Rubenerd Show

Rubenerd Show
A harmless show of observations, since 2005
394: The hierarchical coffee episode
Apr 15 • 43 min
43:59 — Join Ruben in a soulful, bronchital state; a word that almost certainly doesn’t exist. Topics include Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, secret apartment doors, Apple keyboards really are that bad, stabbing myself in the eye with a poster, Australia’s…
393: The Ikebukuro episode
Mar 19 • 70 min
01:10:35 — Join Clara and I on our second day back in Japan! Today wandering around the lights and sounds of Ikebukuro, including pretty anime boys, a Family Mart snack convenience store snack tour, then taking a couple of Tokyo Metro trains back to…
392: The Otemachi episode
Mar 19 • 55 min
55:03 — Join Clara and I on our first day back in Japan! Wandering around Otemachi in Tokyo looking for an ATM for a sinister card that refuse to work, travelling from Narita, egg sandwiches from convenience stores, and too much more to write notes on…
391: The Lemon Grove episode
Mar 16 • 72 min
01:12:50 — It's another Rubenerd Squish, where I stick a few unrelated episodes into one! Part one discusses the most bizarre advertisement I've ever seen, in an audio journey through a 1970s era shopping centre that has barely changed. Part two discusses…
390: The Overnightscape Pegasus episode
Feb 16 • 83 min
01:23:35 — A tribute to the last few episodes of The Overnightscape. Topics include wood veneer dishwashers and TVs, moving to Chatswood, when I started listening to The Overnightscape, Lunar New Year, abandoned cityscapes in the real world and in…
389: The 2018 spectacular episode
Jan 13 • 199 min
03:19:56 – Every unreleased episode from Q4 2018 in one stitched package! Topics include Sydney Trains, TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND, Honda San, Singapore, flowers, rampling, cicadas, apparently unmanly things, studying, podcast elitism, indie media,…
388: The archived hat episode
Jan 12 • 18 min
18:11 – The unpublished 2018 spectacular, broken headphones and keyboards and floppy drives and internet quotas and stomachs, social networks turning people into arseholes, Marie Kondo, archiving websites you care about, supplanting Facebook, and the Red…
387: The upsidedown Xmas episode
Dec 26, 2018 • 30 min
30:06 – A Christmas special coming to you from a Sydney Boxing Day in the heat of summer! Topics include a winter trip in Germany and Ireland, yuletide family traditions, how others celebrate or don’t, the best holiday foods from the UK and Germany,…
386: The somewhat serious episode
Dec 11, 2018 • 26 min
26:45 – Light through leaves at night, life-work balance, changing directions, making decisions, being lost in thought, importance of family and friends, and then randomly the HP 620 LX.
385: The Jeffersonian Keynsham episode
Dec 3, 2018 • 31 min
31:36 – An homage to The Overnightscape episode Mother’s New Mineral Dream. Talking about white walls everywhere in new buildings, 1970s era shopping malls, struggles with junk, Staten Island, and personally generated media. Because you can’t take it with…