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The Mason Minute
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Open Office (MM #2819)
Dec 10 • 1 min
Did you know that the canned tuna fish business is in trouble? Business has been down for years. And the cause of this, Millennials and the open office workplace…
Fluffing (MM #2818)
Dec 9 • 1 min
I’m not sure, but something drastic has happened in the world of pillows. As I kid I used the same bed pillow forever. Now, I’m buying a new pillow every year or two. Plus, even when I have a new pillow I’m constantly fluffing it…
Striking Out (MM #2817)
Dec 8 • 1 min
For the most part I lead a pretty simple life. But recently I’ve found myself striking out at the simplest things. For example, going to my favorite fast food place for tacos…
Too Much Sleep (MM #2816)
Dec 7 • 1 min
Everywhere I turn I’m told that I need to get 8 hours of sleep every night. But like many people, finding time to sleep is tough. Now after all that, I find that too much sleep is actually a bad thing…
How Smart Are We (MM #2815)
Dec 6 • 1 min
As a society, how smart are we? Today, more people are educated than at any other time in history. But are we really smart? I don’t think so…
Tradition (MM #2814)
Dec 5 • 1 min
Traditions don’t seem to be as important as they used to be. The world is changing, but so few people seem to care about upholding tradition. And I honestly don’t think that’s a good thing…
Laugh Or Cry (MM #2813)
Dec 4 • 1 min
Some days when I scroll through my newsfeed I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Yes, we live in interesting times. But political correctness is often hard to understand…
Right Lane (MM #2812)
Dec 3 • 1 min
Lately I’ve noticed that more and more people refuse to drive in the right lane on the road or highway. It’s especially true when it comes to semis and commercial trucks…
Phone Booths (MM #2811)
Dec 2 • 1 min
When did all the phone booths disappear in our world? Sure, we don’t need pay phones anymore since we all carry cell phones. But what happened to all of those phone booths? They seemed to disappear overnight…
Silly Warnings (MM #2810)
Dec 1 • 1 min
I’m sure that you’ve noticed all of the disclaimers that come with drug ads on TV. While we need to be cautious, there seem to be a lot of silly warnings that come with these drugs…
Locked Up (MM #2809)
Nov 30 • 1 min
I’ve noticed recently when I go to the store that more and more items are locked up. Years ago, stores like Target, Walmart, and even Best Buy would sometimes put expensive items behind lock and key. But that sure has changed…
Homebody (MM #2808)
Nov 29 • 1 min
I’m a pretty simple fellow, and I guess you could say that I’m a homebody. Actually, I should correct myself. I used to be a homebody…
Crossover Vehicles (MM #2807)
Nov 28 • 1 min
Our driving needs are changing, and those changes are affecting car companies in a big way. Instead of producing sedans, companies like Ford and GM are turning to crossover vehicles. And those changes are costing people jobs…
Your Health (MM #2806)
Nov 27 • 1 min
As we get older, we all become much more consumed with our health. But, there are many way to look at your health and justify just how well you are doing…
Lethal Lettuce (MM #2805)
Nov 26 • 1 min
It’s true, we now have lethal lettuce. Romaine lettuce is once again being recalled due to e coli concerns. Why is it so difficult for people to grow romaine lettuce? We never seem to have iceberg issues…
Awesome (MM #2804)
Nov 25 • 1 min
We all have those go to responses when someone asks us a question. For some reason the word awesome is usually my go to response…
Rock Paper Scissors (MM #2803)
Nov 24 • 1 min
When was the last time you played Rock Paper Scissors? I played the game as a kid, but can’t remember the last time I played. And while I’m thinking about it, who came up with this silly game?
