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641 - The Attack On Capitalism
Oct 18 • 55 min
The attack on capitalism ramps up, scientists fear the alt-right, and the media can’t get over horseface. Date: 10-18-2018
Daily Wire Backstage: The 1/1024 Cherokee Episode
Oct 18 • 96 min
Listen to this special roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing as they discuss Elizabeth Warren’s self-own, the midterms, and more!
640 - The Saudi Conundrum
Oct 17 • 50 min
President Trump struggles to deal with the fallout from the alleged Saudi murder of a dissident, and Trump battles it out with Stormy Daniels. Date: 10-17-2018
639 - The Sad Story Of Fauxcahontas
Oct 16 • 50 min
Elizabeth Warren’s Native American tale collapses, Democratic candidates reveal their radicalism, and Michael Avenatti has a bad day. Date: 10-16-2018
638 - The Real Bitter Clingers
Oct 15 • 55 min
The media give Trump reason to question “fake news,” brawls between the Proud Boys and Antifa break out in Portland and New York, and Hillary sounds off again. Date: 10-15-2018
Sunday Special Ep 23: Jocko Willink
Oct 14 • 54 min
Podcaster, author, and retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink joins me to discuss his remarkable journey from combat warrior to leadership expert and entrepreneur, what civilians can learn from the military, and whether he thinks compulsory service would be a…
637 - How The West Was Won
Oct 12 • 54 min
Kanye visits the White House, the press lose their minds, and we check the mailbag! Date: 10-12-2018
636 - Screaming To Victory
Oct 11 • 54 min
Democrats double down on the screeching rhetoric, Google is trying to usher in an era of “civility,” and the Saudis are in hot water. Date: 10-11-2018
635 - The End Of Civility
Oct 10 • 52 min
Hillary tries to lead the Resistance, Kanye goes to the White House, and we tell the tale of James, a student at University of California-Davis. Date: 10-10-2018
634 - We’re Never Ever Ever…Getting Back Together
Oct 9 • 59 min
Nikki Haley quits, the UN makes a catastrophic prediction regarding global warming, and Trump goes after Taylor Swift. Date: 10-09-2018
633 - The Day After
Oct 8 • 58 min
As Brett Kavanaugh takes his seat on the Supreme Court, the Left copes in mature, considered fashion…or not. Date: 10-08-2018
Sunday Special Ep 22: Jonathan Haidt
Oct 7 • 56 min
Join Ben Shapiro as he sits down with author of ”The Righteous Mind,” Jonathan Haidt, as they discuss whether the right and left can ever reconcile, the problem with feelings, why identity politics is so, so dangerous, and much more. Date: 10-07-2018
632 - The Greatest Whine Of All
Oct 5 • 65 min
As Kavanaugh’s vote approaches, Leftists take to the streets; Kavanaugh defends himself; and Chuck Grassley unleashes. Date: 10-05-2018
631 - The Kavanaugh-calypse Approacheth
Oct 4 • 54 min
A Democrat is arrested for targeting Republicans, the Kavanaugh vote approaches, and a last-ditch attempt to stop Kavanaugh materializes. Date: 10-04-2018
630 - Did The Kavanaugh Allegations Just Implode?
Oct 3 • 58 min
We take a look at all the breaking news on the Kavanaugh allegations, the media humiliate themselves, and we take a look at the funniest story of the year! Date: 10-03-2018
Sunday Special Ep 21: Cameron Kasky
Sep 30 • 57 min
Parkland shooting survivor Cameron Kasky joins Ben Shapiro for a discussion about what he experienced on that horrific day, media coverage of mass shootings, why Cameron co-founded and then left March For Our Lives, and much more. Date: 09-28-2018
629 - The Kavanaugh Comeback
Sep 28 • 56 min
Kavanaugh fights back with alacrity, Lindsey Graham shows his teeth, and Republicans press forward with the nomination. Date: 09-28-2018
628 - The Big Day
Sep 27 • 49 min
It’s hearing day for Christine Blasey Ford, two more allegations come down the pike, and President Trump leaps in front of the cameras. Date: 09-27-2018
627 - Insanity *Intensifies*
Sep 26 • 54 min
Accusations and counteraccusations mount regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, Ted Cruz is run out of a restaurant, and Trump visits the Mos Eisley of the UN! Date: 09-26-2018
Sunday Special Ep 20: Glenn Beck
Sep 23 • 57 min
Does America have an addiction to outrage? Glenn Beck offers his insights, talks about his journey from CNN to Fox News and beyond, and how hearing “We’re all drunks in this room” changed his life forever, on this episode of The Sunday Special. Date:…
626 - On The Brink
Sep 21 • 58 min
Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser demands special treatment from the Senate Judiciary Committee, Republicans trot out a bizarre defense, and we check the mailbag! 09-21-2018
625 - A Truly Evil Ploy
Sep 20 • 55 min
Democrats pull another round of manipulation regarding sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. 09-20-2018
Daily Wire Backstage: Special Guest Glenn Beck
Sep 18 • 95 min
Glenn Beck joins the guys to discuss America’s outrage culture, how it’s driving our politics, and how we can fix it. Be part of this special roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing,…
624 - The Kavanaugh Showdown
Sep 18 • 53 min
The world prepares for Kavanaugh and his accuser to testify; Trump prepares to release the FISA kraken; and we analyze the latest poll results. Date: 09-18-2018
623 - The Kavanaugh #MeToo Moment
Sep 17 • 51 min
Kavanaugh’s accuser comes forward, a brutal murder in Israel, and Hurricane Florence touches down. Date: 09-17-2018
Sunday Special Ep 19: Steven Crowder
Sep 16 • 64 min
Comedian Steven Crowder sits down for a strange and entertaining chat on drawing the line in comedy, how to manage time and stress, and why Steven’s native Canada has gone off the deep end. Date: 09-16-2018
The Conversation Ep. 13: Ben Shapiro
Sep 14 • 59 min
It’s our latest episode of The Conversation, and this month you’re speaking with THE Ben Shapiro! Subscribers, ask your live questions here, and Ben will answer them all or his wife isn’t a doctor. 09-14-2018
622 - The Dirtiest Trick In The Book
Sep 14 • 53 min
Democrats pull out a horrendous dirty trick in a last-ditch attempt to stop Kavanaugh; we review the results of last night’s primary elections in New York; and we check the mailbag. Date: 09-14-2018
621 - Getting Googly-Eyed Over Google
Sep 13 • 50 min
Tape breaks from election night at Google; John Kerry carries out more shadow diplomacy; and we examine the question of working poverty. Date: 09-13-2018
620 - Is Rhetoric Dangerous?
Sep 12 • 56 min
A violent attack shocks the nation, Joe Scarborough compares Trump to the 9/11 terrorists, and Norm MacDonald meets the late night thought police. Date: 09-12-2018
Sunday Special Ep 18: Christina Hoff Sommers
Sep 9 • 57 min
Christina Hoff Sommers, aka the Factual Feminist, shatters feminists’ most cherished beliefs, addressing the fiction of “toxic masculinity”, the mythical “gender wage gap”, and the rapid decline of the #MeToo movement on this episode of Ben Shapiro’s…
619 - American Grandstand
Sep 7 • 56 min
Cory Booker and Kamala Harris make fools of themselves, Twitter bans Alex Jones, and we check the mailbag. Date: 09-07-2018
618 - The Molehunt Is On!
