Grief Dreams Podcast

Grief Dreams Podcast
Talking about life, loss, and dreams after loss

E141 - Suzanne Falter - My Daughter The Healer
Dec 4 • 66 min
Suzanne Falter is an author, speaker, blogger and podcaster who has published both fiction and non-fiction, as well as essays. Her essays have appeared in O Magazine, The New York Times, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha and Thrive Global among others. Her…
E140 - Marlie Rowell - ‘Night School’ After A Suicide
Nov 21 • 65 min
Marlie Rowell is a sassy word/mixed media artist, author, & lecturer. Her life changed after she became a suicide widow. She is now the self-proclaimed queen of suicide widow etiquette reformation. In this episode we talk about her life with her husband,…
E139 - Ryan Weaver - Military Aviator to Country Music Artist
Nov 6 • 60 min
Ryan Weaver is an All-American, rockin’ country music artist who proudly served as an active duty Black Hawk Helicopter Aviator in the United States Army. Weaver began his music career in 2005 while still on active duty, playing the club and festival…
E138 - Samantha Pasut - MonaLisa Healing
Oct 28 • 77 min
Samantha Pasut is Authentic, Living Magnetism in a powerful package. She is an accomplished artist and art historian, a spirit guide, chakra healing clairvoyant, and an Abundant Love and Courage Facilitator. A healer and an empath, Samantha is Canada’s…
E137 - Dave Marteau - The English Book of the Dead
Oct 21 • 77 min
Dave Marteau is a mental health professional and a writer who has worked for 30 years with and for those close to death in hospital, rehab, prison and hospice settings. Between 2000 and 2012 he was clinical drug adviser to the UK government, and more…
E136 - Mirabai Bush - A Loving Rock
Oct 10 • 54 min
Mirabai Bush teaches, practices, and develops programs through the application of contemplative principles and values to organizational life. She is a cofounder of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, founding board member of the Seva Foundation,…
E135 - Lindsay Ciulla - Peaks and Valleys
Oct 7 • 69 min
Lindsay Ciulla is an artist and musician who grew up in Medina, Ohio. Her father was her high school band director and also one of her very best friends. Also known as DJ laChewla, Lindsay hosts her own radio show on WGRN 94.1LPFM in Columbus, Ohio. She…
E134 - Lauren Kane-Lysak - Precious Creature
Sep 26 • 70 min
Lauren Kane-Lysak is an Pet Taxidermist, Mortician, artist, and animal lover. After high school, she worked in a funeral home where she found that the corporate nature and lack of creative opportunity left her drained. She became interested in taxidermy…
E133 - Mahoganie Hines - The Art of Dying
Sep 13 • 73 min
Mahoganie is an active and ardent member of the Palliative Care community. She currently volunteers her time to act as the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario’s Policy and Political Action ENO for both the Niagara Chapter and Palliative Care Nurse’s…
E132 - Ophelia Rigault - Conversations From The Heart
Sep 2 • 67 min
Ophelia Rigault is a grief educator, speaker, TV host and creator of Conversations from the Heart. Conversations from the Heart is a bi-weekly TV show that airs in local Cogeco Cable in Kingston, ON. The focus is on bringing inspirational guests to share…
E131 - Jonathon Aslay - Self-Love and Dating
Aug 23 • 81 min
Jonathon Aslay is a Midlife Dating & Relationship Coach. He helps women recognize and distinguish the difference between men who are emotionally unavailable from those who are truly ready for love. He is also the author of 4 books. His newest book is…
E130 - Guest Update Episode - Shelby Forsythia
Aug 15 • 46 min
In this update episode we talk with Shelby Forsythia (host of the podcast Coming Back: Conversations on life after loss) from episode 52. In this episode we talk about the experience of having someone else share a grief dream of her mom with her, and a…
E129 - Marlene Rodgers - Baka’s Story
Aug 10 • 56 min
Marlene Rodgers works as a story editor on feature films and documentary television series, and makes short films driven by her personal passions. Her most recent film is a collaboration with her husband, Franco Pante. DREAMS OF THE DEAD tells the story…
E128 - Nikki Wilson - A University Assignment
Aug 3 • 69 min
Nikki Wilson works full time at an electricity company whilst also studying full time at The University of Melbourne. She will be graduating with a Bachelor of Environments degree (currently in her final Semester). While in university she has been taking…
E127 - Kayla Moryoussef - Good Death Doula
Jul 29 • 53 min
Kayla Moryoussef is a Community Worker/Registered Social Service Worker from Toronto who has been volunteering and working in end-of-life/palliative care for over seven years. She is a Death Educator, Death Doula candidate with Home Hospice Association,…
E126 - Amy Vilela - Knock Down The House
Jul 22 • 46 min
Amy Vilela entered into politics after the death of her daughter, Shalynne’s, needless death at the hands of the USA’s profit-driven healthcare system. Losing Shalynne became a defining moment in her life. The transformation out of grief and into a…
