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437 - Will Sexual Allegations Cross A Line?
Dec 14 • 48 min
A lawmaker kills himself after molestation allegations, Joe Biden makes a power move, and Democrats get cocky after Alabama. Date: 12-14-2017
436 - The Tide Rolls Over Roy Moore
Dec 13 • 48 min
Roy Moore goes down to shocking defeat, we discuss winners and losers, and Trump strikes back against the media. Date: 12-13-2017
The Conversation: With Ben Shapiro Ep. 2
Dec 13 • 61 min
BEN HAS RETURNED to answer more subscriber questions in another live episode of The Conversation! With host Elisha Krauss moderating, Ben answers all Daily Wire subscriber questions LIVE on everything from politics to pop culture. Date: 12-12-2017
435 - Jimmy Kimmel Weaponizes His Baby…Again
Dec 12 • 56 min
It’s down to the wire in Alabama, the worst feminist article ever, and how to decide when a politician should resign. Plus, a peculiar mistake moviemakers make now. Date: 12-12-2017
434 - The Democrats Move From Moore To Trump
Dec 11 • 53 min
After dumping Franken, Democrats make clear their ultimate target is Trump; the media bring out their long knives; and we have even more proof that anti-Israel sentiment is about anti-Semitism. Date: 12-11-2017
433 - No Moral High Ground, Just Political High Ground
Dec 8 • 55 min
Democrats dump Franken and move against Trump, Republicans rally around their worst people, and free speech comes under social assault – plus we check the mailbag! Date: 12-08-2017
432 - Franken’s Frank Is Cooked
Dec 7 • 51 min
Al Franken bids a less-than-fond farewell to the Senate, the media parrot Palestinian propaganda, and young people don’t know what capitalism does. Date: 12-07-2017
431 - Trump’s Gutsy Jerusalem Call
Dec 6 • 47 min
Trump calls Jerusalem Israel’s capital, the Roy Moore controversy gets even uglier, and everything you need to know about John Conyers and the Kingdom of Detroit. Date: 12-06-2017
430 - The FBI Screw-Ups: Incompetence Or Malice?
Dec 5 • 50 min
A fired anti-Trump FBI agent had his hands in every pie, Nancy Pelosi loses what’s left of her mind, and the Republicans re-embrace Roy Moore. Date: 12-05-2017
429 - A Scandal About Lying To The FBI About…A Nothingburger?
Dec 4 • 49 min
The media think Trump is going down…but is he? Trump takes to Twitter, Republicans pass a tax cut, and we ask whether the Bible mandates high taxes. Date: 12-04-2017
428 - A Grave Injustice In California
Dec 1 • 61 min
Kate Steinle’s killer is acquitted, Republicans stall on tax reform, and we check the mailbag. Date: 12-01-2017
427 - Trump On The Brink Of A Big Win
Nov 30 • 51 min
Tax reform is set to pass, more sexual harassment allegations rock the media, and Trump goes to war with…Britain? Date: 11-30-2017
426 - Lauer’s No Longer
Nov 29 • 47 min
Trump uses the power of trollery for good, North Korea fires a historic missile, and tax reform is on the brink of victory. Date: 11-29-2017
425 - Can You Paint With All The Colors Of The Stupid?
Nov 28 • 47 min
Trump starts a firestorm by namedropping Elizabeth Warren and Pocahontas, James O’Keefe tries to sting The Washington Post, and Al Franken does a press conference. Date: 11-28-2017
424 - The Democrats Give Up The Moral High Ground
Nov 27 • 48 min
Democrats rush to defend John Conyers, Republicans respond by rallying around Moore, and The New York Times does something right. Date: 11-27-2017
423 - So Many Turkeys, So Little Time
Nov 22 • 47 min
Trump defends Moore, a feminist makes the worst argument of all time, and we check the mailbag before Thanksgiving! Date: 11-22-2017
422 - Your Taxpayer Bucks Pay For Congress’ Sexual Kicks
Nov 21 • 54 min
Charlie Rose gets smacked with sexual harassment allegations; so do John Conyers and Oliver Stone. Meanwhile, LaVar Ball gets star treatment from the media, and the Trump administration makes a move against AT&T. Date: 11-21-2017
421 - WARNING: Category 5 Tweetstorm
Nov 20 • 50 min
Trump goes off on Twitter, ANOTHER Al Franken accuser comes forward, and Charles Manson finally bites the dust. 
Date: 11-20-2017
420 - The Garbage Fires To End All Garbage Fires
Nov 17 • 50 min
Even sexual harassment and assault can be made into totally partisan issues; Trump weighs in on Franken but not Moore; and we check the mailbag! Date: 11-17-2017
419 - Now We Find Out Whether The Democrats Are Full Of Crap
Nov 16 • 50 min
Sexual harrasement allegations against Al Franken, Democrats pretend to hate Bill Clinton after destroying our standards, Republicans struggle with Roy Moore, and another big tax bill looks to be on the brink of defeat. Date: 11-16-2017
418 - How Prevalent Is Sexual Harassment?
Nov 15 • 45 min
From Congress to Huffington Post, sexual harassment is everywhere; the bottom falls out for Roy Moore; and Jeff Sessions heads to the Hill. Date: 11-15-2017
417 - Moore Comes Unmoored
Nov 14 • 52 min
Another sexual assault accuser emerges, Moore responds, and we ask whether politics and style are tied together. Date: 11-14-2017
416 - The Hit On Hannity, And Much Much Moore
Nov 13 • 48 min
Media Matters targets Sean Hannity, we examine the various perspectives on the Roy Moore sex scandal allegations, and President Trump sends the single greatest tweet of his career.
 Date: 11-13-2017
415 - Should Republicans Dump Moore?
Nov 10 • 49 min
Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore is hit with sexual allegations from three decades ago, Louis CK is hit with allegations of his own, and we check the Mailbag!
414 - Are We All Members Of Cults?
Nov 9 • 47 min
On the one-year anniversary of Trump’s election, the Left is crazier than ever; Republicans struggle to pass tax cuts; and why do bad things happen to good people? Date: 11-09-2017
413 - The Democratic Tsunami, Or Just Another Ripple?
