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I dont like my son in law
May 24 • 3 min
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Wanting to withdraw
May 21 • 5 min
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Confidence Issues Feat @paulcramactor
May 18 • 6 min
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Confession Interview: @paulcramactor
May 15 • 43 min
Join me as I talk with Confession Reader Paul Cram!#ConfessionRadioTwitter: @ConfessionRadioFacebook: ConfessionRadioWebs: www.confessionradio.netPhone: (267) 571-7311
Soulmates in Texas Feat @JudyLairCoach
May 15 • 5 min
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The Exit Plan Feat @MellaNation
May 11 • 5 min
Confession Radio Brought to you by I have been married for three years. We are both retired. Five monthsafter the wedding, my husband let me know that he wasn’t interested inhaving sex anymore. We no longer share a bedroom.…
I Dont like people
May 9 • 6 min
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I just want a family again Feat @armandoq3
May 8 • 4 min
Confession Radio Brought to you by I lost my husband a few years ago and am now remarried. Some of my adult children, although they did not want me to be alone and they “say” they are happy for me, have been slow in…
Accent on the Accent
May 7 • 5 min
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I feel embarrassed Feat @gabrielmessages
May 6 • 6 min
Confession Radio Brought to you by I’m a young man in my mid-20s, and I have a deeper voice than mystature would typically suggest. Close friends even get thrown offwhen I talk to them if they haven’t seen me in a while.…
Solo Female
May 5 • 5 min
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Straight as an Arrow Feat @Rodent_Rage_Pod
May 4 • 4 min
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Very Confused
May 3 • 2 min
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Keeping a lid on it!
May 2 • 3 min
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Full of feeling in Arizona
May 1 • 5 min
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Does not want another child Feat @Rodent_Rage_Pod
Apr 30 • 3 min
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Confession Interview: Sister Mary Anitaman
Apr 29 • 10 min
We sat down with your favorite Sister Mary Anitaman #ConfessionRadio Twitter: @ConfessionRadio Facebook: ConfessionRadio Webs: Phone: (267) 571-7311
About Confession Radio Feat @Davidalan82
Apr 28 • 3 min
This is all about Confession Radio #ConfessionRadio Twitter: @ConfessionRadio Facebook: ConfessionRadio Webs: Phone: (267) 571-7311
Swinging Down South Feat @Davidalan82
Apr 27 • 3 min
Why Can’t I leave him? Feat @gabrielmessages
Apr 26 • 9 min
Did I blow it? Feat @matmilam8
Apr 25 • 4 min
The Jokes on you Feat The joker
Apr 24 • 3 min
We have the Joker! #ConfessionRadioTwitter: @ConfessionRadioFacebook: ConfessionRadioWebs: www.confessionradio.netPhone: (267) 571-7311
Too Young Feat @Rodent_Rage_Pod
Apr 24 • 4 min
Should I continue this path? Feat. @VaguelyAccurat
Apr 23 • 5 min
Silent Secretary Feat @JudyLairCoach
Apr 22 • 5 min
Painted in New Jersey Feat @MellaNation
Apr 21 • 5 min
I’m Desperate Feat @DrJohnMcGrail
Apr 20 • 4 min
I feel embarrassed Feat. @gabrielmessages
Apr 19 • 6 min
I’m a young man in my mid-20s, and I have a deeper voice than my stature would typically suggest. Close friends even get thrown off when I talk to them if they haven’t seen me in a while. I’m fairly happy with it, and people often ask if I do …
Accept my new husband Feat @LearnToAdult
Apr 19 • 10 min
I lost my husband a few years ago and am now remarried. Some of my adult children, although they did not want me to be alone and they “say” they are happy for me, have been slow in welcoming my new husband. I in no way expect him to be …
I don’t like my son-in-law Feat Kim
Apr 18 • 3 min
I’m not proud to write this, but I don’t like my son-in-law. I think the feeling is mutual. He’s arrogant and thinks he knows everything. My daughter and I had a close bond before she married him. That quickly changed. She barely comes to my house…
