Resonance: An Anarchist Audio Distro

Resonance: An Anarchist Audio Distro
An Anarchist Audio Distro

The Unquiet Dead Ch 7 – AudioZine
May 14
The Unquiet Dead Anarchism, Fascism, and Mythology Chapter 7. Elitism, Populism, and Democracy – By Anonymous – MP3– Read– Print – Archive– Torrent– YouTube Chapter 7 discusses Nietzsche, anti-Semitism and elitism as well as The Peróns fascism and…
Destituent Power and Revolution – Presentation
Mar 5
Destituent Power and Revolution: How do we de-activate the State without founding a new one? – MP3 – Torrent– Archive– YouTube Historically, the revolutionary process in the West has centered on violently destroying a certain order and then re-founding a…
Now – AudioZine
Jan 23
Now by The Invisible Committee – MP3 – Read– Print – Torrent – Archive – YouTube Now (2017) is the phantom chapter to the Invisible Committee’s previous book, To Our Friends: a new critique from the anonymous collective that establishes their opposition…
The Communard – Audio Zine
Aug 21, 2019
The Olympia Communard: Dispatches from the Olympia Rail Blockade – By Various Authors – MP3 – PDF – Torrent – Archive – YouTube For seven days during the winter of 2016, radicals, revolutionaries and ne’er-do-wells – inspired by the then unfolding revolt…
This Is What Democracy Looks Like – AudioZine
Mar 15, 2019
This Is What Democracy Looks Like: An Anarchist Critique Of Democracy – MP3 – Read – Print – Torrent – Archive – YouTube In the words of the introduction to this pamphlet, “One would think that a political doctrine and system that was propagated by the…
Malediction – AudioZine
Mar 4, 2019
Malediction – by Margaret Killjoy – MP3 – Torrent – Archive – YouTube Originally published in Shock Totem #10 in March of 2016; this morbid story includes a gay squatter, suicide, cop hating and paranoia. For more by Margaret Killjoy go to…
The Unquiet Dead Ch 6
Feb 23, 2019
The Unquiet Dead: Anarchism, Fascism, and Mythology – Chapter 6 Mythologies – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube Chapter 6 discusses Barthes’ critique of Leftist mythologies; Marx’s critique of mythology and a critique of Marx’s mythology;…
Skin In The Game – AudioZine
Jan 29, 2019
Skin In The Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism by Eric Ward – MP3 – Read – Print – Torrent – Archive – YouTube “To recognize that antisemitism is not a sideshow to racism within White nationalist thought is important for at least two…
Les Guérillères – AudioZine
Dec 13, 2018
Les Guérillères – by Monique Wittig – MP3 – PDF – Torrent – Archive – YouTube Monique Wittig published Les Guerilleres in 1969, at a time when the whole world seemed on the brink of revolutionary change. It is the story of a successful feminist war…
The Delirious Momentum of the Revolt – AudioZine
Dec 6, 2018
The Delirious Momentum of the Revolt: The Complete Works of A.G. Schwarz – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube Today it has been 10 years since Alexandros Grigoropoulos was killed and since Greece rose up in the 2008 insurrection. We offer…
The Question of Organization – AudioZine
Nov 28, 2018
The Question of Organization – From Insurrection #4 – MP3 – Imposed – Archive – Torrent – YouTube Originally published in the magazine Insurrection, a project which included Jean Weir, this zine offers an analysis of several facets of an insurrectionist…
The Unquiet Dead Ch 5 – AudioZine
Oct 18, 2018
The Unquiet Dead Anarchism, Fascism, and Mythology – Chapter 5 The Masked Goddess: Self-Invention and Becoming – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube Chapter five of this multipart series discusses strategies for self-invention and becoming in…
Another Word for White Ally is Coward – AudioZine
Jul 17, 2018
Another Word for White Ally is Coward – From Anti-State STL – MP3 – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube “The concept of the White Ally is bankrupt. One cannot be an ally to a category of people. To speak the words “I am a White Ally to people of color” is…
N30: The Seattle WTO Protests – AudioZine
Jun 17, 2018
N30: The Seattle WTO Protests – a memoir and analysis, with an eye to the future – From CrimethInc. – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube With the sub-title “The Seattle WTO Protests: A memoir and analysis, with an eye to the future,” N30 is…
Invisible People – AudioZine
May 16, 2018
