Thirty Twenty Ten

Thirty Twenty Ten
A Pop Culture Time Machine!

Kevin Bacon is Invisible, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are Other Guys, Scrooge McDuck is a Movie Star
Aug 1 • 143 min
July 31-Aug. 6: Prelude to the Gulf War, Denzel and Spike are mo better, Young Guns go out in a blaze of glory, dancing on a bar is unsanitary, Kathy Griffin leaves the D list, the middle man behind Middle Men, Eric Bana hulks out for the first time, and…
Movies Have a Problem Child, Too Much Eddie Murphy, and Steve Carrell is a Schmuck
Jul 24 • 127 min
July 24-30: Marlon Brando parodies himself, Harrison Ford is presumed innocent, E! hits the air, Baby Blues, cats and dogs living together, Zac Efron has a dead brother, Annette Bening and Julianne Moore are good moms, the Klumps take over, Swamp Thing is…
Angelina Jolie is Salty, John Goodman vs Spiders, and Pokemon Returns to the Big Screen
Jul 17 • 104 min
July 17-23: Charlie Sheen is a hot shot, Anthony Edwards goes west, iMacs are a rainbow, Jason Biggs is a loser, Harrison Ford lies beneath, call me by your earlier film, Happiness 2: Despondent Boogaloo, Herman Cain loves Pokémon, and a Beverly Cleary…
Patrick Swayze’s First Death, X-Men Battle on the Big Screen, and Leonardo DiCaprio Invades Your Dreams
Jul 10 • 143 min
July 10-16: The era of superhero movies truly begins, Andrew Dice Clay gets a vehicle, Northern Exposure disappears, Jennifer Lawrence hits the big time, Bill Murray escapes New York, Nicolas Cage is a wizard, soccer is attacked by killer bees,…
Tigers and Dragons Wire Up the Big Screen, Predator Pluralizes, and the Worst Good Die Hard
Jul 3 • 119 min
July 3-9: George Jetson whooshes to the big screen, we die harder, Dream On predates Family Guy, Wayanses get scared, Big Brother is watching celebrities, Adrien Brody fights the Predator, the Minions ruin a very fun movie, we miss Joe Bob, and wire-fu is…
Twilight 3, Mark Walberg and George Clooney Catch Waves, and Bill Cosby is Dead
Jun 27 • 110 min
June 26-July 2: Top Gun hits the road, Nelly is a grammarian, Rocky and Bullwinkle hit the big screen, Mel Gibson fights the evil British, M. Night fails on land, air and water, Braniston reigns forever, and we love Joan Rivers’ old face. All that and…
Adam Sandler’s Avengers, Robocop Returns, and Chicken Run is Wonderful
Jun 19 • 138 min
June 19-25: Dr. Ruth goes to college, Ethan Hawke is a melancholy Dane, Jim Carrey has split personalities, Tom Cruise is a spy – but not that one, and Chris sees an R rated movie, the Tudors are deposed, and Jeff Goldblum is a looming ponytail guy. All…
Disney and Don Bluth Do Battle for the Last Time, the First Last Toy Story, and Dick Tracy Brings Street Justice to a New Batch of Gremlins
Jun 12 • 130 min
Animation overload after earth, in Fantasia, and in a daycare; Samuel L. Jackson is the man that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about; Picard finds out resistance is futile; Shia leBeouf, Drake, and Mariah Carey make debuts; Betty White is hot in…
Nic Cage Steals Cars, the 80s Gets Remade, and All of Music is on Trial
Jun 5 • 118 min
June 5-11: Orlando gets new parks, 2 Live Crew goes to jail, we find the deadliest warrior, we have (sigh) another 48 hours, The Boss protests the cops, Liam Neeson loves it when a plan comes together, Jackie Chan is Mr. Miyagi, liars are little and…
Kevin Smith Gets Animated, Marmaduke Does the Opposite, and We Get Our Ass to Mars
May 29 • 108 min
May 29-June 4: Donald Trump makes his embarrassing film debut, Martin Lawrence does drag, the reality TV era begins, Russell Brand gets to the Greek, Australia is full of criminals, Total Recall is Arnold’s best movie, and Adrien Brody tampers in God’s…
Back to the Future Goes West, Tom Cruise Loves Limp Bizkit, and two American Movies Duke it Out in the Middle East
May 22 • 127 min
May 22-28: Nic Cage is a top gun, 50 Cent doesn’t die tryin’, Jackie Chan goes west, Disney adapts a videogame series poorly, Sex and the City leaves the city for the desert, Jesus comes to Canada, Eminem is Slim Shady, and goodbye to Andy Richter,…
Disney’s Most Forgotten Film, SNL’s Last Movie Ever, and the Greatest Video Game of the Decade?
May 15 • 131 min
May 15-21: Goldie Hawn helps Mel Gibson, Tim Roth loses an ear, Sofia Coppola redeems herself, Woody Allen breaks the bank, Shrek goes fourth, Greg Brady tells all, Robin Williams sells cars, Tom Green skips the road trip, NBC has all the romance, and the…
The Weirdest SNL Hosts, Russel Crowe is Robin Hood, and Scientology Gets its Best Movie Ever!
