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The Dan Bradbury Podcast
Dan Bradbury, the UK’s highest-paid business coach, hosts this weekly podcast featuring a mix of business growth content, Q&As and interviews with high-performing, fast-growth business owners. Subscribe and review to get the latest and help others find?

EP 7: Recession Growth Strategy 2: Strategic Alliances
Aug 12 • 9 min
Everyone knows that life as a business owner during a recession can be tough. Already in 2020 from the impact of coronavirus, and the lockdown, we’ve seen many businesses sadly struggle.However, in my mastermind group, not one business has had to close…
EP 6: Recession Growth Strategy 1: Super-Niching
Aug 5 • 13 min
Everyone knows that life as a business owner during a recession can be tough. Already in 2020 from the impact of coronavirus, and the lockdown, we’ve seen many businesses sadly struggle. However, in my mastermind group, not one business has had to close…
EP 5: How to re-energise and push your business forward: an accountant’s view
Jul 29 • 33 min
In this episode, we discuss a wide range of topics including financial literacy, letting go of toxic employees, outsourcing, and how you can turn temporary negative into a fantastic positive. Listen closely and find out how you can Re-Energize and…
EP 4: The Small Business Olympics
Jul 22 • 9 min
Think about this. Nobody has ever won an Olympic gold medal through effort alone. Every single top achieving world champion athlete has coaches, supporters and detailed rigorous training plans to encourage them to improve and to get optimal…
Ep 3: The Case For Acquisitions During Recessions
Jul 15 • 17 min
If you had to double your sales in an afternoon, would you know how to do it? The strategy I reveal in this week’s episode has added more to my business revenues and my personal wealth than any other. I don’t talk about this very often, so listen…
Ep 2: Why It Has Never Been A Better Time To Be An Entrepreneur
Jul 8 • 16 min
It feels like the world is falling apart and yet I believe now is a better time than ever before to be an entrepreneur. And here’s why…._____________________________________________________________________________Dan Bradbury can be found…
Welcome to Season 2!
Jul 2 • 2 min
Welcome to the second season of my podcast, as it returns with BRAND NEW CONTENT, interviews with AMAZING GUESTS and even a new name! ________________________________________________________________________Dan Bradbury can be found here:WEBSITE:…
Ep 1: Is Your Business Model Broken?
Jul 2 • 9 min
Is your business model broken? Find out how to assess the suitability of your business model on this episode. ________________________________________________________________________Dan Bradbury can be found here:WEBSITE:…
EP 63: Best Practices Working from Home
May 12 • 30 min
This week’s Business Growth Podcast is about getting better at working from home and managing a remote team.In this call I’m joined by on of my long standing mastermind members Alexis Kingsbury, owner of Spidergap. Alexis runs his software company from…
EP 62: How to get Covid-19 Grants and Loans
Apr 9 • 89 min
On this Zoom call, we’re going to show you how to apply for and get accepted for all of the different government schemes, grants and loans that are available during this Covid-19 crisis.We’re on the front-line.We have a large group of small businesses in…
Coronavirus Emergency Update
Mar 19 • 2 min
I’m releasing free resources over the coming weeks to help you survive and thrive during this tough time.Go here to join our Facebook Group:
EP 61: 2 Strategies that Result in the Biggest Growth
Mar 5 • 9 min
In this week’s Business Growth Podcast, I’m going to reveal the 2 strategies that I have used to get the biggest growth in my businesses. Both of which include external resources. The best ideas come from outside of yourself.
EP 60: Dear Dan, Help! I’m being sued!
Feb 25 • 13 min
This question turned up in my inbox late last week:Hey Dan, I’m being sued. I know you can’t give legal advice but I’d like to know if you’ve ever been in a similar situation, and what did you do?This situation can be extremely stressful so I discuss my…
EP 59: When & How to Sell Your Business
Feb 12 • 13 min
I took a phone call the other day with a Private Mastermind member and she had just signed over her business.The moment was very bittersweet for her as it usually is for most Entrepreneurs.This inspired me for this week’s Where I discuss How and When to…
EP 58: Should you fake it til you make it?