Invisible People – by Margaret Killjoy – MP3 – Purchase Book– Torrent – Archive – YouTube A squatter comes face to face with crippling anxiety in order to eke out a meager living by hacking rich people. This story was first published in the…
Worker-Student Action Committees – AudioZine
Apr 26, 2018
Worker-Student Action Committees: France May ’68 – by Fredy Perlman and Roger Gregoire – MP3 – PDF (print) – PDF (Illustrated) – EPUB – MOBI – Archive – Torrent – YouTube On the occasion of May Day 2018 and the 50th anniversary of the worldwide social…
The Unquiet Dead Ch4 – AudioZine
Apr 18, 2018
The Unquiet Dead: Anarchism, Fascism, and Mythology. Chapter 4. The White Goddess: Essentialism and the Land – by anonymous – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube Chapter four of this multipart series discusses appropriation and essentialism…
The Witch’s Child – AudioZine
Apr 14, 2018
The Witch’s Child – By Anonymous – MP3 – Read – Updated PDF – Archive – Torrent – YouTube We recorded and released this piece in 2015 but that version of the text omitted some key parts. So in anticipation of this years May Day we have reformatted the…
We Who Will Destroy the Future – AudioZine
Apr 1, 2018
We Who Will Destroy the Future – by Margaret Killjoy – MP3 – Read – Zine – Torrent – Archive – YouTube The 29th century treats the 21st like a prison colony. One convict, Maya, dreams of a jailbreak… or, failing that, revenge. This new short story, first…
The Undying Appeal of White Nationalism – AudioZine
Mar 23, 2018
The Undying Appeal of White Nationalism – By Candles and Torches – MP3 – Article – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube Originally published in December 2014, this piece investigates the cross- influence between fascism and radical environmentalism.…
An Open Letter to Those Who Condemn Looting – AudioZine
Mar 17, 2018
An Open Letter to Those Who Condemn Looting – By Evan Calder Williams – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube This text was written in August of 2011 shortly after police shot and killed a black man named Mark Duggan in North London. In the…
The Unquiet Dead Chapter 3 – AudioZine
Mar 9, 2018
The Unquiet Dead: Anarchism, Fascism, and Mythology – Chapter 3 the Spanish revolutionists and their betrayal – By Anonymous – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube Chapter three of this multipart series discusses Spain before the war; the rise…
A Surrounding For Us to Live Within – AudioZine
Feb 20, 2018
A Surrounding for Us to Live Within: notes on industrial society and it’s ecology – By a Friend of Ludd – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube A Surrounding for Us to Live Within came out of the Italian anarchist scene in 2003, is signed by “a…
The Illegitimacy of Violence, the Violence of Legitimacy – AudioZine
Jan 20, 2018
The Illegitimacy of Violence, the Violence of Legitimacy – by CrimethInc. – MP3 – Read – Print – Torrent – Archive – YouTube Coming out of the context of the debates within Occupy Wall Street as it spread across the United States, The Illegitimacy of…
The Unquiet Dead Chapter 2 – AudioZine
Jan 11, 2018
1:31:08 – The Unquiet Dead Chapter 2. conflict and complicity: early Italian anarchists and fascists – By Anonymous – MP3 – Read – Print – Torrent – Archive – YouTube Chapter two of this multipart series discusses the rise of fascism in 1910s Italy, the…
Witches, Midwives & Nurses – AudioZine
Dec 18, 2017
Witches, Midwives & Nurses: A History of Women Healers – By Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English – MP3 – Read – PDF – alt PDF – Archive – Torrent – YouTube Women have always been healers, and medicine has always been an arena of struggle between female…
The Unquiet Dead Chapter 1 – AudioZine
Oct 7, 2017
The Unquiet Dead: Anarchism, Fascism, and Mythology – Chapter 1. Fascist Ideology in Germany and Further – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube This is the second installment of a book-length piece, The Unquiet Dead. The full text is available…
Queer Fire – AudioZine
Sep 3, 2017
Queer Fire: The George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism, and Gay Struggle Against Prison – Published by Untorelli Press – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube A collection of histories, speeches, and interviews with members of the George…
The Unquiet Dead .5 introduction – AudioZine
Aug 25, 2017
The Unquiet Dead: Anarchism, Fascism and Mythology: introduction. – Anonymous – MP3 – Read – Print – Torrent – Archive – YouTube This is the first installment of a book-length piece, The Unquiet Dead. The full text is available at;…
