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Inside Situation
Inside Situation is a monthly podcast sharing exclusive conversations we’re having within Situation alongside our colleagues, clients, and industry friends. Situation is a digital agency that helps brands build passionate communities through digital-fi?

JOB SPOTLIGHT: Communications Manager
Jan 2, 2019 • 11 min
Our podcast has had a silent partner for a while now and in this episode of the Job Spotlight she finally breaks her silence! Sonya, Situation’s Communications Manager, joins Peter and Michael at the mic to talk about creating a new role at the agency…
JOB SPOTLIGHT: Internship Program
Sep 1, 2018 • 20 min
Ann from our HR team joins Peter and Michael to talk all about Situation’s Internship Program. If you’re looking for a way to get started in the world of digital marketing, this episode of Inside Situation is a must listen.
JOB SPOTLIGHT: Digital Media Trafficker
Aug 1, 2018 • 12 min
Peter and Michael are back in the studio, talking this month with Amanda from our Media team about the Digital Media Trafficker role. If you have excellent time management skills and aren’t afraid of pushing out content that will be seen by thousands…
JOB SPOTLIGHT: Billing Coordinator
Jul 1, 2018 • 14 min
On this episode of the Job Spotlight Lexi spills the beans on what she looks for in a Billing Coordinator. Patience, tenacity and the desire to work with our clients to provide excellent service are the keys to being a star in this agency critical role.
JOB SPOTLIGHT: Assistant Account Executive
Jun 1, 2018 • 17 min
Do you have a knack for keeping projects moving and making clients over-the-moon happy? You might make a great Assistant Account Executive! Peter and Michael chat with Meghan about the AAE role at the agency and what we look for when hiring.
JOB SPOTLIGHT: Senior Web Developer
May 1, 2018 • 15 min
Jeremy sits down with Michael and Peter to chat about the role of Senior Web Developer on this episode of the Job Spotlight. It’s not just clean code that spells success for this agency critical role. Hear what our head developer looks for when adding…
Apr 1, 2018 • 12 min
On this episode of the Job Spotlight, Peter and Michael chat with Ellen about the Copywriter position at the agency. Think being a writer is all about sitting alone in a room with a blank piece of paper? Think again! Ellen also shares some great…
JOB SPOTLIGHT: Media Planner
Jan 17, 2018 • 11 min
Up next on the Job Spotlight, Peter and Michael chat with Rachel about the role of Media Planner. If you have a knack for putting the right message in front of the right person, you may be a great fit for our team.
JOB SPOTLIGHT: Project Manager
Nov 6, 2017 • 12 min
We examine the Project Manager role and what we look for in hiring new PMs at Situation.
JOB SPOTLIGHT: Creative Strategist
Oct 24, 2017 • 16 min
Learn about the role of Creative Strategist at Situation.
JOB SPOTLIGHT: Senior Designer
Aug 31, 2017 • 8 min
In the first episode of our Job Spotlight series, Peter, Michael and John sit down to discuss the Senior Designer position at Situation. You’ll learn what we look for when hiring this role and how to stand out from the crowd if you apply.
Thanks for All the Fish
Jun 26, 2017 • 31 min
Pull up a log and join us around the fire as we contemplate the future while staring into the last glowing ember of Inside Situation. Jordan, Kevin and Peter make s’mores while talking about endings and new beginnings, and we revive an old favorite;…
The Tony
Jun 12, 2017 • 19 min
In an homage to The Daily, the amazing podcast from The New York Times, Peter does a series of one-on-one interviews with members of team Situation as we ramp up for the 2017 Tony Award Broadcast.
It Depends on What You Pay
May 29, 2017 • 25 min
Lisa, Steph and Peter discuss the ethical implications of allowing algorithms to decide what prices we see online. We explore the gray areas of offering up choices based on consumer information and how that changes in marketing versus at the point of…
Fanning the Flame
May 15, 2017 • 27 min
Sarah, Mollie, and Peter chat about fandom and how it plays a role in marketing live events. We also explore some of our own obsessions and ruminate on the rise of the fan influencer on social media.