May 8 • 102 min
May 8-14: Hollywood finally addresses AIDS, the Class of 1999 graduates, Norm Macdonald and Dave Chapelle are screwed, ballet takes center stage, we write letters to Juliet, Queen Latifah is just wright, Jamie Foxx is held up, and three interesting SNL…
The TV Finales of Boy Meets World and Jim Henson, Plus Iron Man Returns and Oscar’s Biggest Load of Bro Bait in History
May 1 • 115 min
May 1-7: Dabney Coleman tries to die, a horror anthology goes to the big screen, Archie’s back…or not, a rival for Napster, finales for Jackée, the other ER, cold cases, Tim and Eric, and the Salinger family, tripping out in the void, and Community gets…
The Flintstones, Freddy Krueger, and Sideshow Bob Return
Apr 24 • 144 min
April 24-30: Martian invaders land on Halloween, British criminal twins, a digital-video experiment, Natalie Portman lives in a K-Mart, Stefon knows the best clubs, so many TV movie biopics, Brendan Fraser is attacked by animals, and our stomachs are…
The Most Star-Studded Cartoon Crossover Since Roger Rabbit, a Big Week for SNL, and Get Ready for Some U-57FUN
Apr 17 • 120 min
April 17-23: Alec Baldwin’s first SNL, custody battles and explosions in the Gulf of Mexico, Clive Owen auditions to be James Bond, Heather Graham is committed, Demi Moore is a guerilla marketer, there’s love on the basketball court, Jennifer Lopez has a…
Christian Bale Goes Full Psycho, South Park’s Naughtiest Episode Yet, and You Can Do What You Wanna Do with Fox’s New Sketch Comedy
Apr 10 • 128 min
April 10-16: Dudley Moore is crazy, Sandra Bullock goes to rehab, we fear a black planet, No Doubt wants a simple kind of life, Edward Norton keeps the faith, Paul Newman knows where the money is, Banksy makes a movie, there’s more death at a funeral,…
Adventure Time Debuts, Wrestling Goes to Movie Theaters, Ernest Becomes a Comedy Legend, and Christopher Walken Needs More Cowbell
Apr 3 • 108 min
April 3-9: We love Kevin Kline to death, Johnny Depp is a cry-baby, Minnie Driver loses her heart, an all-star nuclear war — live!, Big Pussy talks to the fishes, Samuel L. Jackson gets court-martialed, Steve Carell and Tina Fey go on a date, and Agent…
Ali G Gets a Show, John Cusack Invents the Listicle, and the Highest Grossing Independent Movie Stars Turtles
Mar 27 • 137 min
March 27-April 2: Eric Idle’s on the run, Mickey Rourke is in a skinamax classic, failed TV with great casts, Joshua Jackson’s in a secret society, we’re on the road to El Dorado, Miley Cyrus sings the last song, Mads Mikkelsen’s a viking, titans will…
Julia Roberts is Selling Sex, DMX Teams with Jet Li, and Dreamworks’ Greatest Animated Movie Ever?
Mar 20 • 103 min
March 20-26: ALF has a cliffhanger, Forest Whitaker is a samurai, Aaliyah falls in love, Ben Stiller is mopey, Timothy Olyphant is justified, John Cusack goes back in time, Michael Caine’s on a killing spree, Nsync says goodbye, Daniel Day-Lewis and Julia…
Julia Roberts Rescues Water, WWE Invades SNL, and a Big Week for Forbidden Dances
Mar 13 • 115 min
Tom Hanks falls in love, Gary Sinise finally makes it to space, and it’s fun to remember Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me
Mar 5 • 97 min
March 6-12: Rob Lowe is a bad influence, The Handmaid’s Tale’s first adaptation, Kid ‘n Play have a party, Johnny Depp opens a hellgate, Sean Penn rocks out, Matt Damon goes to war yet again, Zach Galifinakis is live, and we are down with the sickness.…
The Best-Selling Game Console of All Time Debuts, Tim Burton Goes Full Disney, and Sean Connery Disappears Underwater
Feb 28 • 109 min
Feb. 28-March 5: Alec Baldwin is part of a subgenre, Tyra Banks is life-sized, Doogie Howser confronts racism, the last of the Atari 2600, bad movies from Madonna, Danny DeVito, and Garry Shandling, Norm and Drew demand your attention, we hate the…
La Femme Nikita Debuts, Kevin Smith Sells Out, and Wonder Boys Features a Ton of Future Marvel Heroes
Feb 21 • 105 min
Feb. 21-27: Rutger Hauer invents a new sport, Jebediah Springfield loses his head, Midwesterners make a movie and so does Bono, Jennifer Lopez wears THAT dress, Milli Vanilli embarrass the Grammys, a modern bad movie classic attacks with gifs, Ben Affleck…
Martin Scorcese Traps Leo on Another Island, Denzel Gets His First Oscar, and It’s a Big Week for Mr. Vin Diesel
Feb 14 • 106 min
Feb. 14-20: Kirstie Alley lives in a madhouse, Matthew Broderick fights the Civil War, A. Brooks joins The Simpsons, Diane Keaton’s hanging up, Bruce Willis is a hit man, Tony Soprano destroys the T-1000, Vin Diesel’s trapped in space and a boiler room,…
The Return of The Wolfman, Steven Seagal, Super Mario, Winnie the Pooh, and The Brady Bunch