E125 - Karen Millsap - Making Lemonade
Jul 15 • 71 min
Karen Millsap is a TEDx speaker, Founder of The Groflo community and the CEO - which stands for “Chief Empathy Officer” of Egency. At only 29 years old, her life was suddenly flipped upside down… she became a widow when her husband, Richard, was…
E124 - Dr. Sherry Cormier - Sweet Sorrow
Jul 5 • 66 min
Dr. Sherry Cormier is a licensed psychologist and a professor emerita in the Department of Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Counseling Psychology at West Virginia University. She is a certified bereavement trauma specialist, the author of two…
E123 - Donald Knight - Spei Lumina
Jun 24 • 81 min
Donald Knight is an ordained independent catholic priest, dreamer, light worker, and podcaster (Spei Lumina - Lights of Hope). His grief journey began at the age of 10 when his father unexpectedly passed away. The event of his father’s death set him on a…
E122 - A Father’s Day Episode with Darwyn Dave
Jun 16 • 49 min
In this Father’s Day episode, Shawn Ram talks with Dr. Joshua Black and Darwyn Dave about the Toronto Raptors (NBA) and St. Louis Blues (NHL), players on those teams with a dead father, what it’s like not having a father here for important moments, and…
E121 - Dr. Pei Grant - The Good Doctor
Jun 9 • 79 min
Dr. Pei Grant is the Research Director at Hospice Buffalo, one of the largest hospice and palliative care organizations in Western New York. Her research encompasses a diverse range of projects from programmatic studies to psychosocial research, to…
E120 - Tracy McCubbin - Decluttering After Loss
May 31 • 59 min
Tracy McCubbin is the author of Making Space, Clutter Free: The Last Book On Decluttering You’ll Ever Need (releasing Tuesday June 4, 2019). While working for a major television director in Los Angeles, Tracy discovered she had the ability to see through…
E119 - Heather Stang - Mindfulness & Grief
May 23 • 66 min
Heather Stang, MA, C-IAYT is the author of Mindfulness & Grief, now in its second edition, and the host of the Mindfulness & Grief Podcast. She has a Master’s Degree in Thanatology and is a certified yoga therapist and meditation instructor. Heather is on…
E118 - Shivy Galtere - Love Loss Light
May 18 • 89 min
Shavinder Galtere, commonly known to her friends and family as Shivy, is a Celebrity and VIP Relations Consultant to fashion and lifestyle brands. After the passing of her mother Davinder Kumaran, less than a year ago, Shivy started @lovelosslight, an…
E117 - A Mother’s Day Episode with Darwyn and Shelby
May 11 • 72 min
This is a special Mother’s Day episode where Dr. Joshua Black interviews Darwyn Dave and Shelby Forsythia. In this episode we talk about our moms, the experience of facing this day when your mom is dead, and tips for those grieving on Mother’s Day. To…
E116 - Brent and Tina Birkhoff - Heart Strings
May 3 • 51 min
Brent Birkhoff recently received his Master of Science from Marian University in Thanatology, and is Certified in Thanatology from the Association of Death Education and Counseling. He and his wife, Tina, recently started Heart Strings by Legacy Leaders,…
E115 - Medea Chechik - The Garden
Apr 30 • 66 min
Medea Bavarella Chechik is the Best Selling Author of “Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open,” a Transformative Teacher, Transformational Facilitator and Leader, and a Master Coach. Medea is the Founder and Host of WeEvolve TV™, an online talk show, where she…
E114 - Judy Hinderer - A Series of Grief Dreams
Apr 23 • 72 min
Judy Hinderer is a wife and working mother. She has been fascinated and studied dreams for as long as she can remember. The dreams with her deceased father have been integral in her life and they came to her at very specific times. Even though she never…
113 - Jacqui Pagobo - The A+ Student
Apr 17 • 52 min
Jacqui Pagobo has suffered great heartbreak over the years after her brother, John Joseph “JJ” Pagobo, unexpectedly passed away from a longboarding accident and medical malpractice. This April will be his 10 year death anniversary, which she will be…
112 - Taz Ahmed - #GoodMuslimBadMuslim
Apr 9 • 63 min
Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed is an activist, storyteller, and politico based in Los Angeles. She currently is a Campaign Strategist at the Asian American new media organizing group 18MillionRising. She is cohost of The #GoodMuslimBadMuslim Podcast that has been…
111 - Monica Meade - Forgiveness After Loss
Apr 2 • 79 min
Monica Meade is currently working in private practice as a clinical therapist with Whole Balance Health, specializing in Grief, and Trauma therapy utilizing EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing), in Colorado Springs, CO. Monica’s pursuit…
110 - Update with Jade Black
Mar 30 • 52 min
In this episode we talk about where she has been the last 4 months, the new podcast logo, reflections on reaching over 100 episodes, and new events we are hosting.
