16: Kelvin the chicken
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Solids, liquids, gases & how they transform The ‘classical’ states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) “are distinguished by changes in specific heat capacity, pressure & temperature” (Wikipedia) Pic: Transitions between the four fundamental states of matter - this is mostly what Johnny is talking about (Wikipedia) There’s LOADS of other states of matter (modern & high-energy), but you don’t see them lying around, e.g. they’re made in stars or particle accelerators (Wikipedia) A ‘Bose-Einstein condensate’ is an example of a modern state of matter (Encyclopaedia Britannica) What is a solid? (Wikipedia) What is a liquid? (Wikipedia) What is a gas? (Wikipedia) What is plasma? (Wikipedia) What is steam? (Wikipedia) What is vapour? (Wikipedia) What is a cloud? A mass of water droplets, ice crystals, or a mix of both, suspended in the air (Encyclopaedia Britannica) The anatomy of a rain drop (Precipitation Education, NASA) The different states of matter have different properties (Purdue Science, Department of…