Confession Radio Interview Feat @MellaNation
Apr 17 • 27 min
Interview with Mella Barnes! Confession: I’m a 13-year-old female and I can’t find a job. My mom is cheating on my stepdad. I feel like I have to be as independent as possible right now, otherwise I won’t be able to do things. I need to raise money for a …
Father of two Feat @ChrisKidawski
Apr 16 • 7 min
I am a father of two girls. Both of them no longer see, talk to or contact me. I’m divorced from their mother. She cheated on me after she went back to work and met a man she decided was her soul mate. That was 17 years ago. I haven’t …
What can I say to my Grandfather? Feat @Raindancelife
Apr 15 • 4 min
I have been going home more and more to see my ailing grandfather. He remains very upbeat and asks me why I have traveled so far every time I visit. He doesn’t have much time left and has been told this; however, it doesn’t seem to be sticking. Driving…
Did I do the right thing? Feat Priscilla Sanchez
Apr 14 • 5 min
I am a gay man. Recently, I rekindled a relationship I had with a guy I was close with many years ago. We have a lot of the same interests. When he asked what it would take for us to be permanent, I asked that he stop smoking pot. He …
Am I making the right decision? Feat Kim
Apr 13 • 5 min
My fiance and I have been engaged for two years. Our wedding is set for a year from now. I’m thinking about calling off our wedding, not because I don’t love him, or because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with him. I know I want …
Alcoholic Friend Feat @VaguelyAccurat
Apr 12 • 5 min
I have a friend who is an alcoholic. She has gotten worse recently, to the point that I think she is putting herself and her teenage child in danger. Whenever I have talked to her about it, she just blows me off. She says it’s none of my business. I …
Is he unfaithful? Feat @NHT_Tweets
Apr 11 • 5 min
I found text messages and call logs that my father has making to one of my mother’s friends that go back to over one year ago. Texts demonstrate a degree of unfaithfulness and going over the call logs he has been speaking to her almost daily for at least…
Asexual Feat Sister Mary Anita Man
Apr 10 • 4 min
I have recently started disclosing to close friends and family that I am asexual (someone who experiences no sexual attraction to any person). For the most part they have been supportive, but my mother and one of my friends are having trouble accepting…
Stuck In The Middle Feat @Rodent_Rage_Pod
Apr 9 • 4 min
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Not a happy worker Feat @NHT_Tweets
Apr 8 • 4 min
The work i have to do is manage job files and occasionally read emails received. I don’t have pretty much anything to do since it’s a small establishment. However, it’s in the logistics field and I have a BS in Computers. I’m in Saudi Arabia, where jobs…
Wanna start a revolution part 2 Feat David Alan
Apr 7 • 2 min
I don’t sleep anymore. I’ve lost my appetite. I don’t feel safe. Lots of people don’t feel safe. That’s why I want to start a revolution. But this revolution will not be televised. It will not be on the Internet. It won’t be an app available on your…
Domestic Abuse Feat @franbanting
Apr 7 • 5 min
I have always tried to be a compassionate person. I have experienced a lot of abuse, and I’m sensitive to others who go through it. A man across the street from me has been arrested three times in the last six months for domestic abuse. I rarely see a…
Rude Girlfriend? Feat Julie Williams
Apr 6 • 2 min
I have been dating my girlfriend for about 8 months and everything between us has been fine, she’s nice and sweet maybe not the kind of girl I would usually date but I like her. My friends and family have been telling me she seems a little rude to them …
Drive Slow Homie Feat @PodcastVS
Apr 5 • 10 min
One of my closest friends recently came out of the closet at 25. I was so happy for him as he began exploring the gay scene in our city, but my joy has slowly turned into concern. He has entered a promiscuous phase, and I am concerned, not just because …
I don’t like people Feat @MellaNation
Apr 4 • 6 min
