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Brain and biomedical details to improve diagnostic and treatment accuracy from global neuroscience experts
091 Deep Pregnancy Hormones Overlooked – Fura
Feb 16 • 00:48:05
Hormone challenges confound the lives of women far beyond pregnancy, from menarche into advanced years when hormones aren’t balanced correctly.
090 Stimulants Opiates & College Athletics – Teece
Feb 14 • 00:52:13
Stimulants and weight control come together too often in college athletic programs. Listen up as a Yale crew athlete tells us about his recovery
089 Music, Mind & Balance – Livingstone
Feb 9 • 00:32:28
Music is scientifically proven to make you smarter over a lifetime. In this CBJ episode, Kory Livingstone share is experience of why that’s possible and how to make it happen for children,
088 Life Lessons From The Fight – Powell
Feb 7 • 00:52:20
Life lessons from an advanced martial artist and teacher provide insights for synchronized self-mastery.
087 tACS Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation – Fisher
Feb 2 • 00:41:38
Chip Fisher explains tACS - how the FDA-cleared Fisher Wallace Stimulator provides effective treatment: depression, anxiety, TBI, PTSD, fibromyalgia & more.
086 Beyond Mental Stigma – Veny
Jan 31 • 00:44:28
Stigma matters start becoming significant at very young ages and can last as management issues up into corporate life as adults.
085 Inoculation – Vaccines & Autism – Heckenlively
Jan 26 • 00:41:27
Inoculation fallacies behind the diagnostic curtain of Autism Spectrum Disorder - politics, money, and the overt misrepresentation of vaccination facts by the CDC.
084 Neurohacker Insights – Mind Wellness & Emergence
Jan 24 • 00:55:33
Neurohacker insights provide a collective of fresh ideas, peer-reviewed science, and actionable methods to add the quality of our lives. Complex systems encourage precise thinking with global insights.
083 Fibromyalgia Migraines and Mind – Greenberg
Jan 19 • 00:40:54
Fibromyalgia Pain Matters: Fresh Connections Between Mind & Body - Think you’re traveling outside of the box? Prepare for a deeper dive from Dr. Greenberg.
082 Liver Insights For Brain Connections – Gaughran
Jan 17 • 00:43:33
Liver health is at the core of overall well-being & improves the quality of people’s lives. Regenerating damaged liver tissue prevents treatment failure.
081 Measure Personal Health – Tefft
Jan 12 • 00:43:30
Measure your personal details. When you eliminate nutrient deficiencies and excesses - and decrease toxic infiltration, a faster, more efficient metabolism develops.
080 Estrogen Menopause and Mind – Seibel
Jan 10 • 00:41:30
Estrogen imbalance, hormone assessments and treatment for menstrual dysregulation, estrogen dominance, and menopause specifically outlined
079 Anxiety Reconsidered – Daitch
Jan 5 • 00:41:14
Three anxiety subtypes - if you are a worrier, you suffer from one of these subtypes: cognitive, emotional and/or physical anxiety.
078 Creativity – Deep Brain Connections – Stephens
Jan 3 • 00:39:32
Creativity with brain synchrony takes us beyond current outdated reductionistic mind labels into the complexity of deeper, functional brain systems with balanced connections.
077 Addiction Treatment Evolves – Mele
Dec 29, 2016 • 00:32:48
Recovery treatment interventions based on the interesting, more cognitive techniques of DBT [Dialectical Behavior Therapy] and Motivational Interviewing.
076 Neurotransmitter Results Beyond Treatment Failure – Client
Dec 27, 2016 • 00:30:55
Neurotransmitter Results - Testing Balances Patient Care When patients have sufficient, targeted neurotransmitters for each medication to work on, the medications work better. ~ Chip Watkins Neurotransmitter Results - A Client Weighs In Mark Trail - Our…
075 Urinary Neurotransmitter Testing – Watkins
Dec 22, 2016 • 00:42:57
Neurotransmitter and endocrine details matter, and remain so cost effective. If you don’t look you can’t see. In this interview, Dr. Chip Watkins weighs in as a medical director of a large CLIA Certifed laboratory testing, in this case, neurotransmitter…
074 Beyond Bipolar Meds – Fidel
Dec 20, 2016 • 00:45:45
Explore Bipolar Recovery Beyond Medications We can become our true selves in the awake state when our minds drop our acquired thoughts and beliefs. When we lose the idea of ourselves, the mental concept of self disappears and we discover the true being of…
073 Answers For Complex Children Taylor-Klaus
Dec 15, 2016 • 00:31:54
Complex Children create parental complexity, puzzlement, and a learning opportunity for all of the family. The answers lie in the process of facing ever-changing reality with a different perspective.
