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Kanata’s Castle #69: Road to The Rise of Skywalker: Leia: The Plan All Along
Nov 19
It’s that time again! Yes, the Castle is ready to begin the “Road to The Rise of Skywalker.” And up first is Leia. Princess Leia. General Organa. Whichever name you choose, she’ll always be royalty to Maz and patrons of Kanata’s Castle.
Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #617: Hiatus 16-Guardians of the Galaxy
Nov 18
Behold, your “Guardians of the Galaxy!” This was Marvel’s cinematic introduction to Star-Lord and his band of misfit teammates that changed the MCU in a big way. Our analysis continues on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
Podcast Stardust #18: From Beneath
Nov 18
Star Wars: Resistance returns with another episode. On the latest show, Dennis and Jay discuss Kaz’s adventure to get fuel and avoid a dragon.
TechnoRetro Dads: The Holiday Special Strikes Back at the Mandalorian on Life Day
Nov 17
On the forty-first anniversary of the one-and-only broadcast of The Star Wars Holiday Special, shazbazzar, JediShua, and Chris Luby celebrate Life Day with a recently rediscovered promo for the Holiday Special sequel as well as an extensive discussion of…
ARGcast #184: Running Wild in the Fatal Fury Franchise w/ Andre
Nov 15
Put on the iconic hat and join us with Andre Tipton as we celebrate the Fatal Fury franchise from the original title to Garou: Mark of the Wolves!
Blurrgs and Blasters: The Mandalorian, Chapter 1 (Brews and Blasters 233)
Nov 15
The Mandalorian is here and man oh man, it did NOT disappoint! So many blurrgs, so many blasters, so much action and a twist ending that made our jaws hit the floor.
Podcast Stardust #17: The Mandalorian Chapter 1
Nov 15
At long last, The Mandalorian has arrived with Disney+. On this episode, we’re reviewing the first offering from the new live-action Star Wars series.
Podcast Stardust #16: Ultimate Rock Opera Space Soap
Nov 15
The week was dominated by The Mandalorian, but there was other Star Wars news. We go over recent stories on the latest fully armed and operational podcast.
Beltway Banthas #76: Kennedy & Resistance Reborn
Nov 14
Stephen Kent and Kennedy talk about everything from Luke vs Han, Jar Jar and the Leia bikini to U.S. foreign policy and Deadliest Catch.
Podcast Stardust #15: World Between Worlds – November 2019
Nov 13
Jay is back with new Star Wars fashion and lifestyle products in the November edition of World Between Worlds.
The Deucecast Movie Show #404: Favorite Military Battle Scenes
Nov 13
We honor our military this week with a discussion of favorite military battle scenes in movies.
Podcast Stardust #14: The Engineer
Nov 11
The fully armed and operational podcast takes a look at what happens when the Colossus rescues a mysterious engineer stranded in space in the latest episode of Star Wars: Resistance.
TechnoRetro Dads: Puff the Magic Dragon in the Land of the Living Lies
Nov 11
The Roving Spoonster eats his cereal, Puff the Magic Dragon eats Sandy’s homework, and the TechnoRetro Dads get ready for the Disney+ feast on November 12.
Animanicast 164: Remembering Gordon Bressack with Charles M. Howell IV
Nov 10
Charles M. Howell IV joins the Animanicast to talk about the life of Gordon Bressack and their collaboration on Animaniacs.
DorkLair #113: Ogre (Mythic Legions Kkurzog)
Nov 10
After a few weeks downtime, the DorkLair is back to deliver all your action figure fun! It’s been a bit, so the hosts have some collection updates to share. The feature figure this week is the Mythic Legions Kkurzog giant-scale figure from the Siege at…
Green Justice #804: Present Tense
Nov 9
It makes the “Present Tense” when Mia and her team appear in the bunker with Team Arrow in the present-day, but not as much as telling them how bad things are in the future on Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast!
ARGcast #183: Celebrating Hideo Kojima w/ Tony and Emilio
Nov 8
Join us with our buddies Tony Polanco and Emilio Lopez from The Throwdown Show as we look back and celebrate the games and career of Hideo Kojima.
Scarlet Velocity #605: Kiss Kiss Breach Breach
Nov 8
Experience a “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” episode as Cisco investigates the mysterious death of his former love while Barry and Iris are on vacation on Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast!
Podcast Stardust #13: Your Name Will Be Legendary
Nov 8
Another week closer to The Mandalorian, and there are plenty more announcements. We’re covering it all in this week’s fully armed and operational podcast covering Star Wars news.
Previously On LOST 10: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Nov 7
Sometimes, the choices that are made are tough choices. They can be even more difficult if daddy issues are involved. But, according to Jack, all the best cowboys have daddy issues. Join Mike, Kory and Steven as they take a look at episode 10 of LOST and…
Podcast Stardust #12: Rogue One Revisited
Nov 6
We return to the first Star Wars Story and discuss Rogue One, its impact on A New Hope, our favorite scenes, shots, moments, and more.
The Deucecast Movie Show #403: ReFlicktions Reboot
Nov 6
Another month and more ReFlicktions of the movies seen this month including a few reboots featuring a Terminator and Jay and Silent Bob.
Brews and Blasters 232: Igloo Cooler Action Figure Storage
Nov 5
We’re digging deep into listener feedback, as well as deep into our Star Wars Igloo Coolers as we contemplate if they should be stored with beers, subs, or figures.
Kanata’s Castle #68: One Last Look and Reactions to The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer
Nov 5
Becca and Devon are ready to get way too extra with their initial reactions to the final trailer of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but first, they go over the latest in Star Wars News and announcements.
Podcast Stardust #11: Hunt on Celsor 3
Nov 4
The latest fully armed and operational podcast asks, “Who knew the jakoosk was so tasty?” while discussing episode 4 of season 2 of Star Wars: Resistance.