Crunch Time
May 1, 2017 • 20 min
Kev-heads rejoice! Kevin McAuley takes the reins this week and asks Mara, Mark, Nicole, Randi, Rian, Sarah and Steph how they deal with stress and the unknown during a particularly busy time of year for the agency. Share your coping strategies with us…
Casting our Net
Apr 17, 2017 • 33 min
We revive a popular segment form the early days of the podcast, Things You Can’t Miss, but with self referential twist. Listen to Peter, Nick, Caolan, Dana, Rian, Katryn, Tori, Mark and Sarah talk about their favorite podcasts (that aren’t Inside…
Let’s Talk TEDxBroadway 2017
Apr 3, 2017 • 27 min
Kevin McAuley hits the ground again this year to bring back insights from TEDxBroadway 2017. We hear some of the speakers and facilitators who were part of the event (mere minutes after they were on stage) talk about the importance of dialogue in the…
The Sweet By and By
Mar 20, 2017 • 28 min
Jordan, Damian and Peter, fresh off the plane from South By Southwest 2017, sit down to recap some of the broader themes they heard at this year’s interactive conference. We discuss the growth of artificial intelligence, the continued focus on team…
Mar 6, 2017 • 40 min
Is it lunch time yet? Peter chats with eight hungry members of our team about how they make smart choices around food at work. You’ll hear from Sarah, Caolan, Emily, Mark, Elizabeth, Adam, Jason and David about their food hacking strategies and their…
Ah Yes, I Remember It Well
Feb 20, 2017 • 26 min
Peter chats with Mara and Kevin about the secret to longevity in the workplace. With a combined tenure of 24 years between them, hear three veterans of Situation ruminate on job growth within the same agency and how to keep things fresh.
Theatre Makes Me…
Jan 31, 2017 • 17 min
Peter and Steph discuss the #TheatreMakesMe initiative, a collaborative installation presented by the Situation Project at BroadwayCon 2017. We had our microphone on at the event and captured a choir of inspirational voices who shared why theatre and…
A Little Worldly Wise
Jan 23, 2017 • 34 min
New York has long been a place that people from all over the world come to work, live and play. Peter sits down with Pippa and Caolan, two members of team Situation who have come from abroad to make our workplace a better (and maybe slightly less…
You Say You Want a Resolution
Jan 9, 2017 • 13 min
We know many of our listeners are too busy to think about setting goals for the new year, so we thought we’d gather up 28 Situation team members and have them record theirs. Feel free to steal one or more and claim it as your own!
The Mystery of Live Events
Dec 26, 2016 • 32 min
We’re used to talking about user experience in digital, but in this episode Peter chats with Miriam and Eileen about why it’s also the key to planning a successful live event. We confirm that attendees (like armies) march on their stomachs and…
It’s All Geek To Me
Dec 12, 2016 • 33 min
Peter sits down with Lisa and Cyrus to explore conveying complex ideas in the workplace. Find out what it’s like to be fluent in a language that’s continuously evolving at the speed of technology and the best tactics to make sure your audience doesn’t…
Post Game Wrap Up: The Social Evolution
Nov 28, 2016 • 48 min
Peter, Damian, Lisa and Katryn sit down to review some of the concepts presented at our most recent agency event, The Social Evolution, on November 18th, 2016. We explore the evolution of social media companies and the information they provide as well…
Live Free or Die
Nov 14, 2016 • 30 min
Peter and Jackie have a conversation with long-time freelancer and friend of the agency, Grant. We discuss what makes great freelance relationships work for both sides and why curiosity and communication are key ingredients to the best partnerships.
Connecting the Dots
Oct 31, 2016 • 30 min
Damian and Michael come into the studio to share a new venture with our listeners, Situation Connects. We talk about the importance of paying it forward when matching job applicants with prospective employers and how (and why) the agency is committed…
Just Not Feelin’ It
Oct 17, 2016 • 42 min
Peter sits down with Chris and Rian, two members of our creative team, to discuss how they deal with subjective responses to the work they do. We talk about what it means to have a healthy creative ego and why obstacles are vital to the process of…
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Inbox
Oct 3, 2016 • 28 min
We present a very “Life Hacker” episode of Inside Situation where Kevin and Ros attempt to teach Peter specific tricks on dealing with email overload, from the basics of what an inbox is for to how to use tools to eliminate noise from your “to do” list….