072 Sensory Processing Disorder Maria Rickert Hong
Dec 13, 2016 • 00:38:19
Sensory Processing Disorder - SPD is not an official diagnosis. As a parent or practitioner, you’re left on your own to get help for a child whose issues you can’t quite understand - Start here at CBJ/072 for insightful next steps.
071 Alzheimer’s Dietary Guidelines – Healey
Dec 8, 2016 • 00:41:28
Alzheimer’s Dietary Guidelines Matter Brain research is rapidly emerging and I know that Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s is going to be a great start for a lot of people, because our collective understanding about brain health and overall health as it relates to…
070 Disability Recovery – Tscherne & Love
Dec 6, 2016 • 00:37:28
Disability recovery involves direct action with reality. Every one of us is on a journey that leads us into a labyrinth. The roads we travel on are not always straight; they have curves, bumps, and walls to climb, and travel is not easy.
069 How I Found Myself Dean Roberts
Dec 1, 2016 • 00:40:21
Stoic insights found in the classics underline the importance of improved self-awareness, as Roberts uses Stoic thinking to evolve his life perspective and improve his self-reliance.
068 Self Confidence Finkeldei
Nov 29, 2016 • 00:38:02
Self-confidence challenges can at first naturally present as a reasonable response to any struggles with change- to any next steps. And if we remain stuck in outdated responses the passage of time creates real compromises in life.
067 Brain Balance Body Recovery – McCusker
Nov 24, 2016 • 00:36:19
Body recovery begins with an insightful plan, an awareness beyond mind-labels for a foundation of integrated recovery between mind and body.
066 Psychiatric Emergency Insights Isaac Abraham RN
Nov 22, 2016 • 00:36:13
A psychiatric emergency more often than not creates serious issues for the patient, the staff, the hospital and the entire community. Preparation changes the liability.
065 FitShrink Dr Kelly Morrow-Baez
Nov 17, 2016 • 00:28:54
My FitShrink goal when I work with clients is not to get them to look like fitness models. I work primarily with women ages 45-60 who internally know they want to be healthier but feel lost with the how.
064 Emotional Freedom Technique Kai Ashley
Nov 15, 2016 • 00:36:16
EFT means “Emotional Freedom Techniques” and is a powerful self-help method based on research showing that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease. Clinical trials have shown that EFT tapping is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of…
063 Neuromodulated Sound Dr George Lindenfeld
Nov 10, 2016 • 00:47:24
Neuromodulation, defined by the International Neuromodulation Society as “the alteration of nerve activity through the delivery of electrical stimulation or chemical agents to targeted sites of the body,” is carried out to normalize – or modulate – nerve…
062 Audio Visual Entrainment David Siever
Nov 8, 2016 • 00:44:58
Audio Visual Entrainment is capable of producing situationally appropriate brain wave frequencies through the process of entrainment, the tendency of physiological processes to mirror environmental stimuli.
061 Autoimmune Fix Dr Tom O’Bryan
Nov 3, 2016 • 01:02:34
The Autoimmune Fix supports a gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free lifestyle. Based on his vast research, Dr. O’Bryan blows “fad diet” theories out of the water, exposing the truth that modifying your eating habits, can rid your body of dangerous…
060 Stutterer To Championship Mind – John Di Lemme
Nov 1, 2016 • 00:54:28
As a stutterer in childhood Di Lemme was told he would never speak correctly - now he lectures internationally on overcoming obstacles in business and life
059 Seizure Recovery Marc Hoberman
Oct 27, 2016 • 00:30:36
I wrote “Search and Seizure” to teach the lesson of not allowing your illness or problems to define you. I certainly must be more in tune with my brain and body to monitor myself even as an adult. Although I have not had a seizure in over 28 years, as an…
058 SPECT Brain Evidence Dr Joseph Annibali
Oct 25, 2016 • 00:37:12
SPECT Brain Evidence - Measured Functional Challenges I realized that practicing psychoanalysis and psychotherapy without having a firm grasp of how the brain works significantly interfered with my ability to help patients. ~ Joseph Annibali Dr.…
057 Residential Insights – Robert McCartney
Oct 20, 2016 • 00:38:45
Residential insights provide tools for family choice, for family evolution and for personalized care with children and adolescents who at first appear as treatment failures.
056 Hypnosis Insights William Shane
Oct 18, 2016 • 00:36:24
Self hypnosis works to support goal achievement in many walks of life. Here William Shane describes his transformation from lost, to stage hypnotist, to healing practitioner.
055 Positive ADHD Parenting Diane Dempster
Oct 13, 2016 • 00:30:07
ADHD parenting skills apply to any parenting situation. Self-discovery, and full awareness of context, the reality of your child’s developmental options, can help create improved, more responsible behaviors.
054 Oxytocin & Bonding Arlene Foreman
Oct 11, 2016 • 00:49:54
Oxytocin details matter. In this interview, Arlene discusses her interest in oxytocin and the biology of human bonding at every level.
