The Snappy Hour

The Snappy Hour
The Snappy Hour is a weekly lifestyle podcast with a little added Snapchat spiciness. Snap us @ jdshort / thebrianshow

#133 - The Snappy Hour
Nov 2 • 100 min
Airhorn noise. Mango chutney. Shut the fuck up. Join J.D., Brian, and Gracie as we reminisce about our ridiculous podcast: we play six of our favorite clips from the Snappy Archive, including silly skits, impersonations, and live music; we open Snapchats…
#132 - Snappy Halloween with Massing and Rug
Oct 26 • 97 min
BOO! Haha, gotcha. Sweet. Welcome to the spookiest episode of the year with our friends Heath and Robb from Massing (massingwv) and a boatload of audience members while we talk all things Halloween, including our favorite spooky tunes, as well as what we…
#131 - The Roast of Whitney Cummings
Oct 12 • 91 min
Hide your Tudors Biscuits, your pepperoni rolls, and any hot dogs or moonshine you may have. Whitney bout to have it Cummings. We hang with Spooky and Shey (spookyfacex and shey_keith14) tonight as we stay-caysh, write our own unwritten rules, and figure…
#130 - Into the Tunaverse
Oct 5 • 94 min
Hang out with us and our homie Josh Stowers (aka ODD1/0 on Soundcloud) as he performs a new original song and we discuss our bucket lists and favorite insults, #JOKERWATCH, an adoption gone awry, and like, a lot about Wimbledon apparently, all before we…
#129 - Nic Allen and the Troubled Minds feat. Ghost Pepper
Sep 21 • 107 min
Our friends Nic Allen and his Troubled Minds, including rising Snap Star Alan Brown and fellow bandmates Jeff and Zane, join us on this show this week to discuss cereal (again, obviously) as well as traveling a thousand years into the future. They also…
#128 - Friday the 13th: Harvest Moon: HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
Sep 14 • 104 min
We get weird on the Sacred Day with our friend Eric (IG: ew0kwarl0ck) and our audience as we brag on ourselves in weird ways and talk about the birds and the bees with our parents. Not kidding. #BedBoners #ItGetsBiggerAsYouDo #SDM
#127 - Trees are the Zits of Mother Earth
Aug 17 • 111 min
Happy Birthday Spooky! We party with Amanda (spookyfacex) and #SnappyNation as we celebrate #WhiteClawSummer (#ClawsOutBallsOut), and discuss our favorite 2000s-era memories and what temperature we like our water. #DeezNuptz
#126 - Feral Hogs and Fridges, Number Neighbors and Naturdays
Aug 10 • 105 min
We drink a lot with our friend Andy a.k.a. the artist known as Jonathan (aknipp322) as we text our number neighbors, open some Snaps, Shots some Fireds, and figure out what to do with all these damn feral hogs. Jonathan also rocks a Snappy Hour freestyle…
#125 - Bitty Bagel Boi Sees Them Aliens
Jul 13 • 102 min
We gather with a glorious audience full of Snap Stars (spookyfacex, busybeez3333, lacandancenashea, and e_cantrell23), to pay our respects to Bob Lazar, polygonal tiddies, and Lil Wayne, while we also jump into video games and laugh involuntarily. See you…
#124 - The Fifth of July
Jul 6 • 110 min
We and our friend Will (perry-will) discuss pennies, Old Town Roads, and cock sauces, while we pit the East Coast and West Coast against each other one last time. #InTheTray #AnybodysGame #NickleFlickson
#123 - Meat Tents, Meet Tenants
Jun 22 • 110 min
Absolute musical unit Josh S. (milehigh_native) reminds us about Andre on our newest snippity, snappity, snackety show, while we discuss how our pets’ voices would sound throughout ours and their lives, and basically settle on Monty’s as the best pizza…
#122 - Is Rain Just Hot Snow?