Reclining Seats (MM #2802)
Nov 23 • 1 min
We’ve all had recliners in our homes for many years. So why did it take so long for movie theaters to have reclining seats? This completely changes the cinema experience…
Must Have (MM #2801)
Nov 22 • 1 min
Most of us have one or two things that me must have to make Thanksgiving feel like Thanksgiving. Now I know it shouldn’t be that way, but we have a connection to these things. These items are almost triggers to remembering why we give thanks…
Digitally Disconnect (MM #2800)
Nov 21 • 1 min
I truly envy people who can digitally disconnect. Sure, I can stay away from social media for an extended period. But I honestly can’t stay away from my email. And it’s truly weeks like this where I want to shut it off…
Slow (MM #2799)
Nov 20 • 1 min
The week leading into Thanksgiving is one of the quietest of the year. But of course when you expect business to be slow it never is…
Hand-Me-Downs (MM #2798)
Nov 19 • 1 min
Recently I’ve noticed a lot more people selling used clothing online. Most of the time it’s kids clothing so we’re in essence taking hand-me-downs. I don’t know any kid who wants to wear someone else’s old clothing…
Shift Gears (MM #2797)
Nov 18 • 1 min
Tomorrow is when I officially shift gears and actually start thinking about the holidays. Today is the final day of the NASCAR season, so as of tomorrow I have a bit more time on my hands…
Roy Clark (MM #2796)
Nov 17 • 1 min
Country music icon Roy Clark passed away the other day at the age of 85. Of course to most people he’s usually remembered for his work on the TV show Hee Haw…
The Old Home Phone (MM #2795)
Nov 16 • 1 min
Who can forget the old home phone that used to hang on the wall? I haven’t had a home phone in over a decade, but my parents still have theirs. And of course, the phone company’s customer service is still poor…
Start Shopping (MM #2794)
Nov 15 • 1 min
I don’t really want to think about Christmas yet, but I may need to start shopping early. I’m wondering where we’re going to find the best toy deals for all my nieces and nephews…
Double Whammy (MM #2793)
Nov 14 • 1 min
I don’t know if you’re feeling this way, but I feel like I’ve been hot with a double whammy. The recent time change and our first burst of cold weather is really getting to me…
Stovetop Cooking (MM #2792)
Nov 13 • 1 min
Stovetop cooking changed for many when Teflon became the norm in the 1960’s. These days it’s become even more confusing on the best solutions for non-stick cooking…
Interesting Numbers (MM #2791)
Nov 12 • 1 min
Despite Veterans Day falling on Sunday, we officially celebrate today. That means no mail delivery today. To honor our vets, I have some very interesting numbers to share…
Fleece And Flannel (MM #2790)
Nov 11 • 1 min
It looks like fleece and flannel weather is finally here. Since I live in Tennessee I can’t really call it fall weather because it’s still so up and down…
The Change (MM #2789)
Nov 10 • 1 min
I’m going through the change; the change of seasons that is. But it seems like we’ve gone directly from summer straight to winter. And my body is feeling every bit of the change…
Sense Of Humor (MM #2788)
Nov 9 • 1 min
Do you think that as a nation we’ve lost our sense of humor? Sure, we still laugh, at some things, but overall has something drastically changed?
Detail Oriented (MM #2787)
Nov 8 • 1 min
I’m a detail oriented person and feel that it’s not always a good thing. I realize that our DNA plays a big factor, but can we actually teach people to be detail oriented?
Long Answers (MM #2786)
Nov 7 • 1 min
We live in a world where everyone loves brevity. We all want things in short bursts. But sadly I don’t get to live in a world that easy. I’m the guy who has to provide the long answers to everyone’s ‘quick questions’ that aren’t so quick…
Voter Apathy (MM #2785)
Nov 6 • 1 min
Today we have the mid term elections and many say it’s the most important election in many years. Don’t they say that all the time? A big concern in our elections is voter apathy. Over the weekend I heard an interesting thought on the subject…
Not Guilty (MM #2784)
Nov 5 • 1 min
There are many things about our criminal justice system that make no sense to me. How can a person caught in the act of a crime with dozens of witnesses plead not guilty? Our system could be simplified…
In The Movies (MM #2783)
Nov 4 • 1 min
Have you ever noticed in the movies that once an actor portrays a famous person you never view each the same way ever again? Now this doesn;t happen with every actor, but sometimes it’s eerie…
Shake My Head (MM #2782)
Nov 3 • 1 min
Sometimes I just shake my head in disbelief. At this point in life I should know better. But like many, I had hoped that the Facebook memes weren’t true. But sadly, they are…
