Beyond the Surface Podcast™

Beyond the Surface Podcast™
Beyond the Surface is a Seattle-based personal development audio program hosted by Alonso Chehade.
023 | Steven Clough on Launching His Own Boutique Marketing Firm
Apr 24 • 39 min
Seattle-based entrepreneur Steven Clough shares how he started a boutique marketing firm, his approach to problem-solving, and the why behind his work.
022 | Tips to Prevent Procrastination, Learn Better, & Achieve Goals
Mar 21 • 35 min
A solo-round where I share some ideas I’ve written on productivity and performance. Explore how to learn better, prevent procrastination, and achieve goals.
021 | The Why Behind ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression with Dr. Merry
Feb 5 • 50 min
Dr. Merry, a Chiropractic Clinical Neurologist, talks about ADHD, anxiety, and depression; and how we can overcome these disorders with proper stimulation.
020 | From Employee to CEO with Manny Medina
Jan 6 • 53 min
Meet the CEO running one of Seattle’s hottest startups. Manny Medina, an immigrant from Ecuador, reflects back on what it took to make it to the top.
019 | Getting Ahead at Work with Margo Myers
Dec 7, 2017 • 50 min
Award-winning TV news anchor talks about her transition from news to entrepreneurship, and shares advice on personal branding and getting ahead at work.
018 | Traveling & Doing What You Love with Beth Whitman
Nov 5, 2017 • 62 min
Woman travel expert Beth Whitman talks about living a bold life and the tools and tactics behind her career as a business owner, author, and speaker.
017 | Harnessing the Power of Yoga and Meditation with Carina Terra
Oct 8, 2017 • 65 min
Finding Yourself Through Yoga and Meditation with Carina Terra
016 | Jorge Barón on Ditching Hollywood to Defend Immigrants’ Rights
Sep 5, 2017 • 56 min
The award-winning nonprofit leader talks about his famous father, working in Hollywood, his vocation to help immigrants in the USA, and the road ahead
015 | An Interview with Seattle TV Legend Enrique Cerna
Aug 8, 2017 • 23 min
Award winning TV host Enrique Cerna from KTCS9 talks about dealing with depression, what it was like to interview Bill Cosby, how he works, and more.
014 | Niveen Heaton: From Childhood Dream to Fashion Business
Jul 1, 2017 • 32 min
Niveen Heaton talks about leaving Venezuela, becoming a successful fashion entrepreneur, how she works, and her outlook on life as she continues to grow.
013 | Life Before and After Building a $120M Business with Gary Rubens
Jun 10, 2017 • 55 min
Angel investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Gary Rubens shares highs and lows and lessons learned from building a $120 million business.
012 | Discovering and Living Your Purpose with Justine Joslyn
May 18, 2017 • 42 min
Life coach Justine Joslyn talks about purpose. How to find it? When do you know you’re living it? And tools you can use to find the right answers.
011 | Former Homeless Mark Bennett on Turning His Life Around
Apr 6, 2017 • 16 min
Mark Bennett talks about having a son at 17, being homeless, and turning his life around to pursue a major in math at the University of Washington.
010 | Failing Fast to Learn and Succeed Sooner with Andy Karuza
Jan 20, 2017 • 30 min
Seattle serial entrepreneur shares how he built a seven-figure consulting business under 30 and the highs and lows of venturing into the world of startups.
009 | Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck with Jeff Lehman
Dec 29, 2016 • 49 min
Award-winning author and investor Jeff Lehman shares advice on buying or renting a house, saving and investing priorities, robo-advisors, and more.
008 | The Coming End of DACA with Shannon Underwood (Special)
Nov 16, 2016 • 51 min
A special episode in response to Trump’s pledge to cancel DACA. Award-winning immigration attorney discusses risks involved, fighting deportation, and more.
007 | Ross Reynolds on Life in Radio & Having Great Conversations
Oct 29, 2016 • 49 min
A conversation with award-winning radio host Ross Reynolds. We discuss the future of radio, asking great questions, how to get people to open up, and more.
006 | Luis Ortega on Overcoming Adversity and Becoming a Leader
Oct 24, 2016 • 46 min
An undocumented student turned social entrepreneur shares life lessons on overcoming adversity, becoming a leader, the power of possibility, and more.
005 | Importance of Grit for Sales Success with Ray Makela
Oct 7, 2016 • 22 min
In this interview, sales training expert Ray Makela talks about sales grit, top characteristics of gritty salespeople—and how to hire for them!
004 | Real Estate Career & Professional Networking with Lloyd Ball
Sep 18, 2016 • 69 min
Early in my career, I was living paycheck to paycheck. Yet you could find me attending red carpet networking events alongside local professional athletes, celebrities, and top movers and shakers from different industries. In this episode, my guest is one
003 | Keegan Hall on Launching His Art Career While Giving Back
Jul 29, 2016 • 76 min
Keegan Hall is fast becoming a well-known artist. In this episode, we reflect on his story of how passion is not something you “follow” but “cultivate” instead.
002 | Learning How to Learn with Ilana Guttmann
Jun 26, 2016 • 42 min
Alonso Chehade talks to learning and development expert Ilana Guttmann about how adults learn best, turning knowledge into new skills and behaviors, and measuring learning effectiveness.
001 | Public Speaking & Storytelling with Omar Rivas
May 20, 2016 • 39 min
Alonso Chehade talks to keynote speaker and presentation coach Omar Rivas about breaking into professional public speaking, incorporating stories into your presentations, and developing storytelling skills.