Feb 3 • 7 min
Should you fake it til you make it?This week on the Business Growth Podcast we’re going to give a live example of someone “faking it” at one of our events.It’s a great story about things not always being what they seem in business.You can learn a lot from…
EP 57: Why Sleeping with your PA is a Bad Idea
Jan 26 • 23 min
What’s the best way to get a new staff member prepared for success? 00:58What is the best way to protect your wealth? 03:57What do successful business owners all have in common? What’s the secret sauce?06:45What effect will Brexit have on small…
EP 56: Stop Bad Ideas from Destroying Your Business
Jan 19 • 21 min
How have Tough Mudder managed to get into such big trouble?My business partner keeps coming up with really bad ideas. He’s always wanted to do something new. How do I shut these ideas down without getting into a screaming match every time?04:06How do…
EP 55: Q&A with Dan Bradbury
Jan 9 • 30 min
In today’s episode I answer your questions.Should I spend more on Facebook Advertising?Finances bore me. Do I really need to know this stuff or can I hire someone?I have no plans to sell. Does the value of the business really matter?My wife’s cheating and…
EP 54: He founded, scaled or sold 24 different business
Dec 29, 2019 • 37 min
Roland is co-founder and/or principal of three current Inc. Magazine fastest growing companies, and he has founded, scaled or sold 24 different 7 to 9 figure businesses ranging from consumer products to industrial machine manufacturing companies with…
EP 53 How to Fix Your Shit
Dec 2, 2019 • 40 min
This week on the Business Growth Podcast we’ve got an exclusive interview with a fiery entrepreneur… Shaa Wasmund.Shaa is the author of multiple best sellers including “Do Less Get More”, “Stop Talking, Start Doing” and most recently “How to Fix Your…
EP 52: Direct Route to Wealth
Oct 9, 2019 • 37 min
In this episode, I take you inside an Elite Mastermind programme where I give a presentation on the direct route to wealth.Specifically, I’m talking about personal wealth.Despite some people having large successful businesses, a surprisingly high…
EP 51: Turnover is Vanity Book Preview - Part 1
Sep 3, 2019 • 8 min
I’m super excited to announce the follow up to my 2016 book Breeding Gazelles is finally being published and should be available on Amazon by late September.The title is Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity – 9 1/2 Steps to Increasing Your Profits and…
EP 50: Open Q&A with Dan
Aug 19, 2019 • 41 min
Last Friday, I did an open Q&A and answered a whole host of live questions about: How to grow your business when cash flow is tight Finding the right marketing agencies The secret to recruiting really good sales people Amazing resources for lead…
EP 49: The Key Hire that freed up four days per week…
Jul 28, 2019 • 14 min
Richard has spent 10 Years in The Removals and Storage industry. He also runs a property rental business.
EP 48: Building Business & Personal Wealth
Jul 11, 2019 • 58 min
In this special episode of the Business Growth Podcast, we take a sneak peak inside a session I delivered at my recent Success Mastermind meeting on building business and personal wealth.I think that a lot of business owners obsess about business growth…
EP47: From £140K in Q1 2017 to £3M in Q1 2019
Jul 4, 2019 • 21 min
Ricky runs a business selling solar power to homeowners. His team covers everything from marketing, sales, installation, and aftercare. His business growth exploded from £140K (Q1 in 2017) to £3M in Q1 the following year. How did he do it?Listen to this…
EP46: Going from ZERO to a BILLION!
Jun 12, 2019 • 33 min
What started as an idea in Jeremy Gilley’s head in 1999 grew into a global movement for world peace with documented exposure to over one billion people worldwide less than 20 years later.Along the way, Jeremy has raised tens of millions for a…
EP45: Triple the Profit in Half the Time
May 6, 2019 • 12 min
In this weeks podcast I show you how one of my members was able to triple his profit while spending less time in the business and more time on holiday.
EP44: Jonathan Jay - Buying & Selling Companies
Apr 9, 2019 • 43 min
In this episode we discuss a wide range of topics including how you can acquire companies by risking little or none of your own capital, the most common mistakes to look out for, and much, much more.Whether you’re into the topic of mergers and…
EP43: He sold his biz for $51m, bought it back for £1… and then sold it again!