Jun 15 • 100 min
Join us and our friend Hilary Brewster of the Damn Near podcast as we discuss some really weird shit, including the Banana Splits, Bieber vs. Cruise, and a whole lot of other ridiculous things we don’t like. #ElderMillennial #HotSnow
#121 - From Serial Killers to Cereal Killers
May 11 • 87 min
We welcome Teresa (tspencer37) to the show as we talk about our favorite breakfast food (ironically, not cereal), our own personal warning labels, and mass murder, while we scrump down on some very weird crunch biscuits live on the show. #StandardGracie…
#120 - Soup, There It Is
May 4 • 72 min
Hang with the Snappy crew, as well as Billie Eilish, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Fyre Festival guy, aliens, Coke, Pepsi, Trump (sorry y’all we need good SEO) and Prometheus for some reason, as we talk about soup. Like, for real. Facebook Live gets involved.…
#119 - The Dicklaration of Independence
Apr 27 • 84 min
Our friend and musical artist Jonathan a.k.a. Andy (aknipp322) hangs out with the Snappy Nation as we talk about monkey brains, villians, consent, testing on animals, and who knows what other things. Have fun forever.
#118 - Weed Too featuring Flip-on-it
Apr 20 • 92 min
Grass. Cheeba. Marijuana. We don’t smoke any of it live with our friends in the band Flip-on-it from Huntington, WV as we discuss the 4th annual Funktafest, our celebrity crushes and favorite music videos, a few quick life updates, and traveling down that…
#117 - April Floofs: As the Meat Spins
Mar 30 • 101 min
You like how we get serious sometimes but also very silly and stupid most of the time? Of course you do. We do just that with our artist and creator friend Seth (shenson304) as we discuss some of the best pranks we and #SnappyNation have pulled, what we…
#116 - Huntington’s Pride is Open To All
Mar 23 • 105 min
We got a wild one for y’all, for real. Hang with us and our friends Ally Layman and Justin Murdock as we take the pledge to join the Huntington Open To All campaign, which promotes LGBTQ+ equality and non-discriminatory practice amongst local businesses…
#115 - The Snappy Hour: An Eggs-ellent Podcast
Mar 2 • 64 min
GET IT? Gracie has her damn fun while we take a lot of Jager Bombs with a whole Other Brian. We also talk about the Momo Challenge (or lack thereof), more #BaseballStuff, and we try to make it all happen unsuccessfully on Facebook Live. Also plenty of…
#114 - The Intimacy Interviews by Ashley Skeen
Feb 16 • 100 min
We welcome our author friend Ashley Skeen (IG: @ashley_skeen_author_yogi) to discuss the release of her brand new book The Intimacy Interviews: Real Women and Real Conversations, now available in paperback and e-book on Amazon. We also talk about the…
#113 - Mr. Nuckol’s PETFIGHT
Feb 9 • 84 min
Throw some Pocket Salt with Candi (lacandacenashea), Wheat Thin (e_cantrell23), Gracie (gracieh89) and us as we pit dogs against cats, square off on the Super Bowl, and get a little scandalous with teachers? Should we have done this? Probably not. #LoveMe…
#112 - Peaches and Cream
Feb 2 • 84 min
Today we learn about blocking artists/musicians while discussing Super Bowl LIII and, literally, salty-ass bitches. Like, they have salt on their butts. Go Rams and fuck Coldplay. #FuckTrains #Primed #FrogEconomy #Cheesed #WeatherTitties
#111 - Tat That Knuck
Jan 12 • 76 min
Our friend Sophie (musweetness) stops by for a little while as we talk about Robert fuckin Kelly again, figure out what animal traits we want, and tat them knucks. Plenty of dumb sounds, Shots Fired, and other ridiculousness, ahoy! #SameJDDifferentScarf…
#110 - Cam’s Flams, Cocaine and Communism
Jan 5 • 71 min
Join Gracie (gracieh89), Spooky (spookyfacex) and us for some babies and guacamole as we make our own Finsta accounts live on the show, Snapchat about old people stuff and our weaknesses, and drink smoked beer. #FlamSlam #ChickenSticks #BobVila
#109 - Merry Snappsmas: All I Want For Christmas Is Nudes
Dec 22, 2018 • 94 min
Join us and our friend Niles for an Issnappulate Conception, as we talk about holiday traditions and what we begged our parents for. We also open some presents, Shot some Fireds, and figure out what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs.…
#108 - Mrs. Butterworth’s Coat Challenge
Dec 8, 2018 • 77 min
See how we and everyone in Snappy Nation ruin a first date in four words, and find out which celebrities we all hate the most. We also take a whooole lot of shots and rock the new party game that’s sweeping the world: putting your coat on with your…
