13: What if a dog didn’t have ears?
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What is sound? The function of music…very cool clip (Devour) What is sound? Explains pretty much everything Johnny was talking about (Explain That Stuff!) A comprehensive sound wave resource, including a cool slow-motion clip on sound waves in wine glasses (University of Salford) The nature of sound (Physics Hypertextbook) Sound waves are ‘longitudinal’, like when you compress a slinky (University of Salford) Animation of how longitudinal waves travel (i.e. sound waves) (Wikimedia Commons) An article about synthesisers, but with some relevant sections on sound energy, wave shapes & harmonics (Explain That Stuff!) In space, no one can hear you scream (Qualitative Reasoning Group, Northwestern University) No sound in a vacuum, no sound in space (Physics Central) Human ears evolved from ancient fish gills (livescience) What evolved first, sight or hearing? This scientist tries to figure it out (Small Accidents of Evolution) Radar & sonar (Scholastic) Evelyn Glennie: A deaf virtuoso percussionist (Wikipedia)…