Caffeinated Cats

Caffeinated Cats
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17: Bonus Track
May 19 • 7 min
Zach sits down with graduating Caffeinated Cats producers Steven Houston and Malcolm Ashton to discuss their time spent interning for the podcast.
17: Free Speech
May 19 • 36 min
Zach, Mary, & Tracy are joined by Alex Hansen to discuss his recent pancake mix sermon and the importance of Free Speech on campus. Plus, a complicated beverage, an Orion editorial, and the Impossible Question!
16: Together We Will
May 1 • 32 min
Special guest President Gayle Hutchinson joins Zach, Mary, & Tracy to answer questions about the Together We Will campaign and the future of Chico State. Plus, a new beverage! Power blazers! And the Impossible Question!
15: Food and Housing Insecurity
Apr 21 • 34 min
Zach, Tracy, Mary and Guest Star Martin Morales come together to discuss the topic of food and housing insecurities within the student body of CSU Chico.
14: Lightning Round
Apr 3 • 29 min
In this special edition episode, Zach, Tracy, & Mary welcome Leanne Woods for a 7 topic speed round. Topics include: Tuition Hike, Chico (One of the Unhappiest Cities in the US), Why Choose Chico?, Smoking On Campus, War on the Hungry, Graduation…
13: Gender & Sexuality
Mar 20 • 35 min
Zach & Mary welcome special guests Rebecca and Seve Christian to dive deep into the topic of gender and sexuality at CSU Chico, shifting views, and progress that still needs to be made. PLUS: A tasty new beverage! And the Impossible Question!
12: Alcohol
Feb 18 • 30 min
Zach, Tracy, Mary, and guest star Morgan Rosen, come together to discuss the topic of alcohol at CSU Chico.
11: Wildcat Alumni
Feb 3 • 32 min
In this episode Zach, Tracy, & Mary are joined by Aaron Skaggs, President of the Chico State Alumni Association Board of Directors. Together they talk about the experience of being an alumni of Chico State and what makes a Wildcat so unique. PLUS: A new…
10: 2016 Presidential Election
Jan 27 • 48 min
Zach, Tracy, & Mary are joined by Juni Banerjee-Stevens, the Clinical Director at the Counseling & Wellness Center, to discuss the Presidential election and its impact on CSU Chico and students.
9: Locker Room Talk
Jan 22 • 33 min
Zach, Tracy, Mary, and guest star Lindsey Dias come together to discuss the topic of Chico State and University athletics.
8: Traditions
Jan 22 • 27 min
Zach, Tracy, Mary, and Holly Hockett come together to discuss traditions at CSU Chico.
7: Diversity
Jan 22 • 30 min
Zach, Tracy and Mary are back for the Fall semester. Together, with special guest Gemma Navarro, they share a tasty beverage, discuss diversity inclusion, and ask the Impossible Question.
6: Graduation
Jan 22 • 28 min
Zach, Tracy and Mary are joined by Malcolm Dixon, a graduating senior, to talk about graduation and transitions. Also, a special beverage and the Impossible Question.
4: Food
Jan 22 • 28 min
Zach, Tracy, and Mary discuss food on and off campus, iced black coffee and ask the impossible question. Special guest Zach Elliot, student and barista at Common Grounds.