Nativism and the Foundations of US Xenophobia
Aug 3, 2017
30:59 – Nativism and the Foundations of US Xenophobia: An Old Doctrine of Hatred and Bigotry Reemerges – by CrimethInc. – MP3 – Read – Archive – Torrent – YouTube CrimethInc. released this essay to counter the jingoism of Independence Day in the US; it…
Undoing Sex – AudioZine
Jul 24, 2017
Undoing Sex: against sexual optimism – by c.e. – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube *This zine contains discussion of sexual assault* “Undoing Sex” is a critique of sex-positivity that both draws upon and completely transcends second-wave…
Lines In Sand – AudioZine
Jun 18, 2017
1:07:16 – Lines In Sand: three essays on identity, oppression, and social war – intro by Peter Gelderloos – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube “…I think we all need to fiercely reject the Ally as a primary identity of struggle. You cannot…
Archipelago – AudioZine
Jun 8, 2017
Archipelago – Affinity, Informal Organization, and Insurrectional Projects – From Salto #2 – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent– YouTube This zine explores the topic of affinity and informal organization. The author(s) argue that informal…
With Allies Like These – AudioZine
May 27, 2017
With Allies Like These: Reflections on Privilege Reductionism – by Common Cause – MP3 – Read – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube “…this article aims to critically engage with the dominant ideas and practices of anti-oppression politics. We define…
Faggots & Their Friends – AudioZine
May 10, 2017
The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions – by Larry Mitchell – MP3 – Read – Torrent – Archive – YouTube In a joyous and perverse intermingling of fable, myth, heterotopian vision, and pocket wisdom, The Faggots and Their Friends tell us stories of…
History of May Day – AudioZine
Apr 24, 2017
38:42 – The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of May Day – by Peter Linebaugh – MP3 – Read – Print – Torrent– Archive – YouTube This essay tells a story of the two sides of May Day: the red and the green. From Maypoles to the Haymarket…
When Insurrections Die – Audio Zine
Apr 9, 2017
1:34:46 – When Insurrections Die – By Gilles Dauvé – MP3 – Text – Print – Archive – Torrent – YouTube Are fascism and democracy two sides of the same statist coin? What can the history of fascism tell us about our current moment? How can opposition to…
Insurrectionary Anarchy Organising for Attack! – AudioZine
Mar 25, 2017
59:59 -Two essays, Insurrectionary Anarchy Organising for Attack! (Text) and Without a Trace(Text), from issue #10 of Do or Die – MP3 – PDF – Archive – Torrent – YouTube “Insurrectionary anarchism is not an ideological solution to social problems, nor a…
Revolutionary Echoes From Syria – AudioZine
Feb 13, 2017
Revolutionary Echoes From Syria: Conversations With Two Anarchists From Aleppo – Published by Hourriya – MP3 – PDF? (Coming Soon) – Archive – Torrent – YouTube The discussion below reflects an overview of the conditions experienced by individuals who are…
This Is Not a Dialogue – AudioZine
Feb 3, 2017
This Is Not a Dialogue: notes on anti-fascism and free speech – by CrimethInc- MP3 – Read – PDF – Archive – Torrent – YouTube “Maybe you missed this, but you’re not in a dialogue. Your views are beside the point. Argue all you want—your adversaries are…
A Wager On The Future – AudioZine
Jan 10, 2017
Anarchist organization, the Islamic State, the crisis, and outer space
The People VS. The United States – AudioZine
Dec 25, 2016
53:19 – People VS. The United States – By The Conspiracy to Incite a Riot – MP3 – PDF – Torrent – Archive – YouTube Right now, the FBI is keeping an eye on what websites you browse, on what your neighbors are saying in chat rooms. Right now, folks are…
Understanding Patriarchy – AudioZine
Dec 16, 2016
30:48 – Understanding Patriarchy – By bell hooks – MP3 – PDF – Torrent – Archive – YouTube In this short essay bell hooks offers a quick introduction to patriarchy and particularly the way it affects men. She draws on examples from her own life and from…
A Crime Called Freedom – AudioZine
Oct 6, 2016
A Crime Called Freedom: Writings of Os Cangaceiros Vol. 1 Os Cangaceiros was a group of delinquents caught up in the spirit of the French insurrection of 1968 who refused to let that spirit die.