053 Psychopath Insights Dianne Emerson
Oct 6, 2016 • 00:41:15
Psychopaths live with us & can enter our lives with destructive intent any time. Her interviews bring the reality of their perspectives down to a street level.
052 Aging Parents Kay Bransford
Oct 4, 2016 • 00:28:03
Aging parents often fail to recognize the need help and don’t accept it from their children. Our family worried for their safety and the safety of others. I had to learn how and when to step in to offer help.
051 Biology of Stress Dr Mary Wingo
Sep 29, 2016 • 00:46:48
Societies encourage stress. Ecuadorian culture, after a history of many stressful times sets a model for understanding the biology of stress.
050 ADHD Kids & Law Robert Tudisco
Sep 27, 2016 • 00:45:03
ADHD Kids may meet legal challenges on many levels, from school issues to specific criminal activities. Robert Tudisco carefully explains multiple levels of intervention.
049 Prescription Drug Problems Dr Ruhling
Sep 22, 2016 • 00:28:52
Prescription drugs often treat the symptoms but may miss the causes.
048 Chronic Pain Recovery Daniel Twogood
Sep 20, 2016 • 00:40:23
Chronic pain insights provide timely, new awareness because we now have an epidemic of addiction and death caused by opioids.
047 Food Addiction Glenn Livingston
Sep 15, 2016 • 00:40:05
Overcome food addiction: Disillusioned by what traditional psychology had to offer overweight individuals suffering from food addiction, he researched the nature of binging and overeating via work with his patients and a self-funded research program with…
046 Music Heals – Alex Doman
Sep 13, 2016 • 00:34:57
How music heals: Your brain has a natural ability to physically change itself by creating new pathways and connections in response to your experiences - this is called neuroplasticity.
045 Friendship Ends – Dumped Recovery Livingston
Sep 8, 2016 • 00:37:45
Loss of adult friendship can prove devastating. Until now that loss, that transition from friendship to alone did not find serious coverage, especially from an expert in relationship management.
044 Whole Foods & Brain Function Denise Thunderhawk
Sep 6, 2016 • 00:38:56
Whole foods embrace only a part of a more comprehensive view of brain and body healing based upon ancient Chinese medical insights.
043 Politics News & Psychology – Post 9-11- Rossi
Sep 1, 2016 • 00:30:30
Political change oversights - Even those that are dismissing anything said about Trump, those who were planning to vote for him, may now be questioning him his mental stability because he is just going too far.
042 Biomedical Markers Bipolar & Schizophrenia Dr Walsh-3
Aug 30, 2016 • 00:51:28
Dopamine elevation matters in schizophrenia, and most current antipsychotic medications aim at lowering activity of this neurotransmitter. Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach for schizophrenics with different brain chemistry.
041 ADHD Recovery Melissa Hood
Aug 25, 2016 • 00:51:50
ADHD Recovery takes time, persistence and planning. Self-mastery brings self-esteem, improved self-confidence and now Melissa Hood plans to teach others how to make those improvements happen on a personal level.
040 Geriatric Depression Dr Gary Moak
Aug 23, 2016 • 00:32:03
Geriatric depression - denied and overlooked. Dr. Moak addresses the impact of denial & depression on specific geriatric health problems and explains how untreated geriatric depression doubles the chances of more severe illnesses such as diabetes.
039 Epigenetic Change Autism & Cancer Dr John Morrow
Aug 18, 2016 • 00:38:22
Epigenetic change influences health and disease - it’s time now to share these discoveries with lay audiences to help address the social and political implications of our collective experience of profound epigenetic change.
038 Hypnosis, Synthesis and Recovery Dr John McGrail
Aug 16, 2016 • 00:42:16
Hypnosis informs Synthesis; integrating modern science with tools, techniques, methods and traditions more spiritually oriented - the old ways - to help Western thinkers rediscover their personal power and thrive in what has become a very energetically…
037 Neurotoxins & World Economics Dr Chris Martenson
Aug 11, 2016 • 00:39:00
Neurotoxins inform the future - Economy, Energy and the Environment (the “Three Es” as Chris calls them) now shape the future.
036 Clutter To DeClutter Alison Kero
Aug 9, 2016 • 00:28:07
Clutter explored - the meaning and the cure. Clutter isn’t just physical; it’s emotional and spiritual as well. Stuff has meaning.
035 Adolescent Harmony Dr Jennifer Freed
Aug 4, 2016 • 00:31:47
Improve adolescent self-management - conclusive results for Freed programs move the dial for our youth regarding social and emotional learning, intervening with bullying, and feeling more joy in their lives
034 Copper & Kryptopyrrole Dr William Walsh-2
Aug 2, 2016 • 00:52:50
Copper-overloaded depressives usually report that serotonin-enhancing antidepressants provide an improvement in moods, but they worsen anxiety and don’t solve the anger.