I don’t like people. I live alone and hardly leave my apartment. I have one friend I talk to on the phone every day, and sometimes my siblings who live out of town, but not often. The core of my issue may be my secret. I am gay and a …
Procrastination Feat @DrLDrain
Apr 3 • 7 min
Procrastination has essentially ruled my life. I love the adrenaline I get when I have a ticking deadline. Although I manage to get my projects submitted on time, I have come to realize it is not my best work. I’ve been procrastinating for half a century…
Internet Dating Feat Chris Kidawski
Apr 2 • 5 min
I recently enrolled in an internet dating site, and have been cyber-chatting with a very sweet gentleman. I am also 62 years young. My problem is I’m borderline obese, have gray hair, a few wrinkles and some dental problems. It’s the reason I don’t post…
Jealous of him Feat @LaneyZukerman
Apr 1 • 5 min
I’ve had a feeling my wife is about to leave me for another man. For the last few months he has been coming to the bar where she works and saying stuff to her. I don’t know what he says, but he has also been texting her and posting things …
Very Confused Feat Julie Williams
Mar 31 • 2 min
I met Rose earlier this year at university. She is in first year and coming from halfway accross the country. As such she didn’t have many friends at our school. Between studying and spending time with me and my friends it seems she has made very few…
A Message for you David Feat @gabrielmessages
Mar 30 • 10 min
This was a wonderful message I have received from an awesome Confession Radio Reader! #ConfessionRadio Twitter: @ConfessionRadio Facebook: ConfessionRadio Webs: Phone: (267) 571-7311
Country Music Lover Feat Shaheed Majid
Mar 30 • 3 min
I love country music and plan on attending a country music festival over the summer. When I invited my friends to this event, they ridiculed me for even wanting to attend. My beliefs do not align with the singer’s or most of the listeners’; however, I…
Don’t Look Too Close Feat @PodcastVS
Mar 29 • 10 min
One of my friends is a gorgeous woman. I always appreciate her beauty — inside and out — but have been having an issue with some of the photos she chooses to decorate her home with. She has done many nude photo shoots. These photo shoots are with hired…
Clueless Feat @colortheory
Mar 28 • 4 min
I am frustrated. I was certain that at this point in my life, my middle 50s, that I would “have it all together” — I would have a lot of money saved and basically have a so-called “good life.” Instead, here I am, recently laid off from my job, with …
No Secrets Feat @paulcramactor
Mar 27 • 5 min
My wife has recently purchased a car for herself. I had no idea she even had the funds to do something like this. She gave her old car to our daughter to take to college and refuses to answer any of my questions about her personal finances. I have a …
Should I date a bad boy? Feat Nancy
Mar 26 • 2 min
I am caught in a love triangle. I’m 22 and feel completely unsure of what to do. “Luke” is a sweet guy, and we’ve been friends for years, while “Chris” is a jock who has just started showing me attention. I feel horrible for juggling two guys, but only…
Bring Your (Sick) Kid to Work Day Feat @LearnToAdult
Mar 25 • 7 min
My boss has brought her sick son to work a few times this month. As the weather gets colder, I understand that kids get sick. However, I don’t think a snot-covered, sneezing 5-year-old is helping the office stay healthy. I know I can’t ban my boss from…
My Sexuality Feat @Raindancelife
Mar 24 • 3 min
I’m a 19 year old girl in college and I’m just so confused about my sexuality. I have never been in a relationship with a boy or girl, I don’t have anyone to talk to about this, but I know the people in my life that matter will support me …
Confidence Issues Feat @paulcramactor
Mar 23 • 5 min
Long story short I have serious confidence issues but I don’t know why. I love being social and talking to people/friends and I love helping people but I get serious social anxiety sometimes and I have no idea why. I’m decently attractive, consider myself…
Hurt Feelings Feat @JudyLairCoach
Mar 22 • 6 min