#107 - Friday Frumunda Frights
Nov 17, 2018 • 78 min
Our friend Alan Brown from The Dividends join us for an after-Thanksgiving special. We ask the Snap Naysh what their favorite cheese is, and about simple things they learned late in life—and we do NOT get the answers we were really looking for. Also enjoy…
#106 - Give Me Grilled Cheese
Nov 17, 2018 • 75 min
Come bag a beer with us and Barstar Josh Bush (jbush1505) as we shoot sky lasers from space and talk about pickle juice, poop, and #PoseidonsKiss. Hack your life and tell us your favorite soda, won’t you? Winner gets cocktails. #ShoeBeer
#105 - Never Have I Shatner
Nov 10, 2018 • 85 min
Our Snap Star Candi (@lacandace on Twitter) joins us for some gat dang #ConfessionalTime. We talk about our #WorstDateEver, and what we would do if we woke up 20 years ago. We also play a twist on a classic dirty party game, ring in the holidays with a…
#104 - Pop Music and Political Pumpkins
Nov 3, 2018 • 79 min
We dive into the artist’s creative process with our friend Jonathon a.k.a. Andy (aknipp32) as we write chapters in our own books, rock plenty of Snaps and Shots Fireds, and discuss what we hated as kids, but love as adults. #PBeezy
Oct 27, 2018 • 59 min
Join Chasie (chaseintehface) and Gracie (gracieh89) in your face-ie in this crazy place-ie for a spooky, kooky, spoopy and poopy episode! We probably talk about poop at some point, we figure. We also Review Fireball pumpkin pie, take a bunch of Shots…
#102 - Steve Dorff’s Chicken and Windmills
Oct 20, 2018 • 79 min
We fly all the way to China’s new moon while we open Snaps and peak out at 2040. Enjoy some horrible injuries, bucket list items, and Dr. Pepper flavored cotton candy with us, V (busybeez3333) and Spooky (spookyfacex). #HolyShin #ThreeBs…
#101 - Snappy Express: #Shmello
Oct 13, 2018 • 43 min
Let’s pop them thangs and Snap them…jangs? We forgot how to podcast. Tell us your favorite guilty pleasure musical artist, and your favorite ice cream, and we’ll build you a gat dang sundae out of that junt. Plant a seed in our Savage Garden, won’t you?
#100 - #TSH100
Sep 29, 2018 • 104 min
It went down tonight. We relive the 90’s live on the show, as we celebrate our centennial episode with Shots Fired, coffin sleep, Dunkaroo Dip, and a couple soundboard blasts. Many thanks to all friends, fans, listeners, and the entirety of #SnappyNation.…
#99 - Blue-pers Poopers
Sep 15, 2018 • 94 min
Hurricane Florence, a.k.a. Hurricane Florf, Hurricane Tortilla, Hurricane Flobots, Hurricane Big Pussy Energy, or Hurricane Florfence, hits the coast of North Carolina (come on and raise up) live during our show, while we talk about making new laws, and…
#98 - The Golden Hour: The Fifth Loko
Sep 3, 2018 • 129 min
Yeah, our episode has a sort of kung-fu title. Deal with it. We smash Four Lokos and review Eminem’s Kamikaze (as well as a Japanese Snackcrate), as we hate the police and have another #FOODFIGHT: Cheez-Its or Goldfish? #CheezItsChrist
#97 - Kumquat: An Innocent Fruit
Aug 18, 2018 • 96 min
We welcome Dwayne “The Boulder” Johnson (dumplin81) to our show as we talk about the last 12 years of Twitter, inconveniencing our robbery victims, and words that sound dirty but really aren’t, before we Review Truff Hot Sauce. #Better #FuckFloods…
#96 - Tiny Cabbaged Fartballs
Aug 4, 2018 • 91 min
Magic Mirror On the Wall, Dicks and Pussies for Them All! We discuss the majesty of movies and the best human inventions while hanging with #TheHunleys, drinking Jager bombs, and smashing through the Marginot Line. #BigFish #Biscuits #Business #BigBitch…
#95 - The Dividends
Jul 28, 2018 • 90 min
We travel 200 years in the future (or the past, whatevs) with Huntington’s hardest working band, The Dividends, while we peel away the Onion’s layers, discuss ghosts and/or spirits, and the foods that everyone loves but we individually hate. Shower…
#94 - The Black Sarcophagus Event
Jul 21, 2018 • 83 min
We hang out with our friend Andy (aknipp32) as we talk about crazy roommate stories, who plays us in our own biopics, and how shitty Hobo Johnson is. Let’s get as weird as a diminished chord. #HumanSoup #SouptyPoop #SnappyDoYouLoveMe
#93 - Unicorn Kitty Corner
Jul 14, 2018 • 86 min
Let’s Build-A-Blunder with Elon as we talk about crazy Tinder convos, our favorite gum, and things we know from our jobs that the general public might not. Don’t forget to get a good pic of yourself #Musking. #SauceTossin #Unicorns #ThatsWhatTinderIsFor
#92 - Winner Winner, Skynyrd Dinner
Jul 7, 2018 • 84 min
