5: Hang on, Doctor Octopus
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What makes a molecule, and why do things explode? The periodic table - how atoms are organised (ptable.com) Reactivity trends within the periodic table (BBC) Hydrogen is highly flammable (Wikipedia) Cool slo-mo hydrogen balloon explosions (YouTube) The Hindenburg disaster news reel: 1937 (YouTube) The Hindenburg disaster (Wikipedia) The Lindbergh baby kidnapping (FBI) Helium isn't reactive (Jefferson Lab) Lithium is very reactive (Jefferson Lab) How lithium ion batteries work (HowStuffWorks) Carbon is pretty stable (Jefferson Lab) Carbon-12 is the most common form of carbon (Wikipedia) Neon isn't reactive (Jefferson Lab) The Noble gases are snobs (Slate) You don't hear much about berrylium (Jefferson Lab) Sodium is very reactive (Jefferson Lab) Potassium is very reactive (Jefferson Lab) Lithium, sodium & potassium react with water (YouTube) Magnesium is a bit less reactive becasue it's in column 2 (Jefferson Lab) Magnesium still reacts with water (YouTube) Magnesium ribbon burns bright white (YouTube)…