Feb 20, 2019 • 40 min
In this week’s episode we have an exclusive interview with none other that John Davy.In this interview we discuss How he sold his company, bought it back for just £1 eight years later and then rebuilt it and sold it again.The books that have had the…
EP42: Ultimate Marketer
Feb 7, 2019 • 20 min
Back in 2009, I won a Porsche Cayman as a prize in an international competition to find The “Ultimate Marketer”.To win the competition I gave a 20 minute presentation detailing how I took a brand new business from a standing start to over £500k in highly…
EP41: Super Speed Reading
Jan 24, 2019 • 24 min
I believe that in today’s fast pace society, the people that can learn, filter and then apply the information that they have learned to adapt their behavior the quickest have the best chance of success.That’s why in this episode, I cover my 6 step super…
EP40: 4 Step Business Plan
Jan 22, 2019 • 20 min
In this episode you get a sneak peak into my Private Mastermind meeting where I talk about a 4 step method to plan for your business.
E39: Two Essential Skills for Success in 2019
Jan 15, 2019 • 11 min
In this episode Dan talks about two essential skills that have been key to his success that can accelerate your growth in 2019
EP38: 2 Time Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Winner
Nov 15, 2018 • 36 min
In this episode, Dan Bradbury interviews serial entrepreneur Steve Bennett, well known for creating global brands such as Gems TV and early internet success They discuss:- Business education vs traditional education- What is the number 1…
EP37: £10,000 Per Month In Revenue To Just Over £23,000 In Pure PROFIT
Oct 31, 2018 • 16 min
In this case study, Leighton shares powerful insights on what it takes to run and scale his business, including:How He Was Able To Go From Working In The Business To Fully Extracting Himself From It In Less Than 2 YearsThe divide and conquer strategy…
EP36: From Just Over 100k Yearly Revenue To £1.2m In Less Than 3 Years
Oct 17, 2018 • 45 min
In this interview, Ed discusses so much, including:Why getting clarity on the business finances meant Smileworks were able to turn their yearly net profit into their monthly net profit.How growth consumes cash - more businesses go bust from trying to grow…
From a £12,000 loss to a £250k+ profit
Oct 1, 2018 • 17 min
Interview with Alexis KingsburyBusiness Type: SoftwareRevenue Increase: 400% in 3 yearsProfit increase: From a £12,000 loss to a £250k+ profitCritical changes: Building an international team in 4 countries across 3 continents worldwide Transition from a…
EP34: More Revenue In One Quarter Than The Previous 12 Months Combined
Aug 22, 2018 • 17 min
Marcus and Paul Fitzgerald run Richmond Oak Conservatories and have been private mastermind members of mine for almost 3 years now.In that time, they have gone from just working for wages and barely scrapping by to two of the last three quarters of the…
£10k Per Month In Revenue To £20k Per Month In PROFIT
Aug 19, 2018 • 17 min
This case study is taken from the live recording of a recent Success Mastermind event in the UK.Rob Stone runs a loft conversion company and has been a Private Mastermind member for almost 2 years now. But in that time he has grown from about £10k per…
EP32: Your Company CANNOT Grow Without This…
Aug 13, 2018 • 44 min
If you want your company to grow fast… your team must grow fast too! Not just hiring the right people, but how do you actually get the very best performance out of them to? And in this episode I discuss exactly that with David Bonney of…
EP31: Creating 7 figure recurring revenue streams
Jun 2, 2018 • 33 min
In this episode I interview Rob Warner, founder of Invisible PPC with an incredible team that spans 6 time zones in both the US and the UK. In the interview Rob shares how he want from the edge of bankruptcy working in his spare room to multi millions in…
EP30: 10x business growth and making your company work without you
May 7, 2018 • 36 min
In this episode I interview DB mastermind member Paul Gough who went from seeing over 100 clients per week in his physiotherapy practice, to entirely removed from operations and 6 figure profits within 2 years.He then used the spare time to create another…
EP29: Zero to $10m with zero paid advertising - Interview with Mike Matthews
Apr 24, 2018 • 89 min
In this episode I interviews Mike Matthews founder of Legion Athletics who shares how he want from startup to $10+ million in annual revenue with zero paid advertising.Alongside being a tremendously successful business owner, mike has one one of the most…
028: Social Networking Lessons from an OBE Recipient {Penny Power}
Mar 10, 2018 • 36 min
This week we have the closest we’ll probably get to having royalty on the Business Growth Podcast. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Penny Power OBE. Penny is a published author, one of the UK’s most inspirational female entrepreneurs and…
027: Zero to £40m Q&A with Iyas AlQasem
Feb 14, 2018 • 41 min
On this week’s Business Growth Podcast I was joined by Iyas AlQasem.Iyas helps Business owners and leaders of independent companies, mostly tech and digital consultancies, grow and scale their organisations with a focus on profit, values and fulfilment.…
026: PROFILE-If you’re Not First, You’re Last (Interview with Thomas Power)
Feb 6, 2018 • 47 min
Dan Bradbury interviews Profile Expert Thomas Power about how to boost the value of personal and business profile as well as exploring Thomas’ philosophies of growth. This is a wide-ranging and fascinating discussion that will reward repeat listening. …
025: Why less than 3% of businesses reach 7 figures in revenue (let alone profit)
Jan 8, 2018 • 8 min
Last week I got this question in the Fast Growing Business Community Facebook group;Q: Why is that less than 3% of businesses reach 7 figures in revenue (let alone profit)?I just recorded a quick short Podcast answering that question.