TechnoRetro Dads: Dogs, Disney+, and Discussion of The Rise of Skywalker
Nov 4
JediShua got a dog, shazbazzar might get free Disney+, both of the ‘Dads have dogs now, and Star Wars dominates the discussion with speculations about The Rise of Skywalker based on the voice-overs from the final trailer.
Green Justice #803: Leap of Faith
Nov 2
Oliver takes a “Leap of Faith” on Nanda Parbat as he works with Thea to find answers about the Monitor on Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast!
ARGcast #182: Wandering in World of Warcraft w/ AbsoluteKaty
Nov 1
Twitch streamer AbsoluteKaty joins us to share her love for all things World of Warcraft right before BlizzCon 2019 kicks off!
Podcast Stardust #10: The Mandalorian Trailer
Nov 1
The latest fully armed and operational episode of Podcast Stardust dissects the last trailer for The Mandalorian.
Scarlet Velocity #604: There Will Be Blood
Nov 1
“There Will Be Blood” when the Flash finally discovers that Ramsey Rosso’s meta powers are turning him into a killer on Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast!
Beltway Banthas #75: Welcome to the Rebellion
Oct 31
Michael and Stephen discuss how Star Wars can inspire a young, new-left movement to confront the most pressing issues of the day for progressives: capitalism, income inequality, climate, nationalism and more.
Podcast Stardust #9: Dark Lord of the Sith
Oct 30
The latest episode of Podcast Stardust goes to the dark side to discuss some of Darth Vader’s biggest moments across the Star Wars canon.
The Deucecast Movie Show #402: The Villains Halloween Tourney
Oct 30
It’s Halloween so what better way to celebrate than to continue the Greatest Movie Role Ever Tournament but with a villainous twist.
ARGcast Mini #32: From NES to Switch in Haunted Halloween ’86
Oct 29
Tim Hartman of Retrotainment Games comes back on after 3 years to chat about Haunted Halloween ‘86 going from NES homebrew to Nintendo Switch release!
Podcast Stardust #8: Live Fire
Oct 29
This fully armed and operational episode of Podcast Stardust focuses on episode three of season two of Star Wars Resistance: Live Fire.
Podcast Stardust #7: The Saga Ends…The Story Lives Forever
Oct 29
The fully armed and operational podcast turns its attention to the “Final Trailer” for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
Podcast Stardust #6: What is the Dark Side?
Oct 29
We are asking, “What is the Dark Side of the Force?” on this fully armed and operational episode of Podcast Stardust.
Podcast Stardust #5: A Quick Salvage Run
Oct 29
This fully armed and operational episode of Podcast Stardust focuses on episode two of season two of Star Wars Resistance: A Quick Salvage Run.
Podcast Stardust #4: Future Jedi?
Oct 29
Join Dennis and Jay for another fully armed and operational episode of Podcast Stardust as they cover recent Star Wars news.
Podcast Stardust #3: World Between Worlds
Oct 29
On the latest fully armed and operational podcast, Jay debuts “World Between Worlds”: a look at the latest Star Wars fashion and lifestyle offerings.
Podcast Stardust #2: Into the Unknown
Oct 29
On another fully armed and operational episode of Podcast Stardust, Dennis and Jay review and discuss the season premiere of Star Wars: Resistance.
Podcast Stardust #1: Fully Armed and Operational
Oct 29
On the debut episode of their fully armed and operational new show: Podcast Stardust, Dennis and Jay discuss Kevin Feige producing a Star Wars movie and other recent Star Wars news.
TechnoRetro Dads: Trick-or-Treat with RetroZap Friends
Oct 28
Trick-or-Treating is a time when people dress up in outfits they wouldn’t wear any other time, beg for free food (even if they don’t need it), and act absolutely crazy without anyone thinking they need to be locked up. Don’t you just love Halloween?
Brews and Blasters 231: The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer
Oct 27
You’ve heard the rest, now hear the podcast that talks about throwing chairs because we’re so psyched to see The Rise of Skywalker!
Animanicast 163: Animaniacs Reboot News and New Questions!
Oct 27
The hosts of the Animanicast discuss some recent Animaniacs Reboot News as well as some new questions and concerns!
Green Justice #802: Welcome to Hong Kong
Oct 26
“Welcome to Hong Kong” where the Triad, the government, and the Monitor want a scientist named Wong and it’s up to Green Arrow to sort it all out on Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast!
ARGcast #181: Whipping It in Castlevania w/ Andrew Moretti
Oct 25
We whip it good with special guest Andrew Moretti talking about one of his all-time favorite gaming franchises Castlevania!
Scarlet Velocity #603: Dead Man Running
Oct 25
Is Barry just a “Dead Man Running,” or is there something he can do to prevent the destiny that the Monitor has given him? This week on Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast!
Previously On LOST 9: Raised By Another
Oct 24
Some people are raised by others while some are raised by a group of LOST strangers. Whatever the case, you cannot be Raised By Another. Join Mike, Kory and Steven as they take a look at episode nine of LOST and hope their name is on the manifest! Don’t…
The Deucecast Movie Show #401: The DCMS Virtual Film Festival Pt 2
Oct 23
This will be a day long remembered when a Podcast born of friendship and and an excuse to hang out and talk recorded it’s 401st episode of movie goodness.
Kanata’s Castle #67: The Road to The Rise of Skywalker: Palpatine Returns
Oct 22
In this episode, Becca and Devon discuss all things Palpatine, from Star Wars: Darth Plagueis, the Sith Observatory on Jakku, and of course, Operation Cinder.
Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #616: Hiatus 15-Thor: The Dark World
Oct 21
Return to Asgard in “Thor: The Dark World” and see our hero battle the Dark Elf Malekith and secure the Aether, while working on his relationship with Jane. We continue our analysis of the MCU on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
TechnoRetro Dads: Space Camp with JediShua and Scary Robots
Oct 21
JediShua reveals the behind-the-scenes truths of Space Camp after his recent experience in Huntsville while shazbazzar was rockin’ with Cheap Trick in Montgomery. It’s all Alabama this week! And then there are those scary robots. But we really shouldn’t…
DorkLair #112: Matteman (Mezco NYCC Batman Sovereign Knight)
Oct 20
The whole gang is together again to discuss the latest in action figure collecting news. The hosts discuss their recent pickups and as well as a bunch of announcements. The feature figure this week is the One:12 Collective Mezco NYCC Batman Sovereign…
Brews and Blasters 230: Triple Force Friday Fallout Part Two: Never Ending NeedEm GotEm
Oct 19
This is it: the epic NeedEm GotEm conclusion to four years of Triple Force Friday merchandise rollouts. Join us to open up a massive amount of Black Series and Vintage Collection figures, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.
Brews and Blasters 229: Triple Force Friday Fallout Part One: Tabasco Whiskey and Woe
Oct 19
Triple Force Friday—what happened?! Hear the adventures of two Star Wars collectors as they battle the forces of apathy and botched retail rollouts.
Green Justice #801: Starling City
Oct 19
Arrow returns for its final season in “Starling City” as Oliver begins a quest on Earth-2 and his final destiny in service of the Monitor on the season premiere of Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast!
ARGcast #180: Getting Sexy in Dead or Alive w/ MegaDaffy
Oct 18
ARGcast patron MegaDaffy joins us again to chat about all things Dead or Alive from the mainline series to the beach volleyball games!
Scarlet Velocity #602: A Flash Of The Lightning
Oct 18
Barry runs like “A Flash of the Lighting” into the future-to-be as he seeks answers to his tragic destiny in the coming Crisis on Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast!
Beltway Banthas #74: Star Wars in the Middle Kingdom
Oct 17
Have Disney and Star Wars made questional compromises to do business in China? In the wake of the NBA-Hong Kong controversy, no better time to discuss!
The Deucecast Movie Show #400: The DCMS Virtual Film Festival Pt 1
Oct 16
This will be a day remembered when a Podcast born of friendship and and an excuse to hang out and talk recorded it’s 400th episode of movie goodness.
Kanata’s Castle #66: Execute Episode 66!
Oct 15
In this episode, Kanata’s Castle executes its 66th show! Well, perhaps “executes” isn’t exactly the right word, but still, Becca and Devon go over some of the worst things imaginable to happen in Star Wars. But first, your hosts go over a bit of Star Wars…
TechnoRetro Dads: The Long Lineage of the Addams Family
Oct 14
From Charles Addams’s comic strip featuring a gothic family in the 1930s to the creepy, kooky television show in the ’60s to the new movie in theaters this weekend, The Addams Family continues to capture audience’s attention as weirdness becomes…
Animanicast 162: Discussing “A Pinky and the Brain Halloween”
Oct 13
The hosts of the Animanicast review “A Pinky and the Brain Halloween!”
DorkLair #111: The Destroyer (Mythic Legions Deltigar)
Oct 13
Chris returns to talk toys with Bill on the latest episode of the DorkLair Collecting Podcast. The hosts discuss their recent pickups and a bunch of action figure news. The feature figure this week is the Mythic Legions Deltigar the Destroyer.
ARGcast #179: Twin-Stick Shooters w/ Will Lewis of Rose City Games
Oct 11
We grab gaming by the sticks with Will Lewis of Rose City Games talking about twin-stick shooters and his upcoming title in the genre Cat Lady!
Scarlet Velocity #601: Into the Void
Oct 11
Time to head back to Central City on the season 6 premiere of Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast!
Previously On LOST 8: Solitary
Oct 10
Some people just want to live a solitary life. However, just because you are alone, doesn’t mean you truly are living in Solitary. In an episode full of reveals and whispering, join Mike, Kory and Steven as they take a look at episode eight of LOST! Don’t…
Brews and Blasters 228: This One Isn’t About Triple Force Friday but It’s Still Good
Oct 9
It’s true, we’re not talking Triple Force Friday in this episode because we’re gonna blow it out of the water next time! Before we talk action figures, we need to figure out why they broke George Lucas’ heart!
TechnoRetro Dads: Hard-Hitting Horror in a Haunted House with Jovial Jay
Oct 7
Horror movies continue to draw crowds to theaters despite the fact that they scare the pants off some people. Jovial Jay, JediShua, and shazbazzar venture into the fright-filled rooms of a haunted house to discover the reason for their popularity.
DorkLair #110: New York Comic Con (SH Figuarts Boba Fett)
Oct 6
Bill was at New York Comic Con and shares his highlights of the event. The hosts discuss their recent pickups and a bunch of action figure news. The feature figure this week is the SH Figuarts Boba Fett from Return of the Jedi.
ARGcast #178: Our Earliest Gaming Memories w/ JJ, Tay, and Ash
Oct 4
Jakejames Lugo, Taylor Lyles, and Ash Paulsen of GameXplain join us to share our earliest gaming memories that got us into video games!
The Deucecast Movie Show #398: Tinker, Tailor, Deucecast, Spy
Oct 2
This episode was recorded clandestinely from a mobile recording unit using state of the art equipment provided by the U.S. Intelligence Community and will self destruct in five seconds.
ARGcast Mini #31: River City Girls, Kunio-Kun Franchise w/ WayForward
Oct 1
David chats with River City Girls directors Adam Tierney and Bannon Rudis about their game as well as share what they love about the Kunio-kun franchise.
