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The Nerd Nite Podcast recreates our live in-person presentations for your aural pleasure, so feel free to have a drink or two while listening – as long as you aren’t driving and are of age!

These Wheels are Made for Roving: Exploring the Surface of Mars with Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity
Jan 13, 2016 • 21 min
When the Spirit and Opportunity rovers landed in 2004 they didn’t find any Tharks or H.G. Wellsian tentacled creatures with leathery skin, but they did find surprising evidence of water. Both rovers vastly exceeded their nominal missions and were joined…
Call Me Daddy: The Browning Scandal that Rocked New York in the Roaring ’20s
Dec 30, 2015 • 26 min
Edward West “Daddy” Browning was the Roaring ’20s combination of Michael Jackson and The Donald, who adopted, bedded, and wedded teenage girls in NYC over and over. In this podcast, based on historian Benjamin Feldman’s presentation at Nerd Nite NYC in…
Killer Women of Sci-Fi
Dec 30, 2015 • 33 min
Although tough guys tend to get all the attention, there are numerous badass women who kick ass throughout the pop culture, fantasy, and sci-fi universes. Cici James of Brooklyn’s Singularity & Co Bookstore gives us a primer of some of the most killer…
A Field Guide to Super Villains
Dec 30, 2015 • 30 min
What do Cobra Commander, Dr. Zaius and The Rhino have in common? They’re all super at being villains. Based on Kevin Maher’s presentation at Nerd Nite NYC in December 2015, you’ll learn defining traits of archetypal super villains in pop culture, with a…