Feb 7 • 123 min
Feb. 7-13: Nelson Mandela busts loose, Robert De Niro never learned to read, Galentine’s Day begins, Dan Aykroyd’s a loose cannon, Anthony Hopkins will feed you your sons with some fava beans, the battle of MCs Hammer vs. Skat Kat, Leonardo DiCaprio takes…
Denzel Washington is Dead, Sabre Takes Control of The Office, and the Best-Selling PC Game of All Time
Jan 31 • 137 min
Jan. 31-Feb. 6: Dennis Hopper’s Midnight Run, Scream follows the trilogy rules, Willem Dafoe fights for the Nazis (but not that way), The Sopranos take a trip, Lil Wayne and Jeff Bridges both strap on guitars, Channing Tatum gets a letter, The Sims…
It’s Super Bowl Time, Morgan Freeman Drives Jessica Tandy, and a New Take on the Dracula Legend
Jan 24 • 94 min
Jan. 24-30: Willem Defoe is a vampire, Crockett and Tubbs end an era, a record-breaking Super Bowl, Bette Midler and Nathan Lane camp it up, D’Angelo makes the ladies swoon, Mel Gibson’s back – sorta, Kristen Bell has too many dates, Itchy and Scratchy…
Tremors Rocks the Box Office, Boondocks Saints is Stupid, and Conan Steps Down From Tonight
Jan 16 • 157 min
Jan. 17-123: The Barr-Arnolds tie the knot, Antonio Banderas spans the decades, Cheers goes to Jeopardy, MTV goes unplugged, Homer gets a job, Ralph Fiennes has an affair, Angela’s Ashes gets adapted, the Boondock Saints are marching in, The Rock vs. The…
The Simpsons’ First Episode, Peter Jackson’s First Cosplay-Proof Movie, and Hurricane Denzel Touches Down on Theaters
Jan 10 • 126 min
Jan. 10-16: Ed O’Neill stands up for Fox, Richard Gere breaks bad, Mr. Bean awkwardly walks into our hearts, girls are interrupted, Ice Cube comes back to say “Hi Felicia,” Charlie and Emilio do porn, Supernova explodes, Denzel’s version of “The Road,”…
Tom Cruise Says Penis, Malcolm Debuts in the Middle, and It’s Raining Frogs (Hallelujah!)
Jan 3 • 103 min
Jan. 3-9: Our first full episode of season 5, covering 1990, 2000, and 2010. Tom Cruise fights two wars - one in Vietnam, one against women, Tobey Maguire learns the cider house rules, Ethan Hawke solves a mystery and fights vampires, Tim Allen directs,…
Jay-Z Pimps Big, Will Smith rings in the Willenium, and Thirty Twenty Ten says goodbye to the 80s
Dec 26, 2019 • 76 min
Dec. 27-Jan. 2: We wrap up the years with a quick look back at the movies, music and more, and say farewell to the ’80s, at least until Y2K magically resets our pop-culture time machine to Jan. 1, 1900. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten,…
Sly and Kurt dominate mediocrity, Jim Carrey wrestles with stardom, and Robert Downey Jr. deduces a new iconic character
Dec 20, 2019 • 141 min
Dec. 20-26: Michael Moore gets in your face for the first time, Oliver Stone sucks at football, Mr. Ripley is extremely talented – and ever so pretty, all singing all dancing Daniel Day-Lewis, George Clooney’s on a firing spree, Meryl Streep is…
Fred Savage conquers Super Mario 3, The Simpsons debuts, and it’s time to talk about the greatest movie of all time according to money
Dec 12, 2019 • 143 min
Dec. 13-19: Paul Newman’s horny, Dustin Hoffman’s named Vito, Hanukkah Harry has socks – 8 pair!, Robin Williams is a robot, Stuart Little saves his family, Buffy gets quiet, Viggo Mortensen hits the road, and Chris picks a billion-dollar blue hill to die…
Tom Hanks is on Death Row, Disney’s best Xmas Special in Years, and Everyone in the ’80s is Getting Divorced
Dec 6, 2019 • 119 min
Dec. 6-Dec. 12: Peter Jackson gets dirty with puppets, Morgan Freeman is finally Nelson Mandela, a bad sequel, Nicolas Cage has a port of call, Santa’s prepped for landing, Disney ends an animation era (brilliantly), Ninja Warrior does America, Harry…
The Griswolds Do Christmas, John Cusack and Cameron Diaz Do John Malkovich, and MTV Does the Jersey Shore
Nov 30, 2019 • 131 min
Nov. 29-Dec. 5: Sisqo discusses underwear, Norm has a special guest, Hank Azaria spends Tuesdays with Morrie, Patrick Stewart says bah humbug, two modern war movies worth watching, Monk says goodbye, and two modern classics go inside Christmas and John…
Wes Anderson gets animated, Toy Story 2 heads to the past, and Back to the Future zooms forward
Nov 22, 2019 • 143 min
Sally Field is Southern steel, Beck defies sex laws, Hover Boards get banned, Toby Maguire rides, Arnold dies at the end, George Costanza is Larry David is George Costanza, David Cross makes poor decisions, bonding with Emperor Zurg, and the most…
Tim Burton is late for Halloween, John Travolta and Robin Williams accidentally star in a modern classic and the animation wars of 1989 rage on.
