The Ugly Werewolf

The Ugly Werewolf
Nodnash is the ugliest werewolf around, and he ha…
#20 The Ugly Werewolf: Sandwiches Eclipsing My Ego
Sep 1, 2017 • 60 min
The end of the world? Nah, the sun just turned off for a bit. Come join Nodnash as he rants and raves about all the out of towners clogging up his roads, making too many sandwiches, and getting WAY off topic. Don’t forget a dash of Bizarre News and live…
#19 The Ugly Werewolf Eats Nazis and Drinks Pumpkin Beer
Aug 20, 2017 • 85 min
Nodnash snaps and lets it all out! Listen as he answers questions, gets off topic, and tells you why cannibalism is the answer! Autumn is coming. Are you ready?
#18 The Ugly Werewolf is a Fair Bachelor
Aug 20, 2017 • 57 min
Nodnash gets a little too personal as he describes his brother’s bachelor’s party. After that, things go for a wild ride as Nodnash attends the county fair! Wowzers.
#17 The Ugly Werewolf is LIVE
Aug 20, 2017 • 50 min
Nodnash is back for season 3 of The Ugly Werewolf! Fresh on youtube, listen to your internet werewolf boyfriend answer questions live! Get ready, cause shit is happening!
#16 The Ugly Werewolf Killed HowlCon?!
Feb 12, 2017 • 32 min
Nodnash returns from a pizza and beer fueled werewolf meet up that filled the empty void left by HowlCon, may it rest in pizza. Also, no pants.
#15 The Ugly Werewolf: The Blair Witch King
Oct 29, 2016 • 130 min
A little late as usual, a little creepy as usual…Join Nodnash and special guest, The King, as they tear into Blair Witch, revealing all the gooey treats inside! Even more Bizarre News, off topic ramblings, and something not quite right. I could of sworn i…
#13 The Ugly Werewolf: Killer Clowns Versus Road Trips
Sep 17, 2016 • 44 min
Have a shorty for you guys this week! Still playing with the formatting, but I’m getting ideas. Remember when I went on a spooky road trip? Remember when I used to do the Bizarre News? Remember what the next Werewolves Versus is? Don’t worry, I got your…
#12 The Ugly Werewolf: Interview with the News
Sep 2, 2016 • 74 min
The Ugly Werewolf is BACK! Join Nodnash as he interviews A. Quinton, in charge of! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll wonder what took me so long. No worries. Season 2 is here.
#11 The Ugly Werewolf: The End!?
Jun 14, 2016 • 49 min
A year ago this month, The Ugly Werewolf hit the net and I, Nodnash, blessed your ears. What a crazy journey we’ve been on! Get ready for some Bizarre News, Werewolf Updates, and some heart-warming words. Never fret, you fake werewolf internet bro will…
#10 The Ugly Werewolf: Ugly Toons
May 19, 2016 • 73 min
Whoops, my bad! I was lazy and didn’t edit this episode for a couple months. But now I did! Cut over 40 minutes from this, so maybe catch that later? More werewolf news, bizarre news, and Nodnash and the Joebots perform their music!
#9 The Ugly Werewolf: Sexy Sexy Stories
Mar 5, 2016 • 75 min
What is up my creepy cuties?! Nodnash comes at you with a wonderful Valentine’s episode two weeks too late! Joebot the Robot makes an appearance and we partake of some whiskey, just to tell you some sexy stories! Ukuleles, video games, and movie watching…
#8 The Ugly Werewolf: Precious Memories
Jan 24, 2016 • 72 min
I may have lost some episodes, but I haven’t lost my will! Nodnash returns after a 2 months of lazy audio losing! Joining him with revengeance are the first two ever guests, Cosmo Logic of the BFFs and Joe! Gather around little kiddies, for uncle Nodnash…
#6 The Ugly Werewolf goes to RF 2015
Jan 8, 2016 • 115 min
Nodnash the Ugly Werewolf talks about RF 2015 and the chaos he caused! Special guest stories, Superman stupidity, and getting too high are on the table! Until the table gets slashed in half by…TCHNICAL DIFFICULTIES?! All this and more in the longest…
#5 The Ugly Werewolf: Alien Dick Conspiracy
Sep 10, 2015 • 42 min
After battling an awful Magic the Gathering card infestation, I come to you ugly ones with more ghoulish updates, unnerving news, and tales from years past. I can’t think of anything to end on.
#4 The Ugly Werewolf: Late to Pooping
Aug 22, 2015 • 32 min
I come back more disorganized than ever! No worries, I have a shiny new intro track. More news to keep you creepy, more fanmail, and some beer! I even sit you down for a little story time.
#3 The Ugly Werewolf: Jesus versus Jesus
Aug 3, 2015 • 51 min
This week we tackle the issue of religion, and handle it about as well as a rabid gorilla wearing boxing gloves. Joe is the guest, and he makes sure you won’t forget, literally by making out with the mic. This is wrong. Everything is wrong. Jesus x Judas…
The Ugly Werewolf
Jul 28, 2015 • 55 min
With all of the pretty people hoggin’ the spot light, I think I should get a little ugly. Why stay on topic or plan things out? Ride that train wreck! Things get kicked off with a BFFs reunion, vomit, and the longest joke you’ll never laugh at.
#2 The Ugly Werewolf: Stay Ugly
Jul 27, 2015 • 37 min
This week we explore my own melancholy and self-abuse. I drink too much too fast, promote my commonwealth, and jump-skip over an hour of of babbling curses. Will I find enlightenment in the pits of disparity? Just what kind of porn was I looking at!?