You've Got Issues (with Anna David)

You've Got Issues (with Anna David)
Anna David
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Being Asked When You Want to Pick Something Up Only to be Given Another Date
Feb 9 • 5 min
Here’s a scenario: we drop something off at an establishment (say, a dry cleaner) and are asked when we would like to pick up our linen shirt. We say a date. The dry cleaner, without acknowledging what we’ve said, announces it will be ready…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Notification Build Ups on Phones
Feb 2 • 5 min
Some people (say, Dr. Josh Lichtman) have tens of thousands of red notifications on their phones. Others (say, host Anna David) can’t have one without needing to immediately eliminate it. What does it mean for Anna (and the listener who wrote in with…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: People Who Take Pride in Being Late
Jan 26 • 5 min
It’s one thing to run chronically late. It’s quite another when someone runs late and then seems to relish in that fact. Some of us might choose to not hang out with that person and others may find this a unique quirk. Then there’s a subset of folks…
Writer Chris Brancato: People Who Think All Their Ideas Should Be Made Into Shows
Jan 22 • 31 min
When you do something in a creative field, you encounter a great number of people who believe they, too, should be working in that field. Sometimes these people assume that you have perhaps been waiting for a great idea to come along—something they…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: People Who Talk to You When You’re Wearing Headphones
Jan 19 • 5 min
We all know the person—either our mother or best friend or boyfriend or stranger at the gym who just takes up a conversation with us despite the fact that we’ve got something strapped to our ears which guarantees we won’t hear them. So why would…
Claire Titelman: People Who Ask for Favors Indirectly
Jan 15 • 34 min
Actor, writer and comedian Claire Titelman is an Andy Kaufman Award-nominated comedian based in L.A., recently named one of LA Weekly’s “Eight L.A. Artists and Art-World Figures to Watch in 2016.” She was a roundtable regular on Chelsea Lately and has…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: People Who Ask, “Can I Squeeze By?”
Jan 12 • 6 min
When we’re in a crowded spot and someone needs to move past us, they could either barrel on through or find another path. Or they could instead ask kindly if they could “squeeze” by. Why would someone doing something so polite irk a person?…
Writer Kristen McGuiness: Sponges
Jan 8 • 32 min
Writer Kristen McGuiness is the author of the LA Times bestselling book 5150: The Magical Adventures of a Single Life (which was optioned by CBS Cable with Alison Brie attached to star and Original Films attached to produce and which covered a year of…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Friends Who Walk Together on Sidewalks
Jan 5 • 6 min
You know it when you see it: that pack of gal pals chatting away as they take up the whole sidewalk, oblivious to the inconvenience they may be causing anyone else trying to walk in the same space. (Obviously, men can do this too but in this case, we…
Dr. Josh Lichtman: The Question Mark Text
Jan 1 • 26 min
Psychiatrist Dr. Josh Lichtman is a familiar voice to regular listeners, as he consistently lends his expertise to the Friday “5 Minutes on Your Issues” episodes. In case he’s new to you, know this: Dr. Lichtman is a Clinical Instructor at the UCLA…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: People Who Say, “Tell Me How You REALLY Feel”
Dec 29, 2016 • 4 min
Have all of us experienced the sting of sharing an opinion and being met with a sarcastic response? For anyone who hasn’t, here’s one of the more egregious examples: we’re passionately expounding on something we care about and the person we’re talking…
Danielle Stewart: People Who Talk to Other People While on the Phone
Dec 25, 2016 • 29 min
Writer and former stand-up comedian Danielle Stewart did the comedy circuit for many years—in that time, touring the country, hosting the AVN awards and appearing in the reality show Sex Box. She’s written for Us Weekly and Life & Style…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: People Who Don’t Say “God Bless You” When You Sneeze
Dec 22, 2016 • 6 min
We’ve all been there: we sneeze with people around. Maybe we say, “Excuse me,” maybe we don’t. Either way, we expect a certain response out of them—specifically, we expect them to say, “God bless you.” Well, sometimes they don’t. And one Issues…
Alison Rosen: People Who Respond “I Don’t Know” When You Email Them Questions
Dec 18, 2016 • 37 min
Podcaster, TV talking head and writer Alison Rosen has a career that spans the coasts: she launched into the cultural stratosphere when she was on staff at Time Out New York and began appearing on the Fox News cult hit Red Eye (spoiler alert: that’s…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: People Who Mispronounce Your Name
Dec 15, 2016 • 5 min
Many of us have had to contend with the fact that our names can be pronounced in a multitude of ways. Some of us just let people say our names however they damn well please while others of us correct them while still others just silently stew. An…
Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons: Overly Confident Men
Dec 11, 2016 • 39 min
Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons has done stand-up everywhere you’ve looked, from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to Late Show with David Letterman to Late Night with Conan O’Brien to Chelsea Lately. Then there’s his wildly successful podcast, Fitzdog Radio,…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Women Who Wear Animal Hats
Dec 8, 2016 • 5 min
You know the kind of women we’re talking about—those ones who are bopping around town in one of those hats with cat ears on them. Or maybe they’re wearing a wild and crazy other kind of hat, or shawl, or dress, or shoes. The point is that…
Comedian Doug Benson: Loud Talkers on Airplanes
Dec 4, 2016 • 40 min
Comedian Doug Benson needs no introduction but he’s getting one anyway: the host of the mega popular podcast Doug Loves Movies, he’s also (in no particular order) hosted (live, on TV and in podcast form) the also exceedingly popular Benson…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: People Who Post Short Recipe Videos
Dec 1, 2016 • 6 min
Listener Shawn is an authentic guy and he doesn’t post anything on Facebook that he doesn’t believe in, whether it’s about a book, a movie or food. And so he marvels at the folks who post those short recipe videos when they clearly didn’t make the…
Actress Mary Birdsong: Women Who Don’t Sit on Toilet Seats
Nov 27, 2016 • 40 min
Actress Mary Birdsong may be an award-winning theater actress (from her stint performing in Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me) and have been in the Broadway production of Hairspray but she is perhaps best known for playing Deputy Cherisha Kimball on Reno…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Cashiers Who Don’t Make Change Correctly
Nov 24, 2016 • 6 min
Whatever you grew up doing you’re going to be paying attention to and listener Michael is no different. As someone who once manned a cash register, he’s highly aware of how folks who currently man these registers do their job. Turns out that,…
Writer Claudia Lonow: The Expression “You’re Not Living Up to Your Potential”
Nov 20, 2016 • 50 min
Writer Claudia Lonow is a woman of many talents: she starred on Knots Landing as a teenager, did stand-up for many years (her step-dad Budd Friedman created the Improv in LA) and has created over five shows, including Rude Awakening, Less Than…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Strangers Who Ask Us To Take Their Picture
Nov 17, 2016 • 5 min
We now live in a world that many feel must be documented at every step (confession: my behavior indicates at times that I may be one of them). But it’s not all selfies, people; some folks out there approach strangers who happen to be standing nearby…
Writer and Comedian Fielding Edlow: People Who Say They’re From New York When They’re Not
Nov 12, 2016 • 48 min
Writer, actor and stand-up comedian Fielding Edlow is one of those triple threats you read about: her solo show Coke-Free J.A.P. killed at the NYC Fringe Festival and was developed as a half-hour pilot for Showtime. Her plays have been finalists…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: People Who Say “Um”
Nov 10, 2016 • 6 min
Oh, those little language quirks people have. Are we all not bugged by at least some of the things people say? [Among mine: “alls we have to do is [fill in the blank],” “all intensive purposes.”] Well, listener Patty has an issue with people who say…
Actress and podcaster Jamie Denbo: Obnoxious Celebrities in Yoga Class
Nov 5, 2016 • 47 min
I’m just going to blurt it out: I am thoroughly obsessed with Jamie Denbo’s podcast and I’m going to write here what I said throughout this episode which is if you’re not listening to Ronna and Beverly, stop what you’re doing and download it (yes,…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: People Who Drain the Office Coffee Pot
Nov 3, 2016 • 6 min
We’ve all experienced it at some point: we go into the office break room and some selfish soul has finished off the pot and left only the dregs. To add insult to injury, that person is calmly strolling out of the break room will a full cup of steaming…
Writer Natasha Vargas-Cooper: Women Who Talk About Sex Like They’re Guys
Oct 29, 2016 • 35 min
Writer Natasha Vargas-Cooper has accomplished more in 30 years than some do in a lifetime. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from UCLA with a double major in history and public policy, she started being published in such places as The New York Times,…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Elevator Etiquette
Oct 28, 2016 • 5 min
There are so many weird moments that can happen in an elevator. There are also a million tiny annoying moments that can take place. A listener brought up a few of them and Dr. Stephen Dansiger and I put on our analysis caps to get to the bottom of it all.
Episode 23: Actress Tara Lynne Barr: Limp Handshakes
Oct 24, 2016 • 49 min
There aren’t many 23-year-olds as self-possessed as Tara Lynne Barr. The Southern California-raised actress made a splash in the 2011 film God Bless America as well as in the David Duchovny-starring mini-series Aquarius. She did time on such shows as…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: People Who Put Their Feet Up in Movie Theaters
Oct 21, 2016 • 7 min
Lots of people have issues with feet. Well, this particular listener’s issue is with feet on movie theater chairs. What could cause someone to be particularly triggered by this? I consult Dr. Stephen Dansiger for the answer.