024: Profit First: A System to Transform a Business from Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine
Sep 12, 2017 • 53 min
A live interview for the number one Business Growth Show on iTunes. Dan Bradbury interviews Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First. You are about to discover the profoundly simple yet shockingly effective accounting plug-in that will transform your…
023: Authority and Excellence: becoming a person of influence [Topher Morrison]
May 8, 2017 • 67 min
This week Dan Bradbury interviews Topher Morrison. Topher is an author, speaker, trainer, and communications expert. He is the managing director of Key Person of Influence USA and his speaking schedule, over 25 years, has taken him all over the globe…
022: Multiply Your Profits & Find Hidden Assets [Jay Abraham]
May 1, 2017 • 71 min
Dan Bradbury interviews marketing genius Jay Abraham about how to scale and boost the value of businesses as well as exploring Jay’s philosophies of growth. This is a wide-ranging and fascinating discussion that will reward repeat listening. Visit…
021: The man who’s run 27 businesses [Interview with Steve Bennett]
Apr 25, 2017 • 34 min
In this episode, Dan Bradbury interviews serial entrepreneur Steve Bennett, well known for creating global brands such as Gems TV and early internet success They discuss: Business education vs traditional education What is the number 1…
020: Business Growth from startup to 7 Figures (and beyond) [Jeremy Harbour]
Apr 3, 2017 • 46 min
Jeremy Harbour has a career as a serial entrepreneur spanning over 20 years and countless company start-ups and acquisitions. He’s a leading expert in distressed business turnaround and creative deal structure and he’s also the author of ‘Go Do’: a book…
019: Clarity and Results: Discovering the new principles of success [Jamie Smart]
Mar 24, 2017 • 62 min
Dan Bradbury interviews Jamie Smart. A globally known writer, speaker, coach, trainer and the creator of the Clarity system to help individuals and organizations achieve more meaningful results with less stress, in less time. Visit Dan here Visit…
018: Financial freedom and focus with the disruptive entrepreneur [Rob Moore]
Mar 20, 2017 • 58 min
Dan Bradbury interviews author, property investor, podcaster and business owner Rob Moore about building business assets, profit, morning routines + much more. Visit Dan here Visit Rob here
017: Strong Body, Strong Profit: Building an effective fitness business [Sean Greeley]
Jan 27, 2017 • 38 min
Dan Bradbury talks to NPE founder Sean Greeley about overcoming growth obstacles, productivity, and scaling a global business. Visit Dan here Visit Sean here
016: How to live a life of purpose and passion while making big profits! [Jairek Robbins]
Jan 20, 2017 • 59 min
Dan Bradbury speaks to performance coach Jairek Robbins about how business owners can improve every aspect of their lives including sleep, work/ life balance and daily habits and routines. Visit Dan here Visit Jairek here If you want to join a…
015: 3 future trends that will change your business forever
Dec 23, 2016 • 44 min
Dan Bradbury, the UK’s highest paid business coach and author of Breeding Gazelles talks to Daniel Priestly, the author of Key Person of Influence, Entrepreneur Revolution and Oversubscribed about global small business trends, the life of a business…
014: Increasing the value of your company [John Warrillow Interview]
Dec 12, 2016 • 46 min
Dan Bradbury interviews ‘Built to Sell’ and ‘The Automatic Customer’ author John Warrillow about growing a profitable, resilient, sellable business. They cover topics such as understanding your reasons for starting a business and growth by…
013: 10x Thinking for Entrepreneurs [Dan Sullivan Interview]
Nov 6, 2016 • 28 min
What kind of thinking do you need to take on to leap from small business to fast-growth gazelle business? Visit Dan Sullivan here Visit Dan Bradbury here
012: Lifecycle Marketing: what are you trying to do? [Brad Martineau]
Oct 23, 2016 • 43 min
Dan Bradbury talks to Sixth Division’s Brad Martineau about lifecycle marketing. How to plan your sales and marketing ‘plays’ and the common mistakes business owners make and how to overcome them.