Have another helping of this wonderful #Asserole, as you listen to us choose between Yoo-Hoo and Sunny D, and tell you about our least favorite classic songs. We also take a Norwegian cruise, make the perfect jail ramen recipe, and celebrate Chris Breezy…
#91 - Drake ‘n Bake General Hoe’s Chicken
Jun 30, 2018 • 63 min
What feature would you upgrade about yourself if given the chance? We all swallow upgrade pills live on the show while talking about our favorite Chinese food. You’ll leave this episode craving Drake fried rice. #BillyCrystal #GeneralRangoons
#90 - The Exploding Hams
Jun 16, 2018 • 83 min
Would you cremate your loved one and have their ashes scattered into Earth’s atmosphere? We weigh in on the price of space cremation as well as discuss how scientists have learned how to create pure water from air. We cram as many Cardi B sounds into one…
#89 - The Electric Social Media Battery Acid Test
Jun 2, 2018 • 77 min
Millennials battle Generation Z while drinking weed beer. We talk about our dream cars while choosing one item from the world’s worst store. Of course, Kanye dropped a new album, too. #Fart
#88 - Fuddlecuck That Dab Bod
May 26, 2018 • 75 min
Would you be cool with your surgeon twerking on your unconscious body? Let’s find out, shalln’t we? Also we decide how long the appropriate cuddle time is, as well as debate Bad Sex with Good People vs. Good Sex with Bad People. Hey, donate your fucking…
#87 - Dear Yanny, Love Laurel
May 19, 2018 • 86 min
We settle the Internet’s newest debate once and for all (seriously, we science this shit). Along the way, we dispense life advice to 2018 graduates, as well as decide which athlete we would be if we had our pick. Would you ever get a tattoo from a rando…
#86 - Nickletarts
May 12, 2018 • 83 min
Brian reveals a photo that we can never unsee. We also create superheroes from scratch and take the #CookieForTheKidz Challenge. Got a Moviepass? We do. And bring on FOODFIGHT Number Whatever: Pop Tarts vs. Toaster Strudels. It’s The Snappy Hour: Nobody…
#85 - Tattoo Your Pooh
May 5, 2018 • 78 min
You know, we really tried to talk about a lot of things on this episode, but it just became all about ink, traffic, work, life, made-up words, and Brian’s dog. We also did too many Jäger Bombs and beer bongs. Give us a break once in a while, won’t ya,…
#84 - Weed
Apr 21, 2018 • 85 min
Herb. Mary Jane. Happy 420. Brian wants to see your boobs. It’s the hap-happiest day of the year for a lot of left-leaning horrible millennials that are actively destroying our planet. So we talk about getting off of it, as well as weird munchie snacks,…
#83 - Snappy Express: Auto-Tunerotica
Apr 7, 2018 • 33 min
On this special half-hour episode, we ask the Snappy Nation about the title of their autobiographies, as well as what they could say during sex that they could also say during dinner with the family. We also talk about some recent silly news and messages…
#82 - Happy Birthday Fickletits
Mar 31, 2018 • 106 min
We celebrate Coop’s 21st birthday (icooper97) with a cavalcade of cocktails, as well as talk about baseball stuff, items in your cart, the best menu item at Taco Bell, BASEBALL STUFF, and Peeps. Got the whole fam damily in the house tonight, too. We also…
#81 - Stinky Cheese and Sharpies
Mar 17, 2018 • 89 min
For the first time in history, two West Virginia college basketball teams will face off against each other for a spot in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament. We talk a hot minute about that (#GoHerd) with our guest Josh S. (milehigh_native), as well…
#80 - Barbara Streisand Cloned My Dick
Mar 10, 2018 • 88 min
We hang with our friend Corey (leukopenia567) and talk about dog cloning, our favorite cities in the US, and gravity vs. time, as well as Review the new low-carb beer by Corona. Pop that pussy. Special thanks to Ecosia ( and…
#79 - A, to the N, to the T-H-E-M, Girl You Wasted
Feb 24, 2018 • 83 min
Kylie Jenner almost killed Snapchat, so we decide to kill Sarahah. Listen in as we talk about our favorite condiments, how we sleep at night, and how our country got Fergalicious. #BitmojiDidMeDirty #FancySauce Special thanks to Ecosia for changing Web…
#78 - Fattie’s Cabbies
Feb 17, 2018 • 85 min
We hang out with Fattie of Fattie’s Cabbies, a local designated driving service, for a bit of action, a bit of romance, and a bit of #NastyClowning. We also talk about chicken wings, our favorite Olympic sports, suckin’ phones dry, and sinkin’ shine.…
#77 - Ay! Sharkeisha! My Jeans Are Still Wet!
