Creative Minds with Chad Hall

Creative Minds with Chad Hall
I believe conversations aren’t about facts and answers, they’re about trying on ideas and wrestling with complex, elusive, ridiculous & difficult questions to see what’s possible.
Ben Henderson
Dec 13 • 90 min
I sit down with artist, musician Ben Henderson (Brother Grand, Good Hustle, Delta Activity) to chat about Van Halen, web-cams, beginners mindset, and the beautiful, yet horrendous mutation found at the intersection of art and social media.
Erin Salazar
Dec 6 • 80 min
I sit down with muralist, public arts activist, and founder of Exhibition District Erin Salazar to talk community, triumph from personal loss, artist fellowships, motivation, and being extraordinary.
Ryan Hernandez
Nov 29 • 73 min
I chat with my good friend & guitarist Ryan Hernandez (Strata, Balancing the Lion, Powerman 5000) about working musicians, coping with anxiety, band break ups and re-unions, the importance of friendship, and lots of guitarzzzzzz.
Chris Garcia
Nov 15 • 76 min
I sit down with podcaster, zine creator, and Computer History Museum curator Chris Garcia to chat about the Zodiac Killer, Jack the Ripper, Unsolved Mysteries, the future of streaming, Tim Cook, the pulse model of innovation and much more.
Drew Roulette
Nov 8 • 70 min
I sit down with artist, musician Drew Roulette (dredg, Dark Heavens) to chat about art, music, psychedelics, mimicry, sleepwalking, interviewers, band dynamics and more.
Frances Marin Lopez
Nov 1 • 65 min
This week I sit down with artist Frances Marin Lopez to chat about the absurdity of normalcy, social media’s effect on quality, balance in relationships, introversion and more.
Devonne Amos
Oct 25 • 77 min
I sit down with artist Devonne Amos to talk art, the importance of fundamentals, being the only child of a single mother, why Harrison Ford is like Santa Claus, how his grandmother bewildered the KKK, Saved By the Bell, and much more.
Colin Frangicetto
Oct 18 • 83 min
I sit down with artist, musician Colin Frangicetto (Circa Survive, Psychic Babble) to talk flow state, resistance, artistic freedom, psychedelics, beginner’s mindset, and more.
Megan Holiday
Oct 11 • 71 min
I sit down with radio personality Megan Holiday (KROQ, Alt105) to talk podcasting, her struggles with addiction, sobriety, recovery, giving back, community, the importance of a positive mindset, much more.
Mighty Mike McGee
Oct 4 • 69 min
I sit down with Santa Clara County Poet Laureate Mighty Mike McGee to discuss poetry, comedy, the evolution of what’s socially acceptable, and idea of horrible people making good art (Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, etc.)
Marc Ruiz
Sep 27 • 65 min
I sit down with my friend Marc Ruiz to talk about screenwriting, blogging, photography, imposter syndrome, and having a child with cancer.
Daniel Garcia
Sep 20 • 55 min
I sit down with Content Magazine curator Daniel Garcia and we talk about running a magazine, photography, parenting, limitations, mindfulness and the battle against perfectionism.
David Knight
Sep 13 • 66 min
I sit down with musician David Knight and we talk about music, moving to Malaysia, negotiating personal politics, grief and the effects of age on the creative process.
Vinny Le Pés
Sep 6 • 60 min
I chat with photographer & YouTuber Vinny Le Pés. A talk that starts out about notebooks and journaling leads us into the longer conversation of digital vs analog, input overload, intention, film photography, over-organizing, social media and more.
Taking Breaks
Jun 28 • 12 min
Our Season 1 finale! Closing out Season 1 seems like the perfect time to talk about the importance of taking breaks. Some of my favorites guest from this season come back to tell us their thoughts on resting the brain and sharpening the saw.
Building from Impulse with CRUELS
Jun 8 • 54 min
I sit down with my good friend producer/artist Giovanni Giusti (CRUELS, The Limousines) and we talk creativity, channeling grief, arguing with strangers online, cultivating ignorance for mental health, dangerous plants, AI, automation, analog synths and…
Re-scoping Anger
Jun 1 • 11 min
What if anger doesn’t have to be a destructive thing? What if it can mean something else? Something​ bigger?
How Do We Find the Time? Part 2
May 25 • 48 min
In the episode, I chat with two very busy & extraordinary women: actress, podcaster Alyshia Ochse & activist, business owner Celeste Walker. We talk about time but oh, so much more. I really love this episode!
The By-products of a Fool
May 16 • 33 min
We often make foolish assumptions and with time they become rules that we live by, but when examined they may, in fact, be things that are holding us back and keeping us from our purpose. I’m going to share with you some of mine and how I’m working past…
How Do We Find the Time? Part 1
May 3 • 19 min
The number one reason I hear why people aren’t creating more is TIME. So I’m dedicating two episode to TIME. In part 1 I talk to an old friend, and we hear from YA author Debby Dodds and painter Roxanne Blackwood.
How Do We Know When We Are Done?
Mar 29 • 19 min
How do we know when something is finished? This episode, I look for the answer the idea of completion, and I talk to musician John Miller (The Holy Dark) & artist Lou Bermingham.
A Quick Update
Feb 28 • 3 min
3 minutes - 3 news items
The Green Square
Feb 13 • 10 min
In honor of the February Monthly Creative Challenge prompt of Memories, I delve into a personal memory and explore the power that nostalgia, silence, and memory hold. This episode also reminds us of the transformative power wielded in a child’s mind.
My Creative Detours
Jan 29 • 12 min
A little something fun for the new year: a little bit confessional, a little bit satire and a little bit digital chaos.
State of the Podcast 2018
Jan 24 • 16 min
A new name, a new website, some exciting news, some requests and some info about what we have planned for the future
Making Things Tangible
Dec 15, 2017 • 26 min
While exploring the process of bringing ideas to life; giving flesh to the imaginary, I talk to entrepreneur & owner of Limón Salon Carlos Letelier. He also talks to Blizzard Entertainment 3D Texture Artist Ian Ameling. Extra special thanks to David Rust…
Confrontation of Fear
Nov 5, 2017 • 18 min
Fear is the greatest enemy to creativity. What are you afraid of? What does it prevent you from doing? Where does fear live and how to we begin to defeat it?
Hacking Creativity
Sep 26, 2017 • 17 min
So, what exactly is a Hacker Dojo? Hacker Dojo is a Silicon Valley secret and it was kind of the perfect place for us to begin expanding the ways that we understand what creativity is and how it works. Find out what artists and technologists have in…
Looking Back to Move Forward
Aug 27, 2017 • 37 min
A look back on the original format of the show and all the lessons learned (featuring Lam Nguyen.) As this podcast moves forward with a new format it’s important to remember the past and to learn from it. This features sound from our original podcast.