Sep 6 • 52 min
A New York Times op-ed features an anonymous White House “resistance” leader, Alex Jones invades Capitol Hill, and Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings continue. Date: 09-06-2018
617 - Twist And Shout…About Kavanaugh
Sep 5 • 52 min
Democrats lose their minds over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, Bob Woodward’s book launches, and Paul Krugman says Republicans are here to steal your healthcare. Date: 09-05-2018
616 - The Anti-Trump Culture War
Sep 4 • 52 min
As Trump’s tweets gain volume, anti-Trump commentators use John McCain’s funeral to slam the president; plus, Nike rewards Colin Kaepernick for kneeling; and Aretha Franklin’s funeral has some interesting guests. Date: 09-04-2018
Sunday Special Ep 17: Edward Feser
Sep 2 • 57 min
Philosopher Edward Feser says there is a logical proof of God. Listen as he proves God’s existence, discusses the rise of atheism, and explains why the popularity of religion is on the decline. Date: 09-02-2018
615 - Canadian On The Moon
Aug 31 • 58 min
A new blockbuster revises history, the Weinstein scandal makes headlines again, and both parties endorse populism. Date: 08-31-2018
614 - Crying Wolf About Dog Whistles
Aug 30 • 57 min
Ron DeSantis runs up against a media eager to charge him with racism, the Democratic Socialists are on the march, and Cynthia Nixon goes mano-e-mano with Andrew Cuomo. Date: 08-30-2018
613 - The Worst Headline Of The Month
Aug 29 • 55 min
The New York Times unleashes a doozy of a headline, CNN defends Antifa, and we review last night’s election results in Florida. Date: 08-29-2018
612 - The Democratic Platform
Aug 28 • 53 min
Pelosi talks race, Krugman talks fascism, and President Trump talks NAFTA. Date: 08-28-2018
611 - Goodbye To A Hero
Aug 27 • 48 min
Senator McCain dies, the media rewrites history, and a mass shooting takes place in Jacksonville. Date: 08-27-2018
Sunday Special Ep 16: Clay Travis
Aug 26 • 63 min
Clay Travis joins Ben for a great chat on how to fix sports, why the NFL and ESPN are falling apart, and Clay’s “1st Amendment and boobs” worldview. 
Date: 08-26-2018
610 - The Actual Big Issue
Aug 24 • 62 min
While the nation focuses on scandal, actual serious problems are cropping up; the latest updates on the Trump investigations; and we check the mailbag! Date: 08-24-2018
609 - The Day After
Aug 23 • 52 min
The fallout continues from the Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, New York opens another line of investigation into Trump, and Trump leaps into the South African situation. Date: 08-23-2018
608 - It’s Apocalypse Day!
Aug 22 • 51 min
Trump’s nightmares come to life via Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort heads for prison, and an illegal immigrant murders a college girl. Date: 08-22-2018
607 - The Democratic Elitism Problem
Aug 21 • 48 min
The VMAs feature Trump bashing, Trump makes more headlines, and students at University of North Carolina tear down a statue. Date: 08-21-2018
606 - The Giuliani Problem
Aug 20 • 51 min
Rudy provides a weak defense, Asia Argento is implicated in a #MeToo mess, and Al Sharpton makes an all-time great error. Date: 08-20-2018
Sunday Special Ep 15: Greg Gutfeld
Aug 19 • 60 min
Greg Gutfeld joins Ben for a fun discussion on his unusual path to Fox News, how he explains Trump, and combating the outraged Twitter mob.
605 - The Colluding Press
Aug 17 • 50 min
Newspapers across America unite to condemn Trump; we examine why it’s so easy to misunderstand how evil works; and John Brennan whines. A lot. 08-17-2018
604 - The Rise Of The Socialists
Aug 16 • 53 min
Democrats gain in the generic ballot amid talk about socialism, the government comes after religious Americans again, and the media demonstrate how they drive Americans to the right – we’re live in Dallas! 08-16-2018
603 - On Evil
Aug 15 • 54 min
A massive child abuse scandal rocks the Catholic Church again, the Omarosa fallout continues, and we examine the notion of white guilt. 08-15-2018
602 - Will The Bill Come Due?
Aug 14 • 51 min
The Mueller investigation heats up again, Omarosa promises shocking tapes, and Democrats prepare for Election 2018. 08-14-2018
601 - The Alt-Right Fizzle
Aug 13 • 49 min
The alt-right anniversary rally fizzles, Antifa continues to threaten public safety, and the latest iteration of the FBI conspiracy theory gets another airing. Date: 08-13-2018
Sunday Special Ep 14: Tai Lopez
Aug 12 • 60 min
Tai Lopez provides answers to the four pillars of a productive life, the importance of finding good father figures, and what the future looks like for the political climate. Learn more at Date: 08-12-2018
600 - The Ocasio-Cortez Brouhaha
Aug 10 • 50 min
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responds to Ben’s offer to debate, President Trump announces SPACE FORCE!, and we check the mailbag. 08-10-2018
599 - Oh My, Omarosa
Aug 9 • 49 min
Omarosa says she’s got tapes, Jim Acosta makes a mockery of himself again, and the Oscars decide to change things up. Date: 08-09-2018
598 - Is The Blue Wave Coming?
Aug 8 • 53 min
Republicans barely hold onto a deep red district in Ohio, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a rough day, and fallout continues from the Alex Jones ban. Date: 08-08-2018
597 - The Self-Pitying Media
Aug 7 • 57 min
The media lament President Trump’s cruelty, everything is racist, and Democrats look to the future. Date: 08-07-2018
596 - An Epic Trump Tweetstorm
Aug 6 • 50 min
Trump goes off on the Trump Tower meeting, tariffs, and Lebron; the Left continues to defend racism so long as it’s directed against whites; and the press panic over Trump’s war on media. Date: 08-06-2018
Sunday Special Ep 13: David Mamet
Aug 5 • 53 min
Playwright David Mamet joins me to share his journey to Broadway and Hollywood fame, what it was like to come out as a conservative, and how politics can flow into works of art. Date: 08-05-2018
595 - Why Don’t People Trust The Media?
Aug 3 • 64 min
Sarah Jeong keeps her job despite racist tweets, Jim Acosta loves him some Jim Acosta, and President Trump argues with Ivanka over the media. Date: 08-03-2018
594 - The Seductiveness Of Power
Aug 2 • 50 min
The New York Times’ newest editorial hire has a controversial history, a women writes about why she wishes she had aborted her down syndrome child, and Barack Obama stabs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez directly between the shoulder blades. Date: 08-02-2018
593 - Is The Second Civil War Coming?