Button Up Your Overcoat
Sep 19, 2016 • 36 min
Peter sits down with Maria and Nakeesha to talk about employee health, from insurance to bingo! We explore what kind of responsibility employers take on and different ways to model the promotion of healthy choices in a community.
Changing Lanes
Sep 5, 2016 • 24 min
Peter welcomes Miriam and Kevin back to the podcast and asks them about changing roles at the agency. We examine the skills that serve you well regardless of job title and what it’s like to be part of a startup inside another company.
God I Hope I Get It
Aug 22, 2016 • 42 min
Chris and Jeremy come back to the podcast for a second helping and chat with Peter about what it is they look for when interviewing. Find out why Jeremy treats everyone like a boss and why Chris puts a premium on storytelling.
Going for Gold on the Beam
Aug 8, 2016 • 39 min
Listen to some of Situation’s veterans talk about their not-always-rosey journeys to finding balance at work. Jackie, Jordan, Kevin and Peter discuss being irreplaceable and whether to unplug or not when away from the office. BONUS: Send dog name…
Starting Off on the Right Foot
Jul 25, 2016 • 33 min
Peter chats with John and Lisa, two of Situation’s busiest managers, about some of the tools we use to on-board new employees. Find out why 30-60-90 isn’t just for triangles and how goal setting becomes critical as your team grows.
Social Butterflies
Jul 11, 2016 • 34 min
Peter sits down with Mark and Stephanie to talk about social media use in the workplace. We examine how much transparency is appropriate and look at the multiple selves that are created across different platforms. BONUS: Find out which coworker Steph…
A Very Meta Birthday
Jun 27, 2016 • 30 min
Na, na, na, na, na, na… They say it’s our birthday! We celebrate the one year anniversary of Inside Situation by bringing Damian, Jordan, Kevin and Peter into the studio to talk about why we podcast and what we want to do in year two. Hear us tackle…
Tommy Can You Hear Me?
Jun 13, 2016 • 31 min
Have digital messaging tools made our lives better, worse, or about the same? Podcast newbies Randi and Katryn join Peter to examine how we communicate with our internal teams and the outside world. Communicate your feelings to us at…
Going Far Together
May 30, 2016 • 33 min
Peter, Jordan and Maria talk about the importance of business relationships, both old and new. From the honeymoon period to the breakup and everything in between, we explore the importance of sharing values in a relationship and honoring the spirit of…
The Best We Can Be
May 16, 2016 • 20 min
Peter and Kevin chat about this year’s TEDxBroadway, which took place in February at New World Stages, and asked its audience “What’s the best Broadway can be?” We discuss a few of the popular themes from this year’s conference and listen to some…
It’s the Little Things
May 2, 2016 • 35 min
Jordan, Damian and Peter talk about perks in the workplace and how they evolve to match the personality of the community. Find out if Jordan will get her dream perk and why the office smells like Fruit Loops.
Remote Control
Apr 18, 2016 • 37 min
Peter sits down with our dev team, Jeremy and Adam, in our NYC offices to learn the secrets of working remotely full time. From intentionality, to self-driving cars, to the power of Slack, we discover the secrets of being “there” when you’re not.
Client Side Successes
Apr 4, 2016 • 28 min
Peter sits down with Nina and Jeremy from our Client Services team to find out the secrets to the best client/agency relationships. We explore how the values of trust and pushing the envelope are critical ingredients in keeping clients “over the moon”…
Gone But Not Forgotten
Mar 21, 2016 • 31 min
In this episode of Inside Situation we talk about how to stay in touch with former coworkers and employers after you move on to a new job. Bizzy, Kevin and Peter ruminate on the value of staying classy and resisting the temptation to channel one’s…
Knowing is Half the Battle
Mar 7, 2016 • 30 min
Is what you know the dust that settles on you? Is it your ability to do a Friday New York Times crossword without cheating? Jordan, Peter and Chris talk about how we know what we know and examine the importance of having a funky world view. Let us…
Giving It Up for Giving Back
Feb 22, 2016 • 25 min
Philanthropy not only makes us feel good, but when done right it can end up going viral. In this week’s podcast, Damian, Jordan and Peter discuss the importance of giving back in our work and personal lives and why helping out the little guy is a core…
Failing Gracefully
Feb 8, 2016 • 25 min
Peter, Kevin, and Tom talk about owning your mistakes and how to accept failure as a necessary ingredient to success. We also look at the role trust and communication play in saving a project that is headed off the rails.