109 - Rebecca MacDonald - Craft Love Craft Life
Mar 20 • 55 min
Rebecca MacDonald is a self-taught memorial jewelry artist working and living in Ontario with her husband and dog. Since immigrating to Canada 10 years ago, Rebecca has experienced loss many times as she moved throughout the country. Her Grandpa has been…
108 - Kevin Toolis - The Irish Wake
Mar 14 • 82 min
Kevin Toolis is a BAFTA winning film maker and writer of the acclaimed death guide My Father’s Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to Live, Love and Die. Toolis has reported on famines, wars and plagues all over the world for The New York Times and The Guardian.…
107 - Rachel and Hannah - So Dreamy
Mar 5 • 75 min
Rachel Leoman and her cousin Hannah Brown created the podcast So Dreamy (Twitter/Insta: @SoDreamySnack) with the intent of creating a safe and fun space for dreamers to share, hear, and discuss dreams of all kinds. They both have been interested in dreams…
106 - Jay Perry - My Dad Got Sick
Feb 28 • 79 min
As a full-time photographer from Canada, Jay Perry has travelled the country and beyond to capture the moments and memories that matter. Following a photo trip to Haiti in 2010, Jay discovered his passion for helping others. He has since dedicated his…
105 - Dr. Beth Allen (AKA Bif Naked) - Love All, Serve All
Feb 20 • 68 min
Dr. Beth Allen (AKA Bif Naked) is a prominent alternative artist, performer and songwriter. Throughout her remarkable career, Beth embarked on seemingly endless international tours, several feature films and multiple television roles, only to be struck…
104 - Heather Varner - Storms and Silver Linings
Feb 8 • 64 min
Heather Varner is an east-coast born and bred Canadian who moved to Ontario with her then-boyfriend (now-fiancé) after her mother died in 2014. In the 4.5 years since, Heather has dealt with her grief through therapy, faith, and plenty of writing. She has…
103 - Aditi Loveridge - Pregnancy Loss Healing
Jan 29 • 57 min
Aditi Loveridge is a Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and owner of Pregnancy Loss Healing. Aditi supports mothers in their journeys after pregnancy or infant loss. Her work includes supporting mothers who have recently experienced…
102 - Pennie Hunt - Green Love & Gratitude
Jan 20 • 52 min
Pennie Hunt is a speaker, author, and the President and founder of Journey Through, LLC. Her book is titled “Love Your Life-No Matter What - 76 Tips to Live Life with Love and Gratitude.” She also writes a weekly blog called “Writings From The Corner of…
101 - Grief Dream Recaps - E05
Jan 15 • 81 min
In this episode we recap some of the dream conversations we have had with guests since August 2018. This is episode 5.
100 - Update
Jan 1 • 74 min
In this update episode we (Joshua and Shawn) talk about reaching our 100th episode, Joshua getting his PhD, our new donation options, and plans for 2019. An article by Brock University discussing Joshua’s research -…
99 - Guest Update Episode - Darwyn Dave
Dec 21, 2018 • 45 min
This is our first Guest Grief Dream Update Episode with Darwyn Dave from Episode 18. In this episode we talk about his recent loss of his mother, his first grief dream of her, and preparing of the holidays. You can find more about Darwyn at…
98 - Devan Christian - Grieving Over The Holidays
Dec 17, 2018 • 68 min
Devan Christian is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. After experiencing many deaths in her own life, she pursued a career path in which she could support those who were experiencing their own grief and loss. Five year…
97 - Joe Agostinelli - Ultimo Gifts
Dec 16, 2018 • 56 min
While sorting through his father’s belongings, Joe Agostinelli found a letter that was written to him from his father before his battle with leukemia came to an end. The letter had a profound impact on Joe, detailing his father’s love and pride, as well…
96 - Jan Warner - Grief Speaks Out
Dec 8, 2018 • 59 min
Jan Warner is the author of Grief Day by Day: Simple Practices and Daily Guidance for Living With Loss. When her beloved husband Artie died nine years ago, she felt as though she had died too. To give her life meaning after the loss she started the Grief…
95 - Jess Etchemendy - Leathersmith
Dec 3, 2018 • 70 min
Jess Etchemendy formed 174 Supply Company, which is a discussion of how grief can be transformed through creativity. After the death of his brother, Jess’s trade has become the vehicle he uses to transform his grief. 174 was the motorcycle numbers of his…
94 - Gary Andrews - Doodle A Day
Nov 28, 2018 • 66 min
Gary Andrews is an illustrator and animator who worked on Fireman Sam and for Disney. After his wife Joy died of Sepsis in 2017, he started to doodle his grief and share it on social media. His social media now has a world wide following. In this episode…
93 - Rayne Benu - Orca Love Part 2
Nov 15, 2018 • 90 min
Rayne Benu is cinematographer of the award-winning documentary, The Hundred-Year-Old Whale and producer of Skaana- a podcast about orcas, oceans and the environment. A nationally published festival and theatre photographer, Rayne has a rich history…