Aug 1 • 50 min
A new poll shows Republicans don’t mind Russian election interference, a federal judge tries to ban 3D gun printing, and Democrats don’t understand immigration law. Date: 08-01-2018
592 - Hath Not A Giuliani Eyes?
Jul 31 • 49 min
Rudy Giuliani flubs his landing, we examine the midterm races, and President Trump says he’ll meet with Iran. Date: 07-31-2018
591 - Path To 2018
Jul 30 • 50 min
As the 2018 election approaches, both parties prepare; Trump takes on The New York Times; and the Mueller blowback continues. Date: 07-30-2018
Sunday Special Ep 12: Mike Rowe
Jul 29 • 62 min
Mike Rowe joins me to discuss his journey from tradesman to TV celebrity, the importance of a strong work ethic, and why happiness is not a worthy goal. Date: 07-29-2018
590 - The Wrongthink Police
Jul 27 • 58 min
The Left goes berserk after Jonathan Chait says something heretical, Facebook stock takes a dive, and the Mueller investigation might be expanding into Trump’s Twitter. Date: 07-27-2018
589 - Good Trump, Bad Trump
Jul 26 • 48 min
President Trump declares his trade war on hold, the White House cracks down on CNN, and Republicans go after Rod Rosenstein. Date: 07-26-2018
588 - The Tale Of The Tape
Jul 25 • 52 min
A new tape breaks from Michael Cohen, President Trump slams the media, and Elizabeth Warren makes her pitch. Date: 07-25-2018
587 - Of Virtue Signaling And Vice
Jul 24 • 49 min
Millenials virtue signal on issues that don’t matter, President Trump considers pulling security clearances, and old people who didn’t have kids say they’re happy. Date: 07-24-2018
586 - Trump Goes Full CAPSLOCK
Jul 23 • 51 min
President Trump threatens Iran with fire and fury, the long-awaited FISA warrant against Carter Page is released (sort of), and Trump’s poll numbers still look solid. Date: 07-23-2018
Sunday Special Ep 11: Eric Weinstein
Jul 22 • 60 min
Eric Weinstein joins Ben from the shadows of the intellectual dark web to discuss the lack of free thinking on the Left, the costs and benefits of low skilled vs. high skilled focused immigration, and how the Facebook monopoly negatively affects online…
585 - Trump vs. The Intelligence Community
Jul 20 • 56 min
Robert Mueller offers Tony Podesta a special deal, Trump prepares for a second Putin meeting, and we check the mailbag! Date: 07-20-2018
584 - Being Nice Is Against The Rules
Jul 19 • 48 min
An actor praises Ben and gets destroyed online for it, Trump suffers through Putin fallout, and should Americans defend Montenegro? Date: 07-19-2018
583 - Is Honesty Dead?
Jul 18 • 55 min
Trump reverses himself on Putin, Barack Obama re-emerges to demonstrate why Trump was elected, and environmentalists fret over whether to have kids. Date: 07-18-2018
582 - The Russian Connection
Jul 17 • 53 min
Trump does a presser with Putin and the world goes insane, Democrats cry treason, plus we deconstruct some culture. Date: 07-17-2018
581 - To Russia, With Love
Jul 16 • 49 min
Trump prepares for his meetup with Putin, Joe Biden prepares for a 2020 run, and Sacha Baron Cohen is back at it. Date: 07-16-2018
Sunday Special Ep 10: Dennis Prager
Jul 15 • 58 min
Dennis Prager joins Ben for a rational discussion on biblical reason, the importance of the Ten Commandments, and how to reconcile a just God vs. a merciful God. Date: 07-12-2018
580 - Thunder Strzok
Jul 13 • 49 min
FBI agent Peter Strzok gets clocked by a bevy of Republicans, Trump takes on Theresa May, and we check the mailbag! Date: 07-13-2018
579 - It’s A Trumpnato!
Jul 12 • 51 min
What happens when a political tornado hits a Trump at NATO? Plus, the meltdown over Brett Kavanaugh continues. Date: 07-12-2018
578 - Trump Swings At NATO
Jul 11 • 58 min
Trump goes in hard at NATO, the Kavanaugh fallout continues, and Sacha Baron Cohen humiliates himself. Date: 07-11-2018
577 - Kavanaugh, Kava-yes!
Jul 10 • 52 min
It’s Brett Kavanaugh, and the Left melts down. Date: 07-10-2018
576 - It’s The Supreme Day
Jul 9 • 54 min
Trump gears up for his Supreme Court pick, Democrats panic, and Jim Jordan finds himself under the gun. Date: 07-09-2018
Sunday Special Ep 9: Sam Harris
Jul 8 • 65 min
Sam Harris joins Ben for a wide-ranging discussion on identity politics, the existence of God, and the Bible’s view of slavery. Date: 07-06-2018
575 - Goodbye To Pruitt
Jul 6 • 56 min
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is out, Trump rallies in Montana, and we check the mailbag! Date: 07-06-2018
574 - Is The Left Creating A New Agenda?
Jul 5 • 56 min
New calls emerge for Republicans to abandon their party, Tom Perez says the wave of the future is socialism, and Supreme Court talk gets even dumber. Date: 07-05-2018
573 - Are You Proud To Be An American?
Jul 3 • 52 min
A new poll shows Americans aren’t all that proud of their country, the Supreme Court race heats up, and Trump goes to war on trade. Date: 07-03-2018
Daily Wire Backstage Celebrates Independence Day (ft. Jordan Peterson)
Jul 2 • 123 min
Make America Great Again! Although their agendas couldn’t be more different, Democrats and Republicans share an identical goal: Restore the US to their vision for the country. What do those visions look like, and who will win? Date: 07-02-2018
572 - So Much Earth-Shattering Bravery
Jul 2 • 53 min
The New York Times takes on the First Amendment, Jim Acosta loves him some Jim Acosta, and Democrats take on ICE! Date: 07-02-2018
Sunday Special Ep 8: Adam Carolla
Jul 1 • 59 min
I’m joined by the father of podcasting @Adam Carolla as he recounts his introduction to comedy and explains the importance of a good work ethic, and we discuss why so many of those in the media spotlight fall into the trap of narcissism. Date: 07-01-2018
571 - You’re Blaming The Wrong People
Jun 29 • 53 min
After a shooting in a Maryland newsroom, the media jump to anti-Trump conclusions; Supreme Court talk heats up; and we check the mailbag! Date: 06-29-2018
570 - The Biggest Move In A Generation
Jun 28 • 50 min
Justice Anthony Kennedy steps down, and the world goes insane. Date: 06-28-2018
569 - The Democrats Swing Far Left
Jun 27 • 51 min
The Democrats embrace their socialist id, incivility becomes the word of the day, and a judge tries to stop Trump’s immigration policy. Date: 06-27-2018
568 - The Rise Of The Mobocracy
Jun 26 • 44 min
Democrats and Republicans condemn Maxine Waters, but is she the rising tide? Plus, President Trump throws one hell of a rally. Date: 06-26-2018
567 - Burning The Social Fabric
Jun 25 • 52 min
Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets denied dinner, Maxine Waters goes philosophically fascist, and George Will goes too far. Date: 06-25-2018
Sunday Special Ep 7: Jason Whitlock
Jun 24 • 61 min
Former ESPN sportswriter Jason Whitlock weighs in on the NFL kneeling debate, police brutality, and single motherhood as he rejects victimhood culture on this episode of The Sunday Special! Date: 06-24-2018
566 - I Really Don’t Care, Do U?
