers are changing and you need to be thinking about your future. Charlene is the New York Times bestselling author of six books,…
How People See Themselves Matters - Best of FB Live
Sep 16 • 12 min
We’ll explore what is called the Galatea Effect, why it is so powerful, and how it can help us all improve.
What Leaders Can Learn From a Fountain Pen - Thoughts from Kevin
Sep 13 • 6 min
Several years ago, I went through a phase of using fountain pens. So when one of our viewers challenged me to find leadership lessons from a fountain pen, I was more than happy to oblige. In this episode, I have five valuable leadership lessons from…
Turning Culture into Competitive Advantage with Jeff Grimshaw
Sep 11 • 35 min
Leaders are always transmitting signals, whether they are intentional or not. Teams take cues from their leaders to create a culture and your culture can give you a competitive advantage. Jeff Grimshaw works to align people with their strategy and is…
The Expectation Gap and Why it Matters - Best of FB Live
Sep 9 • 9 min
Are you a leader who gets frustrated when people don’t reach their performance goals? Do you wish people would “just do their jobs?” Do you have that “one person” that you wish would just “get it?” Come join me for this episode and you might get an…
A Leadership Swimming Lesson - Thoughts from Kevin
Sep 6 • 4 min
This week, I am continuing to answer the challenges that our viewers have given me – asking me to derive leadership lessons from everyday, random objects. And today is especially appropriate given that it’s almost the end of summer: Check out this…
Leading Clarity with Brad Deutser
Sep 4 • 27 min
In this world of constant change, leaders are challenged with uncertainty. Brad Deutser recognized the struggle of leading through ambiguity and founded Deutser, a consulting firm that helps organizations and their leaders achieve clarity, and…
What I Learned on My Summer Vacation - Thoughts from Kevin
Aug 30 • 4 min
As many of us are either wrapping up our summers or have already wrapped it, I thought it would be fun to share a few leadership lessons that I learned from my summer vacation. Additional Resources: If you’d like to receive my daily email and be a…
Management Mess to Leadership Success with Scott Jeffrey Miller
Aug 28 • 35 min
Not only is it a messy world, but we also have blind spots to some of the chaos surrounding us. So how do we move past the mess to success? Scott Jeffrey Miller joins Kevin to discuss vulnerability, self-awareness, and feedback. Scott has spent 23…
What Do You Believe About Your People? The Power of Pygmalion - Best of FB Live
Aug 26 • 10 min
Your answer to this question is critical to your success as a leader. Join me and I will explain why. Sign up for my upcoming webinar titled The Power of Expectations.
A Lesson in Values - Thoughts from Kevin
Aug 23 • 6 min
When I think of Independence Day, I think about a lot more than just hot dogs and fireworks. Mostly, I think about values, and I think about the incredibly hard work that our forefathers did many years ago – work that was based on a shared set of…
Creating Culture - Lessons from Chick-fil-A with Steve Robinson
Aug 21 • 35 min
Steve Robinson was integral to the Chick-fil-A marketing team for 34 years. He was there for the beginning of the brand we know today, including the Eat Mor Chikin campaign and the decision to stay closed on Sundays. Steve joins Kevin to discuss his…
Why Beliefs and Expectations are Critical for New Leaders - Best of FB Live
Aug 19 • 11 min
If you want to lead most successfully you must know your answers to the questions I’m sharing on this Facebook Live. Come join me, consider the questions - and ask any questions you have. And sign up for The Power of Expectations Webinar.
What You Can Learn From a Salad Fork - Thoughts from Kevin
Aug 16 • 6 min
Today’s episode is the fourth in a series where I connect weird or unusual items to leadership – all of these items are suggestions from our friends on our social media channels. You can catch up on previous episodes in your favorite podcast app,…
Leading Without the Overwhelm with Janelle Bruland
Aug 14 • 29 min
What are you sacrificing for your career? Does this lead to greater success? Janelle Bruland joins Kevin to discuss her book The Success Lie: 5 Simple Truths to Overcome Overwhelm and Achieve Peace of Mind. Janelle challenges leaders to become more…
Where All Leaders Need to Start - Best of Facebook Live
Aug 12 • 9 min
Talking about the starting point for all leaders - regardless of how long or where you lead.