Nov 8 • 45 min
Virginia turns deep blue – so is it the beginning of a wave, or just an inevitable aftereffect of 2016? Plus, Trump tears into North Korea. Date: 11-08-2017
412 - A Good Man With A Gun
Nov 7 • 46 min
The Left tried to blame the NRA, but an NRA instructor was the hero of the day; thoughts and prayers do matter; we deconstruct some culture. Date: 11-07-2017
411 - Another Day, Another Mass Shooting
Nov 6 • 53 min
Horror in Texas, mystery in Saudi Arabia, civil war in the Democratic Party. Date: 11-06-2017
410 - It’s Bernie’s Party Now
Nov 3 • 47 min
Democrats are ready to surrender to Bernie, Hillary’s corruption won’t end, and we check the mailbag. Date: 11-03-2017
409 - How Hillary And Obama Wrecked The Democratic Party
Nov 2 • 51 min
Former DNC head Donna Brazile spills the beans, Trump debates immigration, and we have a tax cut bill! Date: 11-02-2017
408 - Islamist Terror Hits New York — Again
Nov 1 • 46 min
An Islamist terrorist rams a truck into innocents in New York, the media react, and more Civil War controversy breaks out. Date: 11-01-2017
407 - Happy Halloween!
Oct 31 • 47 min
Keith Olbermann stops by to launch the latest episode of #TheResistance, we investigate whether Trump should actually fear Mueller, and it’s time to deconstruct the culture. Date: 10-31-2017
406 - It’s Indictment Day!
Oct 30 • 49 min
Special counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to file charges…but against whom? Trump goes to town on Twitter, and the Democrats move into defense mode on Hillary’s oppo research. Date: 10-30-2017
405 - The Media Sexual Harassment Scandal
Oct 27 • 52 min
Why is the media still Mad Men while corporate America has moved on? Plus, the latest on the Clinton/Trump dossier, and we check the mailbag! Date: 10-27-2017
404 - Is Everything Sexual Assault Now?
Oct 26 • 48 min
George H.W. Bush is accused of sexual assault, the Left openly cheers abortion, and the Trump-Russia dossier story explodes on Hillary. Date: 10-26-2017
403 - Clintonian Lies And A Republican Flake Out
Oct 25 • 52 min
A big Hillary Clinton lie blows up the political scene, Senator Jeff Flake burns his bridges on his way out of the Senate, and we talk about Aristotle and God. Date: 10-25-2017
402 - White Girls Must Stop Dressing Like Moana
Oct 24 • 46 min
Cosmo runs an article demonstrating just why the Left got Trump, Hillary says she’s totally innocent, and Bill O’Reilly struggles with sexual harassment allegations blowback. Date: 10-24-2017
401 - Why Our Country Is In Serious Trouble
Oct 23 • 55 min
Is there anything that isn’t partisan? And meanwhile, why are we in Niger? Date: 10-23-2017
400 - General John Kelly To The Rescue
Oct 20 • 60 min
Honor returns to the conversation, Democrat Frederica Wilson attacks a Gold Star father, and George W. Bush gives a terrific speech. Date: 10-20-2017
399 - Are Trump’s Wounds Self-Inflicted, Or Are They The Media’s Fault?
Oct 19 • 53 min
Serious questions about Niger, Trump’s sympathy-for-soldiers narrative keeps on backfiring, and Trump goes after the FBI again. Date: 10-19-2017
398 - Culture Wars Matter, Political Wars Don’t
Oct 18 • 48 min
Trump talks culture at Heritage Foundation, the Left jumps on a Trump phone call to a soldier’s widow, and Trump moves against Obamacare. Date: 10-18-2017
397 - The Best Pro-Abortion Argument EVER, Debunked
Oct 17 • 49 min
What is the establishment and why does everyone hate it? Steve Bannon announces his war, Trump struggles to take sides, and Trump gets in hot water for ripping Obama over tribute to fallen troops. Date: 10-17-2017
396 - The Great Hollywood Collapse
Oct 16 • 51 min
The New York Times runs an op-ed attacking Ben, Hollywood implodes over Harvey Weinstein, and President Trump makes some excellent moves – yes, really! Date: 10-16-2017
395 - The Moral Preening Never Ends
Oct 4 • 50 min
Hillary says you’re complicit in murder if you disagree with her stupid proposals, Democrats move to ban all rifles, and Trump tosses paper towels to Puerto Ricans.
394 - The Jimmy Kimmel Gun Grab
Oct 3 • 49 min
The Left won’t say “confiscation,” but that’s what they’re talking about; we look at some actual information on guns and murder; and we ask if legislation would do anything.
393 - Evil in Vegas
Oct 2 • 52 min
The worst mass shooting in American history takes place in Vegas, controversy breaks out over Puerto Rico, and more NFL fallout.
392 - Trump Wins Big On The NFL
Sep 29 • 58 min
NFL teams begin to cave under pressure, Trump nominates some first-rate judges, and we visit the mailbag!
391 - Hefner Dies, The Left Mourns Its Truest Hero
Sep 28 • 52 min
Republicans move forward on tax cut legislation, Paul Ryan bends the knee to Trump, and Democrats double down on identity politics.
390 - That Giant Republican Sucking Sound
Sep 27 • 43 min
Trump may be winning the culture war, but are the Republicans losing the political battle? Plus, Ben heads for Utah, and we talk a bit of Bible.
389 - Did Trump Just Deflate Football?
Sep 26 • 47 min
The NFL may be on the ropes – and Trump may have put it there; the Left can’t contain its scorn for its political enemies; and we analyze one of the worst films in history.
388 - Trump vs. The NFL
Sep 25 • 45 min
Trump takes on those who kneel during the anthem, NFL players fight back, and we engage in another useless culture war sure to line the pockets of both sides!
387 - Should Jimmy Kimmel Be Appointed King Of Health Care?
Sep 20 • 49 min
Trump gives a solid speech, Democrats lose their minds, and Obamacare repeal hits the critical period.
The Conversation: With Ben Shapiro
Sep 19 • 60 min
All bets are off in this live Q&A with Ben Shapiro! Ask questions on politics, pop culture, favorite color (spoiler: it’s blue), and everything else you always wanted to know! Plus, Ben’s former radio co-host and conspirator Elisha Krauss joins The…
386 - Was Trump Right About Wiretapping?
Sep 19 • 44 min
The FBI was watching Trump’s campaign manager, the next Republican attempt at Obamacare repeal is here, and we survey college students about free speech.
385 - The Culture Wars
Sep 18 • 51 min
The Emmys, boobs on CNN, and President Trump goes golfing for Hillary’s back.
384 - The End Of The Berkeley Blockade
Sep 15 • 50 min
We deconstruct last night’s Berkeley visit, a new terror attack in London, and Chelsea Manning is defellowed.
383 - Did Trump Just Give Away The Border?
Sep 14 • 43 min
Democrats proclaim victory on amnesty, Trump makes new pledges on taxes, and we head to Berkeley!
382 - Hillary’s Big Blame Game
Sep 13 • 49 min
Hillary goes on tour, we give you the Berkeley update, and we explore the iPhone X. Yes, really.
381 - Will Trump’s Turn To The Center Last?