TechnoRetro Dads: October Looms on the Horizon with Movie Monsters from the ‘80s
Sep 30
JediShua and shazbazzar get ready for the month of monsters with a look back at some scary monsters from retro movies we have enjoyed (in one way or another) over the years.
Brews and Blasters 227: Your Triple Force Friday Master Plan (feat. Jay Yakface)
Sep 29
Triple Force Friday, the biggest Star Wars collecting event in years, is almost upon us, so we decided to call in the big guns to help us discuss everything comprehensively, so enjoy this mammajamma-length special episode of the show featuring Jay…
Animanicast 161: A Review of “Voice Lessons” by Rob Paulsen and Animaniacs Issue #17
Sep 29
Today Joey, Nathan and Kelly review Rob Paulsen’s hotly anticipated autobiography, “Voice Lessons!” The three then review issue 17 of the Animaniacs comic which features the Warners at a beauty pageant, Minerva Mink with Newt once again, and Slappy…
DorkLair #109: Scott Summers (Mezco Cyclops)
Sep 29
The DorkLair hosts share their hauls this week and discuss figure news including Triple Force Friday, New York Comic Con, and more. The feature figure this week is the X-Men Mezco Cyclops One:12 Collective standard release.
ARGcast #177: Driving in Mario Kart w/ Andre Segers of GameXplain
Sep 27
Andre Segers of GameXplain gets behind the wheel with us to talk about the Mario Kart series, thoughts on the new mobile game, and more!
Beltway Banthas #73: Barriss Offee, The Clone Wars and binary morality
Sep 26
Barriss Offee bombed the Jedi Temple and framed another Jedi for the act of terror. She was right about the war, and the Jedi, but did something very wrong.
ARGcast Mini #30: Contra Rogue Corps w/ Nobuya Nakazato
Sep 25
Robert joins Tony Polanco and Emilio Lopez at the Contra: Rogue Corps event and talks to producer Nobuya Nakazato about his history with the franchise.
The Deucecast Movie Show #397: Books, Movies, and K.B. Hoyle
Sep 25
This week the show is classed up a bit as award winning author K.B. Hoyle comes on to discuss books made into movies.
Brews and Blasters 226: Would You Fight a Four-Foot Rancor Car Thief?
Sep 24
This one was a lot of fun. After deciding we’d like to fight/hang out with criminal Rancor Pit Monsters who ride in sidecars, we uncover something we’re almost certainly going to experience in The Rise of Skywalker.
Kanata’s Castle #65: The Rebellion is Reborn Today
Sep 24
From Fan-X to The Rise of Skywalker, episode 65 has it all. In other words, this show is an overstuffed Ronto Wrap full of Star Wars yumminess. So, come hungry and enjoy!
TechnoRetro Dads: More Time Travel, Money, and Cars
Sep 23
Time travel continues with arcade games Time Pilot and a holographic time traveling simulation and some scientific theories about time travel.
Animanicast 160: Animaniacs Creator Tom Ruegger Discusses Episodes 16-19
Sep 22
Tom Ruegger joins the Animanicast for part two of his recent discussion with the hosts. Today he talks about episodes 16-19 of Animaniacs.
DorkLair #108: More Machine than Man (HyperReal Darth Vader)
Sep 22
The DorkLair hosts share their slim hauls this week and discuss figure news including NYCC, Mezco, Batman Day, and more. The feature figure this week is the Hasbro’s The Black Series HyperReal Darth Vader from Empire Strikes Back.
ARGcast #176: Sierra Games and History w/ MetalJesusRocks
Sep 20
Jason AKA MetalJesusRocks himself joins us to look back at all things Sierra including our favorite games and stories he shares from working there.
Brews and Blasters 225: Saesee Tiin, Kit Fisto and Ethan Hawke
Sep 18
Our convention season is heating up like warm apple cider because it’s autumn in New England, and Chris and Joe are more excited than ever to talk all things Star Wars!
The Deucecast Movie Show #396: IT’s ReFlicktions Chapter Deuce
Sep 18
It’s time again for the monthly ReFlicktions discussing all the movies the guys have seen lately including the much anticipated It: Chapter 2.
Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels #88: One with the Force
Sep 17
Episode 88 is the final episode of Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels. Dennis records a brief farewell to the Scoundrels.
Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #615: Hiatus 14-Iron Man 3 & All Hail The King
Sep 16
Tony Stark deals with emotional traumas in “Iron Man 3” while trying to stop the Mandarin and we witness the fate of Trevor Slattery in the Marvel One Shot, “All Hail the King” on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
TechnoRetro Dads: Time Travel with Jovial Jay
Sep 16
Whether you want to travel into the past or journey into the future, the time-travel trope has been used over 100 times in movies over the past 10 decades and Jovial Jay, tempus travectio, reveals many ways traveling through time has been addressed on…
Animanicast 159: Animaniacs Creator Tom Ruegger Discusses Episodes 11-15
Sep 15
The creator of Animaniacs, Tom Ruegger, joins the Animanicast once again! This time, to talk about episodes 11-15 of the series.
DorkLair #107: Caped Crusader (Mezco PX Sovereign Knight Batman)
Sep 15
The DorkLair hosts share their weekly hauls and discuss figure news including Triple Force Froday, Marvel Hot Toys, Mythic Legions, and more. The feature figure this week is the One:12 Collective Mezco PX Sovereign Knight Batman.
ARGcast #175: Celebrating 20 Years of the Sega Dreamcast
Sep 13
Join us as we look back at the Sega Dreamcast on its 20th anniversary, as well as mark the official debut of our third member Candice Shane!