Truth In Advertising (MM #2781)
Nov 2 • 1 min
I know a little bit about adverting. Both my wife and I have spent most of our adult lives involved with media in some way. And this year’s mid term elections have reminded us that truth in adverting is often lacking, especially in political ads…
Being Boring (MM #2780)
Nov 1 • 1 min
Many people think that boring is bad. But actually, I’ve found that if you can master being boring you can actually have a happy life… I know this sounds crazy, but trust me…
Zombies (MM #2779)
Oct 31 • 1 min
Can someone please explain to me why we’re so enthralled with zombies? Zombie movies have been around forever, but it seems in recent years they’re showing up everywhere…
Hold Out (MM #2778)
Oct 30 • 1 min
Every year as the leaves start to change color, I play a game called hold out. The rules are simple; try to hold out turning on the heat as long as you can…
Do As You Say (MM #2777)
Oct 29 • 1 min
Do as you say is such a simple phrase, but yet seems so difficult for many. I’m not sure what’s happening in our world, but follow through seems to be lacking for so many. And that is truly becoming a crisis…
How We Shop (MM #2776)
Oct 28 • 1 min
How we shop has changed so much in my lifetime. We’ve gone from shopping centers to shopping malls, and now we’ve got Amazon. The mall was a big part of my younger days, but sadly that experience has changed drastically…
My Youth (MM #2775)
Oct 27 • 1 min
The recent new that Sears could be going away has me thinking back to my youth. Like most Midwestern families we were a Sears family and while I know that times change, I can’t imagine a world without…
Rankings By State (MM #2274)
Oct 26 • 1 min
A few months ago I talked about our obsession with rankings. Recently I noticed online that we now have rankings by state for some VERY silly things…
Lottery (MM #2773)
Oct 25 • 1 min
The Mega Millions just had it’s first Billion Dollar winner. But have you ever notice that lottery jackpot are only big news leading up to the drawing?
Potatoes (MM #2772)
Oct 24 • 1 min
Potatoes are one of those foods that most people seem to love. And we all have certain ways that we prefer them to be prepared. But is there really a that much difference between eating french fries or tater tots? I think we surely all know the answer to…
Line Up (MM #2771)
Oct 23 • 1 min
When we’re little we’re taught how to properly stand in line. But if we can master that task at such a young age, why can’t we line up as adults?
Streetlights (MM #2770)
Oct 22 • 1 min
I could swear that streets and roads are much darker today than when I first started driving. I’ve never counted, but there has to be fewer streetlights. I especially notice the lack of light as I roll down the highway late at night…
Those Stray Hairs (MM #2769)
Oct 21 • 1 min
We’re all getting older, and we can fight the aging process only so much. I’m obsessed with those stray hairs you get in your eyebrows, ears, or wherever. You know those hairs…
Three Places At Once (MM #2768)
Oct 20 • 1 min
I know what it’s like to be busy, but it’s not often I have a day like today. If I lived in a perfect world I would actually be in three places at once. Of course we know that’s not possible, so I have to pick…
Another Trend (MM #2767)
Oct 19 • 1 min
For the last couple of days I’ve been talking about some recent trends that baffle me. A couple of weeks ago I learned of a another trend that I had never heard of before. I wonder how many high school parents even know about this one…
Big Reveal (MM #2766)
Oct 18 • 1 min
Yesterday I was talking about trends and why people feel to be trendy. Another trend that baffles me is when couples put some sort of big reveal event together to announce the sex of their baby. I think there’s one thing that we can blame for these gender…
Need To Be Trendy (MM #2765)
Oct 17 • 1 min
I’ve never felt the need to be trendy. I’ve always done my own thing. But recently I’ve noticed tha when it comes to trends I might be in the minority…
The First Time (MM #2764)
Oct 16 • 1 min
Over the weekend we spent some time with our nieces and nephews and I learned something. Anytime we encounter something for the first time it’s likely going to go one of two ways…
Interesting Suggestion (MM #2763)
Oct 15 • 1 min
Last Monday was Columbus Day. And outside of the mail not running, few people noticed. But I did hear an interesting suggestion about Columbus Day, that made me think…
Working Around The House (MM #2762)
Oct 14 • 1 min
Last weekend, my wife and I were working around the house. We had to do some yard work and a couple of minor repairs. And it hit me; we need a ton of tools to maintain our home. Many more than my parents did back in the day…
Personal Hygiene (MM #2761)