92 - Mark Leiren-Young - Orca Love Part 1
Nov 14, 2018 • 66 min
Mark Leiren-Young is a playwright, screenwriter, journalist, satirist, director and author. His latest book, The Killer Whale Who Changed The World, is a national bestseller. He hosts the popular podcast Skaana and wrote and directed the award-winning…
91 - Haley Harris-Bloom
Nov 1, 2018 • 56 min
Haley Harris-Bloom works as a nurse in the emergency department. She enjoys the privilege of helping treat people during their most vulnerable times. After a series of close family and friends died Haley has devoted her time outside of work to researching…
90 - Sandra Roman
Oct 24, 2018 • 77 min
Sandra Roman is a Mother of 5 children, 1 of which is now an angel in heaven. Sandra has recently started a blog page called “Good Grief Relief” after losing her son Matthew, in 2016. In her blog she is offering support to other bereaved parents on their…
89 - Megan Devine
Oct 12, 2018 • 59 min
Megan Devine is a Pacific Northwest writer, speaker, and grief advocate. She is the founder of Refuge In Grief, a hub of grief education and outreach, where she leads people through some of the most devastating times of their lives. Megan is the author of…
88 - Barbara Morningstar
Oct 4, 2018 • 60 min
Barbara Morningstar began serving in the hospice field over twenty years ago. During that time she worked on staff at three different hospice societies within the province of British Columbia, Canada. Over her many years in the hospice field, Barbara has…
87 - Joanne McCall
Sep 28, 2018 • 60 min
Joanne McCall runs Media Positioning Consultations, which helps people to become Media Darlings. Her secret sauce is helping authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs position themselves and their books, deliver fantastic interviews, and capture media…
86 - Dr. Sameet Kumar
Sep 13, 2018 • 53 min
Dr. Sameet Kumar is a clinical psychologist who has worked with adults who have cancer as well as their caregivers and families for nearly 20 years. He specializes in palliative, end-of-life and bereavement care. His professional interests also include…
85 - Andy Zaremba
Sep 10, 2018 • 68 min
Andy Zaremba is a leader in the human consciousness and optimization communities. In 2013, Andy and his brother Mike, partnered to create the Float House franchise, Canada’s leading flotation therapy centres, which now have eight locations across Western…
84 - Orley Culverhouse
Sep 3, 2018 • 80 min
Orley Culverhouse is an accredited music therapist (MTA) and children’s program coordinator working in a hospice setting. Her work includes supporting children/youth and their families facing a terminal illness or death of a loved one, as well residents…
83 - Sheaya Biddle
Aug 29, 2018 • 75 min
Sheaya Biddle is a Spiritual Grief Coach, who helps grievers discover what they believe the afterlife to be, and teaches grievers how to connect with their loved ones in a way that feels calming and peaceful for them. After the sudden death of her mom,…
82 - Molly Schultz
Aug 23, 2018 • 62 min
Molly Schultz is a stay at home mom of 5 kids under the age of 6. Molly’s dad was diagnosed with pancreatic just a few months after her twins were born. Before he died, he signed over custody of his son (Molly’s half-brother) Easton to her. Molly recently…
81 - Isaac Taitz
Aug 18, 2018 • 64 min
Isaac Taitz is a graduate student in clinical psychology at Palo Alto University. Isaac conducted a study on the cultural differences of grief dreams. In 2012, Isaac won the Student Research Award from IASD on his honours thesis on lucid dreams in…
80 - Chelsey Gallant
Aug 9, 2018 • 50 min
Chelsey Gallant is a mother of 3 children. In 2013, both her father and best friend died. In this episode we talk about her grief and spiritual journey, sobriety, and dreams of her father and best friend.
79 - Update
Jul 31, 2018 • 20 min
In this update episode we (Joshua and Shawn) talk about Shawn’s first grief dream of his uncle, Paul McCartney’s grief dream he shared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, our new IG TV channel, YouTube page, and website layout. YouTube video of this…
78 - Grief Dream Recaps - E04
Jul 18, 2018 • 63 min
In this episode we recap some of the dream conversations we have had with guests since April 2018. This is Episode 4.
77 - Grief Dream Recaps - E03
Jul 6, 2018 • 44 min
In this episode we recap some of the dream conversations we have had with guests since January 2018. This is Episode 3.
76 - Serena Dyer
Jun 20, 2018 • 66 min
Serena Dyer has co-authored a book with her father, Dr. Wayne Dyer, titled Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You, and she is a contributor to Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and Positively Positive. She regularly appeared on stage with her father at…
75 - Reflections of Dad: Past, Present, and Future - With Darwyn Dave
Jun 13, 2018 • 44 min
This is a special Father’s Day episode where Shawn Ram interviews Joshua Black and Darwyn Dave.