Previously On LOST 7: Confidence Man
Sep 12
We had some last minute seats filled on this flight and the presumption is that there may have been a little conning going on. In an episode full of fighting, torture, and romance, join Mike, Kory and Steven as they take a look at episode seven of LOST!…
The Deucecast Movie Show #395: It’s all Relative
Sep 11
Often there is an episode of The Deucecast that garners a little bit of magic and this discussion of relatives in movies certainly qualifies.
Kanata’s Castle #64: Hello There! The Aftershock of D23 Expo
Sep 10
it’s true, all of it. Kenobi is happening! And that’s not all kids, nope, come November, Disney Plus will be oozing Star Wars. So, sidle-up to the Maz’s bar and get comfy as Becca, and Devon get way too extra over all the latest Star Wars News.
Brews and Blasters 224: Charal’s in Charge
Sep 9
Blurrgs are cool and all, but have you ever wondered why Charal could turn into a crow but Yoda couldn’t?
TechnoRetro Dads on Bicycles: Breaking Away with American Flyers
Sep 9
A bicycle was more than a frame with two wheels; it was a ticket to freedom. The TechnoRetro Dads have your ticket to ride with bikes, video games, and cyclistastic movies like Breaking Away, American Flyers, and Quicksilver.
DorkLair #106: Grand Master (SH Figuarts Yoda)
Sep 8
Bill and Chris discuss the Chris’s decision to pass on the MP-44, share their weekly hauls, and discuss figure news from Star Wars, Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, and more. The feature figure this week is the Tamashii exclusive SH Figuarts Yoda from Star…
ARGcast #174: Live at PAX West 2019 w/ Alex McCumbers
Sep 6
We’re recording from PAX West 2019 to bring YOU our interviews and impressions from the show floor with Alex McCumbers of Forever Classic Games.
Beltway Banthas Interview: Glenn Beck on Star Wars, redemption and a culture of anger
Sep 5
Stephen Kent and Glenn Beck talk about Star Wars, the power of fear, generational change and the evolution (plus consistency) of Star Wars’ message.
The Deucecast Movie Show #394: The 2019 Fall Movie Preview
Sep 4
It’s a stacked Fall Movie Season with new Stephen King flicks, a new Terminator movie, a new Rambo movie, and the latest DC movie.
Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels #87: Star Wars at D23
Sep 3
On episode 87, the Scoundrels regroup to discuss all the Kenobi, The Mandalorian, and The Rise of Skywalker news out of the D23 Expo.
Brews and Blasters 223: We Needed Them and We Got Them
Sep 2
No jokes aside, this episode is all about action figures. No joking around at all, we swear. Oh yeah, and a contest!
Brews and Blasters 222: A New Era of Star Wars
Sep 2
Remember in 2012 when we all wondered what the future of Star Wars would be like? We’re living it. Six movies on the horizon, three live action series, two animated series, two theme parks the end of the Skywalker Saga, and some blurrgs.
TechnoRetro Dads: Max Headroom, Network 23, and D23 Star Wars Updates
Sep 2
While Star Wars continues to forge ahead into the future, that galaxy far, far away will always lag just a bit behind Max Headroom because he is always 20 minutes into the future (even if he is stuck in the ’80s).
DorkLair #105: Blood Armor (Mythic Legions Vorgus Vermillius)
Sep 1
Bill and Larry discuss the $5 GameStop sale, share their weekly hauls, and discuss figure news from Star Wars, Marvel, Batman, MOTU, and more. The feature figure this week is the Mythic Legions Vorgus Vermillius the Blood Armor.
Green Justice #725: Summer Special 21
Aug 31
The penultimate season of Arrow is available as a collection and the biggest attempted DC crossover is on the horizon. We look at both on the summer special for Green…
ARGcast Mini #29: Intellivision Amico w/ Tommy Tallarico, Candice Shane
Aug 30
Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico joins us to put to rest any and all fears about his upcoming Amico console plus Candice Shane returns to ask questions!
Scarlet Velocity #525: Summer Special 15
Aug 30
Tune in for a review of the Season 5 Flash Blu-Ray collection and the beginning of our discussion of the origins of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” on the Scarlet Velocity…
Beltway Banthas #72: The Fandom Reformation
Aug 28
In the main segment Stephen Kent is joined by Matthew Neugebauer to analyze Star Wars fandom and its troubles over the decades by understanding the Protestant Reformation and the concept of a ‘legitimation crisis’. Basically, in social science, what does…
The Deucecast Movie Show #393: Top Five Jennifers With Two Jennifers
Aug 28
And now a very special episode with two Jennifers talking about actresses named Jennifer and the movies we love them in.
Kanata’s Castle #63: Star Wars Resistance Reaches Galaxy’s Edge
Aug 27
t’s true! All of it. Star Wars Resistance is coming to a close with the second and final season of the series this October. But, don’t fret, Becca and Devon are standing by to do what they do best, “doing talking.” As in, Star Wars talk. Or, talking about…
Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels #86: That’s SO Wizard! August 2019
Aug 27
On episode 86, Jay has her latest roundup of Star Wars fashion and lifestyle products in the August edition of That’s SO Wizard!
TechnoRetro Dads: From The Dark Crystal to Age of Resistance
Aug 26
Since 1982, we have wanted to see more of the mystical world of Thra from The Dark Crystal. With the prequel series Age of Resistance coming out this Friday on Netflix, shazbazzar and JediShua follow the path of this 37 year journey for 82 minutes of both…
Animanicast 158: Discussing Tiny Toon Adventures “Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian”
Aug 25
The hosts of the Animanicast review “Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian” which features Steven Spielberg and a script written by a group of 8th graders!
DorkLair #104: Bat Signal (Mezco Commissioner Gordon)
Aug 25
The gang is back together at last to chat about all their recent pickups, and then recap a slew of toy and television news.The feature figure this week is the Mezco Commissioner Gordon with Bat Signal SDCC exclusive.