My daughter, “Jamie,” is in college, and has two roommates, one of whom is also her friend. Her friend knows a lot of people in this college town, and has much more of a social life than Jamie. Although Jamie always includes her friend in outings, her…
No Ring, Denver @LearnToAdult
Mar 21 • 4 min
I have been with my boyfriend for two years now, and I am 34 years old. We have spoken about marriage and children, and I have been quite candid with him in saying that I would rather have children than get married. I don’t know if I will be able …
Youth, Milwaukee Feat Priscilla Sanchez
Mar 20 • 3 min
My boyfriend and I have been together for about five years. We began dating in college and are still happily together. I have been getting hints and clues that he is planning on proposing to me soon. I love him but don’t want to be engaged in my early…
Unpaid Leave Feat @Raindancelife
Mar 19 • 3 min
My mum’s partner died very suddenly yesterday. He was an otherwise healthy middle-aged man, and of course we are all in shock over it. My mother is clearly devastated. I live on the other side of the world - about a 12 hour flight away. I just moved here…
Too Young Feat @Rodent_Rage_Pod
Mar 18 • 3 min
I’m so scared. My parents come down in a few weeks; what do I tell them? I don’t want to get cut off financially. They didn’t want me to go away for college. They feared that something like this — or worse — would happen. I don’t know if my …
About Confession Radio Feat @Davidalan82
Mar 17 • 4 min
All about Confession Radio #ConfessionRadio Twitter: @ConfessionRadio Facebook: ConfessionRadio Webs: Phone: (267) 571-7311
On the Brink Feat @colortheory
Mar 16 • 4 min
I started dating a young lady a couple of months ago, and the sparks are definitely flying. We have been hanging out a lot, and we both really do like each other. We agreed to take it slow, even though it’s hard. I feel like I have to live up …
Offended in New Jersey Feat Mattou
Mar 15 • 3 min
I had planned to wait until my daughter was 12 and in the sixth grade to teach her about sex. Unfortunately, she was given a very thorough, graphically described education by a playmate. At the time, her playmate was in second grade. My daughter was in…
Early Sign Of Abuse Feat Julie Williams
Mar 14 • 2 min
My girlfriend and I were arguing about a card game today in front of her family, and we usually hit each other and wrestle, but she straight up back handed me in the mouth then when I told her that it wasn’t okay she told me “stop.” And ignored me, …
Bleeding Heart Feat @JudyLairCoach
Mar 13 • 5 min
My boss wants to do a day of community service with the staff to help others and improve relationships in the workplace. I thought it was a great idea; a lot of my co-workers were unsure and wanted more information about what specifically we would do. My…
Accent on the Accent Feat @RinoSoriano33
Mar 12 • 5 min
I can’t understand my assistant’s Welsh accent. When she speaks quickly, it is as though I am listening to a foreign language. I don’t want to appear uncultured by asking her to repeat most of what she says, yet we communicate best through email even…
Falling Apart Feat @matmilam8
Mar 11 • 3 min
I own a big old pickup truck, passed down from my grandfather, who used it to transport sheep. I was driving home from my sister’s house, a 4-hour drive on the highway, and when I stopped for gas, I realized a suitcase had fallen out of my trunk. This…
Can’t Bear It Feat @matmilam8
Mar 10 • 4 min
As an early Valentine’s Day present, my ex-boyfriend left a 6-foot-tall teddy bear at my front door. An oversized card was attached along with the bear. There is no possibility of a reunion between us, and I am stuck with this gigantic stuffed animal.…
Fashion Emergency Feat @RinoSoriano33
Mar 9 • 7 min
My husband surprised me with a dress to wear out on our anniversary. I was surprised by this gesture and wore the dress proudly. I thought this would be a one-time thing. Now, my husband wants to dress me or gives his not-always-positive input on my…
Open Minded in Indianapolis Feat Joseph
Mar 8 • 6 min