Jun 22 • 53 min
Melania dons a controversial jacket, Trump fights “open borders” Democrats, and we check the mailbag. Date: 06-22-2018
565 - The Great Reversal
Jun 21 • 49 min
Trump signs an executive order that may or may not end family separation at the border, the Left chortles, and Trump rallies in Minnesota. Date: 06-21-2018
564 - The Time Of Feelings
Jun 20 • 48 min
Rachel Maddow cries, Corey Lewandowski laughs, and the illegal immigration fallout continues. Date: 06-20-2018
The Conversation Ep. 10: With Ben Shapiro
Jun 19 • 59 min
In this episode of The Conversation, Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss discuss taxes, Star Wars, and if people having calling on their lives for specific vocations. 
Date: 06-19-2018
563 - The Immigration Wars Heat Up
Jun 19 • 58 min
Trump fights back, the media continues its assault, and the Department of Justice Inspector General goes after the FBI. Date: 06-19-2018
562 - Is Trump Tearing Children From Their Parents?
Jun 18 • 56 min
The media suggest President Trump is cruelly tearing children out of the arms of their parents, Harvard goes racist, and some Leftist columnists celebrate Father’s Day by tearing into fathers. Date: 06-18-2018
Sunday Special Ep 6: Michael Shermer
Jun 17 • 62 min
Does God exist? Do societies thrive under a religious influence? Ben Shapiro and noted atheist Michael Shermer debate Christianity’s role in cultural advancement on this episode of The Sunday Special! Date: 06-17-2018
561 - What In The Everloving Hell?
Jun 15 • 59 min
The Department of Justice Inspector General releases its long-awaited report on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary investigation, and we check the mailbag! Date: 06-15-2018
560 - The FBI’s Big Booboo
Jun 14 • 50 min
President Trump tries to lock down the North Koreans to a timeline, EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt is on the ropes, and Republican Party infighting escalates. Date: 06-14-2018
559 - Don’t Eat The Homophobic Chicken
Jun 13 • 45 min
The Leftists target Chick-Fil-A again, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan sets some immigration votes, and the Republican primaries are coming up Trump. Date: 06-13-2018
Daily Wire Backstage: Thoughts On Father’s Day
Jun 12 • 130 min
If “the future is female,” what does that mean for fathers? Do children need them? Does society? Date: 06-12-2018
558 - The Big Meeting
Jun 12 • 52 min
Trump meets with Kim Jung Un, Bill Clinton gets creepy, and we discuss why the Tonys are so Left-wing. Date: 06-12-2018
557 - The Art Of The Deal
Jun 11 • 51 min
Trump negotiates at the G-7 and hobnobs with Kim Jung Un. Date: 06-11-2018
Sunday Special Ep 5: Jonah Goldberg
Jun 10 • 62 min
When does nationalism go too far? Is the “Never Trump” movement still alive? @Jonah Goldberg joins me this week to discuss the first 18 months of Trump’s presidency, and how he’s shifted the culture since the election. 
Date: 06-10-2018
556 - The Suicide Epidemic
Jun 8 • 51 min
CNN’s Anthony Bourdain tragically kills himself, Trump goes to war with other members of the G-7, and the North Korean talks approach. Date: 06-08-2018
555 - The Kim Kardashian Pardon
Jun 7 • 55 min
Trump pardons a convicted drug trafficker at Kim Kardashian’s behest, Samantha Bee doesn’t apologize, and the Mueller probe befuddles and unfolds. Date: 06-07-2018
554 - The Coming Apocalypse Nobody Cares About
Jun 6 • 53 min
While we all worry about the NFL, Social Security and Medicare go bankrupt; President Trump gets uber-patriotic at the White House; and Dennis Rodman saves the world. Date: 06-06-2018
553 - Sit, Eagle, Sit
Jun 5 • 50 min
Manafort allegedly gets caught witness tampering, Trump talks about pardoning himself, and the White House cancels the Philadelphia Eagles. Date: 06-05-2018
552 - The Tide Goes Out On The Blue Wave
Jun 4 • 57 min
Democrats struggle for the House majority, Bernie Sanders offers an alternative pathway, and Rudy Giuliani pushes Trumpian power. Date: 06-04-2018
Sunday Special Ep 4: Joe Rogan
Jun 3 • 61 min
Joe Rogan joins Ben on this episode of the Sunday Special, where they take a deep dive into the subjects of gender identity, celebrity worship, and Roseanne’s sudden implosion. Date: 06-01-2018
551 - To Bee Or Not To Bee
Jun 1 • 55 min
Samantha Bee gets herself into hot water, Roseanne begs for clemency, and Joy Reid somehow keeps on keeping on. Date: 06-01-2018
550 - The Saddest Story Ever Told
May 31 • 48 min
We hear the inside story of election night with Team Obama, Samantha Bee uses the c-word, and Trey Gowdy undercuts the Spygate case. Date: 05-31-2018
549 - Goodbye, Roseanne
May 30 • 55 min
Roseanne loses her sitcom after a racist tweet, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens says goodbye, and we discuss the biggest news story nobody is talking about. Date: 05-30-2018
548 - The West’s Suicide Note
May 29 • 51 min
A British anti-Islam commentator gets arrested, the media claim Trump’s out to get immigrant children, and Louis Farrakhan makes some oddly pro-Trump noises. Date: 05-29-2018
547 - Remember Our Soldiers
May 28 • 48 min
We celebrate Memorial Day, review Trump’s decision to pull out of the North Korea deal, and discuss whether marriage is dead. Date: 05-28-2018
Sunday Special Ep 3: Dr. Drew Pinsky
May 27 • 59 min
In this third episode, Ben sits down with ​Dr. Drew Pinsky to discuss dating advice, the mob mentality, and the aftermath of the infamous Zoey Tur incident. Date: 05-20-2018
546 - Hollywood’s God Is Gross
May 25 • 52 min
Morgan Freeman is accused of sexual misconduct, Joe Biden re-emerges to challenge Trump, and we examine the mailbag! Date: 05-25-2018
545 - The Kneel Strong-Arm
May 24 • 49 min
Should the NFL have banned kneeling? Plus, we meet the most entitled 30-year-old in America, and bring you the latest in Spygate 2018! Date: 05-24-2018
544 - The Power Of Being A Jackass
May 23 • 46 min
Leftists attack Tomi Lahren at brunch, President Trump goes off on the deep state, and Seattle ruins itself with Leftism. Date: 05-23-2018
543 - The Spy Who Hated Me
May 22 • 47 min
Trump siccs the DOJ on the FBI, leftists cry foul, and did the pope just shift Catholic policy on homosexuality? Date: 05-22-2018
542 - Is It Mueller Time?