Feb 10, 2018 • 80 min
Welp, Snapchat done gone and effed up and changed urrythang. We talk about it with our girl Gracie (gracieh89), and also gab on about jean-washing frequency, Cheddar Man, our favorite song lyrics, Logan Paul (again), and sending a car into space. #StarMan…
#76 - The Super Snappy Groundhog Bowl: It’s A Doozy
Feb 3, 2018 • 88 min
You think you got what it takes to stump The Snappy Hour? Join us as we talk about marriage proposals, deleting Facebook from your life, various dips, and the movie Downsizing. Also play a new game with us! #RiseAndShine #AndPutYourLittleHandInMine
#75 - Ten Minute Snapcast
Jan 25, 2018 • 10 min
Join your hosts J.D. and Brian along with their producer Gracie for the Ten Minute Snapcast! We talk about creamy vs. crunchy peanut butter, Hayden and Claudia’s missed Tinder connection on campus, Coldstone Creamery, Donald Trump, Stone Cold Steve…
#74 - The Sister Hour: Our Hour of Estrogen Power
Jan 20, 2018 • 103 min
Join Gracie (gracieh89) and her sisters Fran (franniehunley) and Gina (ginamrcooper) as they try to take over The Snappy Hour. We talk about bag bodies, Tide Pods, movies and food (obviously), as well as play the Sibling Game. LLLLLET’S GET READY TO…
#73 - Secret Shitholes and Frozen Iguanas
Jan 13, 2018 • 92 min
Welcome back to The Snappy Hour, a leader in podcasting entertainment. Enjoy as we talk about gas, bomb cyclones, Logan Paul, CVS Pharmacy, personal space, and certain suspended lizards. #Oregon #Whoretex #RandomBourbonButton
#72 - 2017: The Year in RePoo
Dec 30, 2017 • 92 min
Chase and Gracie (chaseintehface, gracieh89) help us close 2017 out with some reminiscing: our favorite songs, albums, movies and Clitoris Discs of the year. And of course we talk about pooping. Oh yeah, we all kill each other. #Draking…
#71 - Merry Snappsmas: Tits The Season…for CHRISTMAS X
Dec 23, 2017 • 98 min
The title really says it all. Join us with our friend Josh S (milehigh_native) as we talk about all things Yuletide, and some things not. Shots Fired and Reviews aplenty. #Flirt #MichaelJordan #HollerAtcherClaus #BootSootBoogie
#70 - DeVito Doritos and the Wasabi River
Dec 9, 2017 • 94 min
God bless the Snappy Hour, and God bless the United Shursh. We really wish we could’ve talked about #TeethMonsters, but we decided to play the Danny Game. Star Wars comin’, BTW. #Nancy
#69 - Nice
Dec 2, 2017 • 105 min
Would you watch your own death? Would you rather have cinnamon or mint in your mouth? Would you ride an elevator…to SpAcE? We ask and answer these questions with our friend Josh (makewifflegreat, host of the Huntington Wiffle League Podcast) and other…
#68 - Snappsgiving: Put It In My Astral
Nov 18, 2017 • 99 min
Chase (chaseintehface) joins us to talk about multidimensional sex, cranberry sauce, Sophia’s Choice, and #LIFEHACKS. Snappy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Snappy Hour! Enjoy that tryptophan! #UncleBill
#67 - Dicks Out For Celebrities, I Guess
Nov 11, 2017 • 102 min
Barstar Josh Bush (jbush1505), the Alec Baldwin of the Snappy Hour, joins us to talk about the latest entries in the #Diddlepool, or which powerful person is gonna pull it out next. We also bullshit about fisting, making our own beer, and the #BBE (Best…
#66 - Snappy Halloween: The Second Krumming
Oct 28, 2017 • 73 min
You won’t believe what happens on this episode…or maybe you will?!?! Gracie (gracieh89) and Chase (chaseintehface) lead a raucous crowd of Snap Stars and friends in showing their Halloween spirit. Many Shots are Fired and Fireball cupcakes are eaten. Yeah…
#65 - Snappy Express: The Intergalactic Super Snappy Squad
Oct 21, 2017 • 71 min