011: From 7 to 8 Figures [Interview with Rob Moore]
Sep 25, 2016 • 32 min
Dan Bradbury interviews Rob Moore from Progressive Property and The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast on the most important lessons he has learned in business and how to move from 6 to 7 or even 8 figures. Visit Rob here. Buy Dan’s book Breeding Gazelles…
010: Why Clients Leave (And How to Keep Them!) [Robert Skrob Interview
Sep 18, 2016 • 44 min
Dan Bradbury talks to the President of the Information Marketing Association Robert Skrob about the importance of customer engagement and retention. Visit Dan here. Visit Robert here.
009: Building Online Courses & Products [Interview James Lavers]
Sep 11, 2016 • 40 min
Looking for a way to create more freedom in your life? Online products give you a way to have more choice in your life. Dan Bradbury talks to Lazy Coach Creator James Lavers about how business owners can sell their knowledge online. Visit Dan here….
008: Stand Out & Get Noticed in Your Industry [David Fagan Interview]
Sep 3, 2016 • 39 min
Dan Bradbury talks to David Fagan, entrepreneur, international speaker, author of Guerrilla Parenting and the host of the California Cable TV show, The Hollywood Entrepreneur. If you think you’re business would improve if you had more influence,…
007: More Leads, More Sales [Darcy Juarez Interview]
Aug 28, 2016 • 47 min
Discover how to stop leaving so much money on the table and plug all the profit leaks in your business. Dan Bradbury and Darcy Juarez talk about Traditional Advertising Vs Direct Response and show how simple changes can add up to large rewards over…
006: Mindset Breakthroughs for Entrepreneurs [Peter Sage Interview]
Aug 2, 2016 • 57 min
Dan Bradbury, the UK’s Highest Paid Business Coach, speaks with the legendary Peter Sage, serial entrepreneur. philosopher and speaker.
005: Business is an Intellectual Sport (Interview with Keith J Cunningham)
Jul 17, 2016 • 38 min
How can you grow your business and maximize its value? Is it about more leads and sales or something deeper? The UK’s highest paid business coach Dan Bradbury interviews Keith J Cunnigham, the man who was the inspiration for Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad….
004: How to build a business you can SELL [Interview with Shaun Walsh]
Jun 30, 2016 • 49 min
In this episode, Dan speaks to Success Mastermind member Shaun Walsh about how he recently exited one of his businesses for a 6 figure sum. This is a real, in-the-trenches tactical discussion. Learn more about Dan Bradbury and Success Mastermind…
003: How to Build Your Dream Team! [Interview with James Sinclair]
Jun 18, 2016 • 53 min
James Sinclair, The Millionaire Clown, founded one of the UK’s biggest and fastest growing leisure groups with over 300+ employees and in this episode he talks to Dan Bradbury about building a business dream team, raising finance, buying businesses +…
002: Q&A- Hiring, Negotiating, Revenue Boosting, + Loads More!
Jun 18, 2016 • 32 min
Dan tackles a host of questions from small business owners on subjects such as hiring a-player employees, negotiating with suppliers, running multiple businesses without getting burned out + loads more! Why not go to and submit your own…
001: The One Question You MUST Answer to be Successful in Business
Jun 18, 2016 • 31 min
In this episode, we open our secret vault of high-octane business building information and share this talk from marketing legend Ryan Deiss on how to structure an irresistible offer and how to use ‘little victories’ to get more conversions.