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Saving USA Soccer & the Creation of “Fake News”
Oct 13 • 59 min
Maybe it’s time to “Stick to Sports”
Sep 29 • 70 min
112: What would it take for the Chargers to return to San Diego?
Sep 22 • 62 min
John G. and Craig explore the rumors swirling about the NFL owners potentially enticing the Spanos family to move the Chargers back to San Diego, talk about the positivity surrounding SDSU Aztecs football, and follow-up on the story about the Padres…
111: CASUAL FRIDAY: Rams and Chargers fight for San Diego
Sep 8 • 54 min
The Casual Friday crew is back together to discuss San Diego’s (lost?) love of the NFL, the Rams and Chargers fighting over the market, and how media has changed since teams started building their own media departments.
110: CASUAL FRIDAY: The Chargers aren’t this dumb, are they?
Aug 25 • 60 min
The guys get together to talk about the Chargers firing Bob Wick, Finding Darko, The Athletic and the rise of “paid media”, and finally the newest political TV show.
109: CASUAL FRIDAY: How many Chargers fans are from San Diego?
Aug 11 • 57 min
The Casual Friday guys get back together, with John G by phone, to talk about politics, sports, life and the usual stuff.
casual-friday-san-diego-los-angeles: CASUAL FRIDAY: Why San Diego sports is the way it is
Aug 4 • 75 min
The Casual Friday crew tries (unsuccessfully) to keep politics out of it before talking about irresponsible dog owners, Los Angeles’ sports scene vs. San Diego’s, segregation in media coverage (and how it relates to Colin Kaepernick), and more.
108: The return of SoccerCity & the San Diego Chargers
Jul 24 • 26 min
John Gennaro talks about enjoying the “Thanks for the Memories” event at Del Mar celebrating the former San Diego Chargers players, the SoccerCity project in Mission Valley coming back to life, and all of the exciting basketball that is currently going…
107: CASUAL FRIDAY: Money runs the world
Jul 14 • 62 min
The Casual Friday crew is back with a discussion about how money runs politics (and the media), racism in the McGregory-Mayweather press conferences, and a limit on bromances.
106: NBA Summer League is Amazing
Jul 13 • 19 min
John’s back from the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas with stories to tell, including one about terrible beer, opinions on the MLB All-Star Weekend and a very quick AFC West Preview.
105: Andy Green’s shrinking reputation & NBA’s trading season
Jul 3 • 18 min
John Gennaro talks about how San Diego Padres Manager Andy Green comes out looking terrible after his confrontation with Los Angeles Dodgers Dave Roberts, as well as how the NBA’s free agency period has turned into trading season and why that’s good news…
104: Trea Turner is better than Wil Myers
Jun 28 • 28 min
John Gennaro opens with the story of Chris Paul leaving the Los Angeles Clippers with bitter feelings about Doc Rivers and Austin Rivers, compares Wil Myers and Nationals SS Trea Turner, and goes over some of the recent mistakes made by the San Diego…
103: Rizzo’s “cheap shot” and the NBA’s crazy offseason
Jun 20 • 18 min
John Gennaro talks about Anthony Rizzo’s “cheap shot” (and why he doesn’t think it was all that bad) on Austin Hedges, tries to keep up with the rumors flying around the NBA before the Draft, and explains why it’s too early to believe in the Chargers.
102: How the Internet Changed Society for the Worse
Jun 16 • 59 min
The Casual Friday crew talks about how the internet has changed society for the worse, how that affects the decisions of parents and future parents, and what can be done to try and turn things back around.
101: San Diego’s lack of identity leads to the probable death of SoccerCity
Jun 13 • 42 min
John Gennaro tackles SoccerCity’s probably death at the hands of San Diego politics, why Kevin Durant has surpassed LeBron James as the best player in the NBA, and the hope of the San Diego Padres’ first round draft pick.
100: CASUAL FRIDAY: “A legend in his own time.”
Jun 9 • 67 min
The guys get together to talk about legends in their own time, the NBA Finals, ESPN’s digital team taking a risk (and getting a big win), and James Comey’s testimony.
99: SoccerCity didn’t lose! SoccerCity won (with the Mayor’s help)!
Jun 6 • 23 min
John Gennaro tackles the confusing situation following a City Council budget vote on Monday evening, Nick Hardwick’s new/old employer (the Los Angeles Chargers), and what the Chargers leaving San Diego has done to small talk in the city.
