Computer Science

Computer Science
This series is host to episodes created by the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, one of the longest-established Computer Science departments in the country. The series reflects this department’s world-class research and teaching by providing talks that encompass topics such as computational biology, quantum computing, computational linguistics, information systems, software verification, and software engineering.

Strachey Lecture - The Continuing Evolution of C++
Dec 12, 2017 • 58 min
Stroustrup discusses the development and evolution of the C++, one of the most widely used programming languages ever. The development of C++ started in 1979. Since then, it has grown to be one of the most widely used programming languages ever, with an…
Strachey Lecture - The Once and Future Turing
Nov 2, 2016 • 67 min
Professor Andrew Hodges author of ‘Alan Turing: The Enigma’ talks about Turing’s work and ideas from the definition of computability, the universal machine to the prospect of Artificial Intelligence. In 1951, Christopher Strachey began his career in…
Strachey Lecture - Quantum Supremacy
Jun 14, 2016 • 72 min
Dr Scott Aaronson (MIT, UT Austin) gives the 2016 Strachey lecture. In the near future, it will likely become possible to perform special-purpose quantum computations that, while not immediately useful for anything, are plausibly hard to simulate using a…
Artificial Intelligence and the Future
Feb 26, 2016 • 55 min
In this talk Demis Hassabis discuss’s what is happening at the cutting edge of AI research, its future impact on fields such as science and healthcare, and how developing AI may help us better understand the human mind. Strachey Lecture 2016, generously…
Bidirectional Computation is Effectful
Nov 17, 2015 • 5 min
A reconstruction (slides and voiceover) of a talk given at the Summit on Advances in Programming Languages ( in May 2015. Bidirectional transformations inherently involve state effects. Modelling them that way allows the incorporation of…