May 18 • 46 min
The Trump camp tries to kill the Mueller investigation, the media continue to play into Trump’s hand on MS-13, and we check the mailbag! Date: 05-18-2018
541 - How the Media Are Turning America Trumpy
May 17 • 51 min
Rudy Giuliani says Mueller won’t indict Trump, but Mueller’s still digging; Michael Cohen finds himself on the wrong end of ill-time leaks; and the media lie about Trump’s immigration comments. Date: 05-17-2018
540 - Why The Media Get Gaza Wrong
May 16 • 50 min
The media’s propaganda on behalf of Hamas continues, Democrats struggle in the polls, and North Korea tries to pull the rug out from under Trump. Date: 05-16-2018
539 - The Media’s Blood Libel
May 15 • 47 min
The media play propagandists for Hamas, Seattle passes the Amazon tax, and the Trump administration cracks down on leakers. Date: 05-15-2018
538 - If I Forget You, O Jerusalem
May 14 • 53 min
On Israel’s 70th anniversary, Trump moves the embassy to Jerusalem; we talk about the Left’s view of Mother’s Day; and America’s comedians begin to wake up. Date: 05-14-2018
Sunday Special Ep 2: Dave Rubin
May 13 • 59 min
​In this second episode, Ben sits down with ​​Dave Rubin​ of The Rubin Report to discuss identity politics, online censorship, and whatever happened to an honest conversation​? Look out every Sunday for new episodes featuring key newsmakers and public…
537 - Delusional Democrats’ Failing Foreign Policy
May 11 • 56 min
Democrats are confused why Trump seems to be succeeding on foreign policy, the media “experts” demonstrate they know nothing about gender or babies, and we check the mailbag! Date: 05-11-2018
536 - The Iranian War
May 10 • 51 min
Iran attacks Israel, Israel fires back, and Michael Cohen can’t keep his nose clean. Date: 05-10-2018
535 - Trump Wrecks Obama’s Legacy
May 9 • 49 min
Trump kills the Iran deal, the West Virginia primary ends Don Blankenship’s hopes, and Michael Cohen could be in even more hot water. Date: 05-09-2018
534 - Schneiderman On The Schneid
May 8 • 57 min
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigns after horrific sexual abuse allegations, the Obamas are back in the news, and the Hunger Games crowd shows up for the Met Gala. Date: 05-08-2018
533 - Rule Of Law?
May 7 • 53 min
John Kerry violates the Logan Act, the Mueller investigation hits a crucial snag, and Rudy Giuliani makes the rounds. Date: 05-07-2018
Sunday Special Ep 1: Jordan B Peterson
May 6 • 59 min
It’s the premiere episode of THE BEN SHAPIRO SHOW: SUNDAY SPECIAL!! Watch my hosted interview with Dr. Jordan B Peterson, and look out every Sunday for new episodes featuring key newsmakers and public figures! Date: 05-06-2018
532 - The Media’s Big Boo Boo
May 4 • 58 min
NBC screws up on a major claim about Michael Cohen, Hollywood finally expels Roman Polanski, and we discuss the problem of “involuntary celibates.” Date: 05-04-2018
531 - Stormy Weather
May 3 • 46 min
Giuliani breaks news about Trump’s payoff to Stormy Daniels, Hillary finally stumbles on a true statement, and Democrats are having some problems in the polls. 
Date: 05-03-2018
530 - Pod Save The Iran Deal
May 2 • 45 min
Team Obama defends Iran from Benjamin Netanyahu, the White House faces down Robert Mueller, and the immigrant caravan arrives at America’s southern border. Date: 05-02-2018
529 - Revenge Of The Mossad
May 1 • 53 min
Israel breaks stunning intelligence information about the Iran deal, the New York Times talks up Marx, and Robert Mueller’s questions for Trump leak. Date: 05-01-2018
528 - The White House Correspondents’ Dog’s Breakfast
Apr 30 • 50 min
The White House Correspondents Dinner goes off the rails, Joy Reid apologizes (sorta), and Kanye releases a new single about Trump. Date: 04-30-2018
527 - Murder Is Not Dying With Dignity
Apr 27 • 55 min
Alfie Evans struggles for life, North Korea and South Korea meet, and we check the mailbag. Date: 04-27-2018
526 - Make Rap Great Again
Apr 26 • 51 min
Kanye embraces Trump, Chance the Rapper tells black Americans to escape the Democratic Party, and Kim Kardashian speaks up for free thought. Whoever wrote 2018 is AMAZING. Date: 04-26-2018
525 - Kanye Believe It?
Apr 25 • 50 min
Kanye gets labeled alt-right by a Washington Post writer, Pat Buchanan stumps for the end of democracy, and the New York Times tells a romantic story about a lesbian and a transgender woman conceiving a child. 
Date: 04-25-2018
524 - When Tyranny Leads To Death
Apr 24 • 47 min
The Alfie Evans case shocks Americans, Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv is interviewed by police for going to a gun range, and a feminist wants your second-grader to learn about transgenderism. Date: 04-24-2018
523 - The Worst Arguments For Gun Control
Apr 23 • 48 min
A shooting at a waffle house prompts some of the worst arguments for gun control ever, Americans can’t take a joke about prom dates, and Kanye 2020 launches. Date: 04-23-2018
522 - The Comey Memos
Apr 20 • 46 min
James Comey’s Trump memos hit the press, Trump brings in Rudy Giuliani, and we check the mailbag! Date: 04-20-2018
521 - Is Starbucks Racist?
Apr 19 • 47 min
Trump reaches out to North Korea, Democrats try to take Texas from Ted Cruz, and Starbucks goes through the racial wringer. Date: 04-19-2018
520 - Thank You, Barbara Bush
Apr 18 • 48 min
The former first lady passes away, Justice Gorsuch rules against President Trump, and James Comey continues to make the rounds. Date: 04-18-2018
519 - Cohen’s Big Day
Apr 17 • 49 min
Michael Cohen goes to court, Starbucks faces down a boycott, and we deconstruct some culture. Date: 04-17-2018
518 - The Full Comey
Apr 16 • 52 min
James Comey gets his 2-hour special, Trump attacks Syria, and Biden’s prepping for 2020. Date: 04-16-2018
517 - Come-y On Already
Apr 13 • 53 min
The media lose their minds over Jim Comey’s new book, Cory Booker makes an ass of himself, and we check the mailbag. Date: 04-13-2018
516 - Crisis Point
Apr 12 • 49 min
Paul Ryan steps down, the Trump probe pushes the president toward precipitous action, and James Comey’s book is coming. Date: 04-12-2018
515 - Paul Ryan Exits
Apr 11 • 53 min
Zuckerberg gets grilled on the Hill, the Trump investigation proceeds apace, and war with Syria looks imminent. Date: 04-11-2018
514 - The Great Raid
Apr 10 • 47 min
The FBI raids the offices of Trump’s lawyer, Trump considers war in Syria, and the Left rushes to Teddy Kennedy’s defense. Date: 04-10-2018
513 - Should We Go To War In Syria?
