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Perspective FM
Experience of growing & running small indie creative agencies

#24 Starting an agency can be hard - why do we do it?
Jun 21, 2017
Why do people start their own companies, given that the rewards and workload can be tough?
#23 Managing productivity and feeling productive
Apr 28, 2017
This week Jon is joined by Dan to talk about how we manage your time and feel productive while running our agencies.
#22 Selling the value of design, and design process to clients
Mar 6, 2017
This week Jon is joined by Dan to talk about how to sell the value of the design process to clients.
#21 Getting your story straight - brand & communication strategy for agencies
Jan 30, 2017
An interview with Anna McLoughlin from Inkspiller
#20 A globally distributed product team - a new model for design agencies?
Jan 16, 2017
An interview with Matthew Lenzi from Hanno
#19 What makes a company like Clearleft successful? A conversation with Andy Budd
Nov 14, 2016
This week Jon and Dan are joined by Andy Budd form Clearleft
#18 Scaling an agency from 1 or 2 people to a growing and stable team, with Pete Campbell from Kaizen Search
Oct 30, 2016
This week Jon is joined by Pete Campbell from Kaizen Search - an SEO and digital marketing agency based in London. Pete started his agency 3 years ago as a one-man band, and has since successfully scaled to 9 people.
#17 Introducing systems and process to give your business more structure, with Brad Flowers from Bullhorn Creative
Oct 16, 2016
This week Jon is joined by Brad Flowers from BullHorn Creative - a brand & communication strategy agency in Kentucky USA.
#16 Delivering website development projects using agile processes, with Rory MacDonald from MadeTech
Oct 2, 2016
Jon is joined by Rory MacDonald from MadeTech - an agile development agency - to talk about how you can use agile methodologies to deliver website development projects.
#15 How to create a winning proposal with Dylan Baskind from Qwilr
Sep 3, 2016
This week Jon is joined by Dylan Baskind - designer/developer and founder of proposal writing tool Qwilr.
#14 How to sell an MVP
Aug 14, 2016
How to sell an MVP to a client and use it correctly to get best results
#13 Brexit; concerns about the leaving the EU
Jul 19, 2016
Jon is joined again this week by Dan Gent. They talk about the UK’s referendum to leave the European Union and what effects Brexit might have on their design agencies.
#12 Turning a side project into a business with Murat Mutlu from Marvel App
May 29, 2016
This week Jon welcomes designer founder Murat Mutlu from Marvel App to discuss what it’s like for a designer to leave the agency life behind and found a product company.
#11 Should you take on that project?
May 10, 2016
Filter checklist Every Interaction & Lighthouse both go through when deciding to take on a project
#10 Mentorship for creative agencies
Apr 10, 2016
How Every Interaction have benefited from their mentorship
#9 How designers and developers work together on a team
Mar 28, 2016
This week Jon is joined by Tom - Dan’s co-founder to talk about how their teams designers & developers work together.
#8 Managing client feedback
Mar 13, 2016
How properly managing feedback can be an essential part of the design process
#7 Tracking time
Feb 28, 2016
This we we talk about timesheets and how the data they gather is important to us as design business owners
#6 Working on your own agency website
Feb 13, 2016
We talk about own agency websites and why this is one of the hardest projects we’ll ever work on
#5 Hiring and the hiring process
Jan 31, 2016
Process of hiring new employees into creative digital agencies
#4 Having a specialism
Dec 19, 2015
Dan and Jon talk about what they think are their respective agency specialisms and how taking that approach benefits them in what they do for their clients.
#3 Pitches and proposals
Dec 6, 2015
This week Jon & Dan talk about how they go about dealing with pitches and proposals.
#2 How we charge our clients
Nov 22, 2015
This week Jon & Dan talk about how they go about charging their clients. How to determine if new business enquiries have appropriate budgets and how to approach the subject of money.
#1 Hello world
Nov 8, 2015
Episode 1 of Perspective. A fortnightly podcast talking about the experiences of running and growing an indie creative/digital agency. This week Jon & Dan give some background to kick things off - exploring how their careers bought them to start their own…