Hangouts with James Fee

Hangouts with James Fee
The audio track for Spatially Adjusted
5: Todd Barr and “Big Farma”
Jun 8
Links:Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL – Amazon Web Services (AWS)Data Visualization & Analytics Software - TIBCO SpotfireShapely: Manipulation and analysis of geometric objectsUS Sugar Corporation - WikipediaSouth Central Florida Express, Inc. - WikipediaUS…
4: Steve Pousty and “Hey Dingus”
Apr 15
Steve and I talk about: JS.geo and FOSS4G Big data in the cloud and how Brian Timoney might be wrong esports are a sport OpenShift and rolling your own Hey Dingus and how James is trying to bring Wolfram Alpha like tools to GIS Serverless is more than…
3: Brian Timoney and “GIS is dead, long live data analytics”
Apr 12
Note: Yes there was a microphone failure on my end. I was able to salvage my end of the discussion with a secondary source. Always plan, that's all I can say. Are interactive maps worth the effort? Js.Geo — Javascript used to be the hack language for…
2: 02: Bill Dollins and “Career Changes”
Apr 3
Bill Dollins of Spatial Networks joins me to talk about GIS conferences, GIS consulting, programming and databases. Also we both talk about changing companies.Special Guest: Bill Dollins.Links:TUgis – Maryland's Geospatial Conference — TUgis is Maryland’s…
1: 01: Ian White and “Where are they now?”
Mar 23
Ian White joins me for episode 1 to talk about Mapbox, Uber, Esri, SimpleGeo and a segment called "Where are they now?" where we try and figure out where past leaders have landed in 2017.Special Guest: Ian White.Links:Mapbox — The location platform for…