Author Carrie White: Manipulative Music in Movies
Oct 17, 2016 • 21 min
Author Carrie White has been called “the first lady of hairdressing” and for good reason: she’s cut and combed the tresses of everyone from Ann Margaret and Elvis to Sharon Tate and Elizabeth Taylor. And she did it all on roller skates (it was the…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Being Interrupted Mid-Sentence
Oct 14, 2016 • 6 min
No one likes to be interrupted mid-sentence but a listener has a real issue with it—which is why Dr. Stephen Dansiger and I went underneath the surface to try to figure out what could be going on (hint: it has a lot to do with fear) (but what doesn’t?)
Filmmaker/Comedian/Vine Star Jason Nash: People Who Use The Word “Narrative”
Oct 10, 2016 • 43 min
Jason Nash is a tough one to slap a label on. Yes, he’s the creator and star of the web series Jason Nash is Married. True, he has a million-plus followers on Vine. And—most relevantly right now—he’s also the creator of the just released movie…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Odd Numbers
Oct 7, 2016 • 5 min
Why does listener Hannah have an issue with odd numbers and things not being alphabetized? Well, according to Dr. Stephen Dansiger, it could have to do with the verbiage; who, after all, likes things that are odd?
Actor and Filmmaker Josh Radnor: People Who Say “You Look Tired”
Oct 3, 2016 • 46 min
Josh Radnor probably needs no introduction but you’re going to get one anyway: he wrote and directed the Sundance Audience Award-winning Happythankyoumoreplease and played Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother for nine years. He also wrote, directed and…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Slow Walkers
Sep 30, 2016 • 6 min
In this mini-episode of You’ve Got Issues, Dr. Stephen Dansiger and I analyze why a listener has an issue with people who walk too slow and how that might relate to an issues of control and fear of death.
Buddhist Author Noah Levine on Slow Talkers and Birkenstock Wearers
Sep 26, 2016 • 28 min
Author, counselor and Buddhist teacher Noah Levine is a legend in the Buddhist community—not to mention the recovery one (not to mention the world). The 45-year-old author of Dharma Punx and Refuge Recovery, among other works, got sober at the ripe…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Driving
Sep 23, 2016 • 7 min
In this week’s mini episode, I discuss 2 different issues from listeners that are both driving-related: one person’s issue with people who make u-turns wherever they want and another’s issue with various ways other drivers try to pass. Therapist…
Author Meghan Daum: Facebook Bragging
Sep 19, 2016 • 38 min
Meghan Daum is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author whose latest collection of original essays The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion, won the 2015 PEN Center USA Award for creative nonfiction. She is also the editor of the…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Chewing
Sep 16, 2016 • 6 min
In this week’s mini episode, I discuss a listener’s issue with chewing and, with the the help of Buddhist therapist Dr. Stephen Dansiger, attempt to find out what could be triggering it (we also get deep into my own issues with chewing and…
Journalist Mark Ebner: Cords That Are Always Breaking
Sep 12, 2016 • 29 min
Author and journalist Mark Ebner puts the F in fearless reporter. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, the guy who took on Scientology has gone on to publish seven books—including the New York Times bestselling Hollywood Interrupted, which he co-wrote…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Ross
Sep 9, 2016 • 5 min
In this week’s mini episode, I discuss Ross’ issue with people who go to sporting events and other places and don’t pay attention—and how it all goes back to his distracted father.
Writer Emily McCombs: People Who Imitate Your Laugh
Sep 5, 2016 • 22 min
Emily McCombs is an Internet famous writer, blogger, Instagram star, adopted mom of the cat that looks like Adam Driver (also adopted mom of an adorable TK-year-old boy, by the by). The first hire at, McCombs openly documented her life,…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Peter
Sep 2, 2016 • 6 min
In this week’s mini episode, I discuss Peter’s issue with people in stores who can’t just admit they don’t have the item he’s looking for—and the way it could get at his fear that they think he’s stupid.
Comedian Michael Kosta: People Who Text You Questions They Could Answer Themselves
Aug 30, 2016 • 34 min
Stand-up comedian and TV host Michael Kosta was a regular on The Tonight Show and Chelsea Lately (and no, he is not responsible for the fact that neither are around anymore). This very tall man has also been shows that are still around, like Conan and…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Marc
Aug 26, 2016 • 5 min
In this week’s mini episode, I discuss Marc’s issue with people who drive with their high beams on—and the feeling of unimportance that can instill in us.