ARGcast #173: FMV Games in History w/ Candice Shane
Aug 23
Our friend Candice Shane joins us after her last appearance three years ago (!) to discuss her passion for FMV games in history.
Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #614: Hiatus 13-The Incredible Hulk
Aug 21
“The Incredible Hulk” was only the second film in the modern MCU timeline, but it has evolved maybe more than any story. Jay and Josh begin some classic comic and movie research on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
The Deucecast Movie Show #392: The D23 Prediction Show
Aug 21
Now that Disney seemingly owns everything the D23 convention is bigger than ever so a D23 prediction episode seems all the more fitting.
ARGcast Mini #28: Nintendo World Championships w/ Cody of Pink Gorilla
Aug 20
Cody Spencer of Pink Gorilla Games comes on the show to talk to us about the ultra-rare Nintendo World Championships NES cart!
Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels #85: It’s Treason Then
Aug 20
On episode 85, the Scoundrels discuss the latest from Timothy Zhan when they review Thrawn: Treason. And, is Thrawn a hero or a villain?
TechnoRetro Dads: Dreams, Dreaming, and Dreamscape
Aug 19
In the ’70s and ’80s we dreamed of music, we dreamed of jokes, but Dreamscape invaded our nightmares.
Animanicast 157: Exclusive Reboot News and a Review of Animaniacs Issue #16
Aug 18
Nathan and Joey discuss some exclusive news tidbits from the upcoming Animaniacs Reboot and then review another classic Animaniacs comic book!
DorkLair #103: Berserker (Mythic Legions Barbarian)
Aug 18
Chris and Larry will be back soon, but holding down the Lair Bill will get you caught up on some of the latest action figure news including a bunch of announcements out of Power Con 2019. The feature figure this week is the Mythic Legions Barbarian Deluxe…
Brews and Blasters 221: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World
Aug 17
We’re drinking hard Italian sodas and recounting trips to Galaxy’s Edge before the park even opens to the public, gearing up for Fan Expo Boston, and digging into Star Wars Resistance season 2. Bravazzi!
ARGcast #172: Good Licensed Retro Games w/ MegaDaffy
Aug 16
Join us with one of our patrons MegaDaffy who comes on the show to discuss good licensed games including ones you may not have heard of!
Beltway Banthas #71: What If We’re On the Wrong Side
Aug 14
Welcome back Banthas! The Beltway Banthas podcast has returned with regular shows now through 2020. Starting off this new season of Star Wars & politics chatter, Stephen Kent is joined by guest host Nick DiColandrea for a dive into the political…
The Deucecast Movie Show #391: The Tarantino Connection
Aug 14
Quentin Tarantino is one of the most iconic filmmakers ever so it’s only fitting to honor him with an episode discussing his filmography.
ARGcast Mini #27: Arcade Game Home Ports w/ David Craddock
Aug 13
David Craddock comes on ARGcast to chat about home ports of arcade games, and his book Arcade Perfect which informs how these were made.
Kanata’s Castle #62: Skywalker Force Ghost Family Reunion
Aug 13
Ever wonder what happens to the Skywalker Family after the Saga ends? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Devon and Becca are wondering about it too. So, get comfy and grab yourself a snack like an Endorian Tip-Yip before settling in with your “way too…
TechnoRetro Dads: Cloak & Dagger, Red Dawn, and Uncle Buckaroo Banzai
Aug 12
In 1984, this weekend saw three historic movies released for role-playing gamers, inter-dimensional travelers, and persistent patriots. Join shazbazzar and JediShua for chatter about Cloak & Dagger, Buckaroo Banzai, and Red Dawn (oh, yeah, don’t forget…
Animanicast 156: Discussing Freakazoid: “And Fanboy is His Name”
Aug 11
Freak out with the hosts of the Animanicast as they talk about Freakazoid episode four featuring “And Fanboy is His Name” as well as the first (and only) cartoon featuring the Lawn Gnomes!
DorkLair #102: Baba Yaga (MAFEX John Wick)
Aug 11
It’s summertime and everyone deserves a little break here and there, so this week’s DorkLair is a bare bones affair with just a quick intro and then on to the review. The feature figure this week is the MAFEX John Wick from Medicom Toy.
ARGcast #171: Retro Fighting Games w/ Ash Paulsen and Andre Tipton
Aug 9
Ready your fists and kick some butt with us as we celebrate the fighting game genre with Ash Paulsen of GameXplain and Andre Tipton of Real Otaku Gamer.
Brews and Blasters 220: Pubs, Subs, Zahn & Thrawn
Aug 9
It’s not what you think. Well, it’s exactly what you think. We’re talking about plenty of Star Wars, beverages and food—as well as the only place to hear a review of Thrawn: Treason that discusses the love interests of the Chiss grand admiral.
Previously On LOST 6: The Moth
Aug 8
Can someone get Bill and alarm clock because he missed his flight again! But luckily Jay made his flight just to have an annoying Moth continue to fly around him. But the moth holds more than just a spot in nature. It teaches something about fate and free…
The Deucecast Movie Show #390: Once Upon a Time in ReFlicktions
Aug 7
Once Upon a Time in the doldrums of an August that has some pretty bad movie releases Tarantino saves us with a tale of Hollywood.
ARGcast Mini #26: Diving into Swimsanity w/ Khalil and Ahmed Abdullah
Aug 6
David chats with brothers Khalil and Ahmed Abdullah of Decoy Games about their multiplayer underwater shooter Swimsanity!
Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels #84: Alphabet Squadron
Aug 6
On episode 84, the Scoundrels discuss Alexander Freed’s new novel Alphabet Squadron, Yrica Quell, and the hunt for Shadow Wing.
Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #612-613: The Sign & New Life
Aug 5
We have seen “The Sign” that there is “New Life” coming from the portal that SHIELD is trying to prevent Izel from opening on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
TechnoRetro Dads: MAD Magazine and “Weird Al” Yankovic
Aug 5
When magazines were MAD and Al Yankovic was “Weird”, shazbazzar and JediShua were enjoying the constant content streaming into their brains on paper, in movies, and on the radio. Tune in for craziness from the ’70s and ’80s to today on TechnoRetro Dads.
DorkLair #101: Come Here (Storm Collectibles Scorpion)
Aug 4
It’s summertime and everyone deserves a little break here and there, so this week’s DorkLair is a bare bones affair with just a quick intro and then on to the review. The feature figure this week is the Storm Collectibles Scorpion from Mortal Kombat 3.
Warp Trails: Star Trek at San Diego Comic Con 2019
Aug 3
Star Trek was featured at San Diego Comic Con 2019, and Dennis and Beth break down all the news about Picard, Discovery, and Lower Decks on Warp Trails.
ARGcast #170: Looking Back at Jak and Daxter w/ Taylor Lyles
Aug 2
Jak and Daxter superfan Taylor Lyles chats with us on what made the popular Naughty Dog franchise so beloved among PlayStation fans.
Brews and Blasters 219: The Mind-Melting Moment in The Rise of Skywalker
Jul 31
What is the mind-melting moment in The Rise of Skywalker?! What could Kevin Smith be referring to?! Chris and Joe have a few ideas on the subject, and a cavalier attitude towards 28-inch pizzas. This is why you come to the Star Wars Party, so buckle up!
The Deucecast Movie Show #389: The Best of the Worst (1990s)
Jul 31
It’s more Best of the Worst with a dive into the movies people love that critics hated from the 1990s.
Kanata’s Castle #61: Birthdays and Ben Solo and The Rise of Kylo Ren?
Jul 30
In this episode, Becca and Devon go over some Star Wars news and recap some Wowzers from San Deigo Comic-Con. But afterward, it’s all about Twin Birthdays in the Force and Ben to Ren. Wait. Hold the comlink, what? Yup, at least that’s what Charles Soule…
Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #611: From The Ashes
Jul 29
“From the Ashes” of defeat Izel finds the temple she’s been looking for by using Mack and Yo-Yo, while Daisy and May unlock the secrets of Sarge’s powers on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
TechnoRetro Dads: The NeverEnding Story of Mall Culture
Jul 29
Thirty-five years ago, shazbazzar and JediShua wandered through shopping malls looking for toys, games, music, books, and movies like The NeverEnding Story. Join the TechnoRetro Dads as they recall their own memories and discuss various memories of…
Animanicast 155: Discussing “Brainie the Poo” and “The Melancholy Brain”
Jul 28
The hosts of the Animanicast talk about another episode of Pinky and the Brain! This time, the trio talk about “Brainie the Poo” and “The Melancholy Brain!”
DorkLair #100: The Roach (Mezco Gomez – Agent Edition)
Jul 28
The DorkLair hits triple digits in the one hundredth episode of the DorkLair podcast. Toy news this week includes a new Mythic Legions pre-order and a few lingering SDCC items. The feature figure this week is the One:12 Collective Mezco Gomez Agent…
Green Justice #724: Summer Special 20
Jul 28
San Diego Comic Con revealed tons of surprises and much for Jay and Josh to speculate about for the final season of Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast!
Scarlet Velocity #524: Summer Special 14
Jul 27
San Diego Comic Con gifted us with more Flash news than we were prepared to experience and we break down what it all means on Scarlet Velocity Summer Special 14.
ARGcast Mini #25: Video Game TV Shows w/ Andre Tipton
Jul 26
David and Robert take a trip down memory lane looking back on TV shows based on video games and gaming with friend of the show Andre Tipton.
Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels #83: Death Stars and Trench Runs
Jul 24
On episode 83, the Scoundrels are inspired by LEGO creations to talk about Death Stars and Trench Runs.
The Deucecast Movie Show #388: Hot Summer Flicks
Jul 24
As summer roles on so does The Deucecast Movie Show as we discuss our favorite summer movies.
Animanicast 154: Animaniacs in Concert- San Diego 2019
Jul 22
Join the hosts of the Animanicast as they get together for the first time to watch, “Animaniacs in Concert!” There’s fantastic performances by Rob Paulsen, Randy Rogel, Jess Harnell, and Maurice LaMarche! Plus, some interviews with fans and listeners!
Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #610: Leap
Jul 22
Mack continues to “Leap” before he looks as the Agents face a threat they can’t hope to stop on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
TechnoRetro Dads FLASHBACK+: Don’t Want to Live on Moonbase Alpha
Jul 22
While JediShua is at the edge of the galaxy running with smugglers, shazbazzar continues to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first men on the moon in modern times with a FLASHBACK episode featuring many moon moments including talk about Moonbase…
DorkLair #99: SDCC 2019 (Mezco Diabolik One:12 Collective)
Jul 21
Bill and Larry share their reactions to a bunch of San Diego Comic Con collecting news including Mezco, Storm, Hasbro, Hot Toys, and more. The feature figure this week is the One:12 Collective Mezco Diabolik.
Dune Cast Franchise Update 02
Jul 19
Dune: The Sisterhood has the potential to be even bigger than the 2020 film, and we are so excited to be Dune fans right now. This franchise update covers everything from television, to films, to games and even secret projects yet to be announced. Will…
ARGcast #169: Back to the N64 with the EON Super 64!
Jul 19
EON founders Justin Chou and Justin Scerbo join us to talk about how their Super 64 device will bring your N64 to the modern era!