Sep 12 • 51 min
Trump moves to the center, but will it last? Democrats try to find a new strategy, and we examine New York Fashion Week.
380 - The Berkeley Hurricane
Sep 11 • 44 min
Berkeley “braces” for my visit, Hillary sounds off on 2016 (again!) and Steve Bannon hits 60 Minutes.
379 - When Politics Becomes Religion
Sep 8 • 59 min
Democrats attack a judge over her Catholicism, Hillary attacks Bernie, and Republicans cave to Trump while Trump caves to Democrats – plus we check the mailbag!
378 - Trump’s Big Democratic Day
Sep 7 • 49 min
Trump campaigns with a Democrat, signs a debt deal with Democrats, and prepares for an infrastructure deal with Democrats. So why are so many Republicans happy?
377 - Circular Firing Squad
Sep 6 • 45 min
It’s the war of all against all over Obama’s executive amnesty; Linda Sarsour talks about when she wasn’t a person of color; and we talk some Bible.
376 - Trump Dumps Obama’s Executive Amnesty
Sep 5 • 45 min
Trump moves to kill DACA, but is it smart politics? Plus, Trump visits the hurricane disaster zone and media refuse to give him credit, and North Korea tests an H-bomb.
375 - The Democrats’ Last, Best Hope
Sep 1 • 54 min
The Mueller investigation moves forward, new information breaks about former FBI director James Comey, and we check the mailbag.
374 - The Scorn For The Heartland
Aug 31 • 45 min
The worst cartoon in recent history hits Politico, Trump talks taxes, and Democrats start to get a clue.
373 - Does Trump Have An Empathy Problem?
Aug 30 • 45 min
The media pounce on Trump’s supposed lack of empathy, Melania’s shoes are all the rage, and Nancy Pelosi does something right. Yes, really.
372 - Everything Is Political, Including Hurricanes
Aug 29 • 41 min
The Left blames global warming and oil companies for Hurricane Harvey, Trump sounds off, and Katy Perry cuts the worst music video of all time.
371 - Trump’s First Crisis
Aug 28 • 49 min
Hurricane Harvey hits Houston, Antifa aggresses in Berkeley, and MTV’s Video Music Awards targets Trump.
370 - The War On Children
Aug 25 • 55 min
The Left decides that children must be involved in the political process, Democrats question Trump’s mental health, and Trump attacks his fellow Republicans.
369 - How The Left Blows Itself Up, In 4 Easy Steps
Aug 24 • 46 min
The Left thinks Trump is finished, but they’re busily committing political suicide; we critique the media; plus, we take a look at some of the funniest videos in history.
368 - Like A Phoenix From The Ashes
Aug 23 • 46 min
Trump travels to Arizona and delivers a barnburner, the media go nuts, and Antifa takes to the streets.
367 - Commander-In-Chief Trump Tackles Afghanistan
Aug 22 • 48 min
Trump makes a move on Afghanistan, the Republican Party splits over it, and we deconstruct some culture!
366 - Everyone’s A Nazi Now
Aug 21 • 44 min
The Left goes all out on a free speech rally in Boston, Antifa makes its move, and Bannon’s out at the White House.
365 - Real Terror, Fake News
Aug 18 • 49 min
Islamic terror strikes Barcelona, Trump reacts, and the media continue to focus on Confederate monuments. Date: 17-08-18
364 - The Left Defends Evil Of Its Own
Aug 17 • 47 min
The Left comes to full-scale defense of Antifa, we trace the history of violent Communist bands, and Trump tries to regain control of his administration. Date: 17-08-17
363 - Trump’s Messy Presser
Aug 16 • 46 min
Trump rips Antifa, but defends the alt-right; the media reacts; and Iran gets serious. Date: 17-08-16
362 - The Aftermath Of Charlottesville
Aug 15 • 46 min
The Left takes advantage of Charlottesville, Trump condemns racism and then tweets his way into trouble, and the Washington Post issues a Russiagate hit piece that immediately collapses. Date: 17-08-15
361 - Horror in Charlottesville
Aug 14 • 48 min
An alt-right murder in Charlottesville, the Trump White House responds, and Antifa gets ugly again. Date: 17-08-14
360 - Democrats vs. Trump vs. North Korea
Aug 11 • 53 min
Democrats seek to undermine Trump on North Korea, Trump’s staffing woes continue, and we check the mailbag! Date: 17-08-11
359 - Is It The Media’s Job To Scare People?
Aug 10 • 45 min
Brian Williams lets the mask slip on the media’s agenda on North Korea, Trump attacks his Senate Majority Leader, and we chat about the foundations of Western civilization. Date: 17-08-10
358 - The Global Thermonuclear War Episode
Aug 9 • 47 min
Trump threatens North Korea, North Korea threatens Guam, and Ashley Judd gets angry at an airport attendant. Date: 17-08-09
357 - The Corporate Fascists Are Here
Aug 8 • 47 min
Google goes totalitarian, Republicans and Democrats push their own loyalty tests, and transgender camps for small children make the news. Date: 17-08-08
356 - Is Trump On The Brink?
Aug 7 • 46 min
The media latches onto stories of a grand jury impaneling, Democrats struggle to come up with a strategy, and will some Republican primary Trump? Date: 17-08-07
355 - A Very Special Episode With A Very Special Counsel
Aug 4 • 49 min
Mueller makes his move, Trump triumphs in West Virginia, and we check the mailbag! Date: 17-08-04
354 - The Media Exposes Itself
Aug 3 • 42 min
Trump rolls out his new legal immigration policy, the leftist media loses its mind, and we talk about Jerusalem and Athens. Date: 17-08-03
353 - Venezeula Collapses, Left Panics
Aug 2 • 40 min
As Venezuela moves toward civil war, the Left pretends it’s never heard of the place; lies, fibs, and stupidity over Seth Rich; plus the dumbest column on the Irish I’ve ever seen. Date: 17-08-02
352 - The Legend Of The Mooch
Aug 1 • 49 min
Scaramucci is fired, Kelly is ascendant – but will it save the White House? Plus, Dinesh D’Souza stops by, and we recap Politicon’s biggest debate! Date: 17-08-01
351 - Out With the Reince, In With The Kelly
Jul 31 • 50 min
There’s a shakeup at the White House, Ben debates Cenk, and there’s more Trumpcare fallout. Date: 17-07-31
350 - Mr. Shapiro Goes To Washington
Jul 28 • 47 min
Ben testifies on Capitol Hill, the White House turns into a dating show, and we hit the mailbag!
349 - What Do The Democrats Have To Hide?
Jul 27 • 42 min
Debbie Wasserman Schultz is hiding something, and so is Fusion GPS; Trumpcare goes down in flames again; and will Trump’s transgender policy shift actually happen?
