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The Mason Minute
Kevin Mason’s Daily 60 Second Podcast
Too Much Time (MM #2738)
Sep 20 • 1 min
So many of us do our best to manage our time; to cram as much into a day as we can. But it truly amazes me that there are still people in this world with too much time on their hands. In a way, I envy them…
Cookies (MM #2737)
Sep 19 • 1 min
When I was young, I loved cookies. I was always excited to see what type my mother brought home from the store. But when I was walking through the grocery store the other day I noticed something…
Space For Apps (MM #2736)
Sep 18 • 1 min
Space on my smartphone becomes more precious every day. I have less space for apps than ever before. And it’s going to take a LOT for me to download a new app. But that hasn’t stopped many businesses from trying to get a piece of my precious app real…
By Popular Demand (MM #2735)
Sep 17 • 1 min
Recently I’ve noticed the phrase ‘back by popular demand” coming up in numerous ads. I’ve always thought that the phrase was a bit of a cliche. Is the populace really making these demands?
Setting Alarms (MM #2734)
Sep 16 • 1 min
No matter what we do, getting up every morning isn’t much fun. And setting an alarm clock every night is a not so subtle reminder. But these days, setting alarms isn’t always a bad thing…
Hurricane (MM #2733)
Sep 15 • 1 min
Hurricane Florence (now a tropical storm) continues to ravage both North and South Carolina. If you’ve ever lived through a hurricane I think you actually become obsessed with them. You honestly feel their pain…
Homecoming (MM #2732)
Sep 14 • 1 min
Homecoming is a high school ritual, but I swear it seems to be happening earlier and earlier. Didn;t homecoming used to happen in the middle of Fall?
One-Handed (MM #2731)
Sep 13 • 1 min
I’ve noticed that more and more people are driving one-handed these days. But they’re not texting while driving. They’re doing something much more dangerous…
Emojis (MM #2730)
Sep 12 • 1 min
When it comes to technology, old folks and young people can be miles apart. A recent innovation increasing that generation gap, emojis…
Electric Scooters (MM #2729)
Sep 11 • 1 min
Electric scooters are overtaking big cities and tourist towns. These scooters have made it to Nashville and they are causing quite a stir. And that stir isn’t always a positive thing…
Football Season (MM #2728)
Sep 10 • 1 min
It’s football season once again. Have you noticed that the world is a little bit different now? When both college and pro football begin their seasons something changes…
Haunted (MM #2727)
Sep 9 • 1 min
Do you ever get a truly haunting feeling? Now I’m not talking about a ghost or spirit haunting you. I’m talking about being haunted by something much worse, like a song…
Peppermint (MM #2726)
Sep 8 • 1 min
It’s the time of year where pumpkin spice returns. Some say it’s too early, but what concerns me, is what’s next? What comes after pumpkin spice? Is it peppermint or perhaps something else?
Mock Outrage (MM #2725)
Sep 7 • 1 min
There’s a lot to be outraged about in our world today. But for some reason many seem to be more concerned with expressing their mock outrage about some silly things…
Passive Aggressive Drivers (MM #2724)
Sep 6 • 1 min
I know that I’ve talked about a few of my pet peeves throughout the years. But lately one of those pet peeves is really driving me crazy. Have you noticed the increase in passive aggressive drivers?