Author Rich Roll: Being Upsold at Movie Theaters and Airports
Aug 22, 2016 • 36 min
Bestselling author, ultra-endurance athlete, plant-based nutrition advocate and sober guy Rich Roll has been hailed as one of the world’s fittest men. He also graduated from Stanford and Cornell Law and built up a successful law practice,…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Jeremy
Aug 19, 2016 • 5 min
In this mini-episode, I discuss Jeremy’s issue with people who are always in a rush—and how it may trigger this feeling that we’re all rushing madly toward nothing.
Stacey Woods: People Liking Things Ironically
Aug 15, 2016 • 45 min
Author Stacey Woods has been telling Esquire readers about sex for nearly a decade-and-a-half. But no mere sex columnist, she. The SoCal-raised brunette has also: –Played reporter Trisha…
5 Minutes on Your Issue: Anthony
Aug 12, 2016 • 5 min
In this week’s mini-episode, I discuss Anthony’s issue with people being late—and what could be underneath his problem with meetings that run just five minutes over.
Jemima Kirke: New Clothes Meant to Look Old
Aug 8, 2016 • 15 min
Actress and artist Jemima Kirke doesn’t need an introduction but you’re going to get one anyway: the unspeakably gorgeous 30-year-old Brit plays Jessa on Girls, a part that Girls creator Lena Dunham wrote specifically for her. Also an artist and…
Mary Patterson Broome: Being Rushed in Lines
Aug 1, 2016 • 30 min
Writer and comedian Mary Patterson Broome is not only the Senior Editor at (the world’s greatest site) AfterParty Magazine. She has also: –Written for Women’s Health -Appeared on Black Halo…
Richard Rushfield: People on Cell Phones
Jul 25, 2016 • 45 min
Journalist, author and editor Richard Rushfield is a man of many hats and even more opinions. Now the Editor-in-Chief of the entertainment site Hitfix, Rushfield has also: -Been a contributor to Vanity Fair -Is the written three books:…
Jim Norton: People Who Chew Pens
Jul 18, 2016 • 24 min
Comedian Jim Norton is the co-host of the immensely popular Opie with Jim Norton radio show (he replaced Anthony) and has been a regular on Leno, Letterman and Kimmel. He’s also hosted numerous HBO specials as well as an eponymously titled VICE show….
Mike Carano: Obnoxious Drivers
Jul 11, 2016 • 60 min
Podcaster, photographer, comedian and musician Mike Carano has been delighting listeners/viewers with his quirky take on everything he encounters through his web series Five Minutes with Mike (viewable on his YouTube…
Mishka Shubaly: The Expression “Everything Happens For a Reason”
Jul 4, 2016 • 57 min
Author and musician Mishka Shubaly isn’t only the author of seven bestselling Kindle Singles. (If you don’t know what these are, Google “Kindle Singles,” where you’ll also learn that almost all the publications who have written…
Jeff Roda: PJs on Planes
Jun 27, 2016 • 43 min
Screenwriter Jeff Roda is not someone who’s going to be bragging about his accomplishments. You will, in fact, have to attempt to drag them out of him—and you still won’t be successful at learning much. Everything about what he’s done career…
Fred Stoller: The Self-Importance of Skateboarders
Jun 20, 2016 • 42 min
Actor and writer Fred Stoller is a face you know well. He’s been an employed actor since the early 90s, having appeared on everything from The Drew Carey Show to Murphy Brown to Scrubs. In the past decade, he’s been…
Joel Stein: Adults Who See Superhero Movies
Jun 13, 2016 • 46 min
Writer Joel Stein is a man whose every word seems to be droll. In addition, he’s had a career many can only dream of (details of which are below). But, as we discover here, he’s not immune to petty issues. But first! Here are the Joel Stein…
Emily Morse: The “Are You Okay?” Text
Jun 6, 2016 • 40 min
Dr. Emily Morse is one of the world’s foremost sex experts. The star of Bravo’s Miss Advised, she also oversees the Sex with Emily empire, which includes: -A hit podcast –Products –Apps –Books –Regular appearances on…
Ben Mandelker: People Calling Attention to Themselves at the Gym
Jun 6, 2016 • 45 min
Writer and podcaster Ben Mandelker is an expert not only on television but also, as it turns out, gym etiquette. Before we get into that, here’s a list of Ben Mandelker facts to know: -His nom de plume is, occasionally, BSide -He founded a website…
Eddie Pepitone: Pens That Fall on the Ground
Jun 6, 2016 • 47 min
Comedian Eddie Pepitone may be the funniest and nicest man alive, an amazing description for a guy known as The Bitter Buddha. But it’s true! The subject of the documentary The Bitter Buddha, Pepitone has recorded a live comedy album, A Great…
Episode 0: You’ve Got Issues (with Anna David)
May 16, 2016 • 13 min
You’ve Got Issues (with Anna David) is a podcast where guests discuss the pettiest issues that irritate them and then attempt to find out what may be underneath each of these seemingly silly issues.