348 - Has The Conservative Movement Hit Its Limit?
Jul 26 • 40 min
Trump’s attacks on Sessions continue, but is he risking a backlash? Plus, the Senate moves forward to debate Trumpcare, and John McCain gets a rousing ovation from the press.
347 - Begun The Sessions War Has
Jul 25 • 45 min
Trump talks about dumping Attorney General Jeff Sessions; he also meets kids who are always prepared, but is he prepared for the Trumpcare fight? Plus, Democrats aren’t prepared for 2018.
346 - What True Evil Looks Like
Jul 24 • 48 min
Palestinians celebrate another slaughter of innocents, “The Mooch” arrives at the White House, and single-payer is on the table!
345 - The Juice Is Loose!
Jul 21 • 55 min
OJ’s out of the klink, Michael Fassbender stars in the greatest trailer Ben has ever seen, and we explore the mailbag!
344 - The Campus Left’s Fascism
Jul 20 • 51 min
UC Berkeley tries to ban me, President Trump speaks out about health care, and it’s time to pray for John McCain.
343 - So, Who Owns Obamacare Now?
Jul 19 • 48 min
Trump gambles that he won’t own Obamacare; Democrats attack him as unfeeling; and the right makes some weird new friends.
342 - Trumpcare Goes Down. Who’s To Blame?
Jul 18 • 48 min
Trumpcare goes down in flames, Republicans refuse to repeal Obamacare, and Trump plays with a firetruck. But does it matter?
341 - The Media Say Trump Is The WORST EVER. They’re Wrong.
Jul 17 • 45 min
The media search for a reason to hate Trump, but Trump himself shows why that’s foolish – and the Trump team looks for a defense on Russiagate. Plus, the greatest Game of Thrones tribute ever!
340 - Does Any Of This Stuff Matter?
Jul 14 • 55 min
Trump makes some comments about Donald Jr.’s Russian meeting, Democrats cry treason, and we explore the mailbag!
339 - Collusion Confusion
Jul 13 • 49 min
Trump finally responds to Don Jr.’s predicament, the media demonstrates its incompetence once again, and Democrats desperately seek a strategy.
338 - Carry On, My Wayward Son
Jul 12 • 50 min
Donald Trump Jr. speaks out, but is it credible? Plus the Democrats go ballistic, and Joe Scarborough virtue signals. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * This episode is brought to you by: Helix Sleep! Get $50 off your order…
337 - Trump Jr.’s Big Meeting
Jul 11 • 39 min
Don Jr. gets slammed with a New York Times bombshell, the self-righteous media announce their own glory, and we deconstruct some culture. This episode is brought to you by: Birch Gold! Get your no-cost, no-obligation free information kit by going to…
336 - The Russian Connection
Jul 10 • 44 min
Trump tweets up a storm about Russia, Trump Jr. gets caught in a Russian net, and Linda Sarsour continues to haunt the Democrats. This episode is brought to you by: Blue Apron! Get your first 3 Meals free with free shipping when you go to…
335 - The Soul Of The Left, Revealed
Jul 7 • 54 min
The Left attacks Trump’s Poland speech because it’s too pro-America, defend Linda Sarsour’s call for “jihad” against Trump, and we check the mailbag! This episode is brought to you by: Birch Gold! Contact Birch Gold Group now to request a FREE Information…
334 - At Least I’m Not You
Jul 6 • 45 min
Democrats release their new slogan, Republicans blame Hillary, and Trump visits Poland! This episode is brought to you by: Winc! $20 off plus complimentary shipping when you go to Framebridge! 15% off 1st order plus FREE shipping when…
333 - CNN Lights Itself On Fire For The Fourth Of July
Jul 5 • 40 min
After Trump hands CNN a victory, CNN implodes; Republicans say silly things about the First Amendment; and far leftists celebrate July 4th the best way they know how. This episode is brought to you by: Blinds! Get 20% off EVERYTHING at when you…
332 - Macho Man Donny Savage
Jul 3 • 45 min
Let me tell you, something, brother – Trump whips out the wrestling tweets, the media goes insane, and Chris Christie goes to the beach. This episode is brought to you by: Ring! Save up to $150 off a Ring Security Kit when you go to Five…
331 - Our Politics Needs A Bloody Face-Lift
Jun 30 • 55 min
Are you a genderless, ageless, species-less being? Plus fake news, Mika’s supposed bloody face-lift, and the mailbag! This episode is brought to you by: USCCA! Go to for your free shot at $1,776 worth of guns and ammo. Cannae! Visit…
330 - Government-Run Healthcare Does Kill People
Jun 29 • 44 min
The horrifying story of Charlie Gard, CNN implodes, and we talk about supply and demand in health care. This episode is brought to you by: Lyft! Go to, and you can get a $500 new driver bonus. Birch Gold! Contact Birch Gold Group now to…
329 - Media Wars: The Trump Awakens
Jun 28 • 46 min
The Trump White House hammers CNN, the left-wingers take on sports, and Bernie Sanders says immoral things about health care. This episode is brought to you by: Legacy Box! Go to to get a 40% discount on your order. Indochino! Get any…
328 - CNN Gets Utterly Pantsed
Jun 27 • 51 min
Why Trumpcare is bound to be a problem for Republicans, CNN fires its reporters, and Miley Cyrus tries to put the genie back in the bottle. This episode is brought to you by: Boll & Branch! Go to TODAY and you’ll get $50 off your first…
327 - Trump’s Got The Media In A Tizzy
Jun 26 • 47 min
The media can’t handle Trump, Republicans and Democrats come to a health insurance consensus, and Mark Zuckerberg prepares for a big announcement! The media can’t handle Trump, Republicans and Democrats come to a health insurance consensus, and Mark…
326 - Republicans Prepare To Own Obamacare
Jun 23 • 54 min
Democrats eat their own, we analyze the Senate’s health care bill, and we explore the mailbag!
325 - Democrats Struggle For A Strategy
Jun 22 • 47 min
Democrats are staking their future on Trump’s failure, but what if Trump doesn’t do anything? Plus, we discuss a crucial Supreme Court case that could put Democrats back in the ballgame.
324 - Laughing My Ossoff
Jun 21 • 50 min
Democrat Jon Ossoff spends $30 million to lose by five points, Democrats weep, and we give the latest updates on healthcare.
323 - True Evil Shows Its Face
Jun 20 • 50 min
An American dies after being beaten into a coma by the North Koreans; meanwhile, Democrats acknowledge their true enemy, and we deconstruct some culture.
322 - All The World’s A Stage, And The Play Sucks
Jun 19 • 38 min
Alt-right provocateurs storm the stage at “Julius Caesar,” leftists continue to make a mockery of themselves, and Trump’s lawyer makes the rounds.