Nov 14, 2019 • 116 min
Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor together at last, Disney goes under the sea, dogs go to heaven, Lisa Stansfield can’t find her baby, Christopher Walken can’t find his head, Christmas comes for James Bond, Liev Schreiber makes Citizen Kane, Mo’Nique throws…
John Cusack celebrates 2012, Kevin Smith takes on religion, and the wall comes tumbling down
Nov 8, 2019 • 128 min
Communism starts falling apart by accident, Phil Hartman gets fiber, Fiona Apple is bad at brevity, Milla Jovovich and Kevin Smith get religious, Susan Sarandon is an embarrassing mom, the first lady visits Sesame Street, and “Dad” has more plots than a…
Russell Crowe hates cigarettes, Freddy Krueger Haunts the Opera, and the Coen Bros get serious
Nov 2, 2019 • 98 min
Blackadder fights the great war, Chris O’Donnell remakes Buster Keaton, Woody Allen looks at crime, Will and Grace have bra issues, Ron and Tammy 2 get crazy, George Clooney stares at goats, yet another Christmas Carol, and Christopher Nolan begins.
Two flavors of Wes Craven, Borderlands is 10, and This Is It for Michael Jackson
Oct 24, 2019 • 102 min
Oct. 25-31: A shocking serial killer, wackée Jackée, Lou Diamond fights bats, Melanie Griffith goes crazy, a semi-demi-presidential anniversary, animated French cowboys, designing blackface, Jemaine Clement and Matt Berry are the same person, and what is…
Patrick Swayze’s out for payback, have you seen Saw IV, and Morris Chestnut gets married
Oct 18, 2019 • 107 min
Oct. 18-24: Matt Dillon goes to the pharmacy, Nicolas Cage teams with Scorsese, Matthew Perry isn’t gay, Hilary Swank and Willem Dafoe are very hard to watch, Chris Rock makes a documentary, Not Harry Potter goes to the circus, Norm MacDonald negs SNL,…
Bruce Willis is a baby, Black Dynamite is the best movie ever, and we break the first two rules of Fight Club
Oct 11, 2019 • 174 min
Oct. 11-17: The World Series is interrupted, Kirstie Alley knows who’s talking, Helen Mirren gets X-rated, Michael Myers gets revenge, the Bridges boys play piano, David Lynch makes a Disney movie, an actual good film version of a kids’ book, Heath…
Buffy gets a spinoff, Doplh Punishes, and Pam and Jim get hitched
Oct 3, 2019 • 93 min
Oct. 4-10: Kenneth Branagh is unto the breach, Rick Moranis is an SNL god, Bandstand has no beat and you can’t dance to it, The Limey goes postal, Angel takes the case, The Punisher uses his superpower - guns, Vince Vaughn retreats, Dolly goes blue, a…
Jerry Seinfeld goes to Oz, Bill Murray is a Zombie, and Re-evaluating American Beauty, Sept. 27-Oct. 3
Sep 26, 2019 • 151 min
Sept. 27-Oct. 3: Bruce Willis is back from ‘Nam, Liz Taylor’s on TV, Prince of Persia sneaks out, Garth Brooks has an alter ego, we three kings be stealing the gold, American Beauty reaches people - or does it?, Letterman comes clean, Ricky Gervais…
ABC goes TGIF, Freaks and Geeks introduces a new generation of stars, and HBO is in the middle of new golden era, Sept. 20-26
Sep 22, 2019 • 152 min
Sept. 20-26: James Spader has a video camera, Michael Douglas goes to Japan, Baywatch slow-mo runs onto TVs, kids say TGIF, Ashley Judd’s in prison, family sit-coms get modern, good wives vs. cougars, and TV gets freaky and geeky in the West Wing, plus a…
Hank Hill says goodbye, Martin Lawrence talks a Blue Streak, and DuckTales solidifies its legacy Sept 13-19
Sep 20, 2019 • 141 min
Sept. 13-19: Al Pacino’s back, a doctor named Doogie, Costner strikes out, an attempted Vonnegut adaptation, behind the scenes with Jon Cryer and Jay Mohr, Megan Fox is a femme fatale, Matt Damon’s a dweeb, Archer starts his spy game, classes begin for…
Somebody Shrunk Saturday Morning, Not a Seinfeld Reunion and it’s Sega’s Final Stand
Sep 17, 2019 • 108 min
Sept. 6-12: Jean-Claude kickboxes, randos fight gladiators, there’s an actually good animated movie spinoff, the New Kids are rough, Diana Ross gets handsy, vampires keep diaries, Tyler Perry breaks bad all by himself, Kevin Bacon goes under, Aerosmith…
Nickelodeon steps to Sesame Street, Tony Hawk gets a lot more famous, and Sandra Bullock needs help
Sep 15, 2019 • 108 min
Aug. 29-Sept. 5: Nick’s first show is gone, Motley Crue feels good, Paula Abdul makes a video too hot for TV, Earl has to die, Cuba Gooding Jr. freezes out Oscar, Tony Hawk takes flight, Disney begins buying everything, Gerard Butler gets played, and one…
Howie Mandel is a Monster, the Many Women of Lou Bega, and We Hear Patton Oswalt’s a Big Fan
Aug 30, 2019 • 113 min
The Rock gets his own show, Rob Zombie takes his last crack at Halloween, Lou Bega evokes the 5th Mambo, the 16-bit game world has a new contender, Antonio Banderas is lucky number 13, Fred Savage’s Monsters Inc, SNL cast members conspire to ruin…
John Candy Goes Full Uncle, Regis Philbin Would Like to Know Your Final Answer, and Quentin Tarantino Wants 100 Nazi Scalps: Thirty Twenty Ten - Aug 16-22