Order At The Counter (MM #2723)
Sep 5 • 1 min
Recently some restaurants have come up with a new concept. You order at the counter and then your food is served by waitresses. They’re just one step above fast food, but make no sense to me…
Maps (MM #2722)
Sep 4 • 1 min
Sometimes we take technology for granted and forget the way things used to be. Over the weekend I remembered just how much I hated road maps when I couldn’t locate something with my GPS. So much for the good ole days…
The Saddest (MM #2721)
Sep 3 • 1 min
This may sound crazy, and it probably is, but I think that September is the saddest month of the year. I’m serious. Let me explain…
Evening Nap (MM #2720)
Sep 2 • 1 min
I used to love to sleep when I was young. But as I got older sleep just seemed to get in the way. But lately I’ve found a way to sleep a little bit more, with an evening nap…
ABC (MM #2719)
Sep 1 • 1 min
We’re all lazy. Everyone of us is constantly searching for shortcuts. That’s why everything has an acronym. I’m so lazy I create my own acronyms, like ABC…
Answer The Question (MM #2718)
Aug 31 • 1 min
I’ve noticed that getting a straight answer has become a rare thing. No one wants to answer the question, any question at all…
Interviewing People (MM #2717)
Aug 30 • 1 min
Back in my radio days I loved interviewing people. These weren’t job interviews but interviews that played on the radio. Many podcasts today feature interviews and of course I’m a bit of a critic…
Reunions (MM #2716)
Aug 29 • 1 min
I’ve had a couple of old friends reach out recently to discuss reunions. While I am a person who likes history and nostalgia, I’ve never been a big fan of reunions…
Four Day Work Week (MM #2715)
Aug 28 • 1 min
Many people are suggesting that the US should adopt a four day work week. While the idea appeals to me on paper, I honestly don’t know how it would actually work…
Handyman Emergency (MM #2714)
Aug 27 • 1 min
I truly hate waking up to a handyman emergency. The good news, this emergency was something I could handle. But sadly, there’s no quick solution to getting the needed parts…
Fairs And Festivals (MM #2713)
Aug 26 • 1 min
As summer winds to a close many towns across the US are getting ready for fairs and festivals. Since I was never a ‘farm kid’ I didn;t always relate to the fair…
What Day Is It? (MM #2712)
Aug 25 • 1 min
With my crazy work schedule my days often blur together. And lately it seems like I start working and then wonder what day is it?
Watergate (MM #2711)
Aug 24 • 1 min
Many people are saying that the current political climate feels much like Watergate did back in the 70’s. And of course the first thing that I think of, is what would Nixon have been like on social media…
Sleeping While It Rains (MM #2710)
Aug 23 • 1 min
I used to love sleeping while it rains. The sounds was always very soothing. But over the last couple of years that has changed. Now I get stressed when I hear the sound of rain…
Hanging Out With Friends (MM #2709)
Aug 22 • 1 min
I realized something the other day. You really don’t know a person until you watch them hanging out with friends. You may think that you truly know someone, but you only know what they show you…
Sun Worshipper (MM #2708)
Aug 21 • 1 min
Since I’m so fair skinned, I’ve never been a sun worshipper. I don’t think about the sun, so I often forget the important things when I’m outdoors, like sunscreen…
Allergies (MM #2707)
Aug 20 • 1 min
I’ve suffered from allergies as long as I can remember. And for some reason they usually act up right around Labor Day. This year, the misery has already begun…
Look Younger (MM #2706)
Aug 19 • 1 min
People often tell me that I look younger than my actual age. I’m flattered, but I have secret to my youthful looks…
Bug Assault (MM #2705)
Aug 18 • 1 min
Have you seen the commercial for the bug assault rifle? I think they stylistically spell it bug-a-salt, but it’s the craziest thing. Rather than a gun I would rather find a bug vacuum…
Mandatory Voting (MM #2704)
Aug 17 • 1 min
Recently I’ve come across a few people who are suggesting that the US implement mandatory voting. Of course I can never imagine our federal or state governments going for that…
Automatic (MM #2703)
Aug 16 • 1 min
There are some tasks in life that we do so often, they become automatic. I can think of a couple off the top of my head. But I have a feeling there are many automatic tasks in my life I don’t even realize…
Beauty Secrets (MM #2702)
Aug 15 • 1 min
Every woman has her beauty secrets. Now, some men have secrets too but they’re few and far between. But a recent trip to the beauty supply store taught me something…
Follow Your Dreams (MM #2701)
Aug 14 • 1 min
The other day a friend asked me what advice I would give to anyone who asked for it. I didn’t hesitate. My advice was simple: Follow your dreams…
Drinking Too Much (MM #2700)
Aug 13 • 1 min
I was reading an article the other day and learned that I might be drinking too much! Too much water that is…
Backing In (MM #2699)
Aug 12 • 1 min
Yesterday I mentioned the fire engine that was backing into the fire station. And of course that has me thinking about other people who prefer backing in when they park…
Two Doors (MM #2698)
Aug 11 • 1 min
Recently I was stopped when a fire engine backed into the fire station. And as I sat there I started wondering. Why don’t fire stations have two doors, one in the front of the station and another in the back…