321 - Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Jun 16 • 49 min
Democrats and Republicans sing kumbaya — but is it all just a cover for a new round of partisanship? Plus, my dad stops by for the mailbag!
320 - Are The Speech Police Coming?
Jun 15 • 47 min
While everyone talks about newfound civility, is it really just a cover for the next round of recriminations? Where should we draw the lines of appropriateness? Plus, The New York Times runs the worst editorial…EVER.
319 - Attempted Massacre on Congressman In DC - What Do We Know?
Jun 14 • 44 min
Facts emerge about an attempted massacre of Republicans in DC, we recap the Sessions hearing, and President Trump rips…Trumpcare?
318 - The Get-Trump Brigade
Jun 13 • 47 min
Democrats search for a new narrative, Trump trots out his sycophants, and Katy Perry has another awful interview.
317 - Is Trump On The Ropes…Or On Offense?
Jun 12 • 47 min
While Trump nominates judges and the Senate finally gets down to business, the Democrats think they’re on the verge of nailing him. But are they?
316 - The Apocalypse Has Comey
Jun 9 • 48 min
Comey’s testimony sets hair on fire on both sides of the aisle — but did it help or hurt Trump? Plus, the UK decides to stop all this Western civilization nonsense, and we visit the mailbag!
315 - Comey Saves Trump’s Bacon, Democrats Weep
Jun 8 • 43 min
Comey’s testimony exonerates Trump…or does it? Plus Bernie stands up for Iran, and we talk about a Big Idea.
314 - The Left Frets Over Comey, The Right Frets Over Radical Islam
Jun 7 • 43 min
Democrats have all the wrong priorities, chaos breaks out at the White House, and is the NFL racist?
313 - Did Russia Hack The Election After All?
Jun 6 • 49 min
Trump arrests a leaker who had info on the 2016 election, Trump takes on London’s mayor, and Senator Mike Lee stops by!
312 - The Left Is More Anti-Trump Than Anti-Islamist
Jun 5 • 46 min
Another terrorist attacks, more Trump tweets, and more awful responses from the left.
311 - At Least We Won’t Have Paris
Jun 2 • 47 min
Trump pulls out of the Paris Accords and the left freaks out, Trump reneges on Jerusalem, and we explore the mailbag!
310 - Can Everybody Stop Panicking For Five Minutes?
May 30 • 41 min
The left goes into panic mode again over reports about Jared Kushner talking with the Russians, the Europeans prepare to go their own way, and we talk about baseball fights.
309 - Is It Okay To Body-Slam Reporters?
May 25 • 42 min
Controversy — and violence — breaks out in the Montana Congressional race, Democrats trot out their old prescriptions on the budget, and it’s time for the mailbag!
308 - Katy Perry Hates Walls…Except Around Her House
May 24 • 43 min
Leftists struggle to deal with the reality of Islamic terrorism, the Trump budget proposal arrives, and the left’s favorite intelligence official gives them some rotten news.
307 - Terror Rocks Britain — And The Left Exposes Itself
May 23 • 44 min
With President Trump in Israel, the left exposes itself as terrorism rocks Britain; plus, new supposed revelations regarding Trump and Russia have the left feeling confident.
306 - Donald Of Arabia!
May 22 • 43 min
Trump takes Saudi Arabia by storm, fallout continues from Trump’s meeting with the Russians.
305 - The Special Counsel Has Arrived — But It Won’t Satisfy Democrats
May 18 • 43 min
The DOJ names a special counsel to investigate Trump-Russia ties, Mike Flynn is in a whole heap of trouble, and we explore the mailbag!
304 - Democrats Cry Impeachment, But Is It All A Setup?
May 17 • 47 min
Ep. 304 - Democrats Cry Impeachment, But Is It All A Setup? by The Daily Wire
303 - Another Day, Another Russia Scandal
May 16 • 44 min
A blockbuster report says Trump handed classified information to the Russians — but is it true? Plus, we talk about whether the NBA is racist, and we deconstruct some culture.
302 - Did Trump Just Wound Himself, Or Is This All Overblown?
May 15 • 47 min
Trump takes to Twitter to start fires, the media rushes to throw gasoline on them — but do Americans actually care?
301 - Comey’s Gone, And The Russians Are Coming! Or Are They?
May 11 • 46 min
Democrats think Trump’s dead to rites thanks to the Comey firing, but we still don’t know the whole story. Meanwhile, the right blames the media and the Democrats, and we open up the mailbag!
300 - Trump FIRES Comey, All Hell Breaks Loose
May 10 • 46 min
It’s the ultimate episode of “The Apprentice” — but are the conspiracy theorists right, or was Trump right to dump Comey?
299 - This Trump-Russia Garbage Is Getting Old
May 9 • 46 min
Democrats trot out Sally Yates and James Clapper, Trump fires back, and health care continues to plod along.
298 - Is Trump’s Big Win In The House Actually A Win?
May 8 • 46 min
Trump gets Trumpcare through the House, but how will it play in 2018, and does it help? Plus, we talk about the budget deal, and whether spewing racism in public should be policed.
297 - It’s Trumpcare Day!
May 4 • 44 min
Congress votes on Trumpcare, we review Jim Comey’s latest big day before Congress, and Trump meets with the Palestinian terrorist dictator!
296 - Hillary’s Back!
May 3 • 46 min
Hillary is willing to take responsibility, but only if she doesn’t have to take any responsibility; Trump tries to fib his way through policy; and we talk about The Handmaid’s Tale some more.
295 - Can Trump Focus On What Matters?
May 2 • 50 min
We’ve now entered Day 2 of Jackson Civil War, the media’s obsession with Trump ratchets into even higher gear, and we take a look at “The Handmaid’s Tale.”
294 - Journalists Prove They’re Smug Leftist Elites
May 1 • 48 min
Reporters gather to mourn Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner, and Trump trolls them hilariously — but does he have any successful policy to brag about lately?
293 - Fascists Win In Berkeley
Apr 27 • 55 min
The dangers to democracy grow, confusion breaks out among Republicans on policy, and we explore the mailbag!
292 - Should We Train Three-Year-Olds To Be Boys And Girls?
Apr 26 • 50 min
The left pushes gender confusion for children, the Trump administration struggles to fund the wall, and we look at some weird stuff in the Bible.
291 - Is The Trump Wall Dying?
Apr 25 • 49 min
Trump trades his wall to avoid a government shutdown, the media go to war with Fox News, and Bill Nye loses his mind.
290 - Trump’s First 100 Days: How Has He Done?
Apr 24 • 47 min
We look at Trump’s promises, Democrats divide on abortion, and we are joined by a guest who thinks “cultural appropriation” is just terrible.