Oct 13 • 1 min
Like many people, personal hygiene is very important to me. I’d like to think it goes without saying, but for some people it’s not a priority. But recently I started having issues with my deodorant and it’s causing a crisis…
Miss America (MM #2760)
Oct 12 • 1 min
I honestly haven’t paid attention to the Miss America pageant for years. But I read a story the other day that stunned me. The heads of Miss America have actually kicked out 4 states and there could be more…
Nobody Can Agree (MM #2759)
Oct 11 • 1 min
We all know that there is a big divide in America when it comes to politics. But politics isn’t the only thing than nobody can agree on. Sometimes it’s the silly things than can lead to arguments too…
Eating Fast Food (MM #2758)
Oct 10 • 1 min
The government recently finished a study about fast food. They wanted to learn about who was actually eating fast food. The results weren’t surprising to anyone, but the government…
Permanent Record (MM #2757)
Oct 9 • 1 min
Last week I heard a phrase that I hadn’t heard uttered in many years; permanent record. Back in the day we were all threatened with something going on our permanent record. And while I always wondered if it was real, I think for the first time I know the…
Business News (MM #2756)
Oct 8 • 1 min
Recently I noticed that I’ve been doing something more and more that old guys do. I’ve been reading the business news. Now I’ve always read a little business news, but lately I find myself reading it all the time…
Fast Talker (MM #2755)
Oct 7 • 1 min
People often accuse me of being a fast talker. Fast talking might even go back to my formative years. I definitely perfected the skill to speak quickly when I worked in radio. It’s not a bad thing, I hope…
Garbage Crisis (MM #2754)
Oct 6 • 1 min
Our neighborhood is currently experiencing a bit of a garbage crisis. For years our trash has been pickup up by a private company. But now, the city has opened up trash collection in our neighborhood. And everyone is freaking out…
Climbing Ladders (MM #2753)
Oct 5 • 1 min
Every now and then I’ll tackle a few home improvement projects. Luckily I’ve never had a problem climbing ladders. Of course, I recently found out climbing ladders doesn’t get easier as you get older….
Sports Heaven (MM #2752)
Oct 4 • 1 min
If you’re a true sports fan, October is probably your favorite month. You could even say that the month of October is truly sports heaven. Nearly every major sport is going strong right now…
Construction Is Booming (MM #2751)
Oct 3 • 1 min
Construction is booming here in Nashville. It seems like new homes and hotels are popping up every day. But I’ve often wondered, why some smaller buildings take much longer to build than larger ones…
The Pledge Of Allegiance (MM #2750)
Oct 2 • 1 min
Most of us grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning at school. Not surprisingly, we do it and don’t even think about it. But did you know that in some states you can get expelled for refusing…
Name Change (MM #2749)
Oct 1 • 1 min
Sometimes when a business is failing they change their name. But’s rare to see a name change for a successful business or brand. Nashville’s city bus service recently changed their name and it has me scratching my head…
Animals Know (MM #2748)
Sep 30 • 1 min
One look at the calendar tells us that fall is here, but the temperatures sure don’t reflect it in Nashville. But the animals know that colder weather is coming, very soon…
Robots (MM #2747)
Sep 29 • 1 min
For many years people have been warning us that robots will one day take over the world. Last week I saw that we are yet another step closer to that reality…
Time For Reviewing (MM #2746)
Sep 28 • 1 min
Politics is occupying everyone right now, except one group of people: critics. Fall is their time for reviewing everything. And occasionally the critics review more than TV shows…
Jail (MM #2745)
Sep 27 • 1 min
Crime is becoming a huge concern here in Nashville, but sadly it seem to bother regular people more than our leaders. For some reason criminals never seem to go to jail…
Pick Up The Phone (MM #2744)
Sep 26 • 1 min
Does anyone pick up the phone anymore? In the good ole days, we’d race to the phone to answer. But now, if you’re not in my contacts list I’ll probably let it go to voicemail…
Key Fobs (MM #2743)
Sep 25 • 1 min
Key Fobs have changed the way we interact with our car. Gone are the days of actually using the key in the door. But recently I noticed that there is one slight problem with keyless entry to our car…
Showing Emotions (MM #2742)
Sep 24 • 1 min
How people handle emotions has always interested me. Some people have no problem showing emotions while other are completely mute. Me, I’ve always been an emotional person….