74 - Sebastian Slovin
Jun 9, 2018 • 62 min
Sebastian Slovin grew up in the beach community of La Jolla, California, and spent much of his childhood in and around the ocean. As a young adult, he had the opportunity to travel extensively and experience many of the world’s great surf spots as a…
73 - Dr. Christopher Kerr
Jun 1, 2018 • 42 min
Dr. Christopher Kerr is the Chief Executive Officer & Chief Medical Officer for Hospice Buffalo. Dr. Kerr’s research examines patient’s dreams and visions at the end of life. The results of his studies generated enormous response in the non-medical…
72 - Rev. Andrew Vitale
May 23, 2018 • 53 min
Rev. Andrew Vitale is the Bereavement Coordinator - Spiritual Counselor for Northern Illinois Hospice. He has been working in spiritual and bereavement care for over 30 years. Additionally, Andrew is on the planning committee for International Conference…
71 - Dallas Shirley
May 20, 2018 • 53 min
Dallas Shirley is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who provides Children’s Counselling and Family Counselling for non-profit organizations. She currently works as the Children’s Services Manager at Abbotsford Hospice Society and a Grief Specialist for the…
70 - Skye Dyer
May 7, 2018 • 49 min
Skye Dyer a singer/songwriter who released her first album in 2014 called “Letting Go”. She has spent years touring on her own and with her father. The death of her father in 2015 changed her life immensely, not only in losing him as her father but also…
69 - Rami Shami
Apr 28, 2018 • 68 min
Rami Shami has been serving within Hospice Palliative Care for close to thirty years. He is currently involved in an innovative and exciting project with Journey Home Hospice, that will increase accessibility of Hospice Palliative Care services to…
68 - Natalie Proulx
Apr 24, 2018 • 73 min
Natalie Proulx is a licensed funeral director, who owns and operates Facing The Sun – Funeral Celebrant, Bereavement Support and Wedding Officiant services. She is on the board of directors for Bereavement Ontario Network and has completed multiple…
67 - Daniella Grsic
Apr 18, 2018 • 64 min
Daniella Grsic is a children’s author and Registered Early Childhood Educator with the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board. Daniella has published two children’s books entitled Deep Down Inside and Lucky Stars. In this episode we talk about…
66 - Christine Bergsma
Apr 14, 2018 • 59 min
Christine Bergsma is an award-winning screenwriter and course developer. In partnership with professionals in the fields of psychology and medicine, Bergsma created Journaling Through, a collection of Guided Self-Help Journals designed to help others…
65 - Rabbi Daniel Cohen
Apr 6, 2018 • 61 min
Rabbi Daniel Cohen has served in the rabbinate for over twenty years and currently serves as senior Rabbi at Congregation Agudath Sholom in Stamford, CT, the largest modern orthodox synagogue in New England. He is also co-host with Reverend Greg Doll of…
64 - Annah Elizabeth
Apr 2, 2018 • 56 min
Annah Elizabeth is The Five Facets founder and creator of The Five Facets Philosophy on Healing™. She is a guest lecturer, workshop facilitator, Continuing Ed instructor, published author, speaker, personal coach, and a dually-certified energy healer and…
63 - Barbara Gaughen-Muller
Mar 27, 2018 • 57 min
Barbara Gaughen-Muller, President of the United Nations Association (Santa Barbara Tri-County chapter), speaker, and co-author of Revolutionary Conversations. Barbara experienced unstoppable fires that raged for weeks throughout her community, only to be…
62 - Christopher Hall
Mar 17, 2018 • 75 min
Christopher Hall is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement. He is a psychologist who has developed a specialization in the field of grief and bereavement over the past 25 years. Chris has trained many health and…
61 - Mary Jo Heyen
Mar 12, 2018 • 65 min
Mary Jo Heyen, M.Ed., is a Natural Dreamwork practitioner and meditation practitioner. A most precious and humble part of Mary Jo’s dream practice is as a hospice volunteer, a dream specialist, exploring the dreams and visions of those dying in hospice,…
60 - Matthew Kocel
Feb 24, 2018 • 77 min
Matthew Kocel is a throat singer, sound healer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and recording artist with over 3 decades experience as a performer and multi-disciplinary healing arts practitioner. Accompanied by humble acoustic instruments and ancient…
59 - Justina Gioia
Feb 12, 2018 • 74 min
Justina Gioia is a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach and law of attraction expert. She works with both men and women who are experiencing issues in the realm of sex, love and relationships. In this episode we talk about her journey into her field,…
58 - Melissa Lyons
Feb 3, 2018 • 61 min
Melissa Lyons is the author of the picture book “I will Always Love You”. Melissa is passionate about comforting, healing, and cultivating a mindset that allows us to get the most out of our experiences. Her mission is to share the joy and freedom that is…
57 - Eileen Doyon
Jan 13, 2018 • 64 min
Eileen Doyon is an author. Her book series is called Unforgettable Faces and Stories. She has released seven books to date with her most recent being “Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings”. In this episode we talk about her writing career, the power…
56 - Grief Dream Recaps - E02
Jan 10, 2018 • 32 min
In this episode we recap some of the dreams guests have shared of their deceased loved ones. This is Episode 2.