289 - When The Left Says Science, They Mean ‘Shut Up’
Apr 21 • 48 min
Neil Degrasse Tyson mistakes science for religion, sports commentators are ragingly angry at the New England Patriots, and we examine the mailbag.
288 - O’Reilly’s Out — What Does It Mean For The Right?
Apr 20 • 53 min
Fox dumps its top host, the left thinks it’s finally got a winning strategy, and Berkeley tries to ban Ann Coulter.
287 - Is America On The Verge Of A Mental Breakdown?
Apr 19 • 45 min
Democrats fail in Georgia’s Sixth District, we talk to Lauren Southern about the riots at Berkeley, and we examine events in North Korea, Turkey, and Iran.
286 - Trump The Conqueror
Apr 14 • 50 min
Trump humiliates Obama with muscular use of the military, but is there any worldview behind it? Meanwhile, Trump’s biggest supporters seethe, and we explore the mailbag!
285 - Is Trump Growing Into The Office?
Apr 13 • 48 min
Trump flips on a series of key issues — but are they flips in the right direction? Plus the problem with devout Never Trumpism and we discuss Sean Spicer’s Holocaust gaffe.
284 - So, Is There A Plan?
Apr 10 • 51 min
Team Trump struggles to come up with a plan, the media launches conspiracy theories, and CNN thinks Orthodox Jews are just like the Taliban.
283 - There’s A New Sheriff In Syria
Apr 7 • 45 min
Trump sets a red line — and then does something about it. But was it Constitutional? Plus we check the mailbag.
282 - Trump’s Big Syria Conundrum
Apr 6 • 50 min
After spending years bashing Obama for intervening in Syria, what does Trump do now? Plus, Republicans struggle for a plan, and Democrats won’t stop taunting Trump.
281 - Susan Rice Is Under Serious Fire — And She Should Be
Apr 5 • 41 min
Susan Rice says she’s never done anything wrong, Trump backs down on Assad, and CNN’s Jeff Zucker lets the cat out of the bag.
280 - A Massive Bombshell Helps Trump
Apr 3 • 40 min
A top member of the Obama team was reportedly behind the unmasking of the Trump transition team, Trump struggles to get out of his own way, and Democrats have nothing to show for their Trump-Russia hysteria.
279 - Both Parties Are Preparing To Commit Suicide
Mar 30 • 45 min
Democrats rush headlong into oblivion, Republicans cave to Democrats, and we visit the mailbag!
278 - Leftists Crack Down On Free Speech
Mar 29 • 46 min
California files charges against the Planned Parenthood undercover journalists, media clash with Trump, and we do some Bible talk!
277 - Real Controversies, and Fake Controversies
Mar 28 • 49 min
Ep. 277 - Real Controversies, and Fake Controversies by The Daily Wire
276 - Begun, The War On Conservatives Has
Mar 27 • 51 min
Trump blames conservatives for his health care debacle, Ryan cowers in the corner, and the mainstream media steps all over itself. Again.
275 - Can Everybody Stop Lying For 30 Seconds, Please?
Mar 23 • 48 min
Democrats say Trump is a Russian stooge, Trump claims vindication on wiretapping, and Republicans make a big decision on Trumpcare — plus, the mailbag!
274 - Trump’s Judicial Pick Shines
Mar 22 • 51 min
Gorsuch looks great in front of the judiciary committee, and does disaster loom for Trumpcare?
273 - Is Trump In Trouble?
Mar 21 • 47 min
Comey destroys Trump’s wiretapping narrative and says Trump’s team is under investigation on Russia ties — but does it matter? Plus, Democrats make asses of themselves on the Gorsuch nomination.
272 - Can Trump Actually Fulfill His Promises?
Mar 20 • 43 min
Can any politician actually fulfill promises that should never have been made? Meanwhile, Democrats backtrack on their Russia allegations, and Tomi Lahren gets in hot water on The View.
271 - Courts Go Rogue, Battle Trump on Immigration
Mar 16 • 49 min
The leftist media attempts to rewrite the history of Ferguson, Republicans continue to battle over Trumpcare, and we visit the mailbag!
270 - Epic Media Fail: Trump Tax Return Edition
Mar 15 • 42 min
Rachel Maddow has one of the most embarrassing nights in media history, can we believe anybody anymore, and 4Chan pulls off one of the great trolls in American history.
269 - Myths And Facts About Trumpcare
Mar 14 • 44 min
The Congressional Budget Office scores Trumpcare, the media continue to lose their minds, and we deconstruct some culture!
268 - When The Media Alleges Racism, Do Your Research
Mar 13 • 45 min
Did Steve King promote racism? Or are the media lying? Plus, Trumpcare’s disastrous rollout continues.
267 - Will Trumpcare Live or Die?
Mar 10 • 47 min
Trumpcare runs into obstacles, Democrats struggle to find a story to tell, and we visit the mailbag!
266 - Women March For Something Or Other
Mar 9 • 48 min
Women all over the media say that America is sexist, Trumpcare isn’t going over well, and the Russia-Trump scandal is imploding.
265 - Trump Tweets, The World Goes Insane
Mar 6 • 46 min
Why is everyone going nuts over Trump’s anti-Obama tweets? And did Obama tap Trump?
264 - Did Democrats Get Another Scalp?
Mar 3 • 45 min
Attorney General Sessions recuses himself, Republicans struggle to recapture the narrative, and even the media knows what’s going on here.
263 - Can Oprah Be President?
Mar 2 • 45 min
Oprah considers running for president, Democrats decide to rip down Trump’s tribute to a Gold Star widow, and we check the mailbag!
262 - Trump’s Best Moment EVER
Mar 1 • 45 min
Trump gives the speech of his life, Democrats humiliate themselves — but what does it mean for policy?
261 - Is Destroying Trump A Winning Strategy?
Feb 28 • 49 min
Democrats think their winning strategy is attacking Trump, Trump attacks his own enemies, and Trump presents his budget…plus, we deconstruct some culture!
260 - Oscar Night’s Big Winner: Trump!
Feb 27 • 47 min
The Oscars can’t help themselves, Democrats pick a new leader, and is Trump getting things done, or just posturing?
259 - Do You Get Extra Credit For Experiencing Tragedy?
Feb 23 • 47 min
Protesters storm Republican town hall events, Trump rolls back Obama’s transgender bathroom policy, and Democrats debate who should lead them — plus, the mailbag!
258 - Is The Enemy Of Our Enemy Our Friend?
Feb 22 • 47 min
The right must decide who is a real friend, the left manipulates for a Republican split with Trump, and Trump pursues some well-crafted policy!
257 - Is Trump Actually Making The Left Insane?