What an Apple Can Teach Us About Leadership - Thoughts from Kevin
Aug 9 • 6 min
Today we’re talking about what an apple can teach us about leadership. You’ll learn: Apples carry a legacy. Apples are nutritious. Apples are attractive. Apples have strengths and weaknesses. Sign up for the newsletter and get a FREE eBook:…
The Sponsor Effect with Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Aug 7 • 33 min
A sponsor is different than a mentor. A sponsor believes in your value, advocates for you, and allows you to take risks and has your back if you fail. Kevin sits down with Sylvia Hewlett, author of THE SPONSOR EFFECT: How to be a Better Leader by…
Leadership Lessons from a Pencil - Thoughts from Kevin
Aug 2 • 6 min
Today’s episode is the second in a series where I will connect weird or unusual items to leadership. And these items are coming from the challenge that I put out on our social media channels – asking our viewers to submit their suggestions for…
Networking for People Who Hate Networking with Devora Zack
Jul 31 • 33 min
Picture a conference or a large meet and greet situation. How do you feel? Some of us are excited about all the new people we will meet. Others of us, let’s just say a root canal sounds like a good alternative. Devora Zack is the author of…
Leadership Lessons from a Pogo Stick - Thoughts from Kevin
Jul 26 • 6 min
Check out this week’s episode where I will compare and contrast the leadership lessons from… a pogo stick!
Choose to Win with Tom Ziglar
Jul 24 • 37 min
Tom Ziglar joins Kevin to talk about his new book Choose to Win: Transform Your Life, One Simple Choice at a Time, and yes, the name sounds familiar. Tom is the son of Zig Ziglar and joined his dad’s company in the warehouse, to sales, to…
Leading in a Changing World with Dr. Jeffrey Hull
Jul 22 • 31 min
Dr. Jeffrey Hull believes there is a need for new leadership agility. Varying demographics, working across cultures and where folks are located have changed the way leaders need to approach their team to get the best out of them. Dr. Hull is the…
A Creativity Mashup - Thoughts from Kevin
Jul 19 • 6 min
If you’re like most, when you think of “mashup”, you think of music. And while this is one way to look at mashup, today we are looking at it as it relates to creativity and leadership. And we’ll start by using this definition of mashup:…
Leadership Character with Pat Williams
Jul 17 • 31 min
Although he has baseball roots, Pat Williams is a basketball Hall of Famer and currently serves as co-founder and senior vice president of the Orlando Magic (NBA). Pat is also the author of over 100 books and sits down with Kevin to discuss his most…
Humor that Works with (An)Drew Tarvin
Jul 15 • 34 min
Studies show 70% of the workplace is disengaged, costing $500 billion of lost productivity? Do you find these results surprising? Drew Tarvin is a self-proclaimed “Humor Engineer” and believes we should move beyond how to do a job to ow to enjoy a…
How Closely Are You Looking? - Thoughts From Kevin
Jul 12 • 5 min
Have you ever noticed that how closely you look at something determines what you see? As leaders, it’s really important that we look closely so that we can really understand what’s going on in our team, in our organization and in our jobs. Check…
Partnership is the New Leadership with Ty Bennett
Jul 10 • 34 min
The workplace is changing; it’s the technology, it’s the location, it’s the diversity of the people. So, if we know the workplace is changing, we need to be thinking about how we change our leadership. Ty Bennett is an author and founder of…
Why Customers Leave with David Avrin
Jul 8 • 33 min
Today’s mindset is different. Today everyone is good or the online reviews would drive them out of business. So, it’s not enough to have quality, care, or compassion. Your competitive advantage will be how you deliver your product better, faster,…
Becoming the New Boss with Naphtali Hoff
Jul 3 • 38 min
When you take on a new leadership role, it is both exciting and a bit scary. There are new responsibilities and your relationships with colleagues’ changes, especially if you have been promoted within. Today Kevin is joined by Naphtali Hoff,…
The Dangers of Expertise - Thoughts from Kevin
Jun 28 • 6 min
We spend most of our lives trying to learn and know as much as we can. It’s ingrained in us that the more we know, the better off we are. And while there’s no question that knowledge truly is power, sometimes…as leaders…there is danger in…
Mission-Driven Leadership with Mark Bertolini
Jun 26 • 33 min
There are events in our lives that shape us. Events that make us think and re-think the way we do things. Mark Bertolini is no exception. Mark is the former chairman and CEO of Aetna and author of Mission-Driven Leadership: My Journey as a Radical…
Are Your Inputs Supporting the Outputs You Want? - Best of Facebook Live