55 - Grief Dream Recaps - E01
Dec 23, 2017 • 32 min
In this episode we recap some of the dreams guests have shared of their deceased loved ones. This is Episode 1.
54 - Update and Contest
Dec 13, 2017 • 68 min
In this update episode we (Shawn, Joshua, and Jade) talk about the journey this last year with the podcast, Joshua’s love for dreams, our next episodes, the contest, and what dream of the deceased we want to have this Christmas. Contest Details: Jade…
53 - Steve Leder
Nov 25, 2017 • 62 min
Steve Leder is the Senior Rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles and the author of such critically acclaimed books as The Extraordinary Nature of Ordinary Things and More Money Than God: Living a Rich Life without Losing Your Soul. He has just…
52 - Shelby Forsythia
Nov 16, 2017 • 56 min
Shelby Forsythia is an Intuitive Grief Guide and host of the podcast Coming Back: Conversations on life after loss. After her mom’s death in 2013, she became what she calls a “student of grief” and now writes, speaks, and teaches others about the…
51 - Brian Lehmann
Nov 9, 2017 • 55 min
Brian Lehmann’s photography career has taken him to over 30 countries around the world. Brian’s excitement and energy toward photography are displayed in the speaking engagements and workshops he teaches. Although most proud of his Fulbright scholarship,…
50 - Anna Seewald
Nov 2, 2017 • 68 min
Anna Seewald is the founder of Authentic Parenting®. She is a speaker, author and a parent educator. As a child she survived through a severe earthquake, but her young mom died (among others). She has been through trauma, pain, and a lot suffering. With a…
49 - Steve Morrison
Oct 19, 2017 • 59 min
Steve Morrison is an ordained minister and has officiated over 1200 funerals. In 2016 Steve launched his own business called Oh My Grief which provides information and resources to individuals, as well as education and training for professional…
48 - Diane Murphy
Oct 5, 2017 • 55 min
Diane is a Family Support Coordinator for DonateLife Queensland in Australia. She is an accredited Mental Health Social Worker with almost forty years of experience in counselling, employee relations practitioner, consultant, and mediator operating within…
47 - Robin Chodak
Sep 25, 2017 • 49 min
Robin Chodak is a Certified Grief, Life, and Spiritual Coach, a Certified Master NLP Practitioner and a Reiki Practitioner. Robin left her job as a computer software systems analyst for over 20 years after the suicide of her husband in 2005. Her journey…
46 - Mary Howe
Sep 11, 2017 • 44 min
Mary Howe is the Founder and Director of the not-for-profit business SonFlower Stables. Her success is focused on her ability to intuitively connect with the horses, and empathically connect with each participant of the various programs in an effort to…
45 - Dr. Tim Murphy
Aug 30, 2017 • 71 min
Dr. Tim Murphy is an associate professor of Psychology at Brock University; however, his path was not exactly straight. He was heavily involved as a drummer in competitive pipe bands and even won a world championship in 1987. After his math degree he…
44 - Allen Klein
Aug 18, 2017 • 55 min
Allen Klein is an award winning professional speaker and best-selling author of 25 books. A couple book titles include: The Healing Power of Humor, Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying, and You Can’t Ruin My Day. In this episode we talk about his…
43 - Cheryl Jones
Aug 9, 2017 • 50 min
Cheryl Jones is Manager of Professional Education at the Women’s Cancer Resource Center (Oakland, CA), where she developed, manages and teaches in their Continuing Education program. Also, Cheryl is the host of the radio show Good Grief, a grief…
42 - Bonnie Tompkins
Jul 30, 2017 • 40 min
Bonnie Tompkins holds a Bachelor of Public Health with a specializing in Palliative Care. She currently works with Pallium Canada as the Compassionate Communities National Lead, which has her focusing on mobilizing compassionate communities across Canada.…
41 - Justin Wren
Jul 20, 2017 • 49 min
Justin Wren left a promising mixed martial arts career to live as one with the Mbuti Pygmies in the Congo. Through his foundation, Fight for the Forgotten, and other benefactors, Wren helped the Pygmies secure their own land and drill wells to support…
40 - Jeannette Thompson
Jul 11, 2017 • 44 min
Jeannette Thompson works as a spiritual grief counselor and a workshop facilitator. Her life forcefully changed direction after the death of her son. During the next few years her search for answers turned into furthering her education. She trained as a…
39 - Rachel Gebler Greenberg
Jul 4, 2017 • 60 min
Rachel Gebler Greenberg is a writer, storyteller and Ambassador with One Legacy, the Southern California chapter for organ donation where she speaks frequently about death, grief and finding hope after loss. In 1999 she met and married the love of her…
38 - Nicole Meredith
Jun 26, 2017 • 44 min
After graduating from Canada’s National Ballet School, Nicole Meredith went on to complete both her B.A. and M.A. in English at the University of Toronto. Nicole currently works full-time in communications and marketing, and is a freelance editor and…
37 - Father’s Day Podcast with Darwyn Dave
Jun 16, 2017 • 48 min
Episode 37 is a special Father’s Day Podcast with Darwyn Dave. In this episode we catch up with Darwyn, get the scoop on a conference Joshua attended in La Crosse, Wisconsin (The International Death, Grief and Bereavement Conference), and Joshua and…
36 - Caitlyn Gallant
Jun 12, 2017 • 34 min
Caitlyn Gallant is currently working towards her Master of Arts in Psychology (Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience) at Brock University. The overarching goal of Caitlyn’s research is to aid in the prevention of mild head injuries and educate others…
35 - Mellie Fricker