Find Your Team and Get to Work
Jan 25, 2016 • 25 min
Jordan, Kevin and Jackie talk about whether great collaborators are born or made and the kinds of traits they look for in team members at the agency. Also, Jackie talks about when in a project lifecycle is the right time for collaboration and when it…
Moving On
Jan 11, 2016 • 30 min
Jordan, Kevin and Peter kick off the new year with a preview of some topics we’ll be exploring on Inside Situation in 2016. Then Damian and Maria stop by to talk about an exciting new chapter for the agency.
Wrap It Up
Dec 21, 2015 • 27 min
Our last podcast of the year comes one week early as a special holiday treat for our listeners. Peter, Jordan and Kevin revisit some topics from earlier in the year and suggest some holiday related activities we don’t think you should miss. We go out…
Who Watches the Watchmen?
Dec 14, 2015 • 43 min
Peter, Jordan and Kevin are back for a roundtable episode where we go deep into the mechanics and ethics of online privacy and security. We also examine the ramifications of the endless information buffet available 24/7/365 across the internet.
Building Better Engines
Nov 30, 2015 • 42 min
This week Peter sits down with Jeremy and Adam, two of our rock star web developers, to find out what it takes to turn creative ideas into interactive experiences. We discuss what they look for when we’re hiring new devs for the agency and find out…
Curiouser and Curiouser!
Nov 16, 2015 • 51 min
This week we recorded a conversation with Damian, Bizzy and Peter that goes down the rabbit hole and explores what it takes to be successful in a creative workplace. Whether you’re just hitting the job market or you’re two months from retirement, we…
Seeing Red
Nov 2, 2015 • 28 min
Lisa joins Peter and Kevin this week to talk about YouTube’s new paid offering, YouTube Red. We also have an update on the Zappos daily email saga and Kevin explores a new mobile app that prioritizes results in other apps. Finally, we share three…
Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads…
Oct 19, 2015 • 32 min
Peter and Kevin are joined by Tom for this weeks roundtable where we discuss quality vs. quantity in email marketing and Kevin contemplates joining the ranks of the cord cutters. Then Tom revisits his topic from our last event and explores the nature…
Roundtable and New Voices
Oct 5, 2015 • 40 min
Peter, Jordan and Kevin chat about virtual reality and live events, the future of ebooks, and how much (or little) we should trust the software that runs our lives.
How I Learned to Stop Blocking and Love Online Ads
Sep 14, 2015 • 29 min
Peter sits down with Lisa to discuss the state of online advertising, the rising prevalence of ad blockers, and what some ad networks are doing to try and please both sides. What might the “free” economy of the internet look like when the dust settles?…
There’s No Business Like New Business
Sep 1, 2015 • 25 min
Jordan rejoins Lauren and Peter to talk about finding and developing new business relationships for the agency. We discuss the importance of working with good people and how to turn a rocky relationship into an opportunity to examine how we work. …
Losing Our Voice
Aug 10, 2015 • 25 min
Lauren and Peter sit down with our soon-to-be-departing coworker Justin as he prepares to go off to grad school. Justin tells about how learning on the job helped him realize what he wanted his next adventure to be.
Data, Disguises and Damian
Jul 27, 2015 • 31 min
We share with you a conversation Damian had recently with a veteran Broadway data storyteller. This Inside Situation exclusive is a must listen for anyone in the industry who has wondered if their data sources are telling them the truth or being spun…
Tell Me a Story
Jul 10, 2015 • 22 min
Steph and Erin sit down with Peter to talk about the 1nspired storytelling campaign we executed for One World Observatory. We discuss the importance of creating a fertile environment for honest stories to be told rather than trying to script them to…
Translating Marketing Dreams Into Production Realities
Jun 29, 2015 • 39 min
Peter and Lauren talk to Situation staffers Miriam and Jordan about how to keep cool when producing a live event and we learn Miriam’s secret Dude-inspired mantra. Finally, we go around the table to share a moment we don’t think you should miss.