Jun 24 • 8 min
Today I am challenging you to think about your inputs - are they feeding you what you most need? One great input? Sign up for our masterclass Video series - The Journey to Remarkable Leadership -
How Do You Receive a Compliment? - Thoughts from Kevin
Jun 21 • 6 min
Have you ever downplayed a compliment? Tried to pass it off or re-direct the conversation when you’ve been given one? Today I am pointing out some very valuable leadership lessons from a compliment (and the response to this compliment) that I…
The Efficiency Paradox with Edward Tenner
Jun 19 • 37 min
If we rely on algorithms and technology to make us more efficient, our own skills atrophy. Kevin sits down with Edward Tenner, author of Our Own Devices, Why Things Bite Back, and most recently The Efficiency Paradox: What Big Data Can’t Do. As a…
A Leadership Lesson From The Wizard of Oz - Best from Facebook Live
Jun 17 • 10 min
Why gossip and worry start and how to deal with it as a leader. (You can learn more about this at
Raising the Communication Bar - Thoughts from Kevin
Jun 14 • 5 min
Communication is hard. I know, it’s likely not a surprise to you. And it’s certainly no surprise to us – communication is consistently one of the biggest challenges that we hear about from leaders. And in this episode, I am going to help you (and your…
Leading Customer Loyalty with Sandy Rogers
Jun 12 • 31 min
There is a big difference between satisfaction with a product/service/organization and loyalty. Loyalty shows an emotional commitment. When someone is loyal, they promote for you. Sandy Rogers co-author of Leading Loyalty: Cracking the Code to…
How Are You Different Than You Were Six Months Ago? - Best of Facebook Live
Jun 10 • 9 min
How are you different than you were six months ago? Let’s talk about that question and give you a better answer six months from now. Learn more:
What Do You Expect? - Thoughts from Kevin
Jun 7 • 4 min
Have you ever been disappointed? Frustrated? Maybe even annoyed? And then maybe you said (rather cynically), “Well, what did you expect?” It’s probably unlikely that there are many of us who can say we haven’t asked this question once or twice in our…
The Connectors Advantage with Michelle Tillis Lederman
Jun 5 • 36 min
Studies show that 92% of people trust referrals and you are four times more likely to buy from someone who was referred. This makes sense to Michelle Tillis Lederman, author of The Connector’s Advantage: 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact….
Do You Choose Compliance or Commitment? - Best of Facebook Live
Jun 3 • 9 min
I’m talking about a critical choice leaders must make, one that many never even consider. Compliance or commitment? Which do you have, and which do you want? Let’s talk about what they are and why one is the best choice! Learn more…
Three Great Words of Encouragement - Thoughts from Kevin
May 31 • 4 min
A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to record a video course with some great people at LinkedIn Learning. And while the process that I go through each week here on Remarkable TV has grown and improved significantly over the years, my time at…
How to Think Like Amazon with John Rossman
May 29 • 35 min
John Rossman is a former Amazon executive, who launched and scaled the Marketplace business, which now accounts for more than 50 percent of all units sold at In his current role, he is often asked “How did Amazon do this?” or “Why…
Leadership Development Starts Here - Best of Facebook Live
May 27 • 11 min
I’m talking today about a foundational leadership development principle, but one people miss, forget, or falsely assume is covered. Learn more about The Journey to Remarkable Leadership:
Preparing Remote Leaders for Success - Thoughts from Kevin
May 24 • 5 min
Every day, more leaders are becoming remote leaders – whether it was intentional and planned or simply a fact of circumstance where they started working one day a work from home which lead to another which lead to another… The question isn’t…
Great Leaders Have No Rules with Kevin Kruse
May 22 • 38 min
Kevin Kruse really didn’t think much about leadership in his business ventures until he realized his failures were a result of not thinking about leadership. Kevin is the author of Great Leaders Have No Rules: Contrarian Leadership Principles to…
Leadership Thoughts on Criticism - Best of Facebook Live
May 20 • 9 min
I’m talking about criticism, and the role it plays (or doesn’t) for us as leaders and coaches. To register for our free master class Video series The Journey to Remarkable Leadership, go to:
Your Culture is an Asset - Thoughts from Kevin
May 17 • 6 min
While I’m not an accountant and you likely aren’t either, I am using an accounting term today to help us understand the value in our workplace culture.