Commercials (MM #2741)
Sep 23 • 1 min
The only people who love commercials are those who actually make a living from them. And while technology has improved ad targeting, there has to be a way to improve our experience with those dreaded ads we can’t avoid…
Years Of Suffering (MM #2740)
Sep 22 • 1 min
My life as a sports fan has changed drastically in the last couple of years. As a lifelong Cubs fan I experienced many years of suffering. But in the last few years I’ve found out what it’s like to still care in September and October…
Weeds (MM #2739)
Sep 21 • 1 min
Sometimes it’s the little things that can push you over the edge. For example, weeds. We’ve had a big dust up in or neighborhood recently over weeds in the flower bed. Weeds are a hassle, but I don’t think they’re something that should get everyone riled…
Too Much Time (MM #2738)
Sep 20 • 1 min
So many of us do our best to manage our time; to cram as much into a day as we can. But it truly amazes me that there are still people in this world with too much time on their hands. In a way, I envy them…
Cookies (MM #2737)
Sep 19 • 1 min
When I was young, I loved cookies. I was always excited to see what type my mother brought home from the store. But when I was walking through the grocery store the other day I noticed something…
Space For Apps (MM #2736)
Sep 18 • 1 min
Space on my smartphone becomes more precious every day. I have less space for apps than ever before. And it’s going to take a LOT for me to download a new app. But that hasn’t stopped many businesses from trying to get a piece of my precious app real…
By Popular Demand (MM #2735)
Sep 17 • 1 min
Recently I’ve noticed the phrase ‘back by popular demand” coming up in numerous ads. I’ve always thought that the phrase was a bit of a cliche. Is the populace really making these demands?
Setting Alarms (MM #2734)
Sep 16 • 1 min
No matter what we do, getting up every morning isn’t much fun. And setting an alarm clock every night is a not so subtle reminder. But these days, setting alarms isn’t always a bad thing…
Hurricane (MM #2733)
Sep 15 • 1 min
Hurricane Florence (now a tropical storm) continues to ravage both North and South Carolina. If you’ve ever lived through a hurricane I think you actually become obsessed with them. You honestly feel their pain…
Homecoming (MM #2732)
Sep 14 • 1 min
Homecoming is a high school ritual, but I swear it seems to be happening earlier and earlier. Didn;t homecoming used to happen in the middle of Fall?
One-Handed (MM #2731)
Sep 13 • 1 min
I’ve noticed that more and more people are driving one-handed these days. But they’re not texting while driving. They’re doing something much more dangerous…
Emojis (MM #2730)
Sep 12 • 1 min
When it comes to technology, old folks and young people can be miles apart. A recent innovation increasing that generation gap, emojis…
Electric Scooters (MM #2729)
Sep 11 • 1 min
Electric scooters are overtaking big cities and tourist towns. These scooters have made it to Nashville and they are causing quite a stir. And that stir isn’t always a positive thing…
Football Season (MM #2728)
Sep 10 • 1 min
It’s football season once again. Have you noticed that the world is a little bit different now? When both college and pro football begin their seasons something changes…
Haunted (MM #2727)
Sep 9 • 1 min
Do you ever get a truly haunting feeling? Now I’m not talking about a ghost or spirit haunting you. I’m talking about being haunted by something much worse, like a song…
Peppermint (MM #2726)
Sep 8 • 1 min
It’s the time of year where pumpkin spice returns. Some say it’s too early, but what concerns me, is what’s next? What comes after pumpkin spice? Is it peppermint or perhaps something else?
Mock Outrage (MM #2725)
Sep 7 • 1 min
There’s a lot to be outraged about in our world today. But for some reason many seem to be more concerned with expressing their mock outrage about some silly things…
Passive Aggressive Drivers (MM #2724)
Sep 6 • 1 min
I know that I’ve talked about a few of my pet peeves throughout the years. But lately one of those pet peeves is really driving me crazy. Have you noticed the increase in passive aggressive drivers?
Order At The Counter (MM #2723)
Sep 5 • 1 min
Recently some restaurants have come up with a new concept. You order at the counter and then your food is served by waitresses. They’re just one step above fast food, but make no sense to me…
Maps (MM #2722)
Sep 4 • 1 min
Sometimes we take technology for granted and forget the way things used to be. Over the weekend I remembered just how much I hated road maps when I couldn’t locate something with my GPS. So much for the good ole days…
The Saddest (MM #2721)
Sep 3 • 1 min
This may sound crazy, and it probably is, but I think that September is the saddest month of the year. I’m serious. Let me explain…
Evening Nap (MM #2720)
Sep 2 • 1 min
I used to love to sleep when I was young. But as I got older sleep just seemed to get in the way. But lately I’ve found a way to sleep a little bit more, with an evening nap…