98: CASUAL FRIDAY: The problem with the TVs at the gym
Jun 2 • 63 min
Craig Elsten and John Browner join John Gennaro for the first Casual Friday episode in quite some time. The guys talk about the issues with TVs at the gym, big plans when your significant other goes out of town, catching the Padres game this Sunday with…
97: Athletes are human beings too
May 31 • 20 min
John Gennaro talks about the recent DUI arrest of Tiger Woods and the media’s response to it, as well as the sports media’s need to politicize everything during this non-NFL times of year.
96: A journalist loses his way
May 25 • 26 min
A local sports journalist from a local newspaper seems to have lost his credibility and hit an all-time low by invoking terrorism on behalf of SDSU in their fight against the FS Investors (SoccerCity) this morning. Also, Hunter Renfroe might actually be…
95: SDSU isn’t fighting fair because they can’t win a fair fight
May 22 • 32 min
John Gennaro reads through a recent column from the San Diego Union-Tribune sports section to detail just how SDSU’s agenda is being pushed and why they’re getting dirty in their fight against SoccerCity.
94: In the fight for Mission Valley, everyone is lying
May 19 • 34 min
Jordan Carruth joins John Gennaro to discuss the most recent concessions by FS Investors (SoccerCity) to try and get an endorsement from San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and San Diego State University, as well as why you shouldn’t trust anyone’s opinion on…
93: San Diego doesn’t have time for another stadium battle
May 17 • 25 min
SDSU is trying to force San Diego to take their time with Mission Valley, but once again we’re racing against the clock to try and keep from losing yet another professional sports team. Also, the very boring NBA Playoffs and why does sports radio talk…
92: SoccerCity is now SDSU vs. Mayor Faulconer
May 16 • 27 min
John Gennaro discusses two well-timed articles in the local newspaper that pit San Diego State against San Diego’s Mayor Kevin Faulconer (an SDSU alumni himself) over the SoccerCity plan for Mission Valley, Gregg Popovich’s expertise when it comes to…
91: What’s better? NBA Playoffs vs. NHL Playoffs
May 11 • 27 min
John Gennaro talks about a tough night for the San Diego Gulls (with some help from the Anaheim Ducks), the very exciting NHL Playoffs, the very boring NBA Playoffs, getting sucked back into being a Chargers fan, and Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director…
90: Donald Trump’s Propaganda Machine
May 9 • 43 min
Steven Woods joins John Gennaro in-studio to discuss why the New York Mets suspended Matt Harvey, why Donald Trump’s claims of “fake news” are terrifying, and how apathy is killing the country.
89: Round 1 Recap Of The NFL Draft
Apr 28 • 44 min
Craig Elsten and John Gennaro break down the last few picks of the 1st Round of the 2017 NFL Draft as they happen and recap the big storylines from the rest of the 1st Round.
88: A Padres Future of Austin Hedges & Shohei Otani?
Apr 24 • 45 min
Steven Woods joins John Gennaro for a conversation about radio in San Diego, the potential power hitting of Austin Hedges, why Shohei Otani (the Babe Ruth of Japanese baseball!) should/could sign with the San Diego Padres, and the effects of drugs when…
87: Zoltan Kaszas On Being A Standup Comic In 2017, Some Of His Worst Shows, And Gulls Hockey
Apr 21 • 16 min
Local standup comic Zoltan Kaszas joins Craig Elsten and John Gennaro on Thursday night to talk about being a standup comic in 2017, some of his worst shows, and how he got hooked on Gulls hockey.
86: CASUAL FRIDAY: Having fun on The Mighty 1090
Apr 20 • 40 min
While John Gennaro and Craig Elsten filled in for Chris Cantore on The Mighty 1090, John Browner stopped by for an hour of the normal Casual Friday chaos on a Wednesday.
85: A Sports Fan’s Guide To Cutting The Cord
Apr 18 • 21 min
Jennifer Van Grove, a digital lifestyle reporter for The Union Tribune, joins Jordan Carruth and John Gennaro on Monday evening with a full, detailed guide on how sports fans in San Diego can “cut the cord”.
84: SoccerCity is a slam dunk with the Mayor’s endorsement
Apr 14 • 20 min
John Gennaro comments on the news that San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer plans on endorsing the SoccerCity proposal for Mission Valley (and what that means for San Diego State) before recapping the podcasts he’s been on this week, promoting his on-air gig…
83: Clayton Richard might be the Padres’ unicorn
Apr 6 • 22 min
John Gennaro talks about Clayton Richard’s impressive performance against the Dodgers and what it means for the Padres’ front office, explains why he hates the story about the Raiders potentially getting evicted from Oakland, and is encouraged that San…
82: San Diego has lost LT to L.A.