Hand Foot And Mouth (MM #2697)
Aug 10 • 1 min
I just heard on the news that Nashville is having and a problem with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. I’d never heard of Hand Foot and Mouth until a few years ago. But I found out that it’s actually been around for awhile…
Every Morning (MM #2696)
Aug 9 • 1 min
Have I ever mentioned that it’s not much fun getting older? I kid; of course I have. In all honestly there is only one problem I experience every morning when I get up…
Rise In Crime (MM #2695)
Aug 8 • 1 min
I’ve mentioned in a few podcasts that Nashville has seen a rapid rise in crime over the last year or so. And while things are getting worse, I have to remember that things still aren’t as bad as they are in places like Chicago…
Playing The Game (MM #2694)
Aug 7 • 1 min
I’ve never been one to simply go along with the crowd. I’ve always been a free thinker. But, sometimes playing the game is truly the best option even if you don’t want to…
Back To School Shopping (MM #2693)
Aug 6 • 1 min
We’re hitting that time of year that everyone hates, back to school. Kids hate the going back part, while their parents hate the back to school shopping…
Service Stickers (MM #2692)
Aug 5 • 1 min
Whenever we take our car to get serviced, they always put one of those service stickers on the windshield. Years ago dealerships and service stations placed them on the door jam of the car. There are days when I wish they’d go back to the old way…
Beggars (MM #2691)
Aug 4 • 1 min
While the economy may be doing well for some, sadly there are many people who are having a hard time. I see more beggars in America’s cities than ever before. And some beggars are getting creative…
Tacky (MM #2690)
Aug 3 • 1 min
I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a bit judgemental at times. Now, I may not be the best judge of good taste, but I do know when something is tacky!
What Is Nashville Like (MM #2689)
Aug 2 • 1 min
When I worked in radio people were always calling us up to ask questions. I’m used to hearing strange questions, but never expected anyone to ask me, ‘what is Nashville like’?
One-Way Street Signs (MM #2688)
Aug 1 • 1 min
I’ve never understood why some cities have so many one-way streets. And for some reason where they place the one-way street signs makes no sense either…
Have You Ever Tried That (MM #2687)
Jul 31 • 1 min
When it comes to food, I’m always up fro trying new things. But while on vacation I had numerous people say to me; ‘have you ever tried that’? They were actually concerned that I was ordering something that I wouldn’t like…
Week-Long Vacation (MM #2686)
Jul 30 • 1 min
My wife and I did something last week that we haven’t done in years. We went on a week-long vacation. That may not be something strange for most, but for us…
Simple Breakfast (MM #2685)
Jul 29 • 1 min
My wife and I were having a discussion recently, and we both agreed. The best breakfast is a simple breakfast…
Cornhole (MM #2684)
Jul 28 • 1 min
Many of my friends in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania like to play a game called cornhole. The game has been around for years, but it’s still new to many people. But that may soon change…
Public Library (MM #2683)
Jul 27 • 1 min
Growing up I used to visit the public library all the time. But kids today have the internet so they don’t really need it as much. Here in Middle Tennessee one library has a not so new concept to get kids involved…
Camping (MM #2682)
Jul 26 • 1 min
I have friends and family that go camping all the time. While I’ve camped a few times I’m not really into roughing it. But, I have an idea…
Preparing Early (MM #2681)
Jul 25 • 1 min
I try to prepare and plan ahead for most things in life. But sometimes preparing early can be a little silly…
Gas And Go (MM #2680)
Jul 24 • 1 min
It’s hard to believe that I’ve been taking road trips for over 50 years. Of course, a lot has changed through the years. Especially the gas and go…
Kids Shows (MM #2679)
Jul 23 • 1 min
You can tell a lot about people by the TV shows they watched when they were young. Kids shows continue to change and evolve. But it seems that some of them truly are timeless…
Flashback (MM #2678)
Jul 22 • 1 min
What’s that old saying; The more things change the more they stay the same? I was sitting here looking at what I was wearing and had a flashback to my younger days…
Old-Time Experience (MM #2677)
Jul 21 • 1 min
I just read where someone is opening a retro themed restaurant here in Nashville. We don’t have many retro themed restaurants anymore. When I was growing up, lots of restaurants gave you an old-time experience…
Young Criminals (MM #2676)
Jul 20 • 1 min
The crime rate in Nashville continues to rise at a rapid rate. Of course, that comes with our growth. But, the number of young criminals we have is totally frightening…
New Appreciation (MM #2675)
Jul 19 • 1 min
Back in high school and in college I took both art and music appreciation classes. And in all honesty I hated them. But as I’ve gotten older I have a new appreciation for both art and music…
Body Temperature (MM #2674)
Jul 18 • 1 min
I was in the shower the other day and started thinking back to something I should have learned in school. Why does our body temperature remain the same, but we have to adjust our shower temperature every season?