Jun 7, 2017 • 39 min
In Episode 35 (with guest host Jade Black), we had the pleasure to talk with Mellie Fricker. After losing her grandmother in the summer of 2015, Mellie began exploring her grief. She has become passionate about living life to the fullest, which she…
34 - Jana DeCristofaro
May 29, 2017 • 44 min
Jana DeCristofaro (a Licensed Clinical Social Worker), is the Coordinator of Children’s Grief Services at The Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families in Portland, Oregon. She is also the host of the Dear Dougy podcast which focuses on opening up the…
33 - Patrick Beedling
May 21, 2017 • 50 min
Patrick Beedling works as a psychotherapist (with people who are recovering from motor vehicle accidents) and is the singer-songwriter in the indie rock project named Barbarosa ( In this episode we talk about our days in high school, his…
32 - Sharon Ehlers
May 11, 2017 • 55 min
In Episode 32 (with guest host Jade Black), we had the pleasure to talk with Sharon Ehlers. Sharon is the founding member of Grief Reiki® LCC. She is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® with the Grief Recovery Institute®, a Reiki Master Teacher, and an…
31 - Sabrina Must
May 3, 2017 • 62 min
Sabrina Must uses the written word to inspire others to be authentic and raw. She is the author of “Must Girls Love”, a memoir, and “Living Witnesses”, a Holocaust survivor series. In this episode we talk about her journey into writing, the death of her…
30 - J. Wesley
Apr 30, 2017 • 42 min
In Episode 30 (with guest host Jade Black), we had the pleasure to talk with J. Wesley (a prose poet). Much of his work aims to inspire while focusing on relationships from a male perspective. In this episode we talk about his journey into writing, his…
29 - Katie Faust
Apr 26, 2017 • 49 min
Katie Faust is a second year student in the MA program in Applied Health Sciences (Health and Physical Education) at Brock University. Her research explores the culture of grief in sport. In this episode we talk about her love for rugby, the death of her…
28 - Tania Joy Antonio
Apr 22, 2017 • 33 min
In Episode 28 (with guest host Jade Black), we had the pleasure to speak with Tania Joy Antonio. Tania is the Author of “THE AFFIRMATION STATION”. In this episode we talk about her book, affirmations, the loss of her father, and the dreams of him. For…
27 - Jessica Leung
Apr 19, 2017 • 54 min
Jessica Leung is a Chinese-Canadian singer-songwriter from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. She talks about singing the national anthem at the Toronto Raptors basketball games, her musical journey, and the loss of her grandparents. At the end of the…
26 - Update
Apr 14, 2017 • 20 min
Episode 26 is a quick update podcast with Joshua and Shawn. We talk about our goal to start releasing 2 episodes a week, our next update podcast (Q & A), and Shawn’s management style at work.
25 - Dr. Mari Dias
Apr 9, 2017 • 59 min
Dr. Mari Dias is a full professor in Counseling at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. She holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership and a Master’s degree in Counseling. Mari is a nationally certified counselor and holds certifications in both…
24 - Megan Brain
Mar 31, 2017 • 75 min
Megan Brain specializes in paper sculpture designs and has been primarily creating work for the Walt Disney Imagineering division. She has exhibited her work in galleries and her paper sculptures have been featured in children’s television shows (e.g.…
23 - Dr. Corrine Seeley
Mar 26, 2017 • 37 min
In Episode 23 (with guest host Jade Black), we had the pleasure to talk with Dr. Corrine Seeley. Corrine is a pediatric sleep specialist and sleep educator at Rebirth Wellness Centre and founder of Baby Sleep Solutions by Dr Seeley…
22 - Manolo Orellana
Mar 18, 2017 • 58 min
In Episode 22 (with guest co-host Jade Black), we had the pleasure to talk with Manolo Orellana (a member of the Grief Dreams Facebook Group). Along his journey he has lost many loved ones and has faced a considerable amount of obstacles. He has managed…
21 - Ashley-Ann Pereira
Mar 10, 2017 • 39 min
By day Ashley-Ann Pereira works for the Canadian Red Cross and by night is the Co-Founder of Dreams Inc. ( She is a Social Service Worker graduate from Sheridan College who loves working with youth. Giving back and empowering…
20 - Brian Boye
Mar 4, 2017 • 51 min
Brian Boye has been making independent films for over 15 years. He has to wrote, directed, and produced several award-winning films across a variety of genres. In 2011, Brian began work on his feature-length documentary “Famous Last Words,” spending four…
19 - Dr. Malvina Skorska
Feb 25, 2017 • 47 min
Dr. Malvina Skorska recently received her PhD in Psychology from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. The focus of her research is on the development of sexual orientation with a focus on more biological explanations. She is currently continuing…
18 - Darwyn Dave
Feb 18, 2017 • 42 min
Darwyn Dave is an IT consultant by day and a photographer by night who resides in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. In January of 2016 he started the “Dealing with My Grief” podcast as a way of chronicling his personal grief recovery process. To…
17 - Jenn Trussell
Feb 11, 2017 • 45 min
In Episode 17 (with guest co-host Jade Black) we had the pleasure to talk with Jen Trussell. Jen is a 5th generation Funeral Director. She became licensed as a Funeral Director in 2004 and currently holds a valid license. In 2012 she completed her Yoga…
16 - Update with Jade Black
Feb 4, 2017 • 24 min
In episode 16 we introduce our new guest co-host Jade Karling Black (from episode 3). We talk about a new grief dreams she had, the Koala Bear Challenge, and a dream Joshua received from a mother who lost her son.