Apr 4 • 24 min
John Gennaro talks about understanding the San Diego Padres’ tanking plans after a opening day loss, explains how San Diego has lost LaDainian Tomlinson to Los Angeles (and why it’s okay), and talks about his instincts before Gonzaga’s championship game…
81: MLB Opening Day & Padres Season Preview
Apr 3 • 33 min
On the unofficial MLB Opening Day, baseball junkie Steven Woods joins John Gennaro from bed to talk about why the record doesn’t matter for the San Diego Padres, why baseball is the best, why MLB Managers should wear the team uniform, and what he’s…
80: SDSU’s problem with Major League Soccer
Mar 29 • 26 min
John Gennaro explains what he believes San Diego State’s issue is with Major League Soccer and the SoccerCity plan is, details a fun night at Fox Sports Grill for USA/Panama, and talks through Jeff Dotseth’s recent criticisms.
79: The NFL’s Relocation Problem
Mar 28 • 20 min
After allowing the Rams to move to Los Angeles, the Chargers to move to Los Angeles, and the Raiders to move to Las Vegas, it is more evident than ever that the NFL has a huge problem on its hands for the future of its stadiums.
78: Baseball, Bush, Beer and Broads (with Steven Woods!)
Mar 24 • 60 min
Steven Woods joins John Gennaro to talk about hurt feelings at the World Baseball Classic, the (possible) redemption of Rangers Pitcher (and former San Diego Padres draft pick) Matt Bush, drinking too much beer, and the oversensitivity of our modern…
77: Make Baseball Fun Again
Mar 23 • 24 min
John Gennaro returns from a week of illness to talk about the World Baseball Classic, SoccerCity vs. San Diego State, and why you can never trust the media.
76: Kicking off the NCAA Tournament!
Mar 16 • 20 min
John Gennaro talks about the first day of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, San Diego State Athletics, and incredible come-from-behind win for USA at Petco Park last night, and his own anxiety about moving.
75: Steven Woods: Life, Baseball, and Justus for All
Mar 15 • 55 min
Steven Woods joins John Gennaro in studio to talk about life, the World Baseball Classic, rebuilding an MLB franchise, his opinion of the Designated Hitter rule, stupid Chargers players attacking San Diego fans on social media, and more.
74: The arguments against SoccerCity are illogical
Mar 13 • 65 min
John Gennaro responds to two recent articles against the SoccerCity SD plan to bring Major League Soccer to San Diego before welcoming Craig Elsten to the show to talk about San Diego Padres spring training stats, a San Diego Gulls playoff push, and…
73: CASUAL FRIDAY: SoccerCity is the Right Plan for San Diego
Mar 10 • 53 min
Craig Elsten and John Browner join John Gennaro for another episode of the Casual Friday Podcast, where the guys talk about their favorite TV news programs, why the SoccerCity plan for Mission Valley is significantly better than Doug Manchester’s plan,…
72: Crazy cab rides in Tijuana
Mar 9 • 25 min
John Gennaro recaps his wild trip to Tijuana to see the Xolos plays against Club America before celebrating a big night for the Aztecs and Gulls, and recapping the first few hours of free agency for the Los Angeles Chargers.
71: Kevin Faulconer controls the future of MLS in San Diego
Mar 7 • 31 min
John Gennaro explains how the Mayor of San Diego will control the fate of Major League Soccer in San Diego before discussing the Las Vegas Raiders finding their stadium funding and the Los Angeles Chargers making some big roster cuts.
70: LaDainian Tomlinson is not your hero
Feb 28 • 26 min
John Gennaro talks about the report of LaDainian Tomlinson accepting a front office position with the Los Angeles Chargers, explains the purpose of the media (and the purpose of podcasts), and tells you who the hottest San Diego Padres player in Peoria is.
69: San Diego is amped for Major League Soccer
Feb 27 • 19 min
John Gennaro talks about the San Diego Padres’ first two games of Spring Training (and how little they matter), the Oscars Best Picture flub, the NBA being the King of February, an upcoming Major League Soccer event for San Diego to rally at, and more.
68: Lay off Donnel Pumphrey, it’s just a hat!