Delusions of Progress – AudioZine
Sep 29, 2016
But slavery doesn’t just hover in the background like a spectre from another century; it actively tells us who we are and where our loyalties lie, it distinguishes the dead from the living, it holds the keys to prison cells and patrols our streets.
Bern Notice – AudioZine
Sep 16, 2016
we must make sure that our resistance to the far-right is also linked to our struggle against the state and capital; attacking white supremacy as a neo-colonial system and not simply a fight against white nationalist formations on the fringes.”
Illyria Street Commune – AudioPlay
Sep 11, 2016
It follows the inhabitants of a house over the years as it goes from isolated tenants to anarchist commune then devolves into in fighting and recuperation.
Revolutionary Purity Showdown – AudioPlay
Sep 11, 2016
36:46 – Revolutionary Purity Showdown – By Richard Ades – MP3 – Read – Print – Torrent– Archive – YouTube This play was originally written by Richard Ades and performed in Detroit in 1979, in part, as a response to Illyria Street Commune, a play released…
Robby and Sylvie Interview
Sep 11, 2016
2:27:26 – Robby Barnes and Sylvie Kashdan – MP3 – Torrent – Archive – YouTube We sat down with Robby and Sylvie in their home in Seattle to get some of the context for the two plays we were planning on recording. The interview turned into a nearly 2 and a…
The Party’s Over – AudioZine
Aug 24, 2016
The Party’s Over: Beyond Politics Beyond Democracy
Call to End Slavery – Audio Zine
Aug 12, 2016
This Is A Call To End Slavery In America - by prisoners across the US
Society Against The State – AudioZine
Aug 9, 2016
“…he refutes the usual negative definition of tribal society and poses its order as a radical critique of our own Western state of power.”
Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism – AudioZine
Jul 8, 2016
“The state will not merely wither away, thus anarchists must attack, for waiting is defeat.”
The Criminal Child – AudioZine
Jun 29, 2016
“Just as i am guarded by a prison door, so my heart guards your memory.”
On The Poverty of Student Life – AudioZine
Jun 24, 2016
Attacking the subservience of university students and the strategies of student radicals, it caused significant uproar, led to the dissemination of Situationist ideas, and precipitated the events of May 1968 in France.
Friendship as a Form of Life – AudioZine
Jun 10, 2016
“friends, lets communize an idea: friendship as a form of life. When its use is common we can communicate,conversations occur and perhaps, if this pleases us, we will find each other; we will become powerful. If we succeed, all of this will become…
My Words to Victor Frankenstein – AudioZine
May 25, 2016
My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix: Performing Transgender Rage
Toward the Destruction of Schooling – AudioZine
Mar 14, 2016
This zine is a revolutionary critique of schooling and its role in maintaining relationships of coercion and domination in modern society.
I Saw Fire – AudioZine
Mar 7, 2016
I Saw Fire: Reflections on Riots, Revolt, and the Black Bloc
Joy Unto Death – Audio Zine
Feb 11, 2016
From Friendship as a Form of Life “Life cannot simply be something to cling to. This thought skims through everyone at least once. We have a possibility that makes us freer than the gods: we can quit. This is an idea to be savoured to the end. Nothing and…
Baba Yaga Burns Paris To The Ground – AudioZine
Jan 12, 2016
Furies glide through the rich quarters […] and fling their little vials of petrol, their devil’s matches, their burning rags.