Aug 27, 2019 • 110 min
Klasky Csupo brings its fourth ugly cartoon to Nickelodeon, Regis Philbin is out to ruin prime time, the world (and John Hughes) falls in love with Macaulay Culkin, Saved By the Bell kills cartoons, Michael J Fox gets serious, Tarantino kills Hitler,…
Freddy Kruger is Having a Baby, Steve Martin Makes a Movie with Eddie Murphy and We Must Protect Our Border From Invading Prawns: Thirty Twenty Ten - Aug 9-15
Aug 14, 2019 • 132 min
Steve Martin’s last good film?! Eddie Murphy plays a great nerd/Scientologist, District 9 holds up great a decade later, it’s the beginning of the end for Nightmare on Elm Street, James Cameron and Hayao Miyazaki venture under the sea, and Rachel…
Bruce Willis is Dead, Einstein Invents Beer, and Iron Giant Rules: Thirty Twenty Ten - Aug 2-8
Aug 8, 2019 • 144 min
SomeBODY once told me you’re really gonna like this episode! We’ve got a forgotten superhero movie with more stars than the original Avengers, the last great traditionally animated film, an adaptation of a blog, and a curious punchline from Down Under…
Jason Takes Manhattan, LL Cool J’s Hat is like a Shark’s Fin, and Adam Sandler is Funny Again: Thirty Twenty Ten - Jul 28 - Aug 2
Aug 3, 2019 • 132 min
The worst Friday the 13th paves the way for the 90s best horror movie, Deep Blue Sea deserves another look, Tom Hanks teams with a dog, Bret Hart ruins Mad TV, Kathryn Bigelow is Queen of Dude Movies, Nintendo unleashes its first portable, Julia…
Go, Go Gadget Movie, Weird Al invades the Airwaves, and Spike Lee Does The Right Thing: Thirty Twenty Ten - Jul 19-25
Jul 26, 2019 • 140 min
Covering three decades of pop culture always leads to a lot to cover, but 1989’s anniversaries could be a show all its own. We’ve got one of the greatest cult films of the decade, the ultimate template for the romantic comedy, one of the best sketch…
Muppets Go to Space, Nemo Goes to Slumberland, and Harry Potter Goes to Hogwarts… For the Sixth Time: Thirty Twenty Ten - Jul12-18
Jul 20, 2019 • 101 min
Nickelodeon goes West, The Wheel comes back, Little Nemo is more than just a game, Andy Cohen begins to ask the tough questions, somebody kills Dumbledore, Gonzo might not be from Earth, and Tom Cruise is vengefully thirsty! All that and more…
Having Sex with Pies, Bruno Incites a Gay Panic and Bernie Lomax is Dead: Thirty Twenty Ten - Jul 5 -11
Jul 15, 2019 • 132 min
Lethal Weapon declares diplomatic immunity, Ernest goes to Splash Mountain, daytime soaps are about to get really weird, how to get your free computer, Weekend at Bernie’s is not without its charm, Bruno’s quest to be fabulous, Reno 911 closes its…
Karate Kid Boes Bonsai, South Park sings and Larry David is Woody Allen - Thirty Twenty Ten: Jun 28 - Jul 4
Jul 5, 2019 • 103 min
Will Smith gets his first taste of failure, American celebrates Independence Day with a complete lack of television content, South Park concocts its biggest episode yet, Johnny Depp makes a crappy gangster movie, yet another ice age, YOU WILL BELIEVE…
The Worst Transformers, Adam Sandler Raises a Kid, and Pop Culture is Changed Forever by Big Bat: Thirty Twenty Ten - Jun 21-27
Jun 25, 2019 • 107 min
Batman is quite possibly the most important movie ever, Doug says goodbye, Fred Durst has his reasons for doing it all, the Transformers movies get even worse, Adam Sandler makes one of his most grounded film to date, and Michael Jackson’s death…
Tarzan is in Disney’s heart, Jack Black Goes Back in Time, and Does Busting Feel that Good the Second Time Around: Thirty Twenty Ten - Jun 14-20
Jun 19, 2019 • 105 min
Counter-Strike debuts… slowly, Harry Potter and the First Sequel, Disney produces its most modern public domain animation adaption in decades, Married with Children loses an episode, Stephen King lives his on fiction, Cher yearns for time travel,…
Robin Williams Teaches Poetry, Austin Powers Shags a Spy, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Release their 19th Consecutive Song About California - Thirty Twenty Ten: Jun 6-13
Jun 13, 2019 • 92 min
The world is introduced to its first robotic anthology TV host in the form of The Cryptkeeper, you will believe Denzel Washington is Walter Matthau, Timothy Dalton steps into the shoes of Bond, Robin Williams reads poems, Austin Powers is still horny,…
Deep Space Nine Says Goodbye, Hulk Hogan made a movie, and the Highest Grossing Comedy of All-Time: Thirty Twenty Ten - May 30 - Jun 6
Jun 1, 2019 • 147 min
It’s a big week for Star Trek and PC games! Plus the first in a comedy trilogy, the worst book-to-movie adaptation in all of history, the PlayStation goes analog, Christianity’s stab at Who Framed Roger Rabbit, America’s Funniest Videos 2.0 is a…