My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. He’s eight years younger than I am. We have a great relationship except for our worldviews. While I am liberal, he is very racist. When the subject comes up, our conversations can become very heated. I…
Disappointed Daughter Feat Mattou
Mar 7 • 4 min
My dad started an affair with a woman who is four years older than I am. He met her when he hired her for her “services.” Fast-forward a year: He has left my mom. Mom left the state and has moved in with me. She’s trying to rebuild her life, …
None of their business Feat Bitchy The Hamster
Mar 6 • 3 min
My mother has a tight circle of friends she socializes with often. They are all retired with grown children and grandchildren and eager to share every bit of news of their lives. Mom talks nonstop about her friends’ children’s parenting challenges,…
In her face Feat Brianne Grebil (@BrianneGrebil)
Mar 5 • 3 min
My daughter and I were watching a presumably G-rated program on TV when the topic of oral sex came up. It was from a comedic perspective, but still it was awkward. I asked my 11-year-old if she knew what the person was talking about, and she did not, so I…
Send me a sign Feat Julie Williams
Mar 4 • 3 min
Literally praying for a sign here. A sign I can read for advice with my life. Ex left me and won’t talk to me, still praying we have a chance as the last message they sent me was they needed space. Everyday has been gray with out him them. Living …
Wanting to withdraw Feat @TheMechanicsPod
Mar 3 • 5 min
An elderly man recently moved in with his family in our neighborhood. He roams the neighborhood and approaches anyone he sees to introduce himself and start a conversation. He doesn’t seem to have dementia, as he knows where and who he is, but his…
Not Mommy Dearest Feat Julie Yoho Williams
Mar 2 • 2 min
I started dating a man with a now-6-year-old daughter about two years ago. I was introduced to the daughter eight months in, and everything was going well. Recently, he has been trying to encourage her to call me “Mom.” The daughter’s birth mother died…
Solo Female Feat Brianne Grebil (@BrianneGrebil)
Mar 1 • 5 min
I work in a male-dominated workplace. In college, I got used to being one of the only women in the room and thought it’d be similar in the workplace. Yet my first job involves male co-workers quieting down significantly when I enter a meeting, or cracking…
The Unwanted, Cincinnati Feat Julie Yoho Williams
Feb 28 • 2 min
I’m dating my first white guy. So far, it’s been a completely different vibe and experience. A lot of issues I’ve had with past relationships have been nonexistent in my relationship with him. However, there is one issue: his parents. I’ve met them a few…
Miserable in Connecticut Feat Bitchy The Hamster (@Rodent_Rage_Pod)
Feb 27 • 3 min
My daughter and son are heroin addicts. After living through this hell for 11 years, I have reached my breaking point. My daughter, who just turned 18, is in jail. My heart is broken. Therapists, parent sessions, etc. haven’t helped. I’m 60 years old and…
Unsure in Virginia Feat @TheMechanicsPod
Feb 26 • 6 min
A while ago I noticed that my fiance had been hiding empty cans of beer from me. After I go to sleep (he is a night owl and I usually end up going to sleep first), he goes to the store and buys a can or two of beer. But …
Boring Life In Wisconsin Feat Paul Cram
Feb 26 • 8 min
My life is boring, repetitive and I am often depressed. I have trouble talking to others, which makes things harder. Every day is the same: Get up, go to a long day of school, come home, do homework, play video games, draw, go to bed. The weekends aren’t…
Intermission Daughter Feat David Alan
Feb 26 • 5 min
I have a complicated family situation. My dad was married to a woman named “Cynthia” for 16 years until they divorced. He met and married my mother the next year. My parents were married for 40 years, until Mom died of cancer a year ago. Since her death,…
Wounded in Minnesota Feat Foxman
Feb 25 • 5 min
I am struggling with trust in my relationships. I haven’t found a faithful man in any of the relationships I’ve had in the last five years, and it has made me gun shy. Now, each time I try to date, I look for any small indication that he could be …
