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#0035 Absolute Packer Podcast
Jul 14, 2017
Episode 0 of The Absolute Packer Podcast featuring Andy Hetzel
#0034 Donxay Rasavong
Mar 19, 2017
Airpods, iPhone tenth anniversary, Asian conservatives vs democrats, different individuals, most friends are liberals, parents came to America, work hard, struggled: education. White privilege, flagged, computer science, more people in government should…
#0033 Tommy TRC
Mar 19, 2017
vinyl, airlines, present and future of news, Twitter, tommylog, Verizon, Atlanta, Daddyblogger, ”2-3 posts is all it takes”. What’s your hustle? Time and dosage, be true to who you are, ”they found me”, kim kardashian. Education, Emma, classroom dojo,…
#S017 - Mic Test with Tricia Nell
Dec 1, 2016
Tricia and Elliot talk about legal immunity, traffic stops, and Tricia’s new microphone!
#S016 Tricia Nell on the Pending Brendan Dassey Release
Nov 15, 2016
Attorney Tricia Nell breaks down the pending release of Brendan Dassey from prison. He was convicted in the murder case made famous in Netflix: Making a Murderer.
#0032 Anthony Alvarado
Nov 9, 2016
Founder of Rise Together Anthony Alvarado talks with Elliot and Don Nelson about his story and what led him to the founding of his organization dedicated to bringing a a FACE and a VOICE to recovery.
#0031 Troy Frisque
Sep 20, 2016
Troy Frisque unveils the classic video game event in Green Bay: King of 94 Wisconsin!
#0030 Tricia Nell
Aug 13, 2016
Attorney Tricia Nell breaks down the recent August 12, 2016 Conviction Overturn of Brendan Dassey - who was highlighted in the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer. Tricia breaks down how rare such reversals are, how it relates to Black Lives Matter -…
#0029 Michael Taylor
Aug 9, 2016
Entrepreneur Michael Taylor schools me on what it means to be a modern businessman. He juggles college study with building a modern, relavent business in Wisconsin called 3-MOD.
#0028 Brian Simons
Jun 30, 2016
Brian Simons is the Executive Director of the Brown County Library. A classmate of Elliot’s who went from a history degree to IT recruiting to managing one of our greatest public resources, Brian discusses the aging library system properties, some of the…
#0027 Scott Clark
Jun 6, 2016
Mr. Geebs! The Green Bay Community Ambassador for Yelp! Scott Clark!
#0026 Brent Weycker
May 18, 2016
The Green Bay Legend: Brent Weycker talks about the initial struggles of the Titletown Brewing Company launch. His unparalleled storytelling reveals things you have never heard before including the Steve Jobs connection to Green Bay and his insights for…
#0025 Z-man
Apr 25, 2016
World-traveling musician Zach Cleven joins us in the studio with live tracks and his advice for musicians and entrepreneurs.
#S015 Election Special: Emma Fulwilder
Apr 4, 2016
From he Facebook Page: “I would like to represent the City of Green Bay - 9th District. Please remember to vote in the primary on Feb. 16 and the general election on Apr. 5.”
#S014 Election Special: Evan Hucek
Apr 4, 2016
From his Facebook Page: “I am Evan Hucek, and I am running to represent and serve the residents of District 2. Contact me with questions at or 920.609.8438”
#S013 Election Special: Mark Becker
Apr 1, 2016
Mark Becker is a candidate for Brown County Board 26th District representing Pulaski, Pittsfield, Howard and Suamico.
#0024 Eric Christenson
Mar 14, 2016
We talk in-depth about Apple, the FBI and encryption. Eric also introduces his new group: BAM
#0023 Richard Parins
Feb 28, 2016
In this episode, Richard and I discuss the 32 years of the BCTA, the Packers Tax, the burden of taxes on businesses, and why the BCTA membership list is private
#S012 Election Special: Jim Ridderbush
Feb 12, 2016
Green Bay City Council Candidate Jim Ridderbush
#S011 Election Special: Rhonda Sitnikau
Feb 11, 2016
City Council Candidate Rhonda Sitnikau.
#S010 Election Special: Heba Mohammad
Feb 10, 2016
Green Bay City Council Candidate Heba Mohammad
#S009 Election Special: Amanda Patterson-Luedtke
Feb 9, 2016
Candidate for City Council in Green Bay’s District 9. Owner of Cafe Madrid in Downtown Green Bay Broadway District
#S008 Election Special: Vanya Koepke
Feb 9, 2016
Green Bay City Council Canddiate Vanya Koepke Vote on February 16th, 2016!
#S006 Mufasa and Son
Feb 8, 2016
Max and Sean are in the Lombardi Middle School presentation of “The Lion King (Jr.)”. Tickets and more details are available here: Lombardi Middle School Presents “The Lion King”
#S005 Online Kid Safety Special
Feb 4, 2016
Inspired by the WBAY interview today, Nic and Elliot have a brief discussion about online safety for kids. For parental controls at home, check out the NETGEAR Nighthawk or other higher-end Wi-Fi Routers. iOS Parental Control services like NetSanity can…
#0022 Naresh Rimal
Jan 25, 2016
Naresh Rimal the global environmentlist from Nepal discusses economics, environments, and Packers.