15 - Caroline Drolet
Jan 27, 2017 • 41 min
Caroline Drolet is in the PhD program at Brock University with research interests in belief in a just world, victim blaming, hypocrisy induction paradigm, in/out-group biases, human rights, and prejudice. You can find her published research on…
14 - Kimberly Ryan
Jan 14, 2017 • 46 min
Kimberly Ryan works for Bereaved Families of Ontario in Hamilton (Ontario) as the Manager of Programs and Volunteer Services. Additionally, she holds weekend wellness retreats to bereaved moms ( and runs a festival called…
13 - Richard Hutton
Dec 24, 2016 • 36 min
Richard Hutton is a Reporter-Photographer for Niagara this Week, covering Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Richard has won a pair of Ontario Community Newspaper Awards for his work and has been recognized for his long-time commitment to the industry with…
12 - Mark Gowland
Dec 7, 2016 • 36 min
Mark Gowland is the founder of the largest colour festival in Canada called A MidSummers Dream ( It is a day of music, yoga, meditation, colour, and festivities.
11 - Update
Nov 30, 2016 • 80 min
In episode 11 we (Joshua Black and Shawn Ram) review the journey so far since starting the Grief Dreams Podcast. Shawn’s cousin (Justin Ram) sits in on the conversation.
10 - Dr. Kerri Michalica
Nov 22, 2016 • 30 min
In episode 10 we had the pleasure to discuss breath work with Dr. Kerri Michalica.
9 - Travis Hodges
Nov 4, 2016 • 53 min
Travis Hodges is in the PhD program at Brock University investigating stress in rats and the impact it has on the brain. You can find his published research on google scholar (
8 - Marybeth Haines
Oct 19, 2016 • 50 min
Marybeth Haines is an author, speaker, and educator on pet loss (
7 - Firoz Alam
Sep 20, 2016 • 60 min
Firoz Alam is the founder and president of We Foundation Bangladesh ( that provides education to 400 under privileged children of Bangladesh. He is currently at Brock University studying Social Justice and Equity Studies for his…
6 - Dr. Joan Olinger/Ruth Edgett
Aug 16, 2016 • 37 min
In episode 6 we had the pleasure to talk with Dr. Joan Olinger and Ruth Edgett who are writing a book called The Meaning Of Forever. They are currently looking for submissions of personal stories that showcase the soul living on after death (deadline is…
5 - Christina Walton
Jul 24, 2016 • 39 min
Christina Walton is a registered marriage and family therapist, funeral director, and the clinical director at Camp Erin Hamilton. You can find more information about her at
4 - Mojan Naisani
Jul 3, 2016 • 39 min
Mojan Naisani is in the MA program at Brock University investigating the effects that mindfulness has on well-being.
3 - Jade Black
Apr 30, 2016 • 63 min
In episode 3 of the Grief Dreams Posdcast we had the please to talk with Jade Karling Black (the editor of the Grief Dreams Website newsletter and co-author of 2 grief dream academic articles). Jade has authored her own book entitled Quiet Mind, Open…
2 - Ola Kiermacz/Chloe Rabideau
Apr 11, 2016 • 29 min
Note: This podcast was a last minute blessing so the audio quality is not the best due to ambient noise. We interview musicians Ola Kiermacz and Chloe Rabideau at Ola’s family chocolate store, located in St.Catharines Ontario.
1 - Introductions
Mar 20, 2016 • 33 min
In this introduction to the Grief Dreams Podcast, duo Joshua Black and Shawn Ram embark on their quest to provide comfort and fresh insight into the ambiguous world of death and dreaming about our loved ones, the grieving process and finding meaning (or…