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It’s Just Business: I guarantee it
Jul 26 • 48 min
Should the NFL guarantee contracts? Is ESPN doomed? Does OJ Have a future in the public eye?
We’re Legit Now! Lets go to Camp!
Jul 23 • 69 min
That’s right, THS is finally getting media access to training camp! This week we break down the special teams unit.
Snicks Finale
Jul 20 • 71 min
Nick runs Point today as the crew reacts to no deal with Cousins, why Mike Vick point was lost, and Calvin Johnson quitting on Detroit Report this message Delete this message
Who Can I Throw Under The Bus?
Jul 18 • 74 min
We talk to Joel Corry of CBS Sports about the failed efforts to reach a long term Kirk Cousins deal. Then we break down the teams running back depth chart.
It’s a Snick Special
Jul 14 • 81 min
NFC East Quarterbacks, Has Andrew Luck peaked?, and Kirk Cousins deadline around the corner and no word on a new deal. Listen Up!
Its Just Business 7: Low point of the year
Jul 12 • 47 min
In this episode we punch at boxing’s business model to see if the sports move to basic cable gives them a path back to relevance, discuss deferred contracts through the story of Baseball’s Bobby Bonilla and laugh at Dak Prescott’s first bad press. And of…
Gosselin, D-Line & JC17
Jul 9 • 84 min
We interview Rick Gosling, a Cowboys reporter and hall of fame voter. We talk about the Redskins D-Line and get nostalgic about Jason Campbell.
Hungry like a Wolff IV
Jul 2 • 79 min
Have fans turned on Cousins? Are the redskins finally settled at the Safety position? What lessons can the public learn from Clinton Portis’ story?
SCOTUS 8-0 Shutout
Jun 28 • 49 min
Rich is out, so Alex subs in with Chris and Steve, as we talk a whole lot of NBA. Do people care about advertising on basketball uniforms, and will this become a trend in other sports? The Ball turned to the L.A. Lakers. Finally, the SCOTUS had a big…
10 WR’s
Jun 25 • 74 min
What does the Carr contract mean for Kirk Cousins? We discuss. And boy do we have a lot of WR’s on this team.
So, blame it on Lebron
Jun 21 • 70 min
Jamual, Ryan, and Montel talk Lebron’s legacy as it stands, his fifth finals loss, putting respect on KD’s name, Mike Vick honored in ATL, Flashbacks of 2012 RG, Dak and Zeke
From MVP to VP
Jun 18 • 66 min
Doug Williams finally gets promoted to Senior Vice President of Player Personnel, but how do fans feel about that? Do the Redskins finally have a solution at inside linebacker?
The Who’s Who of Who’s That
Jun 18 • 55 min
Rich, Steve and Chris take a machine gun approach through a variety of topics that have them tackling issues of race, class, and international relations. Without rancor, yelling but with no lack of divergent opinions they touch on Hank Williams Jr, FIFA,…
OTA, OLB, OMG can we just start the season!
Jun 18 • 72 min
The skins signed a back of the roster CB, OTA’s wind down, and we talk a lot about the outside linebackers, maybe the deepest part of the roster.
Specials Everywhere
Jun 18 • 51 min
Jamual and Ryan rap with Nick about NBA Finals, Jeremy Maclin fits, Pete Carroll’s excuse to sign Austin Davis, and vague vacation memories.
Can we talk about OTA’s more?
Jun 18 • 80 min
We break down the QB position, and talk about the Skins plan at backup long term. Has Matt Jones quit on the team, or did the team quit on him?
It’s Just Business ep 4
Jun 18 • 54 min
Episode 4 of It’s Just Business - the guys discuss corruption in the Olympics, the Odell Beckham Jr. shoe deal, and more.
Same Line, Same Lauvao
Jun 18 • 62 min
Sean and Steve (i.e. The Hog Sty’s Memorial Day skeleton-crew) talk OTAs, reports of front-office reorganization, Josh Norman, and much more. Even a little Game of Thrones.
Bet Money Then
Jun 18 • 60 min
Jamual, Montel, and Ryan are joined by Nick and Thomas to talk Lavar Big Baller, Vegas Odds, A Sherman Trade? and Top 100.
Need a nickel
Jun 18 • 62 min
We breakdown the redskins cornerback depth chart. Talk a little bit about Nico Marley. Kirk Cousins seems happy about progress with his contract.
It’s Just Business Episode 3:Are LaVar Ball and Meghan Trainer the Future
Jun 18 • 52 min
Rich, Chris and Steve continue to check in on the As the Ball Family Turns and their quest to build an indie-sneaker empire, Discuss winners and losers from the latest NFL licensing deals (Hint: Twitter isn’t winning) and kick-off an ongoing discussion of…
Rookie Camp Weekend
Jun 18 • 76 min
We announce our Washington Valor ticket giveaway. We give you our offensive tackles breakdown. Also, do people care all that much about rookie camp?
It’s Just A Game
Jun 18 • 72 min
Jamual, Montel, and Ryan are joined by a couple friends to talk NFC East & AFC South grades this off-season.. and the game most hate playing, the season predictions.
Beginning with Tight Ends
Jun 18 • 62 min
We are joined by one of our favorite guests Mark Bullock to talk about the draft. We start our position group breakdowns talking about Tight Ends.
It’s Just Business ep 2
Jun 18 • 53 min
We get into the business side of the NFL draft, has coverage jumped the shark when a monkey is making picks? Cover the layoffs at ESPN and much more.
Fixing the Front Seven
Jun 18 • 65 min
The Redskins get some defensive support in the draft and we play some audio we got from the recent press conference with new defensive tackle Jonathan Allen and linebacker Ryan Anderson.
All 32, Let’s Talk QBs
Jun 18 • 55 min
Jamual, Montel, and Ryan take 3 QBs to build a team with, explain why Twitter got it wrong on Prescott over Wentz, but also explain why Twitter got it right on Big Game QB prospects coming out of the draft.. Listen Up!
No WR’s in the First Round Please!
Jun 18 • 71 min
We look at some OL, WR and TE options. And make our predictions as to who the skins will draft on Thursday. Come and watch the first round of the draft with us at Penn Quarter Sports Tavern by the Navy Memorial.
It’s Just Business, Episode 1
Jun 18 • 49 min
It’s the first episode of Steve, Chris and Rick’s show It’s Just Business, where they discuss some of the off the field topics surrounding the pro-sports.
I Love To Mock Draft
Jun 18 • 75 min
Steve Shoup @Steveospeak the creator of joins us to talk about the upcoming draft & what is possibly the best website ever created for football fans. Then we break down the options for the skins at Running back and Quarterback.
All 32, We’re Back At It!
Jun 18 • 58 min
Jamual Forrest is back, with our all new All 32, with his friends Montel and Ryan, their topic; Is there really a argument for a
Worlds Greatest Mustache
Jun 18 • 75 min
Valor Game 1 was a show, and if you missed it, you missed out. The Redskins improved their linebacking core with a big signing. Signing a MLB from Buffalo, where have we seen that before?