Exposing Lies About Work with Ashley Goodall
May 15 • 40 min
To do your best work, you need to know why organizationally and globally. Ashley Goodall is energized by thinking about the challenges of how we all do better work together. Ashley is the co-author of 9 Lies About Work with Marcus Buckingham. He and…
What Are You Waiting For? - Thoughts from Kevin
May 10 • 5 min
Today I am talking about a lesson I learned in reading a quote from the Theologian John Henry Newman: “Nothing would be done at all if a person waited until he/she could do it so well that no one could find fault with it.” And here’s the reality…
Cracking Complexity with David Benjamin
May 8 • 34 min
David Benjamin believes we are seeing a shift in the workplace from scarcity to abundance. Leaders need to tap into their people and use them differently and better. David is the co-author of Cracking Complexity and joins Kevin to discuss not only the…
Do Friends and Leadership Mix? - Thoughts from Kevin
May 3 • 6 min
This is a question that I get asked a lot and I think in order to answer this question, you have to understand the answer to another question first: How do you define friend? So think about this a little bit and then “join me”on the video to…
Leveraged Learning with Danny Iny
May 1 • 34 min
What does education need to do to produce people who can contribute at work and are successful? Danny Iny, the author of Leveraged Learning, chats with Kevin about that topic and what that means for leaders and teams today. Danny believes we are…
A New Type of Onboarding - Thoughts from Kevin
Apr 26 • 6 min
You likely have a program of some sort when new employees join your organization – most call it onboarding – but do you have the same process for NEW supervisors? These onboarding processes are so valuable for new employees, but they can also have…
Leading Through Disruption with Tony Hunter
Apr 24 • 39 min
When you talk to Tony Hunter about his journey, he will tell you it’s all about the people. Not just the people who believed in him but his mentors and his amazing team and talented colleagues. Tony is the former CEO and Publisher of the Chicago…
Collecting Gratitude - Thoughts from Kevin
Apr 19 • 5 min
Today is the last in my series on “unusual” collections for leaders and I’m sticking with the theme of something that you might never consider as something that you can actually collect: GRATITUDE And while this “collection” is unusual, when you start…
Creating Radical Outcomes with Juliana Stancampiano
Apr 17 • 30 min
Kevin sits down with Juliana Stancampiano, CEO of Oxygen and author of Radical Outcomes: How to Create Extraordinary Teams that Get Tangible Results. Kevin and Juliana discuss education in the workplace. They believe that in order to achieve great…
Collecting Memories - Thoughts from Kevin
Apr 12 • 5 min
We are continuing in our series of episodes about collections and today’s episode is about collecting memories. I’ll talk about WHY we should collect memories and HOW to do it better and more often.
Scaling Leadership with Robert J. Anderson
Apr 10 • 40 min
Bob Anderson is the co-author of Mastering Leadership and his new book, Scaling Leadership. He joins Kevin to talk about the research and findings which led to the latest book. Using a database of senior leaders providing 360-degree written feedback to…
Collecting Relationships - Thoughts from Kevin
Apr 5 • 6 min
We are continuing in our series of episodes about collections and today’s collection topic is one that I can almost bet you have never thought of collecting: relationships. And yet, as a leader, when you do this and do it right, I can almost guarantee…
Crucible Leadership with Warwick Fairfax
Apr 3 • 37 min
Warwick Fairfax identifies with the latter and joins Kevin to discuss leadership and moving beyond failure. Warwick is a leadership advisor and founded Crucible Leadership from his own experience of “one of the most spectacular business failures in the…
Collecting Questions - Thoughts from Kevin
Mar 29 • 5 min
We are in the middle of a series of episodes about collections. And if you haven’t noticed yet, some of these collections are of “things” that you might not have thought of collecting. In fact, most of them aren’t anything that you can put on a shelf or…
The Making of a Manager with Julie Zhuo
Mar 27 • 37 min
There are more new managers in the workplace than veterans. You must start somewhere. Julie Zhuo is the VP of Product Design at Facebook and the author of THE MAKING OF A MANAGER: What To Do When Everyone Looks to You. Julie found herself as a new…