Apr 9 • 56 min
Bashar Assad uses chemical weapons again, London talks about banning knives, and The Atlantic bans conservatives. Date: 04-09-2018
512 - The Radical Left Rises
Apr 6 • 52 min
Are radical Leftist policies really that popular? Plus, Nicholas Kristof tries to explain anti-Second Amendment arguments, and we check the mailbag.
 Date: 04-06-2018
511 - What Was MLK’s Legacy?
Apr 5 • 47 min
Leftists and conservatives battle over Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, EPA chief Scott Pruitt’s in hot water, and a Comedy Central comedienne says you’re having too many kids. Date: 04-05-2018
510 - The YouTube Shooting
Apr 4 • 51 min
We discuss what we know about the YouTube shooting, Mueller announces Trump isn’t a criminal target, and Trump says he’ll put the military on the border. Date: 04-04-2018
509 - Standing Up To The Outrage Police
Apr 3 • 53 min
Fox News stands up for Laura Ingraham, Democrats struggle for a message, and the worst dating hot take of the year. Date: 04-03-2018
508 - The Media’s Self-Defeating War
Apr 2 • 54 min
It’s a Hobbesian war of all against all as CNN and Fox News do battle, Trump fulminates over immigration, and Hamas makes its move. Date: 04-02-2018
507 - Conservatives Not Welcome
Mar 30 • 55 min
The media seeks to bar conservatives on any grounds possible, David Hogg goes after Laura Ingraham’s advertisers, and we check the mailbag. Date: 03-30-2018
506 - The Media Goes Hogg Wild
Mar 29 • 51 min
David Hogg gets the royal treatment from CNN, social media stocks take a tumble, and Trump dumps his VA secretary. Date: 03-29-2018
505 - Roseanne Is Back!
Mar 28 • 54 min
Roseanne is back with a vengeance, journalism collapses on all sides, and Ted Cruz stops by. Date: 03-28-2018
504 - Are Victims Sacrosanct?
Mar 27 • 50 min
When does victimhood count? Plus, Stormy Daniels befuddles the White House, and Paul Ryan may be on his way out. Date: 03-27-2018
503 - Children, Porn Stars, and Tariffs, Oh My!
Mar 26 • 52 min
It’s a busy weekend as high school students march, Stormy Daniels comes clean, and tariff talk dominates the economy. Date: 03-26-2018
502 - McMaster’s Boltin’, Bolton’s Master
Mar 23 • 60 min
Bolton joins the Trump administration, Republicans send mixed signals on the budget, and we check the mailbag! Date: 03-23-2018
501 - Facebook On The Hot Seat
Mar 22 • 52 min
Zuckerberg’s week just got worse, Republicans struggle to pass their big omnibus bill, and Trump’s scandals eat the news cycle. Date: 03-22-2018
500 - Is American Racism Punishing Young Black Boys?
Mar 21 • 48 min
The NYT touts a new study that says disparities between black and white children is racism-based, Trump congratulates Putin on his sham election, and Democrats threaten Civil War. Date: 03-21-2018
499 - The Left’s Great Social Media Scam
Mar 20 • 44 min
Leftists attack a children’s book, Democrats talk rebellion, and will technology kill us all? Date: 03-20-2018
498 - Is A Constitutional Crisis Coming?
Mar 19 • 57 min
Trump edges closer to firing Mueller, Vladimir Putin consolidates his grip, and Democrats battle over their future. Date: 03-19-2018
497 - Does The Free Market Work?
Mar 16 • 58 min
The right splits on free trade, Americans split on the gun control walkout, and we check the mailbag! Date: 03-16-2018
496 - The Big School Walkout
Mar 15 • 51 min
Students walk out across the country to the delight of the media, Stormy Daniels gets the red carpet treatment, and Trump talks trade. Date: 03-15-2018
495 - Bad Moon Rising
Mar 14 • 53 min
Democrats run strong in PA-18, Trump visits his border wall, and a feminist doctor gives the worst abortion defense in history. Date: 03-14-2018
The Conversation Ep. 7: With Ben Shapiro
Mar 13 • 67 min
It’s our newest episode of The Conversation with Ben Shapiro! Subscribers can ask their live questions over at, and Ben will answer them for everyone to hear! To ask questions as a subscriber, log in to our website to watch the…
494 - Hillary’s Back
Mar 13 • 54 min
Hillary’s back and she’s worse than ever, plus Republicans in the House try to vindicate Trump, and Trump dumps his Secretary of State. Date: 03-13-2018
493 - The Left Unleashes Its Crazy
Mar 12 • 55 min
The Left embraces socialism, eugenics, and revolution; Trump attacks Chuck Todd and Maxine Waters; and OJ’s back! Date: 03-12-2018
492 - Trump’s Nobel Prize?
Mar 9 • 60 min
Trump pulls off a seeming coup by brokering a meeting with Kim Jung Un; Trump rolls out his big tariff plan; and we check the mailbag! Date: 03-09-2018
491 - Trump’s California Dreamin’
Mar 8 • 53 min
Trump takes on California over sanctuary cities, Democrats refuse to disassociate from Farrakhan, and the weather is getting Stormy for Trump. Date: 03-08-2018
490 - As The Globalists Turn
Mar 7 • 54 min
Gary Cohn is out, tariffs are in, and the Republicans look for a second special counsel – this time, to investigate the FBI. Date: 03-07-2018
489 - Putting Crazy People On TV
Mar 6 • 51 min
The media can’t get enough of Trump aide Sam Nunberg, intersectionality makes people crazy, and social media gets nasty. Date: 03-06-2018
488 - Hollywood’s Night Of Posturing
Mar 5 • 50 min
Hollywood mocks Trump, postures about sexual harassment, and generally annoys Americans who don’t live in Hollywood. Date: 03-05-2018
487 - Governance By Chaos
Mar 2 • 61 min
Trump endures staffing problems, announces tariffs and tanks the markets, and says we should give drug dealers the death penalty. So, things are going just fine. Date: 03-02-2018
486 - Wait, Trump Just Said WHAT?
Mar 1 • 44 min
Trump makes a fool of himself on guns while talking with Democrats, Hope Hicks is out at the White House, and Jeff Sessions is under fire…again. Date: 03-01-2018
485 - How Late Night Went Left
Feb 28 • 44 min
Kimmel, Fallon and Colbert all go after the NRA; Americans aren’t what the media’s selling; and we’re about to hit the DACA deadline. Date: 02-28-2018
484 - The Parkland Story Gets Even Worse
Feb 27 • 46 min
Were the cops told to stand down? Did they tell emergency responders to stand down? And we examine the government’s record with mental health. Date: 02-27-2018
483 - Resign, Sheriff Israel
Feb 26 • 50 min
The Broward County Sheriff makes a complete ass of himself, high school classmates of shooting victims take it too far, and the Democrats try to defend the FBI over the Steele dossier. Date: 02-26-2018
482 - The Most Shocking Failure In The Parkland Massacre
Feb 23 • 47 min
We find out two separate bombshells from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office – and those bombshells mean that law-abiding Americans won’t be giving up their guns anytime soon. Plus, we check the mailbag. Date: 02-23-2018
481 - CNN’s Hour Of Anti-Gun Hate
Feb 22 • 47 min
Trump meets shooting victims, CNN holds an anti-gun townhall, and the media’s gun lies continue. Date: 02-22-2018
480 - Lies, Damned Lies, And Media Manipulation
Feb 21 • 52 min
Trump moves to ban bump stocks, we examine the other gun control proposals on the table, and the Left refuses to let go of Trump-Russia collusion nonsense. Date: 02-21-2018
479 - The Children’s Crusade
Feb 20 • 53 min
The Left trots out students as their point people, the media spin wildly for gun control, and everything in the world is apparently about race. Date: 02-20-2018
Ben Shapiro speaks with Andrew Klavan – is there any hope left for our culture?
