12: Shut your hole
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How does photography work? Johnny's Leica MP that we used as a prop (Steve Huff Photo) How does a camera work? (Tech, How Stuff Works) When were cameras invented? It depends…400BC if you count the ancient Chinese 'camera obscura' (Wikipedia) The camera obscura…who needs TV? (Wikipedia) The first proper photograph apparently took 8 hours to expose, credited to Joseph Nicephore Niépce, 1820s (University of California, Santa Barbara) 130-year-old plate camera captures pictures of modern Britain (but you must stand still for 15 minutes) (Daily Mail Australia) How the human eye works: It's a 'camera-type eye' (livescience) Why do your pupils get bigger in the dark? (Wonderopolis) What is a lens? (Explain That Stuff!) Cameras, lenses & how photography works (How-To Geek) Understanding camera lenses (Cambridge in Colour) What is exposure? (Cambridge in Colour) Squinting helps you focus - it narrows the 'aperture' of your eye (Wired) What is an aperture? (Wikipedia) A dicussion about wide aperture & unfocused light…