Pixar’s First Miscarriage, Julia Robert Falls for Hugh Grant, and Third Time’s a Charm for Indiana Jones - Thirty Twenty Ten: May 24-30
May 24, 2019 • 103 min
It’s Eurovision time again, James Bond joins Indiana Jones, Julia Roberts dares to challenge Darth Maul, Home Improvement, Jay Leno and Mad About You conclude (for now), Pixar aims older and Sam Raimi returns to horror! All that and more this…
Pain Don’t Hurt Patrick Swayze, Christian Bale finds Salvation in the Terminator series, and Who was the Phantom Menace?! - Thirty Twenty Ten - May 17-23
May 21, 2019 • 128 min
here’s a new Star Wars movie for the first time in over a decade! Surely it will be good… meanwhile Roadhouse is the superior bad movie, the dawn of Toonces, Small Wonder dies, Punch-Out has some new moves, Owen Hart dies, Glee debuts as does the…
Ninja Turtles Meet Nintendo, Stanley Tucci Gets his Puck On, and the End of Everything: Thirty Twenty Ten - May 10-16
May 15, 2019 • 143 min
A whole bunch of television shows say goodbye, the world’s first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, the most notable 90s movie is literally Shakespearean, Ricky Martin introduces us to the loca life, TV movie cheese galore, Will Ferrell headlines the…
Star Trek Gets Rebooted, Kevin Costner Builds a Diamond, and Tracey Flick Deserves to Win: Thirty Twenty Ten May 3-9
May 2, 2019 • 122 min
Newsradio calls it quits, The Mummy returns again but for the first time, Dad’s everywhere shed a tear for a baseball game in a cornfield, we’ve found blackmail material on Kirk Cameron, wrestling invades Must-See TV, Scrubs sorta says goodbye, SNL…
Jay Leno Meets Mr Miyagi, Saul Goodman Meets Walter White, and the World Meets Spongebob Squarepants: Thirty Twenty Ten - Apr 26-May 2
Apr 30, 2019 • 116 min
Disney World’s third park is open for business, Janet Jackson unites with Busta Rhymes, Saul Goodman makes his Breaking Bad debut, Home Movies cheats on adult swim, McDreamy is a 1980’s pizza gigolo, Jim Belushi is upstaged by a dog while Sean Connery…
Pets Resurrect, Nintendo’s Got a Brand New Console, and the Long Awaited Follow Up to Arrested Development - Thirty Twenty Ten: Apr 19-25
Apr 25, 2019 • 110 min
Plenty of dull movies, television is the pits, but we have some great music releases. Oh, and the world suffer numerous tragedies across the decades. It’s a very macabre Thirty Twenty Ten! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your…
John Cusack Lifts a Boombox, Jason Statham Shoots Crank, Jerri Black Goes Back in School: Thirty Twenty Ten - Apr 12-18
Apr 12, 2019 • 110 min
Wayne Gretzky retires, Matthew Perry dies and is then reborn as Zac Effron, Grey Gardens gets a prequel, Gooby is weird, a much different Titanic movie, and Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy teaming up should’ve been much more remarkable. All that…
Charlie Sheen Joins the Majors, The Superior Mall Cop Movie and the Worst Thing Ever to Happen to Dragonball: Thirty Twenty Ten - Apr 5-11
Apr 6, 2019 • 89 min
Major League scores, Dragonball gets its worst movie while Seth Rogen gets his best, Parks and Recreation debuts, Robert Guillaume was ahead of his time, we don’t know anything about Hannah Montana, Drew Barrymore has never been kissed, and will young…
Keanu Enters the Matrix, A Fast and Furious Reunion, and Winona Ryder is the Only Veronica - Thirty Twenty Ten: Mar 29-Apr 4
Mar 29, 2019 • 135 min
Lady Gaga debuts her poker face while TLC comes out against scrubs, The Matrix roots itself permanently in 1999, Heathers becomes the most underrated movie of the 1980s, the family is back for a fourth Fast, Sinbad becomes an early ally, terrible…
Flight of the Conchords is Grounded, Futurama Debuts, and Shelly Long Commands the Troops: Thirty Twenty Ten - Mar 21-28
Mar 21, 2019 • 100 min
Exxon spills some Oil, Flight of the Conchords concludes on HBO a decade before Tenacious D debuts, Troop Beverly Hills is an underrated classic, Betty White loves opioids, Doug’s first and last movie, and John Cena goes a dozen rounds as gamers…
Chevy Chase lives, Guy Pearce Eats People, and Nic Cage Knows Knowing: Thirty Twenty Ten - Mar 15-21
Mar 13, 2019 • 97 min
Farscape debuts while Battlestar Galatica concludes, Cher becomes the world’s oldest hit-maker, Pokemon snaps back, Everquest begins recruiting, Party Down arrives, Fletch lives, but not for much longer, Ravenous is really cool, the mom from Full…
Terry Gilliam’s Second Best Movie, Tom Hardy Bears All, and Whatcha Gonna Do When Wing Commander Comes For You: Thirty Twenty Ten - Mar 8-14
Mar 8, 2019 • 134 min
Fox’s second oldest show debuts while Webster says goodbye, Tom Hardy starts a prison break, babies can talk, Jon Stewart does what the news won’t, the debut of Capcom’s second best-selling game, the Wii savior that wasn’t, and another Disney remake…