MOR (MM #2673)
Jul 17 • 1 min
If you’re a certain age all you have to see are the letters MOR and you know what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the pop music that our parents liked back in the 60’s and 70’s. No self respecting kid would ever admit to liking MOR. But, as we…
Health Concerns (MM #2672)
Jul 16 • 1 min
Over the last few years health concerns have become something I that I’ve actually started paying attention to. I’m paying attention and watching out not only for myself but for all the people I care about…
Little Birds (MM #2671)
Jul 15 • 1 min
For some reason our front porch is a haven for little birds. We don’t have many, but they always seem to come back every year. I’ve never experienced anything like this…
Ranking Things (MM #2670)
Jul 14 • 1 min
I honestly think we live in a world where everyone is obsesses with ranking things. I’ll admit I’m just as guilty. I may not rank things myself, but I’m always interested when someone else does…
Blisters (MM #2669)
Jul 13 • 1 min
I’ve been prone to blisters my entire life. When I played basketball in high school I got them on my feet. Today I usually get them when I try to be handy…
Battery Powered People (MM #2668)
Jul 12 • 1 min
This may sound strange, but do you know any battery powered people? And I don’t mean anything bad by that. Some people wake up at full strength like battery, and then crash at the end of the day when they run out of juice. Others like me slowly wind up…
We Have No Plans (MM #2667)
Jul 11 • 1 min
Whenever someone utters the phrase ‘we have no plans to make any changes,’ I know that a change is coming. I heard that phrase from my cell phone provider last year, and guess what…
Wobbly (MM #2666)
Jul 10 • 1 min
One thing I’ve noticed about getting older, is the fact that some mornings I find myself a bit wobbly. Obviously I’ve got a lot of miles on this body and I think some parts are wearing out…
Birthday Celebrations (MM #2665)
Jul 9 • 1 min
I’ve never been one for big birthday celebrations. Even as a kid I wasn’t into my birthday. Our 6 year old niece Hattie is just the opposite…
Fruit On Ice Cream (MM #2664)
Jul 8 • 1 min
There truly isn’t much that my wife and I don’t know about each other. But the other day my wife learned that I have some rules about fruit on ice cream…
Smart Salespeople (MM #2663)
Jul 7 • 1 min
As I mentioned yesterday, I encounter a ton of shifty solicitors here at the home office. But every now and then, some smart salespeople comes to the door…
Shifty Salespeople (MM #2662)
Jul 6 • 1 min
One of the pitfalls of working from home is having to deal with solicitors. And it seems these days, so many of them are shifty salespeople…
Draggin’ (MM #2661)
Jul 5 • 1 min
Have you ever noticed that mid-week holidays are always difficult? I always finding myself draggin’ a bit more than normal when I go back to work the next day…
Freedom (MM #2660)
Jul 4 • 1 min
Today is the day that we celebrate our independence here in America. And with all the rhetoric that’s going on today perhaps it’s a good time to talk about freedom…
Parking On The Street (MM #2659)
Jul 3 • 1 min
One of our neighbors is trying to outlaw parking on the street. They want to force everyone to only park in their garage or driveway. In all honesty, right now I can think of hundreds of things in life that are more important…
For A Fee (MM #2658)
Jul 2 • 1 min
We all know that nothing in life is truly free. But it seems that nowadays even when you pay for something the only way you get service is for a fee, an extra fee…
Directors Cut (MM #2657)
Jul 1 • 1 min
Lately, I’ve found that a lot of movies now have an extended version or directors cut that you can watch. While I appreciate the efforts they seem to be lacking something…
Watch Out For (MM #2656)
Jun 30 • 1 min
Recently I noticed something that we all should watch out for when we’re driving; people using their cellphones as a GPS. I think they’re more dangerous than people who text and drive…
Pickleball (MM #2655)
Jun 29 • 1 min
Do you know what’s currently the fastest growing sport in the USA? No, it’s not soccer or golf. It’s pickleball! You’ve heard of it, haven’t you?!
