29: It’s not like on Star Wars
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A quick tour of our solar system Limits of Humanity: The observable universe goes on for light years & we’ll only ever see 0.00000000001% of it (Kurzgesagt, Devour) Powers of Ten: The classic video from 1977 that explains the scale of space (YouTube) Riding Light: Travel with a beam of light in real time through our solar system (Vimeo, Alphonse Swinehart) A beautiful planet (IMAX) The Total Perspective Vortex: The machine from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that makes you feel so insignificant it will crush your soul (Hitchhiker Wiki) We need different types of telescopes to ‘see’ the different types of waves in the universe: radio, infrared, visible, X-ray, gamma (NASA) Telescope to seek Earthlike planet in Alpha Centauri system (The New York Times) The BoldlyGo Institute: Private space exploration (Boldy Go) Pluto is 7.5 billion km from Earth (Space.com) Live tracking: Where is Halley’s comet now? (The Sky Live) Live tracking: Where are the Voyager probes now? (NASA) Voyager 1 is travelling at about…