What is the opposite of nostalgia? Well, we do whatever that is this episode. We go Express while also snapping with friends about weird phrases in foreign languages, and whether or not you would eat said friends. Plenty of POGs and Shots Fired too.…
#64 - Friday the 13th: Seinfeld by Proxy
Oct 14, 2017 • 112 min
Our friends Ryan and Derek from Preconceived Notions Entertainment ( celebrate the release of their newest film, Recepta-KILL Part Two, with us on Friday October 13th, in the worst year of all time, Two-Thousand and Seventeen. We…
#63 - Snappy Express: Sex or Music in the 90s
Oct 7, 2017 • 81 min
We wanted to make a short show this week but we had so much fun with our surprise #FloatingHead Jeff Zenisek (The Grounded Podcast, that we just didn’t give a heck. We get nostalgic about what we’d bring back from the 90s, we debate…
#62 - From Poop to Aliens
Sep 23, 2017 • 110 min
Snapstar Nikki (niklyn322) joins us as we update you on the things that really matter. You know, the news that affects your day to day. You know, like the Mad Pooper, Harambe, and that wild alien megastructure that could be defying physics out in space.…
#61 - My Milkshakes Bring All the Cops to Netscape
Sep 16, 2017 • 91 min
We’re joined by Gracie and Chase (gracieh89 and chaseintehface) as we wax nostalgic about the Internet, go full-pumpkin-spice-circle, and enjoy a nice Aldean-o Burrito. #OneMilkshakeTwoStraws #FourGirlsOneMilkshake #Skiyurt
#60 - Mensa Mandela and the Hurricanes feat. John Dough
Sep 9, 2017 • 114 min
Our friend Josh S (milehigh_native) joins us and our Hurricane Irma correspondent Cole Woodard reports from the field. We talk about skipping Snap stories, high IQ societies, and if you have done something no one else ever has, while reporting on…
#59 - Cursive: The Dying Language
Sep 2, 2017 • 104 min
We welcome our friend Corey (leukopenia) to this week’s shitshow. We talk about Natalie Imbruglia, bees, the peanut-butter-to-jelly ratio, beads, deleting text messages, and bees. #ButtJelly #J2B #Frape
#58 - Bezos, Gates, Putin, Swift, and Bacon
Aug 26, 2017 • 117 min
We play America’s newest, hottest, sweetest, tightest game show with our new friend Fran (franniehunley) as well as Review some ridiculous sodas from the Hilton Head Candy Company (, and wonder if Mario Kart could ever truly be real.…
#57 - Snappy Express: Final Gump
Aug 19, 2017 • 51 min
The eclipse is upon you. We have reached the apex of the pinnacle of the Gump of the sun and moon. Children shall change. Also we bullshit about Sarahah, and flashing people via mobile devices. The eclipse is upon you. The Sun and The Moon. Yin and Yang.…
#56 - TIL About Warren Buffett’s Balls
Jul 29, 2017 • 100 min
We join our friend Dwayne The Boulder Johnson (dumplin81) to talk about your weirdest memorizations, your favorite cartoons, and many other silly topics. We also Shots Fired about fake news and red lights, and Review the SeaQuench Ale by Dogfish Head.…
#55 - Snappy Prom: A Night To…Forget
Jul 22, 2017 • 74 min
We stepped outside of Snappy Studios and hosted a prom pool party with help from Barstar Josh Bush (jbush1505) and Babbitch Tiff (punkinsmomma). We made a custom geofilter, reminisced about our senior prom, had a little cookie chat, and debated if it’s…
#54 - You Are Allowed To Pee In The Shower
Jul 8, 2017 • 110 min
It is true. There is a drain there. Just do it. We also talk about aliems, sharks missing their livers, #BUTTHOLEGATE, and fucked up Oreo creations. #UrineJokes
#53 - Plant Man and His Journy for Powers
Jul 1, 2017 • 148 min