Ten Theses on the Proliferation of Egocrats – AudioZine
Dec 27, 2015
“…he is a personification of the relations of the existing social order.”
Cyborg Manifesto – AudioZine
Dec 26, 2015
“I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess.” - Donna Haraway
Self As Other – AudioZine
Dec 15, 2015
In activist circles and elsewhere, it has become commonplace to speak of self-care, taking for granted that the meaning of this expression is self-evident. But “self” and “care” are not static or monolithic; nor is “health.” How has this discourse been…
The Reproduction of Daily Life – AudioZine
Nov 24, 2015
By Fredy Perlman - What sustains Capitalism? Our acceptance of everyday activities.
Life Without Law – AudioZine
Nov 20, 2015
An Introduction to Anarchist Politics “An anarchist is someone who rejects the domination of one person or class of people over another.”
We Are All Very Anxious – AudioZine
Nov 17, 2015
We Are All Very Anxious: Six Theses on Anxiety and Why It is Effectively Preventing Militancy, and One Possible Strategy for Overcoming It With Afterward by Crimethinc - By Institute for Precarious Consciousness
Armed Joy – AudioZine
Oct 18, 2015
“‘Do it yourself.’ Don’t break up the global aspect of play by reducing it to roles. Defend your right to enjoy life. Obstruct capital’s death project. The latter can only enter the world of creativity and play by transforming who is playing into a…
n’Drea – AudioZine
Oct 5, 2015
Andrea died on the day she had chosen: 15 August 1991.
From Riot to Insurrection – AudioZine
Oct 2, 2015
” What should our task be? To continue arguing with the methods of the past? Or to try moving these spontaneous riot situations in an effective insurrectional direction capable of attacking not just the included, who remain with in their Teutonic castle,…
Incognito – AudioZine
Oct 2, 2015
Ever wondered what it would be like to be underground? Here is a series of real-life tales of what it is like, how people made the decision, what is hardest about it, and, perhaps surprisingly, how it is awesome. A lesser-known title from Elephant…
No We Can’t All Just Get Along – AudioZine
Sep 26, 2015
No We Can’t All Just Get Along: hip hop, gang unity and the LA rebellion. Excerpts focusing on the lead-up and aftermath of the LA riots from Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation
At Daggers Drawn – AudioZine
Sep 18, 2015
“On the other hand there is insurrection, the unknown bursting into the life of all. The possible beginning of an exaggerated practice of freedom”
Introduction to the Apocalypse – AudioZine
Sep 14, 2015
“The apocalypse is not happening in the future, it is happening now. It is not the result of our personal sins and it is not the “collective responsibility of humanity”. Climate change (or God, or whatever) will not bring about the apocalypse. The…
An Anarchist Response to The Nihilists – AudioZine
Sep 11, 2015
“For us, the attacks against the system are essential to our struggle. But we’ve fooled ourselves. A struggle does not consist only in attacks. The attacks are not more important than the need to care for ourselves, to preserve and spread our collective…
“Oh Mama, What is it, The Left Wing of The State?” – AudioZine
Sep 3, 2015
“Oh Mama, What is it, The Left Wing of The State?” A Conversation Between a Mother Cat and Her Kitten Regarding The Nature of Leftism and The State” - by Monsieur Duponte
We Demand Nothing – AudioZine
Sep 2, 2015
“The refusal to demand allows for the abstraction of capital to reveal itself, no longer covered up in the mysticism of word-games, i.e., we are fighting for right x because of need y based on condition z. That structure will never challenge the basis of…
Adiós Prison: Tales of Spectacular Escapes – AudioZine
Sep 2, 2015
“This book talks about freedom, the urgent need for freedom and the impossibility of living without it. It says that freedom must be taken back at all costs and that is exactly what the protagonists of Adios Prison, Spanish prisoners under the infamous…
Passion for Freedom – AudioZine
Aug 27, 2015
“We must never forget that — beyond the anecdotes and reminiscences, prison consists of so many reinforced boxes that millions of people all over the world are locked up in day and night. The latter are hostages of the State and live at the mercy of a…
Communiqué from an Absent Future – AudioZine
Aug 21, 2015
26:36 – Communiqué from an Absent Future – From Research and Destroy – MP3 – Read – PDF – Torrent – Archive – YouTube “The truth of life after the university is mean and petty competition for resources with our friends and strangers: the hustle for a…
The Prison Letters of Luciano “Tortuga” – AudioZine
Aug 20, 2015
“and in the greatest darkness there appeared small gestures that pushed me to not give up. How could I betray those who risk their lives to give me encouragement? And I learned to conquer life anew; I know that you will never know how important you have…
A Day Mournful and Overcast – AudioZine
Aug 19, 2015
Written by a member of the Iron Column, an Anarchist militia unit made up entirely of liberated ex-prisoners, which fought with great distinction in defence of the Spanish Civil War and Revolution of 1936-1939. More than a discussion of the politics of…
Against Innocence – AudioZine
Aug 13, 2015
“When we rely on appeals to innocence, we foreclose a form of resistance that is outside the limits of law, and instead ally ourselves with the State.”