Feb 23 • 26 min
John Gennaro provides quick wrap-up of the NBA Trade Deadline, talks about San Diego State losing to Fresno State, addresses Donnel Pumphrey’s LA Dodgers hat, and explains why he’s so excited for the San Diego Padres’ season.
67: The Pelicans robbed the Kings for Boogie Cousins!
Feb 20 • 34 min
John Gennaro is joined by John Browner to discuss the big trade that is sending DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings to the New Orleans Pelicans! Later, John talks about the River Park that is being added to the FS Investors’ plan for Mission…
66: With the Chargers gone, the fight for Mission Valley ramps up
Feb 17 • 32 min
John Gennaro runs through the options for replacing Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley, is relieved to find out he doesn’t care about Chargers players getting arrested, and discusses his two favorite San Diego Padres Spring Training storylines of the day.
65: Bryan Grosnick from Baseball Prospectus
Feb 14 • 50 min
John Gennaro chats with Bryan Grosnick from Baseball Prospectus about the 2017 San Diego Padres and an effort to be the weirdest team in baseball before explaining why he “can’t care” about the NFL right now and why this year’s Padres’ Spring Training is…
64: A breath of fresh air from the San Diego Padres
Feb 13 • 27 min
John Gennaro recaps the Celebrate San Diego Rally at Petco Park on Saturday, provides an update on moving, talks about SDSU basketball finally playing to its potential, and explains the future of San Diego sports talk radio with the Chargers in Los…
63: Should there be ties in Major League Baseball?
Feb 11 • 18 min
Jordan Carruth and John Gennaro, filling in for Darren Smith on The Mighty 1090, start to debate the proposed MLB rule change to start extra innings with a runner on second base and end up debating whether or not there should be ties in Major League…
62: How the Chargers leaving helps SDSU football
Feb 7 • 14 min
Jordan Carruth and John Gennaro discuss the plan for an MLS/SDSU stadium in San Diego, the final hurdles that need to be overcome for the project to come to fruition, and how the NFL leaving could lead to SDSU landing in a power five conference.
61: Super Bowl LI: Did the Patriots win or the Falcons lose?
Feb 6 • 24 min
John Gennaro reveals his latest sports conspiracy theory (which was played out in the Patriots’ win over the Falcons in Super Bowl LI) and rips LeBron James for being petty in his response to Charles Barkley.
60: Boltman: “The Chargers sh*t on us.”
Feb 3 • 59 min
Dan Jauregui, known to San Diego Chargers fans as “Boltman”, joins John Gennaro for a discussion about whether or not the City of San Diego should (or could) file an anti-trust lawsuit against the National Football League to get the team back or to keep…
59: Is A.J. Preller’s reputation ruined?
Feb 2 • 28 min
John Gennaro talks about his plans for Super Bowl Sunday, a new story on FOX Sports about the reputation of San Diego Padres GM A.J. Preller, and a new statement on potential payment for college athletes.
58: The Chargers (and Raiders) are a symptom of a bigger NFL problem
Feb 2 • 16 min
John Gennaro and Craig Elsten filled in for Kevin Acee on Wendesday night on The Mighty 1090, and got into a conversation about why the Chargers had to leave San Diego and what it means for the future of the NFL.
57: Are the Raiders’ dreams of Las Vegas falling apart?
Jan 31 • 47 min
Joe Arrigo from joins John Gennaro to discuss the Raiders’ deal in Las Vegas potentially falling apart and what it means for the NFL in San Diego and Oakland.
56: Soccer in San Diego is an experience
Jan 30 • 24 min
Before the MLS press conference in San Diego today, John Gennaro discusses his experience going to the USA vs. Serbio soccer match at Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday, as well as his thoughts on the San Diego State Aztecs basketball team.
55: Dear Los Angeles, here’s what you need to know about the Chargers
Jan 26 • 29 min
John Gennaro lays out what Los Angeles residents need to know about the Chargers before picking them and their new favorite NFL team. Later, a brief news update on Padres great Randy Jones and the San Diego State Aztecs basketball team.