033 Metadarwinism & Hologenomic Evolution Dr Bill Miller
Jul 28, 2016 • 00:38:24
Metadarwinism - it’s about reconsidering Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” as an old process that pales into insignificance when compared to the love that microbiota and evolution through communication vs competition.
032 Nutrient Specifics Matter Dr Art Capperauld
Jul 26, 2016 • 00:34:48
Nutrient specifics change the tide of misunderstanding and misinformation. In this episode, he spells out meaningful differences that can improve longevity and diminish inflammatory corruption.
031 Combat Stress Recovery Dr Bart Billings
Jul 21, 2016 • 00:37:35
Combat Stress includes a variety of issues, a complexity overlooked with multiple identifiable contributions, each with specific treatment protocols.
030 ADHD Brain Hacks – Alan Brown
Jul 19, 2016 • 00:42:38
ADHD Brain Hacks change your self assessment and your recovery strategies through specific informed actions that build upon each next step over time.
029 Pam Stokes-Eggleston – Yoga For Stress Recovery
Jul 14, 2016 • 00:34:29
Yoga Insights - Stress Anywhere: It wasn’t until my husband was injured in Iraq and began recuperating at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, that I understood the deeply personal significance of this new challenging reality, and fully recognized how…
028 Dr Lawrence Afrin – Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
Jul 12, 2016 • 00:51:03
Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Answers - If you care about chronic, refractory treatment failure, both medical and psychological/psychiatric - you absolutely must first listen to this introductory CBJ/028 interview with Dr Afrin, then you must read his…
027 Kayt Sukel – Manage Change and Risk
Jul 7, 2016 • 00:37:14
Risk and Mind Science - Kayt Sukel, as a neuroscientist, knows about risk, as she often addresses taboo, risky subjects in her writing, including love, sex, out of body experiences, and adventurous single mother travel.
026 Dr Rick Malter HTMA Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
Jul 5, 2016 • 00:39:07
Hair Tissue Minerals can improve treatment interventions. Malter’s unique perspective on the relationship between HTMA and specific psychological presentations provides an additional, treatable perspective to otherwise refractory, treatment failure,…
025 Dr William Walsh Methylation Insights
Jun 30, 2016 • 00:52:39
Measure Methylation - it’s a biochemical process of extraordinary importance in human functioning. Methyl groups participate in dozens of chemical reactions in the body and brain that are essential to physical and mental health, from autism to cancer,…
024 Dr Mark Bertin Mindful Parenting ADHD
Jun 28, 2016 • 00:30:16
Mindful parenting practice supports both parent and child. External structural consistency, devoid of unbalanced affect helps; and an internal, balanced, mindful parenting process improves long term developmental outcomes from within.
023 Aaron Wayne Duke – Beyond The Bully
Jun 23, 2016 • 00:42:56
Wayne Stops Bully: Wayne looked good, he didn’t feel good inside. Later in life, surprisingly late, he came to the conclusions he shares in this /023 interview. Here he reports on specific ways to manage bully behaviors.
022 Nancy Virden Back From Suicide
Jun 21, 2016 • 00:37:10
Suicide Lessons - Nancy’s Near Death Perspective Brings Both Hope And Recovery Plans
021 Cathy Smith – Client Self Discovery
Jun 16, 2016 • 00:30:42
Self Discovery Process: This is the first Episode at CBJ to interview a successful client, on her new path. It’s always interesting to hear both sides of the story, and we appreciate Cathy pitching in to give others hope.
020 Amy McCae – Relationship Coach Reports On Recovery
Jun 14, 2016 • 00:29:24
Recovery from chronic illness: Amy tells how it was in the past and how it is for her today. She was lost, studied fresh details and now actively helps others find balance - in relationships with others and themselves.
019 Dorothy Kuhn Rethinking Dementia
Jun 9, 2016 • 00:34:59
Dementia Shock: What to do when your brain stops working effectively in mid life - when you thought those signs of deteriorated thinking just didn’t matter. This an example of exactly what to do if surprised with cognitive decline.
018 Dr Dean Howell NeuroCranial Restructuring
Jun 7, 2016 • 00:37:34
Neurocranial Restructuring Works: A well trained practitioner now moves the bones in the skull for fresh recovery options: TBI to Avoiding Plastic Surgery. Listen to what he thinks about correctly moving the suture joints in the cranial vault in this…
017 Jeff Copper – Measure ADHD & Executive Function
Jun 2, 2016 • 00:38:17
Jeff Teaches Measurement - His international reputation for asking important questions, for providing an interesting forum to discuss the vagaries of ADD/ADHD diagnosis and treatment, is nothing less than exemplary