Feb 19 • 6 min
Ben Shapiro brings on the Dailywire’s very own Andrew Klavan today to discuss the new “Black Panther” film, how he thinks Donald Trump is doing and how Andrew’s show is the “upper” to Ben’s “downer”. Catch “The Andrew Klavan Show” live Monday-Thursday at…
478 - The Gun Control Movement Ramps Up
Feb 19 • 56 min
Students take to the airwaves to push gun control, Trump gets some good news on the Mueller probe, and sports icons go to war with conservatives. Date: 02-19-2018
477 - Repeal the 2nd Amendment?
Feb 16 • 57 min
The media push hard for gun control, Democrats attack the NRA, and the Republican immigration proposals go down in flames. Date: 02-16-2018
476 - Another Horrific Shooting
Feb 15 • 54 min
Another tragic and heartbreaking mass school shooting takes place in Florida, and Ben breaks down the facts and the agendas. Plus, the latest in Portergate. Date: 02-15-2018
475 - Are We About To See War In The Middle East?
Feb 14 • 52 min
Israel and Syria and the US and Russia are all at war, the White House copes with John Kelly’s nightmare, and Democrats seek an angle to attack Trump. Date: 02-14-2018
474 - Making Wakanda Great Again
Feb 13 • 55 min
The Senate Judiciary Committee uncovers a very weird letter from Obama national security advisor Susan Rice, the Rob Porter fallout continues, and the media go wild for Wakanda. Date: 02-12-2018
473 - The Media Love Them Some North Korea
Feb 12 • 54 min
The media fawn over an evil dictatorship, President Trump gets into hotter water over Rob Porter, and Israel prepares for war with Iran. Date: 02-12-2018
472 - Corruption, Chaos, And Cretinism
Feb 9 • 57 min
There’s more memo fighting on the way, Rand Paul blocks the budget, and the White House’s staffing failures continue – plus, we check the mailbag! Date: 02-09-2018
471 - A Black Eye For The Trump Administration
Feb 8 • 55 min
A top advisor resigns after allegations of wife-beating, Republicans get ready to spend an enormous sum of cash, and beautiful women pose naked to fight sexism. Date: 02-08-2018
470 - Who’s Endangering The Republic?
Feb 7 • 54 min
Trump wants a military parade, Democrats and Republicans negotiate to avoid a government shutdown, and the Clintons are still infecting our politics. Date: 02-07-2018
469 - The Bear Market Arrives
Feb 6 • 50 min
The stock market drops precipitously, Justin Trudeau proves he is a full-fledged idiot, and we question whether Quentin Tarantino’s films prove he is a misogynist jerk Date: 02-06-2018
468 - Does The Super Bowl Matter?
Feb 5 • 55 min
Ben goes to the Super Bowl, late night television goes radical, and we break down all the memo chaos! Date: 02-05-2018
467 - It’s Memo Day
Feb 2 • 55 min
Will today be the epic clash of memos? Who will emerge victorious? Plus, we check the mailbag. 
Date: 02-02-2018
466 - Memo Fight 2018!
Feb 1 • 53 min
It’s the Republicans vs. the FBI, Trump aide Hope Hicks may be in hot water, and we examine why conservatives should read books. Date: 02-01-2018
465 - Trump Drives Democrats Up A Wall
Jan 31 • 48 min
Trump gives a popular State of the Union address, a Kennedy responds, and Bernie makes a comeback. Date: 01-31-2018
Daily Wire’s coverage of the 2018 State of the Union
Jan 31 • 157 min
It’s the State Of The Union like you’ve never heard it before. Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and god-king of the Daily Wire himself Jeremy Boreing unite to bring you minute-by-minute commentary and mockery of our political elite. Date:…
464 - McCabe And Mrs. Clinton
Jan 30 • 53 min
The deputy FBI director resigns – or was he fired? Republicans vote to Release The Memo, and Democrats lose it. And it’s State Of The Union time! Date: 01-30-2018
463 - Snorting Politics By The Grammy
Jan 29 • 50 min
Hollywood gets political again, Trump takes on Jay-Z, and we break down the latest Democratic insanity over immigration. Date: 01-29-2018
462 - Mulling Over Mueller
Jan 26 • 52 min
Did President Trump try to fire Robert Mueller? If so, does it matter? Plus, Trump rolls out his new immigration framework, and CNN says you should let your spouse have sex with other people. Date: 01-26-2018
461 - Is Trump About To Collapse On Immigration?
Jan 25 • 44 min
Trump says he’s ready for citizenship for DREAMers, the Mueller investigation heats up, and should bosses ever date their secretaries? Date: 01-25-2018
460 - The Imploding Russia Probe
Jan 24 • 52 min
Republicans and Democrats battle it out over the future of the Mueller probe, Chuck Schumer searched for a strategy on illegal immigration, and we discuss the power of repentance. Date: 01-24-2018
459 - The Day After
Jan 23 • 49 min
Democrats are on the ropes after a failed government shutdown; Trump takes a look at what comes next on immigration; and more bombshells from FBI investigators in the Mueller investigation. Date: 01-23-2018
458 - Shutdown Showdown
Jan 22 • 56 min
The government shutdown continues, late-breaking news haunts the Mueller investigation, and Hollywood can’t stop itself from boosting Trump. Date: 01-22-2018
457 - The Fusion GPS Scandal
Jan 19 • 47 min
Did Hillary’s oppo research dump launch the FBI investigation into Trump? Meanwhile, Democrats shut down the government. And we check the mailbag! Date: 01-19-2018
456 - The Fake News Awards
Jan 18 • 51 min
Apple announces massive expansion, we bring you the latest on the immigration debate, and Trump announces recipients of his Fake News Awards! Date: 01-18-2018
455 - Weeping Toward Victory
Jan 17 • 49 min
Democrats lose their minds over Trump’s “s***hole” comments, Trump disappoints the media by passing a cognitive test, and the Me Too movement continues to fly off the rails. Date: 01-17-2018
454 - Is #MeToo Falling Apart?
Jan 16 • 50 min
As accusations become more and more vague, is public support collapsing for #MeToo? Plus, have Democrats and Republicans both painted themselves into corners over Trump’s racial comments? Date: 01-16-2018
453 - Is Trump Racist?
