6: You stay way over there you human idiot
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What is artificial intelligence? What is artifical intelligence? And great answers to most of what we talked about, by a proper computer guy from Stanford University (Formal Reasoning Group) What is Skynet? (Wikia) What is computer chess? (Wikipedia) Google computer wins final game against South Korean Go master (Physics.org) Google has gotten very good at predicting traffic (Tech Insider) When will AI be created? (Machine Intelligence Research Institute) What is intelligence? (Machine Intelligence Research Institute) What is consciousness? (big think) What it will take for computers to be conscious (MIT Technology Review) Learning how little we know about the brain (The New York Times) Google traffic (Google) What is artifical consciousness? (Wikipedia) Kegan’s ‘orders of mind’ (NZCR) Kegan’s theory of the evolution of consciousness (Stanford University) Consciousness may be an ‘emergent property’ of the brain (Quora) A good discussion between Sam Harris and Neil deGrasse Tyson (Sam Harris’ podcast) There…