#0021 Alex Galt
Jan 15, 2016
The co-owner of the Green Bay meeting place: Kavarna! Alex Galt is stepping up to represent our community in a more official capacty in announcing his candidacy for the Brown County Board.
#0020 David Snopek
Jan 8, 2016
The Drupal Wizard of Wisconsin joined us in the studio all the way from Milwaukee, WI for a special HALLOWEEN recording of IBE. We talked biz dev and more!
#S004 Presidential Political Pundits Part 2
Jan 6, 2016
Part 2 of our deep dive into the 2016 election. We touch on issues, candidates and more!
#S003 Star Wars Fan Show
Dec 16, 2015
Brandon, Max and Nicholas “Mr. Producer” Wautier join Elliot for a fun-filled discussion of Star Wars - past, present and FUTURE.
#S002 Presidential Political Pundits Part 1
Dec 9, 2015
Part 1 of our deep dive into the 2016 election. We touch on issues, candidates and more!
#0019 Betsy Malueg
Dec 4, 2015
The Total Self-Defense Episode. Green Bay martial arts expert and entrepreneur Betsy Malueg is in the studio. Betsy is a leader of empowering everyone in self-defense and in life improvements. Herb Blue Total Self Defense sponsors several community youth…
#S001 Thanksgiving 2015
Nov 25, 2015
Max has a plan for you to help your families listen to the website. He also wants us to give shout outs to listeners. If you would like to have some fun with us on this, simply post a picture of you helping your family and friends listen to the podcast on…
#0018 Jared Mason, Justin Mason
Nov 17, 2015
The Mason Brothers Episode! Justin and Jared Mason are entrepreneurs and authors. Listen as they reveal their secrets to life, business, book-making - and viral Facebook videos.
#0017 Tommy TRC
Nov 8, 2015
Social Media and Multi-Multi-Multi-Media master Tommy TRC talks with Elliot about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and where everything is all going!
#0016 Erin Davisson
Nov 4, 2015
Great discussion with premiere broadcast journalist Erin Davisson. We talk about how she has had such longevity in our local market, organ transplants - and “Hairgate”.
#0015 Chris Pretti, James Baker
Oct 28, 2015
The long-awaited in-depth interview with documentary filmmakers James Baker and Chris Pretti. Their passionate intensity is bringing an authentic restrospective of the Green Bay punk rock music culture to the big screen. The official Green Blah Website is…
#0014 Dan Terrio
Oct 21, 2015
Before this interview, I did not know Mr. Dan Terrio at all. I really knew very little about him other than the fact that he would be joining the ever-impressive line-up for the annual Red Cross Dancing With Our Stars event. I was blown away. To be…
#0013 Melissa Tanke
Oct 14, 2015
Melissa Tanke talks about her great organization Working As One. They provide education resources to children in Africa.
#0012 Don Nelson
Oct 7, 2015
Great episode featuring web maven Don Nelson of Green Bay. This is really DON’S SHOW! Creative Culture vs Corporate Culture Entrepreneurism Volunteerism Blogging Nerd Tech Talk
#0011 Ask Me Anything
Oct 1, 2015
Our first Ask Me Anything Episode. We did get a few questions, but this was a trial run at this. The next one will be even better!
#0010 Meg Pickett
Sep 23, 2015
Professor Meg Pickett from Lawrence University joins the show to talk about Pluto and roller derby!
#0009 Terry Taylor
Sep 16, 2015
Beer-maker Terry Taylor joins Elliot in the studio for kilts and beers!
#0008 Heather Ludwig, Krystina Engebos
Sep 11, 2015
The Green Bay beer-making duo Heather Ludwig and Krystina Engebos join Elliot in the studio.
#0007 Nicole Zich
Sep 9, 2015
Entrepreneur Nicole Zich joins Elliot in the studio to discuss her business Sassy Girl, downtown, and everything else she is up to!
#0006 Scott Eastman
Sep 2, 2015
Elliot and Scott talk about fatherhood, family, entrepreneurship, and shared history.
#0005 Justin Laser
Aug 24, 2015
Justin Laser joins Elliot in the studio to talk Milwaukee area education, gaming and more!
#0004 Tricia Nell
Aug 20, 2015
Special guest Attorney Tricia Nell talks about her De Pere loving past, a brief Packers story and much, much more!
#0003 Adam Funk
Aug 17, 2015
Great interview with downtown volunteer and certified gemowatchamijigga guy with fancy watches. My friend Adam Funk made me laugh a little too much. I hope you enjoy getting a brief taste of this great Green Bay native and all around amazing man.
#0002 Randy Scannell
Aug 13, 2015
Green Bay Alderman Randy Scannell (rhymes with Chanel) joins Elliot in the studio to talk about local politics, his history as an educator, world travel - and more!
#0001 Rhonda Sitnikau
Aug 11, 2015
Green Bay Political activist Rhonda Sitnikau joins Elliot to talk about Wal-Mart and more!
#0000 Gina Christenson
Aug 11, 2015
Premier Episode! So, we talked a lot about the show - and what may be to come Gina talks about growing up in Manitowoc and moving to Green Bay Discussion about Green Blah - the Green Bay Punk Rock Documentary Should I have stayed waitressing? Insurance…