And Stuff

And Stuff
Walker and Cameron in conversation.
15: How Many Rhode Islands Is That?
Jun 19, 2017
This time Walker and Cameron talk about whether it’s OK to talk about their personal lives. Recorded on April 12th, 2017 Email us at Tweet at us at @andstuffpodcast Cameron likes to use steno as a sekrit code. Walker likes to use…
14: And Stuff Reloaded
Dec 25, 2016
This time Cameron and Walker talk about crypto and online opsec and a lot of other things. @andstuffpodcast on Twitter Some relevant links: Patreon Subbable WTF with Marc Maron Amazon Go Walker’s…
11: Getting Really Mad At The Nail
Jun 28, 2016 • 44 min
This time we talk about saws, meditation, Youtube, and some other things. Email us at Follow us on twitter at @andstuffpodcast Followup: Button (false start) DIY Activities Catchup Cameron is still doing cardboard. And Walker has…
10: Dewey Decimal Overdrive
May 23, 2016
This time we talk about Plover and get sidetracked a lot. Tweet at us at @andstuffpodcast Email us at still alive by jonathan coulton new orleans maker faire i like to make stuff idiya makerspace/hackerspace brace and bit) cam’s…
09: This Podcast Was Enhanced With Adobe Photoshop Essentials
Feb 22, 2016
This time Cameron and Walker talk about cotton and a little about music and some other stuff. @andstuffpodcast Walker tries to use the Hydrogen drum machine as a sound effect board, but is afraid to restart the Jack Audio…
08: Fast Paste Environment
Jan 7, 2016
This time we talk about … stuff? @andstuffpodcast on twitter Walker decided to get a TWSBI Eco after reading a blog post by David Rea going into a bit of physics and materials science. Cameron is mildly…
07: California Pt. 2
Nov 6, 2015 • 57 min
This time Cam and Walker talk more about water in California. Tweet at us @andstuffpodcast and email us at NPK Bionic 51 Butter Dance Yak Butter And Stuff on Twitter Email And Stuff Oumy California water sources Aquifer…
06: California Pt. 1
Oct 8, 2015
Send feedback and/or topic suggestions to our email address or our twitter account at @andstuffpodcast or Drought Maps Alfalfa John Oliver on Chicken Why is Cheese Yellow? Bulletproof Coffee: (Warning! Bullshit!) Center Pivot…
05: No Title This Time
Sep 10, 2015 • 48 min
We talk about vinyl, guitars, agriculture, radios, some other stuff, etc.
04: Dirt
Jul 17, 2015
This time we talk about Google and Sod Walls and The Land of the Burnt Thigh.Subscribe on iTunesListen on Overcast
03: That Damned Luminous Orb
Jul 9, 2015 • 46 min
This time Cameron and Walker talk about xanga, blogging, zen koans, and books.
02: Fabric and Analogues
Jul 2, 2015
We should be in iTunes soon — make sure to subscribe and review.This time we’re talking about fabrics and tailoring and … a bunch of other stuff.
01: No Intro Necessary
Jun 22, 2015 • 38 min
Is this where the show notes go?Walker and Cameron’s new podcast.