54: How the Chargers helped San Diego to (potentially) land an MLS team
Jan 25 • 33 min
John Gennaro discusses how the Los Angeles Chargers helped create a perfect blueprint for FS Investors to avoid when pursuing their MLS/SDSU stadium in San Diego, why Melvin Gordon shouldn’t be playing in the Pro Bowl, and how much it means for San Diego…
53: Major League Soccer is a Honda Civic that San Diego should be happy to own
Jan 23 • 32 min
John Gennaro talks about the news of an impending Major League Soccer team/stadium in Mission Valley (and how it won’t fill the hole left by the Chargers), previews Super Bowl LI between the Patriots and Falcons, and explains why the future is bright for…
52: Former Chargers Fans: Chris Garcia & Rich Roberts
Jan 20 • 57 min
John Gennaro is joined by two former San Diego Chargers fans that will not be rooting for the team after their move to Los Angeles. The first is Chris Garcia, born and raised in San Diego and a third-generation Chargers fan. The second is Rich Roberts, a…
51: What was it like to be a part of the San Diego Chargers family?
Jan 19 • 55 min
Benjamin King, a Los Angeles-based actor and the grandson of former San Diego Chargers owner Gene Klein, shares his favorite memories from growing up around the team as well as his thoughts on their move to L.A.
50: Former Chargers Fan Series: Jeffrey Siniard
Jan 17 • 53 min
Jeffrey Siniard from Bolts from the Blue joins John Gennaro to talk about why he’s not following the Chargers to Los Angeles before explaining why new stadiums are a giant problem for the NFL in a way that they haven’t been in the past.
49: San Diego’s not big enough for the NFL
Jan 16 • 34 min
John Gennaro begins his “Former Chargers Fans” series by telling his own story. Later, John talks about the San Diego Padres signings (Wil Myers & Yangervis Solarte) and San Diego sports fans staying in their lane.
48: A one-finger salute to the Los Angeles Chargers
Jan 13 • 33 min
John Gennaro finally has time to address the Chargers moving to Los Angeles, as well as all of the other missteps the team made on Thursday, before spending a few minutes talking about the San Diego Padres buying penny-stocks.
47: Why a 2-day delay might just save the San Diego Chargers
Jan 11 • 26 min
John Gennaro fiddles with Facebook Live and explains why the NFL’s two-day decision deadline delay for the San Diego Chargers means great things for the future of the team, for those that want them to stay where they are right now.
46: Will the Chargers make their announcement on Thursday?
Jan 10 • 32 min
John Gennaro talks about rumors that the Chargers will make a decision on Los Angeles or San Diego this Thursday and explains why that makes sense. Later, John discusses the fantastic NCAA National Championship Game and takes questions from Twitter.
45: Is the Chargers head coaching job a good job?
Jan 9 • 29 min
John Gennaro explores why a head coaching candidate would be interested in taking over the job left vacant by Mike McCoy’s firing before talking about tonight’s Alabama vs. Clemson championship game and the sad state of the San Diego State Aztecs men’s…
44: CASUAL FRIDAY: It’s never okay to be racist
Jan 6 • 60 min
Craig Elsten and John Browner join John Gennaro to talk about the reinstatement of Grayson Allen to the Duke basketball team, seemingly racist comments made by the Atlanta Hawks GM in front of season-ticket holders, and what the Chargers need to do to win…
43: The Chargers & Me
Jan 5 • 35 min
John Gennaro explains the most recent news regarding the San Diego Chargers’ potentially getting an extension to work out a stadium deal with San Diego before explaining his own personal relationship with the team. Later, he wraps up with his review of…
42: A glimmer of hope for the Chargers to stay in San Diego
Jan 4 • 30 min
John Gennaro explains how (and why) the owners of the San Diego Chargers may be able to get the extra funding that they need from the NFL (and San Diego State?) to build a brand new stadium in Mission Valley.
41: How to get the Spanos family to sell the San Diego Chargers
Jan 3 • 27 min
John Gennaro explains Dean Spanos’ plan for trying to fund a new NFL stadium in San Diego for the Chargers before laying out how it could (or should) backfire on him in a way that forces his family to sell their majority stake ownership of the team…
40: The Chargers don’t deserve your love
Dec 27, 2016 • 36 min
John Gennaro explains why he believes that this Sunday’s San Diego Chargers game won’t include the same kind of outpouring of love that occurred at last year’s final home game before talking about what the Padres will do with their gluttony of infielders…
39: The Chargers are a joke
Dec 20, 2016 • 36 min
The San Diego Chargers have a head coach that quit on his team and a security guard that can’t contain himself in front of cheerleaders, the San Diego Padres have a plan that they’re following (no matter the price!), and the future of the San Diego sports…
38: Chargers stadium talk with Jeff Dotseth
Dec 19, 2016 • 50 min
John Gennaro welcomes San Diego sports media member Jeff Dotseth to the podcast to talk about the history of the Chargers searching for a stadium solution in San Diego, as well as what the City of San Diego can do to turn the team leaving into an…
37: An open letter to Chargers’ owner Dean Spanos
Dec 15, 2016 • 31 min
John Gennaro reads his own open letter to San Diego Chargers’ owner Dean Spanos in regards to relocation before talking about the San Diego Padres’ meager offseason pickups and previewing the Las Vegas Bowl between the San Diego State Aztecs and Houston…
36: To the San Diego Chargers: Well……Bye!