Feb 21 • 46 min
Leftists say they’re “traumatized” by the election, the media bias gets even more insane, and we deconstruct some culture.
256 - What Do Conservatives Stand For?
Feb 20 • 42 min
Republicans celebrate smacking leftists in the mouth no matter what it takes, leftists in the media make it about themselves, and what the hell happened in Sweden?
255 - The Best of Trump, The Worst of Trump
Feb 16 • 46 min
Trump renews America’s relationship with Israel, more fallout from the Flynn firing, and we browse the mailbag!
254 - Is The Intelligence Community Its Own Government?
Feb 15 • 43 min
Team Trump plagued by leaks, the media think Flynn’s ouster is the BIGGEST STORY IN HISTORY, and we talk some Bible!
253 - Flynn’s Out — What The Hell Happened?
Feb 14 • 46 min
The National Security Adviser steps down, the media drools, and we talk about Beyonce at the Grammy’s!
252 - ‘Saturday Night Live’ Goes Totally Nuts On Trump
Feb 13 • 45 min
Comedy stops being funny, Trump surrogate Stephen Miller raises eyebrows, and leftists keep making Trump look good.
251 - To Democrats, Everything Is Sexist and Racist
Feb 9 • 37 min
Democrats spot the REAL reason behind shutting up Warren, we’ve now reached Peak Trust Trust, and the mailbag!
250 - Republicans: Let The Crazy Lady Talk!
Feb 8 • 46 min
Republicans gag Native American princess Elizabeth Warren, Cruz roasts Bernie Sanders on a spit, and the Trump-Media War continues.
249 - Is Donald Trump Vladimir Putin? Nope.
Feb 7 • 42 min
The media are convinced Trump is Putin, Trump hammers the media by getting it wrong, and celebrities won’t stop cutting stupid PSAs!
248 - Super Bowl Advertisers Won’t Stop Their Leftism
Feb 6 • 49 min
Leftists won’t leave the Super Bowl alone, President Trump keeps saying crazy things about Russia, and can we stop with the “fake news” insanity?
247 - The Left Gets Violent at Berkeley
Feb 2 • 49 min
The left burns down Berkeley, we welcome special guest California Assemblyman Mike Gatto to discuss the nature of capitalism, and we check the mailbag!
246 - Promise Kept: Trump Picks Gorsuch!
Feb 1 • 47 min
We analyze Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, take a look at the Democrats’ failure to respond, and talk some Bible!
245 - Trump: You’re Fired!
Jan 31 • 50 min
Trump fires the heads of ICE and his acting attorney general, we prepare for a Supreme Court pick, and we deconstruct the culture!
244 - Did Trump Just Ban Muslims? No!
Jan 30 • 47 min
Time to debunk all the myths about Trump’s executive order; Team Trump botches the rollout; plus, was the Holocaust directed at Jews?
243 - Trump Keeps His Biggest Promise
Jan 26 • 49 min
The wall is coming, Trump maddens the media on voter fraud, and we do the mailbag!
242 - Democrats: White People Need To Shut Up!
Jan 25 • 49 min
Democrats look for a leader who knows how to shut white people up, Democrats go nuts over Trump’s voter fraud claims, plus Lena Dunham is still being Lena Dunham.
241 - Trump’s First Monday: Great, Good, Rotten
Jan 24 • 49 min
Trump signs some excellent executive actions but ignores some campaign promises; union bosses rally to Trump; and the press oversteps again.
240 - Trump Becomes President, All Hell Breaks Loose
Jan 23 • 47 min
Trump is sworn in, the left loses its mind…and then Trump goes Full Trump!
239 - Obama’s Final Presser! Get Out, Dude.
Jan 19 • 55 min
Obama drops his last batch of nonsense on friendly reporters, Bernie Sanders says one of the dumbest things in history, and the Inauguration Mailbag!
238 - Obama Goes Full Traitor
Jan 18 • 55 min
Chelsea Manning becomes a free man, Democrats lose their credibility on Russian hacks, and Vladimir Putin does his best Trump impression.
237 - Anti-Trump Racism Breaks Out All Over
Jan 17 • 54 min
Are open-to-Trump blacks “mediocre negroes”? Plus, Obama says the long goodbye, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the dumbest smart person in the world.
236 - Is Trump Illegitimate?
Jan 16 • 66 min
Democrats call Trump illegitimate, Trump calls the EU, SNL and NATO illegitimate, and we talk about “La La Land.”
235 - So, Does Anybody Care About The Truth Anymore?
Jan 12 • 56 min
CNN and Trump go to war, the Democrats trot out their 2020 candidates, and we check the Mailbag!
234 - Media Smack Themselves In The Face With Russian Urine
Jan 11 • 63 min
The media gives Trump the biggest inauguration gift ever, Obama says goodbye, and is healthcare a right?
233 - The Racist Left Goes On Attack
Jan 10 • 56 min
Jeff Sessions is targeted for faux racism, Hillary Clinton gets apass for real racism, and we deconstruct some culture!
232 - Hollywood Hates Trump. And America Hates Hollywood.
Jan 9 • 58 min
Meryl Streep is Hollywood’s greatest hero, Trump fires back, and Obama prepares the longest goodbye.
231 - 2016 Goes Out With A Nuclear Bang
Dec 23, 2016 • 64 min
Democrats prepare for nuclear war, three-year-old boys prepare to become three-year-old girls, and the mailbag!
230 - Trump Derangement Syndrome Reaches Epidemic Levels
Dec 22, 2016 • 62 min
Leftists push hoaxes, abuse Ivanka, and generally lose their minds; Trump pushes executive power; and we talk some Bible.
229 - Lena Dunham’s Merry Abortionmas!
Dec 21, 2016 • 63 min
The leftist radicals are on the move, Trump’s putting the pressure on for some big spending, and Russia’s got the upper hand.
228 - Celebrities Will Save America From Trump!
Dec 15, 2016 • 64 min
The celebrities are back to save America, Trump meets with the tech industry, and the mailbag!
227 - Yes, Leftists Are Completely Bats***
Dec 14, 2016 • 63 min
George Stephanopoulos’ wife reveals something crazy, the Obama administration laments its own policy, and is Kanye too white?
226 - Trump Picks Pro-Putin Secretary of State. Does It Matter?
Dec 13, 2016 • 50 min
Trump picks Tillerson, Republicans get on board, and Democrats continue to be wildly incompetent and awful at everything.
225 - Did Russia ‘Hack’ Our Election?
Dec 12, 2016 • 49 min
Democrats say Putin stole the election from Hillary, Trump says the CIA is awful, and we get a Secretary of State nominee!
224 - Can Democrats Recover From 2016?
