52: Small human in big universe
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September 7, 2017
What are orbits and eclipses? What is an orbit? (NASA) What causes an orbit to happen? (Qualitative Reasoning Group) What is orbital mechanics? (Rocket & Space Technology) Orbital mechanics I (The Physics Hypertextbook) Heliocentrism from the Greeks to Copernicus & after (Wikipedia) Copernicus (Biography) Galileo & the controversy that moons orbited Jupiter (Wikipedia) Modern flat Earth societies (Wikipedia) The middle ages (History) What is the heliocentric model of the universe? (Universe Today) From geocentrism to heliocentrism (Futurism) Live tracking: Where is Halley's comet now? (The Sky Live) Comet trajectories: Where is Halley's comet (The Planets Today) Halley's comet completes an elliptical orbit around the sun every ~76 years (Wikipedia) Planets & stars orbit around their common centre of mass, the 'barycentre' (NASA) Lagrange points: Parking places in space (Space) Kepler's laws (One-Minute Astronomer) Planetary motion: The history of an idea that launched the scientific revolution (NASA) Does…