Dec 14, 2016 • 31 min
John Gennaro lays out the latest news about the owners approving the San Diego Chargers’ lease and debt waiver to go to Los Angeles and says goodbye to the team before explaining the interesting position the San Diego Padres are (against their fans!) this…
35: Mission Valley won’t save the Chargers
Dec 13, 2016 • 34 min
John Gennaro explains why today’s Mission Valley offer won’t keep the Chargers in San Diego, talks about how the Padres could use the Rule V Draft in a way to develop the team faster and stronger, and tells you why last night’s SDSU Aztecs’ win doesn’t…
34: Mike McCoy is a Bad Coach
Dec 12, 2016 • 32 min
John Gennaro reflects on the San Diego Chargers’ loss to the Carolina Panthers and discusses rumors that the team will extend Head Coach Mike McCoy. Later, he wonders if it’s time for Steve Fisher to walk away from the SDSU men’s basketball program and he…
33: What is San Diego without the Chargers?
Dec 9, 2016 • 32 min
John Gennaro looks at other major-league sports cities that don’t have an NFL team to see how San Diego could plan their future without the Chargers, makes some corrections from yesterday’s podcasts, and wonders what the future of the country will look…
32: The Chargers are gone, but the Padres are crazy (and fun!)
Dec 8, 2016 • 45 min
John Gennaro goes over another heartbreaking loss for the San Diego State Aztecs, reviews a brilliant use of the Rule V Draft by the San Diego Padres, and wonders how long ago the San Diego Chargers decided they were moving to Los Angeles.
31: Embrace the Chargers Tank!
Dec 5, 2016 • 37 min
John Gennaro and Ben Higgins go over another blown 4th Quarter lead for the San Diego Chargers, this time to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and ponder the team’s future in the final month of the season and beyond.
30: Goodbye, San Diego Chargers
Dec 2, 2016 • 40 min
John Gennaro and John Browner say goodbye to the San Diego Chargers, after reports that the team is going to exercise their option and leave to Los Angeles next month. Also, the guys talk about the epic double-overtime thriller between the Rockets and…
29: It sounds like the Chargers are leaving…
Dec 1, 2016 • 25 min
John Gennaro goes over the tweets from ESPN’s Jim Trotter about the San Diego Chargers moving to Los Angeles next month. Later, John tries his best to explain the new UFC association/union and tells you what’s important in the new MLB CBA.
28: A backup plan if the Chargers leave San Diego
Nov 30, 2016 • 29 min
John Gennaro explains his plan, and how San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer should use it, for firing back at the San Diego Chargers. If you could be promised a better future for San Diego and the local sports scene, would you care if the Chargers left for…
27: Tiger makes golf fun again
Nov 29, 2016 • 19 min
John Gennaro explains why he’s afraid of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, why he likes to see the SDSU Aztecs scoring 100 points, and why Tiger Woods makes golf fun again.
26: Do you believe in the San Diego Chargers?
Nov 28, 2016 • 24 min
John Gennaro reviews the San Diego Chargers’ 21-13 road win over the Houston Texans, explains why he doesn’t believe in their playoff hopes, and talks about how disheartening it was for the SDSU Aztecs to lose the Colorado State over the weekend.
25: A huge win for the SDSU Aztecs!
Nov 22, 2016 • 25 min
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24: Darren Smith Show Hour 3 – Nov 21
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23: Darren Smith Show Hour 2 – Nov 21
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22: Darren Smith Show Hour 1 – Nov 21
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21: Be a fan, not an analyst
Nov 17, 2016 • 17 min
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20: Are the Warriors boring this season?
Nov 16, 2016 • 57 min
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19: The “Last Place” San Diego Chargers
Nov 16, 2016 • 19 min
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18: Bolts On Tap: The Chargers are stuck in last place
Nov 14, 2016 • 32 min
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17: “It’s the 2010 Chargers all over again!”
Nov 2, 2016 • 40 min
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16: What’s the difference between Measure C and Measure D?
Nov 1, 2016 • 36 min
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