Dec 9, 2016 • 65 min
Democrats falling apart, media losing its mind, and the mailbag!
223 - Left Feels Punched In The Stomach, And They Deserve It
Dec 8, 2016 • 62 min
Odd women cut their hair to protest Trump, Trump picks more cabinet members, and The Trumpire Strikes Back against his enemies.
222 - Trump Does Something Brilliant
Dec 6, 2016 • 53 min
Trump makes another smart political move, but is it conservative? Plus, the worst column of all time, and we deconstruct some culture!
221 - When Trump Sins, Will Anyone Mention It?
Dec 5, 2016 • 53 min
The media lose their minds over Trump on Taiwan, Trump pushes FDR’s economic agenda, and Republicans have to determine if they’ll stand up.
220 - Trump Saved Jobs! But How?
Dec 1, 2016 • 59 min
Trump claims victory for saving jobs at Carrier, Trump surrogates decry elitism, and we check out the mailbag!
219 - Trump Eats Dinner With a Side of Romney
Nov 30, 2016 • 55 min
Trump hangs with Mitt, Trump fills his cabinet, and we talk Bible!
218 - Islamist Terrorist Attacks, Left Goes Silent
Nov 29, 2016 • 58 min
Another day, another terrorist attack; Trump tweets about flag-burning; and we deconstruct the culture.
217 - Castro Dies, The Left Weeps
Nov 28, 2016 • 53 min
Why the left weeps for evil dictators, Trump tweets about voter fraud, and the Romney mess.
216 - Democrats Collapsing, Trump Organizing
Nov 23, 2016 • 54 min
The DNC considers a radical for its head, Trump plays Good Trump/Bad Trump with picks, and the Vaunted Mailbag!
215 - Good Trump/Bad Trump: Thanksgiving Edition
Nov 22, 2016 • 55 min
Trump rips the press, gets down to business, and we deconstruct the culture!
214 - ‘Hamilton’ Attacks Trump, Media Go Nuts
Nov 21, 2016 • 46 min
Trump goes at it with the cast of ‘Hamilton’ and ‘SNL,’ we get a glimpse of what Trump’s White House will look like, plus comedians lose their minds over Trump.
213 - Leftists Keep Pushing Americans To Trump
Nov 17, 2016 • 54 min
Things go wild at University of Wisconsin, protesters make America suck again, and the mailbag!
212 - Media Look To Hand Re-Election To Trump
Nov 16, 2016 • 46 min
Update from Depaul, the media lose their minds over steak, and will Republicans hold true to an objective standard of behavior?
211 - Thanks, Obama. But Really.
Nov 15, 2016 • 41 min
Obama says nothing is his fault, DePaul tries to ban Ben, and more Good Trump/Bad Trump!
210 - Trump White House Takes Shape
Nov 14, 2016 • 50 min
It’s Bannon and Reince, leftists continue to lose their mind, and SNL destroys itself
209 - Protesters Go Nuts, Prove President Trump’s Case
Nov 10, 2016 • 50 min
Why Americans hate the left, in full living color; the media lose their minds; and the mailbag!
208 - President-Elect Trump
Nov 9, 2016 • 50 min
Trump proved me wrong about the election; I pray he proves me wrong about him. Plus, the wonderful glory of Hillary’s shattered dreams.
207 - Today Is The Day
Nov 8, 2016 • 50 min
Final arguments for and against Trump, Obama’s parting pitch, and Madonna makes her case.
206 - The Final Prediction: Trump vs. Clinton
Nov 7, 2016 • 57 min
Trump and Clinton down the homestretch, we all drink a mazel tov cocktail, and Beyonce wants to put a ring on it.
205 - The Final Countdown
Nov 4, 2016 • 35 min
Hillary’s campaign is into some weird, weird stuff, Chris Christie’s Bridgegate comes back to bite Trump, and we do a bit of Bible study.
204 - Will Trump Provide Another Cubs-Like Miracle?
Nov 3, 2016 • 46 min
The Cubs win the World Series, Trump gains in the polls, and Hillary enters Panicland.
203 - Never Trumpers, Don’t Make This One Big Mistake
Nov 1, 2016 • 48 min
Some Never Trumpers are making a big mistake, Hillary gets desperate, and we deconstruct the culture!
202 - Hillary Receives A Halloween Surprise
Oct 31, 2016 • 43 min
The ultimate October surprise drops, Democrats panic, and everything is freaking hilarious.
201 - The Polls Tighten…Does Trump Have A Shot?
Oct 28, 2016 • 54 min
More Wikileaks, how the Republicans are already getting the election post-mortem wrong, and we deconstruct the culture!
200 - Another Day, Another Hillary Scandal
Oct 27, 2016 • 52 min
The Clinton Foundation is an enormous scam, Donald Trump talks to the black community, and the mailbag!
199 - Hillary’s Birthday Present: More Corruption!
Oct 26, 2016 • 54 min
Hillary’s emails are full of horror, Trump isn’t running for president, and what comes next.
198 - Laughing Our Way To Doom
Oct 21, 2016 • 34 min
Trump and Clinton both bomb at the Al Smith Dinner, Laura Ingraham goes nuts, and a second mailbag!
197 - Final Debate: The Apocalypse Approacheth
Oct 20, 2016 • 55 min
Trump attacks, Trump blows himself up, Hillary’s awful and corrupt, and the vaunted mailbag!
196 - Yes, It’s Rigged! But Not The Way Trump Thinks.
Oct 19, 2016 • 52 min
Hillary’s DNC exposed, Trump’s final debate, and Ben is the number one recipient of Jew-hate in the United States!
195 - Everybody’s a Hypocrite About Sexual Assault
Oct 13, 2016 • 56 min
Accusers emerge to allege sexual assault against Trump, the media spin for the Clintons, and the mailbag!
194 - The Great Trumpocalypse Is Upon Us
Oct 11, 2016 • 51 min
Hillary lies (as always), Trump goes on offense against the GOP 27 days from an election, plus the weirdest tape you will ever see.
193 - Cage Match: Trump Hammers Hillary
Oct 10, 2016 • 72 min
Trump implodes over the weekend, then goes nuclear on Hillary!
192 - Can Conservatives Unite?
Oct 7, 2016 • 55 min
Debate preview, why you might want to boycott Ben and Jerry’s, and we deconstruct the culture!
191 - Round II: Trump vs. Hillary, The Revenge
Oct 6, 2016 • 57 min
The second presidential debate is almost upon us, Ted Cruz makes the world’s saddest face, and the vaunted mailbag!
190 - VP Debate: Pence Dominates, Kaine Loses It
Oct 5, 2016 • 60 min
Pence runs circles around Kaine, Trump ceases to exist for an evening, and Hillary invites an old friend to campaign with her!