Brews and Blasters 218: Ewoks Have Super Strength
Jul 19
Ewoks definitely have super strength, but after that, we talk about a lot of things that aren’t certain at all, like Dave Bautista as Darth Bane, San Diego Comic Con 2019 Star Wars potential, and a new food quest to embark upon. There might be a special…
Previously On LOST 5: House of the Rising Sun
Jul 18
This week, Bill missed his flight, but luckily Joe caught the last minute flight and landed on the island just in time to see the Rising Sun. So many things are discovered in the House of the Rising Sun, what will you find? Join Mike and Joe as they take…
The Deucecast Movie Show #387: The Eddie Murphy Tournament
Jul 17
The Greatest Movie Role Ever Tournament continues with iconic comedic actor Eddie Murphy.
Kanata’s Castle #60: Skywalker Saga: The Final Curtain
Jul 16
Kanata’s Castle is still undergoing “goo” maintenance so, in the meantime, Becca and Devon get out their tinfoil hats and mull over the Final Curtain call for the Skywalker Saga.
Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels #82.1: That’s SO Wizard! July 2019
Jul 16
On episode 82.1, the July edition of That’s SO Wizard!, Jay, the birthday girl herself, has new Wars lifestyle and fashion products to share and a list of her favorites.
Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #609: Collision Course part 2
Jul 15
SHIELD continues on its “Collision Course” with part 2 finding some way to stop Izel from landing and not being blown to bits in the process on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
TechnoRetro Dads: Monday Morning Men on the Moon
Jul 15
Fifty years ago, NASA put men on the moon to successfully complete the Apollo 11 mission and end the “space race” between the United States and the Soviet Union.
Animanicast 153: Discussing Tiny Toon Adventures “The Potty Years”
Jul 14
Joey, Nathan and Kelly talk about “Tiny Toons Music Television” featuring “The Potty Years” and other hilarious segments!
DorkLair #98: Clown Prince of Crime (Mezco Joker One:12)
Jul 14
Bill, Chris, and Larry look ahead at some SDCC speculation, and share the latest collecting news from Hot Toys, DC Collectibles, QMx, and more. The feature figure this week is the One:12 Collective Mezco Joker Clown Prince of Crime edition.
Brews and Blasters 217: I Saw Red—Sith Trooper Revealed!
Jul 13
We had a whole bunch of things to discuss this week, but it all gets thrown out to discuss the most exciting news this week—the reveal of the Sith Trooper!
ARGcast #168: Making an Appointment with the Dr. Mario Series
Jul 12
David and Robert make a house call with Dr. Mario! Join us for a deep dive into the puzzle franchise that gave Nintendo’s plucky plumber a whole new job.
Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #608.5: Spider-Man–Far From Home Special
Jul 12
“Spider-Man: Far From Home” finds Peter Parker on a field trip in Europe as Nick Fury recruits him to work with Mysterio to save the world on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
Previously On LOST 4: White Rabbit
Jul 11
Everyone is searching for something or someone. The real question is what happens when they find it. It seems like the White Rabbit keeps eluding our Losties this week. Join Mike and Bill as they take a look at episode 4 of LOST! Let’s get LOST!
Brews and Blasters 216: Star Wars Antipasto
Jul 10
New Lucasfilm leadership, The Dark Crystal, carded Kenners, Proto-Fett cop outs and how to make an appropriate Star Wars antipasto. Just another day for Chris and Joe.
The Deucecast Movie Show #386: A Midsommar Night’s Reflicktion
Jul 10
Summer camps and festivals are a classic movie subject matter and this year we get Midsommar.
Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels #82: Rey – Embracing Destiny
Jul 9
On episode 82, the Scoundrels turn their attention to Rey and how she went from scavenger on Jakku to the hope of the Jedi.
Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #608: Collision Course part 1
Jul 8
SHIELD is headed for a “Collision Course” with the Shrike as Sarge takes over the fight against the imminent threat against Izel on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
TechnoRetro Dads Together Again: The Muppets Take Manhattan
Jul 8
This week in 1984 introduced us to Muppet Babies and encouraged us to believe we could join the likes of Luke Skywalker by playing arcade games with The Muppets Take Manhattan and The Last Starfighter. (There was The Frisco Kid in ‘79, too. A lot of folks…
Animanicast 152: Animaniacs Issue #15 “A Change of Face”
Jul 7
Joey and Nathan are back with another review of an Animaniacs comic! This time it’s issue 15 featuring “A Change of Face” and lots of stories featuring the side-characters of Animaniacs.
DorkLair #97: I Love You 3000 (SH Figuarts Iron Man MK 85)
Jul 7
Bill, Chris, and Larry share the latest collecting news from Hot Toys, MAFEX, and Bandai, and more. The feature figure this week is the SH Figuarts Iron Man MK 85 from Avengers: Endgame.
ARGcast #167: Xenogears, Xenosaga, and Xenoblade w/ Zero Badguy
Jul 5
The enigmatic and dashing Zero Badguy joins our duo to drop some serious knowledge on the Xeno franchise including Xenogears, Xenosaga, and Xenoblade!
Brews and Blasters 215: Admiral FeedbAckbar
Jul 3
Happy Fourth of July, Warheads! This week is all about YOU—well that’s not entirely true. It’s also about cheese dogs, Mosep Bineed, the BBC Star Wars radio dramas, and a raid on Galaxy’s Edge.
The Deucecast Movie Show #385: Future Disney Films
Jul 3
What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than a preview of the massive slate of upcoming movies from Disney Studios.
Kanata’s Castle #59: Fallen Order and Rising Skywalker
Jul 2
In this episode of Kanata’s Castle, Devon shows Becca the ways of Jedi Fallen Order and Becca receives a surprise interruption via comlink. But first, your hosts go over the latest in Star Wars news.
Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels #81.2: Prophecy
Jul 2
On episode 81.2, the Scoundrels resume their discussion of Master & Apprentice with a look at prophecy in the novel and Star Wars.