Morgan Freeman Cleans Up a School, Robert and Billy Crystal Get Analytical, and Who Watched the Watchmen: Thirty Twenty Ten - Mar 1-7
Mar 1, 2019 • 128 min
Chip and Dale have new jobs, Cruel Intentions is all high schoolers can think about, The Coreys combine forces yet again, Maxis cuts the ribbon on Sim City, Harold Ramis’ highest grossing movie ever, Stanley Kubrick dies, the most anticipated/dreaded…
Nic Cage Does Snuff, The Chairman of the Board Determines Who’s the Boss, and The Best Week For Street Fighter is Followed By its Worst: Thirty Twenty Ten - Feb 22-28
Feb 22, 2019 • 116 min
Kenny Powers falls from grace, Street Fighter manages to make an even worse movie, Frank Sinatra’s last TV appearance, Eminem introduces us to Slim Shady, Mike Haggar saves Metro City, Toxic Avenger returns, it’s sweeps week on TV and Oscar Time in…
Something is Wrong in Tom Hanks’ Neighborhood, Mike Judge Finds a New Office Space, and Fighting Games Come Roaring: Thirty Twenty Ten - Feb 15-21
Feb 14, 2019 • 81 min
Street Fighter IV turns 10, Milton loses his stapler, Joey’s dates a violent Punky Brewster, Madea goes to Jail (The Movie), Bill and Ted debut, Conan says goodbye to Late Night, and TV begins its slow journey into HD. All that and more this week…
John Candy Detects, The PlayStation’s Most Divisive Final Fantasy Game, and Joss Wedon is back on TV: Thirty Twenty Ten Feb 8-14
Feb 8, 2019 • 103 min
Paula Abdul has arrived, Eliza Dushku phones a friend, Final Fantasy VII has its sequel, House of the Dead takes it a little too far, Ted Danson remakes another French movie, Brendan Fraser emerges from a bunker, moviegoers demand to know who…
The Greatest Game of Football Ever Played, The Greatest Reality Show of the Decade, and Mel Gibson is Bad Guy - Feb 1-7: Thirty Twenty Ten
Feb 2, 2019 • 128 min
Mel Gibson gets payback, Dilbert moves to TV, the Super Bowl gives us an insane episode of The Office, RuPaul kicks it into gear, the death of Nick Jr and the Prevue Channel, Steve Martin’s last stand, Tecmo Bowl scores, the biggest network miniseries…
Randy Quaid is a Cannibal, Players Make Their First Visit to Silent Hill, and Say Hello to Peter Griffin, Consummate Family Guy - Jan 25-31: Thirty Twenty Ten
Jan 24, 2019 • 99 min
Family Guy debuts, Liam Neeson introduces his particular set of skills, Nick Nolte and Martin Short are playing French again, the last Super Bowl of the 90s, Spider-Man meets Ryu, and you will believe Rachael Leigh Cook can be pretty. All that…
The Dawn of Smash Bros, Jack and Rose Are Back Together, and R U Ready 4 Sum Football?! - Jan 18-24: Thirty Twenty Ten
Jan 18, 2019 • 104 min
Coach debuts as the Bros first Smash, Leo and Kate are back together, Boy Meets World meets sad, Ringu 2: Electric Ringuloo, and please welcome Presidents Bush AND Obama! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on…
Christian Slater Gleams the Cube, Jon Stewart Takes the Reigns, and Theaters are Policed by Paul Mall Fart Cop… or something - Jan 11-17: Thirty Twenty Ten
Jan 10, 2019 • 117 min
MTV Presents: Football, The Daily Show has a new host, Bobby Brown has his own prerogative, Hanna-Barbera takes a second stab at Smurfs, Sean Hannity comes into his own, Stan Winston directs his first film, the cinematic dawn of In Living Color, and…
Pat Sajack abandons the Wheel, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson go to war, and say hello to Tony Soprano - Jan 4-10: Thirty Twenty Ten
Jan 4, 2019 • 84 min
WELCOME TO THE NINES, BAYBAY! It’s Thirty Twenty Ten’s first episode ever to solely encompass 1989, 1999, and 2009. But then… it’s still January. But what we lack in major movie releases, we make up for with one of the best TV shows of…
Daniel Craig fights the Nazis, the Greatest Sketch Show Ever Says Goodbye, and the Best Movies of 1988, 1998 and 2008 - Dec 28 - Jan 3: Thirty Twenty Ten
Dec 28, 2018 • 84 min
Arsenio debuts, Daniel Craig embodies Defiance, Mr Show is no more, Night Flight gives way to Gilbert Gottfried and Rhonda Shear, and in our final show of the year, we’re looking new additions to our past lexicons and our favorite movies of 1988, 1998 and…
Merry Christmas From Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Robin Williams is a funny doctor, and Tom Cruise is a Nazi - Dec 21-27: Thirty Twenty Ten
Dec 20, 2018 • 106 min
Dev Patel wants to be a millionaire, Robin Williams is a funny doctor, 3D Sonic is here (in Japan), Pee Wee Herman meets Cher, Christmas is all around us, Frank Miller is a bad director, but at least Terrence Malick is back. All that and more this week on…
Bret Hart and Mickey Rourke wrestle, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan love America Online, and Dustin Hoffman is definitely getting an Oscar, definitely, yeah - Dec 14 - 20: Thirty Twenty Ten
Dec 13, 2018 • 109 min
A look at this week in pop culture 30, 20, and 10 years ago!
