30: I’m not the special dog mutant
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November 17, 2016
From vinyl to MP3 - how is media recorded? Music was made truly portable on 1 July, 1979, with the release of the Sony Walkman (Time) What is analogue recording? (Wikipedia) What is digital recording? (Wikipedia) Meet the ‘telegraphone’ & ‘magnetophon’, advancements in sound recording that never quite took off (Wikipedia) The new £5 note can play vinyl records (The Telegraph) The Voyager golden record (NASA) Playing a record with a pin & paper cup (YouTube) The ‘compact cassette’ tape was released by Philips in 1962 (Wikipedia) Transvision Vamp, Velveteen (Wikipedia) A timeline of audio formats: From 1860’s ‘phonautogram’ to 2012’s ‘Opus’ (Wikipedia) CDs were invented in 1982 (Wikipedia) A resource for some of the main ways we’ve recorded audio since olden times (Recording History) The history of the 8-track tape (Recording History) How recording tape was made, circa 1955 (Recording History) How is sound recorded onto magnetic tape? (HyperPhysics, Georgia State University) Johnny’s old radio station, Wear…