How Do We Fight Gentrification? – AudioZine
Aug 9, 2015
There are fights it is impossible to win and impossible to avoid. Gentrification is one of these. It is a ceaseless earthquake, breaking up communities, shaking us from one neighborhood to another or into outright homelessness. The ones who take our place…
The Witch’s Child – AudioZine
Aug 8, 2015
“This is how they destroyed our roots. And this is why, on May Day, we tell stories. Stories of our lives, of our struggles, of the future we want, of a past we invent because we no longer remember it.”
To Our Friends – AudioZine
Aug 7, 2015
To Our Friends is a report on the state of the world and of the movement, a piece of writing that’s essentially strategic and openly partisan. Its political ambition is immodest: to produce a shared understanding of the epoch, in spite of the extreme…
What Is Security Culture? – AudioZine
Aug 6, 2015
A security culture is a set of customs shared by a community whose members may be targeted by the government, designed to minimize risk.
Fire At Midnight Destruction At Dawn – AudioZine
Jul 28, 2015
Originally published in the first issue of A Murder of Crows, this pamphlet is a good explanation about how individual acts can fit into collective revolt and not become isolated in specialized armed struggle
10 Points On The Black Bloc – AudioZine
Jul 27, 2015
A talk by No One is Illegal’s Harsha Walia speaking about the diversity of tactics strategy and the black bloc tactic (10 Quick Points!) and experiences of the tactic in the context of 2010 Olympics resistance, Heart Attack March.
Industrial Domestication – AudioZine
Jul 26, 2015
With the sub-title “Industry as the Origins of Modern Domination,” this zine analyzes the industrial revolution happening roughly between 1750 and 1850 in the West. In it, the author argues that industrialization was part of domestication process that was…
Jul 3, 2015
the description of resistance by youth largely from the exploited classes attacking the domination under which they lived with audacity even when it took the form of a genocidal totalitarian police state of the most extreme form. The actions these youth…
Manifesto of the Committee to Abolish Outer Space – AudioZine
Jul 3, 2015
We have been lied to, subjected to a cruel and chilly lie, one so vast and total it’s no longer fully perceivable but has turned into the unseen substrate of everyday life. It’s a political lie. They told us that outer space is beautiful.
The Continuing Appeal Of Nationalism – AudioZine
Jun 25, 2015
Why do the ideas of nation and race still have such an influence even after the lessons of fascism have been so widely drawn? An excellent analysis by the late Fredy Perlman that answers this question and reveals the enduring appeal of nationalism to…
3 Positions Against Prison – AudioZine
Jun 21, 2015
This zine offers an excellent critique of prisons, arguing that prison is not just a physical site but also a condition that exists within society. Specifically, it offers a solid analysis of prison abolition, arguing that in seeking to “shrink” the…
Revolutionary Solidarity: A Critical Reader for Accomplices – AudioZine
Jun 21, 2015
Check out this new reader that compiles some of the best texts that critique “ally” politics as well as the closely linked, ‘non-profit industrial complex