Sound Of Thunder (MM #2654)
Jun 28 • 1 min
We’ve had some pretty heavy duty thunderstorms here in Tennessee the last few days. And there’s one thing I’ve always wondered about the sound of thunder…
Give Me Money (MM #2653)
Jun 27 • 1 min
Over the last few years I’ve had numerous companies want to give me money. Actually, they don’t want to give me money, they want to give it to my business…
Big Yellow Taxi (MM #2652)
Jun 26 • 1 min
I heard the song ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ the other day and found it in short to be a bit ironic. Here in Nashville we’re not paving paradise, were putting buildings up on all the parking lots…
Construction Work (MM #2651)
Jun 25 • 1 min
Recently I noticed that it’s taking longer to build a houses here in Nashville. So, yesterday a friend confirmed what I’ve thought. In short, if you do construction work Nashville is where you should be…
Strawberry Pop-Tarts (MM #2650)
Jun 24 • 1 min
At times, life can be very simple. I learned that from a 3 year old. Some days, life is great simply because of Strawberry Pop-Tarts…
Learn To Be Handy (MM #2649)
Jun 23 • 1 min
I’m not the handiest guy around, but I do okay. Although a recent home repair made me wonder, can you learn to be handy?
Highway Hazards (MM #2648)
Jun 22 • 1 min
As we travel, we all encounter many highway hazards. Of course, people on cell phones are a big problem, but they’re not the only issue. Thankfully, one lone trooper did something about it…
New Law (MM #2647)
Jun 21 • 1 min
No doubt you’ve heard the adage of Murphy’s Law. Recently I discovered a new law, but I can’t figure out the proper name for it…
Eat Your Vegetables (MM #2646)
Jun 20 • 1 min
As we’re growing up we often hear our elders utter the words ‘eat your vegetables”. I eat them, but have never really loved them. And I think I’ve finally figured out why…
Riding A Bike (MM #2645)
Jun 19 • 1 min
I often hear people utter the expression ‘it’s like riding a bike’. Lately I’ve found that phrase by and large very amusing. I started riding my bike again and while I still know how, it’s not the same…
Blasting Zone (MM #2644)
Jun 18 • 1 min
If you do even a little driving, you likely see these orange signs every day but do nothing. The signs simply say Blasting Zone. But they remind you to something else…
Cheating Dad (MM #2643)
Jun 17 • 1 min
It’s Father’s Day, and as a result that has got me thinking. I honesty feel that we’re cheating dad by having his day just a short time after mom’s special day. Furthermore, was this on purpose?
Pop-Up Shops (MM #2642)
Jun 16 • 1 min
Pop-up shops are one of the hottest trends in retail right now. While they’re fairly new to cities like Nashville, they’ve actually been around for quite awhile…
Trade Schools (MM #2641)
Jun 15 • 1 min
The cost of college tuition continues to rise. Many suggest that college shouldn’t be the first thought for some students. Furthermore, some experts feel that trade schools should become a priority. In contrast, back in my day, not going to college wasn’t…
Working From Home (MM #2640)
Jun 14 • 1 min
For the most part I’ve been working from home for over a decade. I’ve had traditional business offices through the years, but truly love the ease of my home office. But, there is one problem with working from home I haven’t been able to avoid…
Taking Naps (MM #2639)
Jun 13 • 1 min
Taking naps is usually a kid thing. For much of our life we don’t actually have time to sleep. But, it seems as we get older we take naps whether we want to or not. Power naps are okay, but naps from sheer exhaustion are something completely different…