Star Trek Insurrects, Schwarzenegger and Devito are Hilariously Related, and the Forgotten Rugrats Spin-off - Dec 7-13: Thirty Twenty Ten
Dec 6, 2018 • 120 min
A look at the world of movies, music, TV, games and news 30, 20 and ten years ago
Nixon Gets Frosted, Gus Van Sant Covers Psycho and Lt. Frank Drebin is on the Case - Nov 30 - Dec 6: Thirty Twenty Ten
Nov 30, 2018 • 117 min
A look at the world of movies, TV, video games, music and more 30, 20 and 10 years ago.
The Best Nintendo Game of All-Time, Pixar’s Worst (non-Cars) Movie, and Here Come the Christmas Movies - Nov 23 - 29: Thirty Twenty Ten
Nov 22, 2018 • 164 min
Bug’s Life, Scrooged, The Shield ends, MST3K debuts, the most important Zelda game, and we’ve all watched Four Christmases!
The Best Game of the 1990s, The Best animated movie of the 1980s, and the Best Youth Lit adaptation of the 2000s
Nov 16, 2018 • 116 min
Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago
Chucky is late and Ernest is early, Animaniacs says goodbye, James Bond seeks some solace… but just a Quantum - Nov 9-15: Thirty Twenty Ten
Nov 8, 2018 • 103 min
Your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.
Adam Sandler loves water, Oprah gives advice to Liz Lemon, and John Carpenter reveals all - Nov 2 - 8: Thirty Twenty Ten
Nov 2, 2018 • 114 min
Your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.
Michael Jackson makes a movie, Kevin Smith and Pumbaa makes a fart - Oct 26 - Nov 1: Thirty Twenty Ten
Oct 25, 2018 • 114 min
Ed Norton deals with black and white, Lazytown says goodbye, Moonwalker is actually a movie, Sega’s best selling system debuts, Fallout goes 3D, a book with a title we cant write in this description, Seth Rogen makes a porno with Kevin Smith, Sony debuts…
Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon shed their color, Metal Gear gets rock hard and the worst Mission Impossible ever - Oct 19-25: Thirty Twenty Ten
Oct 18, 2018 • 106 min
Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon shed their color, Metal Gear gets rock hard and the worst Mission Impossible ever
George W Bush gets a movie, Jodie Foster earns her first Oscar, and nobody hates Roseanne yet! Oct 12-18: Thirty Twenty Ten
Oct 11, 2018 • 125 min
Faith joins Buffy, Barney gets an intervention, Jodie Foster really earns her Oscar, Jerry Lewis decides your favorite movies, Oliver Stone loves George W, Chucky gets hitched, Max Payne is painful, Unsolved Mysteries gets a new host and Roseanne debuts…
Freddy Krueger comes home, Super Mario Bros gets its first sequel, Bill Murray rules underground in a movie no one remembers - Oct 5-11: Thirty Twenty Ten
Oct 4, 2018 • 98 min
America gets its own Super Mario sequel, Charmed bewitches TV, Golden Girls gets a spin-off, Eddie Murphy is divine, Phoebe gives birth to triplets, the record industry sues an MP3 player, and Russel Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bill Murray are in movies…
There’s a dynamite new contender in cable, a Woody Allen movie you don’t have ashamed to watch, and a double shot of unfunny political comedy - Sept 28-Oct 4: Thirty Twenty Ten
Sep 27, 2018 • 141 min
Robin Williams dies, Elvira and Bill Maher get their own movie, Ted Turner buys a television network, HBO debuts its least prestigious show to date, Greg Kinnear has a stupid dream, Dreamworks’ first ANTimated movie, Monica topples Aerosmith, spoiled…
Snoopy gets weird, Shia LeBouef gets stalked, and Newsradio says goodbye to Phil Hartman - Sept 21-27: Thirty Twenty Ten
Sep 20, 2018 • 131 min
Mel Blanc’s last tune, baby chimps wearing costumes, the Flat Booties invade, Aaron Sorkin’s TV debut, Newsradio makes us cry, Jeremy Irons makes us uncomfortable across two decades, Chuck Palahniuk’s second movie, Pink wants to start a fight, The…
Ricky Gervais sees ghosts, Jackie Chan touches Chris Tucker’s radio, Garfield and Friends are ready to party - Sept 14-20: Thirty Twenty Ten
Sep 14, 2018 • 120 min
Run DMC gets a movie, Garfield begins his Saturday morning reign, Ed Harris goes west, Samuel L. Jackson hates his neighbor, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan begin a trilogy, Marilyn Manson shows dope, Conan turns 5, Toonami is canceled, Rock Band comes back,…
Matt Damon and Ed Norton gamble on the 90s, there is officially too much Alf in the 80s, and the Cohen Bros shoot Brad Pitt in the face - Sept 7-Sept 13: Thirty Twenty Ten
Sep 6, 2018 • 134 min
Pokemon catches all young TV viewers, Spyro debuts, the Coen Brothers make there funniest film in years, Hole releases a good album, Alf gets his second spin-off, Scooby Doo goes back in time, MTV awards everybody in every decade, Robert De Niro and Al…