Needs a playmate Feat Foxman
Feb 24 • 5 min
My 7-year-old daughter, “Jessie,” has a best friend who lives next door. The neighbor, “Laurie,” has an older brother, “Jason,” who is 13. Recently, Jessie played at Laurie’s house, and when she came home she told me Jason had said some nasty things to…
Big sister in New York Feat Foxman
Feb 23 • 6 min
I’m 18 and a freshman in college. My 16-year-old brother is supposed to be a junior in high school, but he’s still taking freshman classes. He has gone to school maybe twice this year. He just gave up and dropped out. All he does is stay home, sleep and…
Boring life in Wisconsin Feat Flye Hudson
Feb 22 • 5 min
My life is boring, repetitive and I am often depressed. I have trouble talking to others, which makes things harder. Every day is the same: Get up, go to a long day of school, come home, do homework, play video games, draw, go to bed. The weekends aren’t…
Teen Mom Feat David Alan
Feb 21 • 3 min
I’m 16 and a single mom of an almost 4-month-old girl. Her father is a drug addict. He manipulated me into having sex, which I had told him I didn’t want to do until I was married. Also, I told him from the beginning of our relationship that if we …
About Confession Radio Feat David Alan
Feb 20 • 4 min
This is all about Confession Radio! #ConfessionRadio Twitter: @ConfessionRadio Facebook: ConfessionRadio Webs: Phone: (267) 571-7311 Email:
Feeling Lonely Feat Flye Hudson
Feb 19 • 3 min
Four months ago my wife started wearing more makeup, perfume and trying new things with her hair. It began after she was promoted to store manager. Recently, I found out that someone has been flirting with her. (She would never have told me on her own.)…
So far away Feat David Alan
Feb 18 • 3 min
My son was cremated as he had requested, but he also asked that his ashes be spread far away from home, which would require us to take a long trip to do. Would it be disrespectful not to accommodate that part of his request? If we did that, we would …
Hands on Dad Feat Bitchy The Hamster
Feb 17 • 3 min
Five years ago I discovered my wife had been cheating on me with an ex-boyfriend for eight years. We have two young children, so we resolved our differences and decided against divorce. Now she says she wants us to have another baby. I feel I cannot…
Needs help fast Feat Sister Mary Anitaman
Feb 16 • 3 min
I am a 50-year-old male who has been dating a younger girl (28) for a year now. Everything has been great with her except for one thing. I am a virgin. We recently discussed having relations and both agree that we want to. There’s just one problem. I have…
Full of feeling in Arizona Feat Jon B
Feb 15 • 6 min
My husband lacks sympathy. When people die, he has the attitude of, “Oh well, people die.” I thought he would change once someone close to him died, but his father died a few months ago, and although he shed some tears, he refused to eulogize him at the…
Hes wrong, Right? Feat Paul Cram
Feb 14 • 11 min
One of my girlfriends is dating my ex-boyfriend. They just had a kid, and he started flirting with me. I’m not in a relationship, so I flirted back. Now I’m getting bullied nonstop because people say I’m gonna break them up. But shouldn’t they be mad at…
Over this in Illinois Feat David Alan
Feb 13 • 5 min
My “boyfriend” and I are in our mid-40s. Three-and-a-half years ago he was in a bad accident. Because our relationship seemed to be getting serious, he moved into my house. He was planning on returning to construction work a few months later, once his…
Ready for this in Ohio Feat Judy Lair
Feb 12 • 6 min
I am a 23-year-old woman who recently got out of a six-year abusive relationship. While I was in the relationship, no one knew what was going on. When I finally left him, I started dating a man of a different race. People are now saying I moved too fast…
Hurt in Georgia Feat Judy Lair
Feb 11 • 4 min
Every year, my adult siblings and mother exchange Christmas gifts. Since my husband died in 2012, my sister has told me she has made a gift in our name to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. She also makes a production of telling this to my children. The…