Jan 15 • 53 min
The media focus in on Trump’s alleged racism, #MeToo goes off the rails, Trump allegedly paid off a porn star, and Hawaii comes under fake nuclear attack. Date: 01-15-2018
452 - Of Trump, Racism, And S***holes
Jan 12 • 53 min
Trump drops some hot takes on immigration by calling certain countries “s***holes,” the media fall all over themselves, and we check the mailbag! Date: 01-12-2018
451 - The Fight To Control Your News
Jan 11 • 48 min
Are big media companies cracking down on conservative news? Plus, will Trump survive a break with his immigration base? And we take a look at the ugliest presidential library EVER. Date: 01-11-2018
450 - Trump’s Immigration Push
Jan 10 • 49 min
Trump holds a meeting with Democrats on immigration, Bannon is OUT at Breitbart News, and why religious people have to hold themselves to a higher standard. Date: 01-10-2018
449 - Trump’s America
Jan 9 • 50 min
Trump heads to the college football national championship, the media fall all over themselves to call Trump crazy, and did Trump lose on border politics? Date: 01-09-2018
448 - Oprah For President?
Jan 8 • 54 min
Oprah takes the Golden Globes, Steve Bannon’s still on the rocks, and President Trump makes clear that he’s a “stable genius.” Date: 01-08-2018
447 - The Feds Target Weed
Jan 5 • 58 min
Jeff Sessions changes federal pot policy – but is he right or wrong? Plus, more Bannon fallout and the mailbag! Date: 01-05-2018
446 - Trump Destroys Bannon, Salts The Earth
Jan 4 • 59 min
Self-proclaimed Darth Vader gets disemboweled by the president, Bannon’s allies struggle to react, and Oregonions are confused about pumping gas. Date: 01-04-2018
445 - Can Somebody Please Steal Trump’s Phone?
Jan 3 • 56 min
Trump goes wild on Twitter, we discuss the latest revelations on the Trump-Russia dossier, and did New York’s crime rate drop because of stop-and-frisk? Date: 01-03-2018
444 - It’s a Brand New Year!
Jan 2 • 53 min
Protests break out in Iran, the media work to play defense for the Obama administration, and CNN goes to pot. Date: 01-02-2018
443 - Say Goodbye To 2017
Dec 22, 2017 • 50 min
We review the year with some of our favorites and least favorites, Nikki Haley becomes our spirit animal, and we check the year’s final mailbag! Date: 12-22-2017
442 - A Big Leftist Myth Implodes On Taxes
Dec 21, 2017 • 52 min
Businesses begin to invest as their taxes drop, Democrats worry over the death of a fictional character, and President Trump drops an epic bomb on the UN. Date: 12-21-2017
441 - Everyone Just Died…AGAIN
Dec 20, 2017 • 53 min
The same people murdered by net neutrality die again thanks to tax reform, the media lose their minds, and both sides are spouting nonsense on Russia. Date: 12-20-2017
440 - Trump’s Big Tax Day
Dec 19, 2017 • 53 min
Republicans are set to pass the tax cut bill, Trump delivers a new national security strategy, and the backlash to #MeToo begins. Date: 12-19-2017
439 - Is Trump Finally Winning?
Dec 18, 2017 • 60 min
Republicans are on the verge of a breakthrough, Trump finally has a strategy to deal with the Mueller investigation, and Democrats play with fire. Plus, our full and complete breakdown of the new Star Wars! Date: 12-18-2017
438 - Is It The End Of The Internet?
Dec 15, 2017 • 62 min
Net neutrality comes to an end, and armageddon ensues; President Trump moves forward with regulatory cuts; and we check the mailbag! Date: 12-15-2017
437 - Will Sexual Allegations Cross A Line?
Dec 14, 2017 • 48 min
A lawmaker kills himself after molestation allegations, Joe Biden makes a power move, and Democrats get cocky after Alabama. Date: 12-14-2017
436 - The Tide Rolls Over Roy Moore
Dec 13, 2017 • 48 min
Roy Moore goes down to shocking defeat, we discuss winners and losers, and Trump strikes back against the media. Date: 12-13-2017
The Conversation: With Ben Shapiro Ep. 2
Dec 13, 2017 • 61 min
BEN HAS RETURNED to answer more subscriber questions in another live episode of The Conversation! With host Elisha Krauss moderating, Ben answers all Daily Wire subscriber questions LIVE on everything from politics to pop culture. Date: 12-12-2017
435 - Jimmy Kimmel Weaponizes His Baby…Again
Dec 13, 2017 • 56 min
It’s down to the wire in Alabama, the worst feminist article ever, and how to decide when a politician should resign. Plus, a peculiar mistake moviemakers make now. Date: 12-12-2017
434 - The Democrats Move From Moore To Trump
Dec 11, 2017 • 53 min
After dumping Franken, Democrats make clear their ultimate target is Trump; the media bring out their long knives; and we have even more proof that anti-Israel sentiment is about anti-Semitism. Date: 12-11-2017
433 - No Moral High Ground, Just Political High Ground
Dec 8, 2017 • 55 min
Democrats dump Franken and move against Trump, Republicans rally around their worst people, and free speech comes under social assault – plus we check the mailbag! Date: 12-08-2017
432 - Franken’s Frank Is Cooked
Dec 7, 2017 • 51 min
Al Franken bids a less-than-fond farewell to the Senate, the media parrot Palestinian propaganda, and young people don’t know what capitalism does. Date: 12-07-2017
431 - Trump’s Gutsy Jerusalem Call
Dec 6, 2017 • 47 min
Trump calls Jerusalem Israel’s capital, the Roy Moore controversy gets even uglier, and everything you need to know about John Conyers and the Kingdom of Detroit. Date: 12-06-2017
430 - The FBI Screw-Ups: Incompetence Or Malice?
Dec 5, 2017 • 50 min
A fired anti-Trump FBI agent had his hands in every pie, Nancy Pelosi loses what’s left of her mind, and the Republicans re-embrace Roy Moore. Date: 12-05-2017
429 - A Scandal About Lying To The FBI About…A Nothingburger?
Dec 4, 2017 • 49 min
The media think Trump is going down…but is he? Trump takes to Twitter, Republicans pass a tax cut, and we ask whether the Bible mandates high taxes. Date: 12-04-2017
428 - A Grave Injustice In California
Dec 1, 2017 • 61 min
Kate Steinle’s killer is acquitted, Republicans stall on tax reform, and we check the mailbag. Date: 12-01-2017
427 - Trump On The Brink Of A Big Win
Nov 30, 2017 • 51 min
Tax reform is set to pass, more sexual harassment allegations rock the media, and Trump goes to war with…Britain? Date: 11-30-2017
426 - Lauer’s No Longer
Nov 29, 2017 • 47 min
Trump uses the power of trollery for good, North Korea fires a historic missile, and tax reform is on the brink of victory. Date: 11-29-2017
425 - Can You Paint With All The Colors Of The Stupid?
Nov 28, 2017 • 47 min
Trump starts a firestorm by namedropping Elizabeth Warren and Pocahontas, James O’Keefe tries to sting The Washington Post, and Al Franken does a press conference. Date: 11-28-2017