Sparks Among the Stubble Podcast

Sparks Among the Stubble Podcast
St. Innocent Orthodox Church in Macon Georgia. Weekly sermons and classes.

Emulating St. Innocent
Oct 9 • 9 min
On our parish feast day, we are asked to see how we can better emulate St. Innocent.
The spiritual life can be frustrating
Sep 24 • 11 min
Fruit from Barrenness
Sep 10 • 13 min
On the Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos we contemplate how we are often brought to the end of ourselves before God acts. We must train ourselves to always turn our hearts and minds to Christ in our suffering and in the midst of temptations.&nb…
Following Christ by forgiving
Sep 6 • 12 min
We could end much of the needless suffering by following our Lord and leading a life of forgiveness.
Fervent prayer and fasting
Sep 6 • 12 min
It is normal for Christians who encounter physical or spiritual resistance to set aside time for prayer and fasting even if it is outside of the traditional fasting seasons.
Always Looking to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith
Aug 20 • 12 min
Peter asked Jesus for a blessing to walk on the water and when he began to sink he again looked to Jesus to be saved. As Christians, we need to train ourselves to always be looking to and for Christ.
A Christian response to tragedy
Aug 13 • 11 min
There are many ways we, as Christians, can respond to tragedy. Fr. Theophan focus on following Christ by being willing to take responsibility for the sins of the world.
We should encourage each other
Aug 8 • 8 min
St. Paul tells us we the strong should bear the scruples of the weak. Wouldn’t it be nice to join a community where the people love each other and encourage each other?
What is Sin?
Jul 31 • 11 min
Sin is is more than breaking the rules. Sin is a sickness rooted in our hearts that turns away from life and tends towards death.
What faith looks like
Jul 16 • 13 min
The Centurian in Matthew’s Gospel causes Christ to marvel at his faith. Faith is always accompanied by actions of faith.