45: It’s not about being right
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What is critical thinking? *NB: There's a few cuss words in this episode. We made a movie! You should really watch this. Because we made it. 🤓 'Healthy Thinking' by Strange Attractor (Vimeo, Grovefest) 'Healthy Thinking' by Strange Attractor (YouTube) Show notes The Skeptics' guide to the Universe podcast (SGU) What is critical thinking? (Foundation for Critical Thinking) Critical thinking guide (UNSW) Health News Review What is confirmation bias? (The Skeptic's Dictionary) Confirmation bias in science: How to avoid it (arstechnica) What is the difference between 'facts' & 'opinions'? (Big Think) Is iTunes’ shuffle mode truly random? (lifewire) Vaccines & autism (Science-based Medicine) Climate change: How do we know? (NASA, Global Climate Change) Feeling stuck in your social media bubble? Here’s the latest in a growing class of apps designed to help (The Washington Post) How to escape your political bubble for a clearer view (The New York Times) The Flat Earth Society Overview of homeopathy (Science-based…