Saint James Lutheran Church, West St. Paul, MN: Audio

Saint James Lutheran Church, West St. Paul, MN: Audio
Grow every week through Biblical sermons and Bible classes by the pastors (Michael Albrecht, Dale Critchley, and Thomas Volker) at Saint James Lutheran Church in West Saint Paul, MN.
Guilt by Substitution
Apr 10 • 27 min
Leviticus – The LORD Speaks to Us Today
Apr 9 • 76 min
Leviticus chapter eight narrates the liturgical rituals by which Moses ordained Aaron as the first High Priest, and his sons as the first priests. How can Moses ordain all the priests when he is not a priest himself? Moses follows the instructions he has…
Apr 7 • 54 min
Lesson 5: Spiritually Full We will go deeper into the mystery of Jesus’ incarnation and what does it mean for the average Christian. Paul has some words for us, that he didn’t use anywhere else in the New Testament. Come down to the chapel to hear them.
Why Would God Do That?
Apr 7 • 29 min
Today Jesus tells another parable that makes you wonder. The owner of the vineyard sends his servants to collect his portion of the harvest, but the tenants beat them up and send them away empty handed. We might expect the owner to call the police, but…
Mar 31 • 53 min
Lesson 4: The Mystery of God Last week we did a deep dive on Christians suffering because of our faith. Today, Paul explains why he spent so much time suffering for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hope to see you there.
Mar 31 • 29 min
Being the oldest in my family, I can sympathize with the older son in the parable of the Prodigal Son. The first born is usually prone to following the rules set down by the parents. However, when the youngest gets away with murder, life doesn’t seem…
Guilt by Confession
Mar 27 • 34 min
We continue our mid-week Lenten sermon series “Guilt by Association.” As we continue reading through the Passion narrative in Saint Luke’s Gospel, this week we consider how Jesus’ trial before the Sanhedrin depicts “Guilt by Confession.”
Mar 24 • 63 min
Lesson 3: Suffering Servant As the Apostle Paul makes a case for the sufficiency of Christ to the Christians of Colossi, he gives them his credentials to back up his words. His credentials are this: Paul is an Apostle for Christ and he has the scars to…
What Did They Do to Deserve That?
Mar 24 • 29 min
When tragedy happens, we find ourselves asking, “Why?” Jesus answers the question, but not how we might expect. To see the Monday Evening SonRise service, click here.
Guilt by Aiding and Abetting
Mar 20 • 22 min
As we continue our series, “Guilt by Association,” we find Peter worried about Guilt by Aiding and Abetting, denying his association with Jesus. How often do we, in direct or indirect ways, deny our association with Jesus? And what happens when we do?