Here for the Wrong Reasons

Here for the Wrong Reasons
A sexy new podcast giving you the most dramatic scoops and commentary on Bachelor Nation.

Is There Anyone Else Who Would Like Luke’s Rose Tonight? Anyone?
Sep 11 • 53 min
The party is coming to an end in Paradise (except for that poor kid’s birthday party that Dylan and Hannah crash).
Go Back to Your Fucking Van
Sep 4 • 56 min
Clay cracks under the pressure of having Angela around, while Matt Donald’s voice cracks.
John Paul Jones Doesn’t Go for Ketchup
Aug 29 • 65 min
The feathers fly when the whole gaggle gets together for the Goose’s wedding!
I Hope She Wasn’t at Stagecoach
Aug 21 • 66 min
Jordan and Christian throw down, JPJ and Chris throw up, and Nicole’s singing makes us want to throw up.
I Licked My Lower Lip and Your Jalapeno Rita Spice Still Lingered and Brought Me Such Joy
Aug 15 • 67 min
Dean and his mustache leave their van down by the river to join Paradise.
Aug 7 • 72 min
Always Beach Cam
Bonus Episode! Introducing Bachelor Happy Hour with Rachel and Ali
Aug 2 • 10 min
Check out our promo for the brand new podcast Bachelor Happy Hour with Rachel and Ali
I Was Cheesin So Hard
Jul 31 • 66 min
Hannah choose Jed, then dumps his ass thanks to the tireless, intrepid journalists at People magazine.
The Puke Show is Over
Jul 23 • 63 min
The Luke P. show is over, so settle in for two hours of the Luke P. show.
I Fucked in a Windmill
Jul 17 • 66 min
Peter is the windmill fucker, while Luke P is just a fucker.
Entangled and Caught Up in Sin of All Kinds
Jul 9 • 73 min
Did you guys know that Luke P. talked to God in the shower?
This is a Pile of Bologna
Jul 4 • 41 min
Luke P. turns to prop comedy in a moment worthy of Carrot Top.
That’s a Real Ding-Dong
Jun 28 • 58 min
Anna and Ryan are late to the party, but once again there’s no cocktail party.
I’m a Grown Ass Woman
Jun 18 • 50 min
It’s a fucking Bachlorette clip show.
A Big Ass Douche Canoe
Jun 13 • 53 min
Hannah finds that emotions are the most elusive thing about the Luke Ness Monster.
If I Had a Tail, I’d Wag It
Jun 4 • 49 min
It’s Luke P vs Luke S in the most boring rugby fight in history.
I’ve Got a Little Case of the Hannah Fever
May 28 • 50 min
Anna and Ryan learn what “Weird Flex but ok” means.
If You Need Help Tucking, We’re Here to Help!
May 22 • 72 min
A.B.C.: Annoyance backfires, Cam!
I Was Two Classes Away from Being a Dance Minor at Wake Forest
May 14 • 50 min
Tyler dances all over the competition, while the Box King gets dethroned.
A Gentleman Never Tells
Mar 13 • 59 min
Colton’s season concludes with two nights of drama that could have easily fit into one night.
He Just Jumped the Fucking Fence
Mar 5 • 64 min
The moment you’ve been living for has finally arrived: Colton jumped the fence!
You Don’t Microwave Relationships
Feb 27 • 63 min
Come for the clever commentary, stay for the scolding lectures on the patriarchy!!
In My Opinion, You’re an Idiot
Feb 19 • 61 min
Colton’s dad is the Underwood that America has been waiting for!
I Would Definitely Eat that Sushi Roll
Feb 12 • 62 min
Hannah G and Colton make out, Demi’s mom gets out, and Demi is just out.
Nicole is Literally a Psycho
Feb 5 • 48 min
Extra Extra! Elyse is a ghost, and Heather is a Duggar!
Where Did They Get These Leeches From? Are They FDA-Approved?
Jan 29 • 54 min
Hannah B. eats a fish eye, and swallows her pride.
I Don’t Want to Be Another One of Those Yo Ho Hos.
Jan 22 • 64 min
Hannah B feels befumbled, but she is not deceitful and manipulative - just freakin trust her.
It Isn’t Her Place to Touch that Unless He Gives it to Her
Jan 16 • 55 min
Sydney bangs pots and pans, but Demi’s the one causing the real ruckus at the cocktail party.
He Kisses Pretty Well for a Virgin
Jan 9 • 45 min
Two Hannahs and 28 other women compete for Colton’s heart in the MOST DRAMATIC PREMIERE EVER!!!
You Can’t Turn a Dick Into a Husband
Sep 13, 2018 • 63 min
Paradise comes to its shocking and welcome end.