Join us and Josh S (milehigh_native) as we celebrate Americas birthday weekend talking about hot dogs, fireworks, mowing lawns, Kodi and Napster. A Review of a Universal Yums box and plenty of Shots Fired await you, along with an exclusive world premiere…
#52 - Topless Pizza and Tasteful Renditions
Jun 17, 2017 • 144 min
Join us and our friend Charlie (charliefargo) for some TV and movie character talk, porn-o-pinions, hype about Michael Phelps racing a shark, and which is better: pizza or tacos. Visit Charlies website at #TeacherFucking
#51 - Snappy Express: Summertime Snap Drones
Jun 3, 2017 • 37 min
Welcome your earholes to the fastest Snappy Hour of all time! Pour a tall glass of #Covfefe and join us as our minds wonder what Snapchat might do with drone technology, laugh about McDonald’s troll burgers, and drink Smirnoff’s version of Gatorade during…
#50 - Schfifty
May 27, 2017 • 99 min
Welcome to our schiftyth episode. Our Snapchat-less friend Cole joins us as we chat about Brompers (RompHims), teen texting, and West Virginia kickball season. We also ask about your first car and your favorite sports memory. RIP Chris Cornell #CD9…
#49 - Harambabe Loves Yo Mama
May 13, 2017 • 108 min
Snappy Mothers Day Weekend everyone! Celebrate by listening to a podcast that you definitely should not listen to with your mother. We BS about head/body transplants, clowns and/or snakes, and retired Crayola crayons. Also our actual mothers join us on…
#48 - Ja Rule and Fyrey Assholes
Apr 29, 2017 • 92 min
Stand-up comedian Chris Shanklin (I_AmShankDaddy) joins us as we discuss many different topics including sports, music, movies, and everything else you would figure we talk about while opening snaps and eating Pop Rocks. #WhatWouldIBeWithoutYou #ImReal…
#47 - Beards and Butt Honey
Apr 22, 2017 • 97 min
Join us as we talk about superpowers, the Juice Man Returningeth, and freeing the bees with Chasie and Gracie. Shouts to Ranger Beard Company at #Hernando
#46 - Airplanes, Eggs, Liquor and Teloyears
Apr 15, 2017 • 121 min
A celebrity cameo filled episode with our friends Josh S (milehigh_native) and Adam (ahallofaly) where we talk about dark AOL, who would win if you fought your own clone, and the Corona quotient. We also enjoy a live performance of the Adam Sandler…
#45 - Pepsi Points, Pussies and Dick
Apr 8, 2017 • 114 min
Join us as we love the 90s with Gracie and Chase, as well as chat about the future, dealbreakers in a relaysh, and those glorious points of Pepsi. #FILA
#44 1/2 - Stoney Baloney Trillogy
Apr 1, 2017 • 93 min
J.D. presents his entire 3-part mixtape opus.
#44 - The Fappy Hour
Apr 1, 2017 • 86 min
Our friends Gracie (gracieh89) and Big Bear (spencerlanev) hang out with us as we talk about the Las Vegas Raiders, Adobe Voiceshop, and Facebook ripping Snapchat off again. Tune in to see what people think about dating smokers, as well was their choice…
#43 - St. Snaptricks Day
Mar 18, 2017 • 117 min
We put Scrapple in our teeth with our friend Jay (jaydehart84) while we bullshit about the Pacer Test, charcoal whitening, and Daylight Savings Time. Also, what the fuck is Saint Patricks Day, for real? #DoBeDoBeDoDoDo #Aah
#42 - Do You Hate Your Job? So Did We
Mar 11, 2017 • 133 min
Barstar Josh Bush (jbush1505) joins us as we give advice to 20-somethings while talking about our worst jobs ever, our favorite quotes, and our 2017 names. We also open lots of snaps, and discover one of the most interesting pieces of 90s memorabilia.…
#41 - Redneck-Hipster Hot Sauce
Mar 4, 2017 • 112 min
Craig McDavid and Joe Strite (theteaset, pike3106) of Redneck-Hipster Hot Sauce join us with six different kinds of hot sauces for us to try. For some reason Brian is tasting his with hot dogs. We also talk about Twitter poems, Amazon fails, and the most…